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Blood, Sweat, Tears | 11/18/2012 | Military Cop

Posted on 11/18/2012 7:35:58 AM PST by military cop

This post was written in anger and frustration.

Angry that we continue to follow the Republican Party’s elite ignorance. A party that continues to pull defeat from the jaws of victory characterized by pompous fools who fulfill the sterotype built by the left.

Frustrated that the reality of politics is this: There will be no third party capable of competing with the coalition constructed by the dems. You're living in a dream world if you think that is the way to recover this country.

As a result, true conservatives MUST take steps to eradicate the ignorance of the Republican Party while still adhering to the core values of our forefathers (beliefs that I discovered are considered extreme by over half of my countrymen on election night, BTW).

I have no solve for exactly how to accomplish this. Only advice based on a long military career in several foreign lands for how to defeat the dems once this is accomplished.

This thought process is based on the concept of irregular warfare with twists thrown in here and there for good measure.

With that, I provide the following advice for the good of the order.

LEADERSHIP: The old crew has proven either incompetent or outdated. McConnell and Boehner must go.

They represent a failed plan to defend and resist without clearly explaining their position.

They’ve shown they are content with looking like the bad guys and willing to face public scorn when they don’t realize how important it is to manipulate a clearly left leaning MSM.

They represent the failure of the last four years to our own and obstructionists to the opposition.

We’ve got to show a new face to the nation. That is the genesis of rebuilding this movement. Ryan or Cantor in the House, Rubio, Sessions, or Demint in the Senate.

Fresh leadership shows a clear change to the narrative that the MSM and the democrats have built against the RNC.

If the old guard go willingly and for the good of the country, so be it.

If not, then those I’ve mentioned must wrestle and negotiate and convince and do what it takes for these men to step down.

I’m not talking about the old guard leaving their seats. McConnell can die in place for all I care. I’m talking about the current leadership – who have proven to be a caving, dismal failure – to step aside and become followers to a new approach to this 21st century political fight.

To stand and fight, We MUST HAVE a standard bearer to show the face of the party to the country and rally ALL fragments of conservatism around.

I see no one on the horizon with as much rock star potential and substance as Rubio. These next four years must put him on the center stage with a unified and consolidated message. It also needs to protect him from the attacks from the left that are guaranteed to come.

Everything the Obamites used to deny, deflect, and defuse will be used against them....including the race card. THAT is what will make Rubio a teflon candidate. If you don’t buy this, I’m open to suggestion.

Rubio’s ethnicity in and of itself builds credibility and identity with Hispanics across the nation and opens more of that demographic to the conservative message from jump.

The person is not the issue, the STANDARD BEARER IS.

Change is necessary at the head of the RNC as well. Prebius represents failure and "aw shucks" attitude. A new way to fight requires a true fighter. I don’t see that in him.

I read a headline a few weeks ago that said "100s of Retired Generals Throw Their Support Behind Romney"...It's time for them to serve again, this time within the RNC.

These men can quickly and efficiently change the organization of a party that seems confused as to what the next step is and what to do now.

Pete Schoomaker, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and long time special operator (commanded a Delta Force Squadron during his career )would be a suggestion.

He understands how to translate the concepts I'm talking about into a living, breathing organization prepared to execute this type of operation on a nation-wide scale.

These men represent a change in a party that has been beaten soundly in the last two elections by a charlatan and his traveling circus. A fresh choice in leadership represents change you can TRULY beleive in from every angle. It marks a clear start from inside and outside when we actually started taking this enemy seriously.

GROUND GAME: It is IMPERATIVE to develop and foster an intricate ground game. It requires a MICRO-ANALYSIS of every county, every city, and every early and absentee ballot by demographic to find how how, why, and with what method they voted.

The dems have built quite the coalition but it’s a house of cards; it’s a fractured coalition of single issue voters held together by a media-invested hollyweird worshipping demagogue. They can be piecemealed away bit by bit without sacrificing principle.

Give it to the dems on their “community organizing” machine. We don’t need to reinvent that model. We MUST develop our own. One that will INSTILL our principles in a language tailored to the audience. They’ve tailored theirs on the community organizer, we can create ours around the military special operator.

This is the winning of hearts and minds in our own third world backyard dem strongholds.

It isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

It requires a patient and immediate effort that starts with the post election analysis looking not for what we WANT to find, but for the GROUND TRUTH. GROUND TRUTH is REAL INTELLIGENCE not Rovian number-crunching wishful thinking.

It will require an insurgent effort at the ground level. An infiltration into dem areas that we identify are weak or vulnerable to start cutting in to the blue.

The COIN (insurgeny/counterinsurgency)effort would include the identification of these areas, the infiltration of the areas through churches and charitable organizations AND PARTICULARLY THROUGH EDUCATION.

There ARE like thinkers in these communities. How do we find them? Ask Jesse L. Peterson. Ask JC Watts and Herman Cain. They KNOW how to splinter these vulnerable areas off the blue.

The hispanic issue is RIPE for moving into the red. Catholic, family oriented cultures who believe in being left alone and naturally distrust the government. And they voted Obama? This is the epitome of the single issue voter. the RNC needs to go toe to toe, issue to issue with La Raza, the Marxist mouthpiece in that community, and counter it with a conservative alternative, in that language, at THAT LEVEL.

Think it can’t be done? SOF has been doing it since the end of World War II. It CAN be done.

WE must get deep into the education system to promote the ideals and values of conservatism that should be selling themselves. I’m not talking about traditional public schools and universities. They are ROTTED with liberals. They also aren’t the keys to education in the 21st century.

I’m talking about the new way to educate - the online universities, the trade schools and night schools. Corporate allies need to invest and educate with the ideals of economic and fiscal conservatism.

The RNC needs to lead and develop this effort. A novice like me can see that there is a disconnect between the voting habits of catholic-dominated hispanics and pockets of baptist blacks and their actual stated values. That disconnect can be exploited if it is done slowly, deliberately, and effectively.

INFORMATION WARFARE: We are ATROCIOUS AT THIS. Dems get a simple message out early and often. They poison the well and we are left to change minds rather than get the initial impression right from jump.

We constantly play defense and think we are sooooo clever when dems (as they ALWAYS do) do something stupid or illegal and shocked when the media all but ignores it. We must take the offensive in getting up in every Candy Crowley, every George Stepenopolis’ face and call them what they are: democratic hacks posing as the “objective media”.

WE’VE GOT TO STOP SMILING AND PRETENDING THESE IGNORANT DEM TALKING POINTS DON’T MATTER. THEY DO. Not to us but, for the ignorant who just go with the flow and believe the trash talk talking points the dems customize for the Nintendo generation.

We ABSOLUTELY MUST be proactive. We must attack and COUNTERATTACK at EVERY OPPORTUNITY then add each fail of the dems to a trend and theme. These themes must be simple, tailored, and repetitively broadcast to each target demographic.

We must look out beyond the 5 and 10 meter targets. We’ve got to effectively interpret what the dem message is on the horizon and confront it at all levels - from the national MSM level filtering directly down to the target group level. Even I can see what the talking points of the upcoming week are by watching the Sunday talking head programs. Defense is unacceptable. We can’t pretend that the most outrageous comment won’t gain traction then act surprised when weeks later, that theme picks up steam. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK and don't give the dems a minute's relief to reset the media battlefield OR the political discourse.

We need to teach this en mass through RNC training programs down to the local level, national and regional teams of propogandists crafting the message and providing instant support to local leaders to advance that message and counter message. EVERY conservative and republican mouthpiece MUST BE SPEAKING IN UNISON.

Alinsky tactics must be turned against their masters. There is GREAT power in ridicule and scorn. They make it too easy to use. It needs to be culturally tailored and consistent. Dennis Miller needs his own show on FNC AND a late night show on Fox. Let him source and promote culturally diverse conservative comedians that vulnerable areas can relate to and remember. Bold Fresh tours aren’t enough.

This is only part of an overall information operation plan that is constant in a simple party message and what it means to each target group.


I find it unbelievable that Obama has hijacked the reputation and imagery of the Party of Lincoln. This party represents the core values that ANY LIVING PERSON will relate to if they are challenged and messaged properly.

COIN operations involve a very in depth understanding of cultural idiosyncrasies and how best to exploit them to our advantage. It’s not a “wool-over-the-eyes” approach or a “free shit” approach like the dems sell. THAT ALWAYS COMES UP SHORT. OVERSOLD AND UNDERDELIVERED.

It’s a sell based on how it affects each target group and what it means to them. If it’s done right, I am CONFIDENT that the tenets of conservatism sell themselves.

In Civil Military Operations, assistance in areas that seem unrelated builds trust in the agency. Granted, there’s a fine line between assistance and the giving of free shit but, the special operations forces walk that line well. It can be done. Community outreach in areas that we identify, in ways that we haven’t before can build a larger tent without sacrificing our beliefs.

The military has been doing this in third world countries for years. We’ve been more successful in some areas, less successful in others. In the United States third world strongholds of the Democratic Party,I am confident that it can be done.

Here’s the kicker: There are countless retired special operations planners and operators working overseas as contractors RIGHT NOW. It’s too easy; the RNC needs to hire them as contractors over here.

This is, by far, not the only avenue we’ve got to pursue in order to turn the tide. We must confront and use the power of law, media, technology and the corporate world to form a UNITED MOVEMENT.

WE ARE AT WAR. the RNC must look to the military to rediscover and reorganize. The number-crunching beancounters have their place in the organization but, on their best days, they can only identify who will and won’t vote Republican.

This is a “Hearts and Minds” effort.

It requires a new way to think about the political battlefield.

Rangers Lead the Way.

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1 posted on 11/18/2012 7:36:02 AM PST by military cop
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To: military cop
This is an interesting piece and contains much food for thought. However, there are parts that are (IMO) incorrect.

The hispanic issue is RIPE for moving into the red. Catholic, family oriented cultures who believe in being left alone and naturally distrust the government.

None of this is true. The GOP has fooled itself for years that Hispanic Catholics really want to be Conservative. And that African-Americans, because they care about God, because of their disdain homosexuality, etc. etc, are also ripe for recruitment in a Conservative bow-wave. Nope. None of this is true.

Also: Advancement in the military is a political game. The folks at the top get to the top because they are politically correct and because they go along with the prevailing winds. Getting top military minds to recreate the GOP is likely to give us ... the GOP-e.

I think some of the ideas in this piece have promise, but some do not. We (Conservatives) have a history of fooling ourselves through unwarranted optimism.

2 posted on 11/18/2012 7:48:11 AM PST by ClearCase_guy (Global Warming is a religion, and I don't want to be taxed to pay for a faith that is not mine.)
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To: military cop
There will be no third party capable of competing with the coalition constructed by the dems.

And RINOs.

Don't think they don't see what has happened to their fellow relics of The Ice Age like Richard Lugar, Charlie Crist and whoever that fossil from Utah was.

They are protecting their own turf.

And, right now, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell must rut to continue the species.

We, Tea Partiers, are the politcial equivalent of the poor guy who is rotting in jail for making a sucky YouTube video.

We get blamed for things that are out of our control and are never appreciated for the point we are trying to get across.

Ah, well. I guess they'll have to learn the hard way.

Meanwhile, we are planting a garden, growing fruit trees growing (or whatever you call it) chickens for eggs and food (they only lay for a few years and after that they just cost money) and we will probably end up getting a goat for milk.

Oh, yeah. And investing in lead.

3 posted on 11/18/2012 7:50:31 AM PST by Texas Eagle (1)
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To: military cop

The Republicans ran a good honest campaign, the people want socialism and can steal the votes needed to win.We need to unite and overcome evil.

4 posted on 11/18/2012 7:52:13 AM PST by Big Horn (Rebuild the GOP to a conservative party)
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To: military cop

It’s too late.

They own the media, they own entertainment, they own education, they own unelected government offices, they own elected government offices. Their planning has been meticulous and unending and their execution flawless.

Meanwhile our side has done nothing and it has learned nothing. The water is boiling and has been for sometime. Not only is their no jumping out of the pot, there is a fastened lid on the pot.

Whatever destination the enemy set for us, we will arrive at. There is no avoiding it now. The only way America can or will rise again is as the phoenix, but I do not think that will happen, because one thing that I have learned through all of this is that as a whole, mankind is evil.

5 posted on 11/18/2012 7:55:49 AM PST by chris37 (Heartless.)
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To: military cop

Eric Cantor knew about Gen Petraeus on Oct 27, but did nothing to let the Republicans know — So you lost me when you mentioned Cantor as a leader.

6 posted on 11/18/2012 7:56:33 AM PST by winkadink (During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell)
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To: ClearCase_guy

Catholic is not a good indicator of conservative values. mediterranean catholic nations are corrupt beyond belief, others are socialist. Hispanics will want all the freebies, and more, since they have been assimilating victimhood for years.

7 posted on 11/18/2012 7:56:44 AM PST by King Moonracer (Bad lighting and cheap fabric, that's how you sell clothing.....)
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To: winkadink
Also, Petraeus is an example of why the military model would not likely be helpful to Conservatives. Petraeus is a fine military mind. Is he in a position to rip the over off the Obama administration? Does he know how rotten our government is? I would say "Yes". I'm quite sure that Petraeus knows things that would curl your hair. But is he telling us anything? Hope. He's looking out for himself. He's worried that events may not go in his favor if he says too much.

So Petraeus allows America to go on its way, to Hell. That's what I would expect any top military leader to do. They exemplify the GOP-e.

8 posted on 11/18/2012 8:03:24 AM PST by ClearCase_guy (Global Warming is a religion, and I don't want to be taxed to pay for a faith that is not mine.)
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To: ClearCase_guy; military cop
The hispanic issue is RIPE for moving into the red. Catholic, family oriented cultures who believe in being left alone and naturally distrust the government

On evening and weekends, I work at a talk radio station that also broadcasts aCatholic Spanish language music and prayer show.

They are as brainwashed as any of the 70% or so of the Hispanic Catholics who voted for Ubama.

True, it wouldn't hurt to try airing a few commercials in that market to see how it goes but I think the most surprising thing happened on election day that we have more control over is appealing to the white voters who stayed home.

I'm sure you've heard by now that Mitt Romney received something like 2 million fewer votes than McCain in 2008. True, Ubama received something like 9 million fewer voters, but that stands to reason. He didn't follow through on their expectations.

I think we can safely assume the 2 million who didn't turn out for Romney felt the same way.

They probably didn't think Romney represented enough of a contrast to Ubama so why bother voting?

Or maybe they were just lazy.

In which case, they would've voted for Ubama anyway.

I don't know. I'm just a guy sitting on his couch drinking gross tasting coffee (we ran out of my favorite creamer, French Vanilla) and eating Pop-Tarts (my favorite flavor, unfrosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon).

9 posted on 11/18/2012 8:05:57 AM PST by Texas Eagle (1)
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To: King Moonracer

Look at the stats: White Catholics voted against Obama.

10 posted on 11/18/2012 8:12:01 AM PST by Smokin' Joe (How often God must weep at humans' folly. Stand fast. God knows what He is doing)
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To: Texas Eagle
Romney is already up to 59.5M, with many votes remaining to be counted. He's almost certainly going to pass McCain's 60M.
11 posted on 11/18/2012 8:16:21 AM PST by Ken H
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To: military cop

We need to toss political correctness and tell the youth the truth about everything.

The truth will radicalize the youth which is what we need.

12 posted on 11/18/2012 8:16:43 AM PST by donna (Pray for revival.)
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To: winkadink

Youre missing the point:

The “who” doesn’t matter, it’s the concept that is important.

Read on.

13 posted on 11/18/2012 8:22:23 AM PST by military cop (I carry a .45....cause they don't make a .46....)
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To: chris37

You roll over. I choose to fight and I’m wide open to suggestion on solutions, not hand-wringing absolutes.

There’s an old infantry saying:

“The cowards never left and the weak quit along the way.......that leaves us”.

Where do you stand?

Rangers Lead the Way.

14 posted on 11/18/2012 8:24:22 AM PST by military cop (I carry a .45....cause they don't make a .46....)
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To: Ken H
Thanks for the assist. I forgot it takes a while to count the absentee ballot.

Even so, with the increase in voter age population (I'm assuming there was one), it still illustrates that Romney didn't represent enough of a contrast with Ubama to motivate more people to vote for him.

It wasn't the people's job to fall in line and vote for Romney, it was his job to give them some incentive to vote for him.

Romney tried to win by not going on traditional Conservative outlets like talk radio. Probably because he knew he'd be too easily painted into a corner even by a host who was trying to throw him softballs.

15 posted on 11/18/2012 8:24:32 AM PST by Texas Eagle (1)
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To: military cop

4 l8tr bump ...

16 posted on 11/18/2012 8:26:19 AM PST by Tunehead54 (Nothing funny here ;-)
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To: Big Horn

Then help me spread this.

This isn’t the one and only idea. It’s just MY thoughts based on MY experiences.

We’ve got to consolidate and start to move forward. I feel like the RNC is just going to sit around bemoaning it’s ass whipping then go back and do the same thing in the same way in 2016.

Only at the grass roots level can we affect change. The TEA Party movement proved that.

17 posted on 11/18/2012 8:31:01 AM PST by military cop (I carry a .45....cause they don't make a .46....)
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To: ClearCase_guy

The Dems will win as long as they “gimmie” welfare/bennies voters plus the Dem Party loyalists of fraud voting continue.

The Dems do not oppose voter id because of concern for inconvenience, despite even Mexico using a strict voter id for voting anti-fraud. The Dems are the Party of voter fraud and so oppose any measure to make elections honest.

Vote fraud, illegal foreign money, plus the trillion dollar value of the MSM being the propaganda arm of the Dem Party ala Pravda/Tass of the old USSR, means ANY Repub/Conservative win no matter how narrow would be a landslide if the USA has honest Media and elections.

Face it, the USA is now just another corrupt “3rd World” Police State that has lost God’s blessing/protection.

Things will get a lot worse.
Obaba will stack the Supreme, etc Court with more Leftist hacks. Continue to take away income and freedoms.

The Blacks will support him no matter what because he is black and gives the best freebies. The low income Mexicans/illegals will vote for him for the freebies. And white Liberals who are idiots/bad/insane enough to be Liberals, will not suddenly get a brain.

Big money continues to back the Leftist Revolution like it did in pre-Red Russia/China/etc. The top US military leadership will follow Obaba/Dems off the clift to keep their jobs and perks. They are bought off one way or another.

If the 2010 Tea Party election tsunami could be so soon lost only two years later, there is little hope though the struggle must continue despite the high odds.

USA will be truly lost forever when the 25 to 30 million and counting illegals get citizenship. They are low income and will vote for the Party of Gimmie’s.

But where to go? When the USA goes Police State, as Russia has observed, where is the land of freedom? Costa Rica or some such tiny, poor State easily intimidated by stronger neighbors or the new evil Empire? Socialist Europe? Red China...though at the rate things are going, it may be comparatively more free than the USSA, at least economically. Canada with its gun control and other leftist policies?

Freedom is being lost in the World.

There has been a slow, quiet revolution in the USA and the USA of the Constitution has been overthrown by Obaba and his Dems whose only use for the U.S.Constitution is to use it for butt wipe.

It used to be said that the USSR had a good Constitution but which was ignored. Sound familiar anyone?

18 posted on 11/18/2012 8:32:09 AM PST by OldArmy52 (The question is not whether Obama ever lies, but whether he ever tells the truth.)
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To: Texas Eagle
Romney got the evangelical vote in record numbers according to Ralph Reed. Also note that Romney's vote total is now a couple of million higher than when this article was written..

A national post-election survey commissioned by the Faith and Freedom Coalition last night found that the evangelical vote increased in 2012 to a record 27% of the electorate and that white evangelicals voted roughly 78% for Mitt Romney to 21% for Barack Obama. This was the highest share of the vote in modern political history for evangelicals, Reed said.

“Evangelicals turned out in record numbers and voted as heavily for Mitt Romney yesterday as they did for George W. Bush in 2004,” Reed observed.

19 posted on 11/18/2012 8:32:09 AM PST by Ken H
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To: Big Horn
The Republicans ran a good honest campaign, the people want socialism and can steal the votes needed to win.We need to unite and overcome evil.

You have hit it out of the park. The education system of the USA has been taken over by the commies back in the late 1960s and we are now reaping what they have sown. We have at least two generations of America haters (they may not realize it) that have been thoroughly indoctrinated by "the system".

I was no way in favor of the flawed candidate Mittens but once he won the nomination I supported him and until the last two debates with the clown - when he became wussified - I thought he ran an admirable campaign. BUT folk can examine every aspect of this election in order to find the reason the GOP lost - the simple reason is the American Sheeple. They want a celeb President that is an empty suit and they want CAPITALISM abolished in the USA.

Looks like the RATS have a winning hand - took many decades but evil is patient.

I read a Pravda or Canada Free press article about a year ago (cannot find it now), but their conclusion was that in order to fix what is ailing America in the 2010s, we may have to be "to blow the system up and start over."
20 posted on 11/18/2012 8:33:53 AM PST by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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