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To: Little Ray

Expecting voters to know what’s going on and their reliance on MSM is just part of why our great loss. While there are examples of fraud which may close up the gap, the gap is too big to blame the loss on fraud ...Expecting GOP E’s to address media bias or Romney to call Obama a congenital liar or even point out that the fact and figures released by the white house were allways questionable is another . But the fault lies really in the messaging the Republican campaign gave.choking on political correctness parameters devised by the socialist party known as Democrat ..

Romney ran a “Johnny One Note Campaign”. Used a poison dart blow gun when he should have used a cannon loaded with grape shot because he had pleanty of stuff he could fill that cannon barrel with..

They failed to hammer away on what will happen when Obama gets returned; The Obama past due 2013/14 Tax Increases. The impact of Obama’s choking energy policies, restricted drilling, use of coal ,ban on fracking, and that related price..(a socialist construct never branded as such) was a bread and butter issue which reached into every “demographics” pocketbook...The impact of Supreme Court Appointments.. 18,000 new IRS agents and on and on. Including rampant corruption . Some were very briefly touched most weren’t and Benghazi was left to languish. Then there is Obama’s personal extravagance and behavior refusing to visit Nashville after its disaster showing up at New Orleans after Mitt visited it.

Instead we got a sales pitch on executive ability but not the reason why one should toss the old model and buy his. That print and tv pitch , 20 million new jobs, was given a discrarded dose of skepticism .

In addition Rove who I understand was handling the Charter PAC senate campaign played games. His material never warned voters that IF OBAMA GETS RE-ELECTED AND SENATE CONTROL REMAINED . .. OBAMACARE AND ALL THE TAX INCREASES THAT GO WITH IT WILL NEVER GET REPEALED Let alone tie into or cover the formentioned grape shot which would have perhaps changed that body. I don’t recall any of that material directed toward that fact.

Finally they didn’t believe the polls which turned out were dead on. Even going as far as setting up focus groups which could have looked into what’s going on . Even to the point of going out to local eateries and bars and eavesdrop into conversations and pick up on topics being discussed.(chat rooms twitter too contrived)

Our local small population (-8000) rural blue county GOP had at the outset good and growing attendence at their meetings 50 plus. At the meeting the Thursday before the election only about a dozen people showed up and I knew we were in trouble .

Nuts...This loss is inexcuseable, while I trully don’t believe Mitt Romney would never continence losing, I’m begining to wonder if many GOPE’s didn’t want to see O care go ..

18 posted on 11/15/2012 10:13:49 AM PST by mosesdapoet ("A voice crying in the wilderness make streight for the way of the Lord")
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To: mosesdapoet

“Romney ran a “Johnny One Note Campaign”. Used a poison dart blow gun when he should have used a cannon loaded with grape shot because he had pleanty of stuff he could fill that cannon barrel with...”

Ya see...the problem here is that you, as do some of the the other Freepers her, and most of the general public, believe we still had an election. What we had was a stage “election”

This “election” worked out great for,DC...the Inside the Beltway crowd, while preoccupied with voter disenfranchisement in the 60’s ...could no longer care about the peons and peasants in Flyover Country.

“Direct” disenfranchisement refers to actions that explicitly prevent people from voting or having their votes counted, as opposed to “indirect” techniques, which attempt to prevent people’s votes from having an impact on political outcomes (e.g., gerrymandering, ballot box stuffing, stripping elected officials of their powers).

In fact the DC crowd made sure we all knew about this just prior to the election...

Which was basically their “ watcha gonna do about it “. Threat.....

Romney himself may/may not realize yet he just ran in an “election”...though if he didn’t before Nov 6th, he’s beginning to realize it now.

29 posted on 11/15/2012 10:38:19 AM PST by mo (If you understand, no explanation is needed. If you don't understand, no explanation is possible.)
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