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"The List": Obama's Two Hundredth Week in Office ^ | 11/23/12 | Nachum

Posted on 11/23/2012 8:21:23 AM PST by Nachum

President Obama's Two Hundredth Week in Office


Community Organizer to the World

For Fourth Straight Year, Obama's Thanksgiving Message Doesn't Thank God

Obama on Thanksgiving: 'A day to fight the overwhelming urge to take a nap'

 Peace, turkey pardoned by President Obama last Thanksgiving, euthanized

Pictured: How Cambodia´s first lady mocked President Obama with a handshake greeting typically reserved for servants

Bun Rany, Cambodia's First Lady gives Obama a "Sampeh", a greeting at a tilt usually reserved for servants

Obama and Agenda 21

Thanksgiving eve surprise: Feds to block off 9M acres for spotted owl


Greta Van Susteren: Obama punishing Fox for Benghazi- : "grow up"

Susan Rice defends initial comments on Benghazi

Obama White House Has Failed To Respond to at Least a Dozen Letters From Senators on Benghazi (Video)

Obama and Israel

US urges Israel not to build in E-1 areas ...-Washington pressuring Israel not to allow construction in area located between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim as a possible response to the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition November 29 at the UN.

Feinstein: Actions of Hamas 'border on being an international war crime' (VIDEO)

Obama and Egypt

Egypt's Morsi grants himself far-reaching powers

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt Brotherhood leader blasts peace with Israel

Obama Ethics, Year 4

NSA Refuses To Release Secret Obama Directive On Cybersecurity

ATF notice on disability information collection highlights absurd injustice

It's 3am and nobody's there

Russian GRU Intelligence Agency Reportedly Says Obama Fired Military Officers Because He 'Fears a Coup'

US Navy to Briefly Reduce Carriers in Persian Gulf

Defense Department: Signing secession petitions won’t affect your security clearance


Billionaires Dumping Stocks

Obama Brings In Grassroots Team To Cut Deal On Fiscal Cliff

Twinkies bakers say they'd rather lose jobs than take pay cuts

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Leno: Obama Is Running Out of Republicans To Blame Fiscal Cliff On


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama to Hold 'Private' Swear-in Ceremony for Second Presidential Term

Feds open investigation into Obama money -Election camp accused of stuffing war chest with illegal donations

Government think tank reports on congressional investigations of DOJ

Obama and Israel

Obama pushed Israel to accept Egyptian cease-fire agreement friendly to Hamas

Terrorists Fire 20 Rockets Since Ceasefire Begins Gaza's terrorist rulers mark the ceasefire by firing 20 rockets in three hours at southern Israel.

Hamas breaks cease-fire; 70% of Israelis oppose it

Netanyahu announcing ceasefire: Israel seeks lasting truce, not conflict:  rockets continue to fall on Israel

Obama Praises Netanyahu on Gaza Cease-Fire

Hillary Clinton Announces Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas

Obama reverses himself on Israel: ... attempt to dictate the tactics and operations through which Israel exercises the right to defend itself.

Hillary Clinton meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in effort to halt Israeli offensive as Egyptian president says peace in Gaza is 'imminent' and predicts ceasefire will begin today

White House condemns 'outrageous' attack in Tel Aviv

Terror Attack Near Israel´s Defense Center Makes Ground War More Likely.. Timed to Clinton visit

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Has the US Administration decided to get rid of Jordan’s King Abdullah? This is the question that many Jordanians have been asking in the past few days following a remark made by a spokesman for the US State Department

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Springs into Action


McCain: DNI Changing His Story On Benghazi After Dubious CBS Report Claims Obama Exonerated

WH Won't Release Photos of Obama Team During Benghazi Attacks

Rep. Trey Gowdy Explodes At Libya Hearing: 'I Want To Know Why We Were Lied To'

Top GOP lawmaker pressures Clapper to explain altered talking points on Libya


Planned Parenthood Gets Obamacare Funds to Push Sex on 9th Graders

What's Obamacare Cost? Obama Small Biz Chief: 'I Bought Jam For My Friends!'

HHS Releases Insurance, Pre- Existing Conditions Regulations

It's 3am and nobody's there

Navy Fires Two More Commanders

Susan Rice Thwarted Capture Of bin Laden: played a key role in blocking efforts to neutralize Osama bin Laden in the 1990s.


More Americans Will Use Food Stamps For Thanksgiving This Year Than Ever Before

Jobless Claims Over 400k For Second Week

CBO Finds Electric Cars Not Smart, Toyota Pulls the Plug on the IQ

$135B in FY12 Disability Payments Exceeded $125B in Pentagon Procurement Payments

Analysts noting economic parallels between 1937 and today

Crude, Gasoline Inventories Decline Sharply

Euclid manufacturer H.C. Starck Inc. to lay off 67 employees

Gunrunner-Gate, Al Qaeda Style

OBAMA gun running to Al Qaeda in Syria

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA rejects suspension of corn-based ethanol mandate

As More Climate Talks Loom, Senator Presses Treasury on its Plans For $100bn Global Green Fund

Sen. Vitter alleges administration hiding internal discussions on a carbon tax

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Union Chief Warns Democrats Not To Oppose Obama: "Remember What Happened To Blanche Lincoln"

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Thanksgiving Proclamation 2012 (FULL TEXT)

Obama absolves Thanksgiving turkey with the Sign of the Cross..It appears that Obama made a left handed, backward sign of the cross.

Obama’s 'Constituency Groups' Checklist Offers No Options for Whites or Men


Obama and Agenda 21

Secret 'alias' account was available on EPA chief Lisa Jackson's computers

Is The Obama EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program?

Obama and Israel

U.S. Criticizes Erdogan After His Latest Anti-Israel Remarks Erdogan accuses Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in Gaza, U.S. says the comments are "not helpful".

Gaza Ceasefire To Be Announced

Israel Prepares to Invade Gaza, warns civilians

Gives Hamas 48 hours to make a truce

Clinton goes to Israel to meet with Netanyahu


Clapper Falls on Sword, Takes Blame for Benghazi Talking Points Edit

Rush military caller says that Obama ordered no response to Benghazi attack (10/26/2012)

Sources: DNI cut "al Qaeda" reference from Benghazi talking points, and CIA, FBI signed off

Mainstream Media Caught In Snarl Of Tangled Benghazi Yarns

Benghazi: Oh what a tangled web

It's 3am and nobody's there

DHS wants to double domestic drone fleet.

Leader of California Taliban cell arrested yesterday was US Air Force veteran

Military Suicides 'Out of Control'

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Treasury Stonewalls FOIA Request

DHS Promotes Govt. Benefits to Immigrants Despite Legal Prohibition of Visas for Likely Welfare Recipients

Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants


Judge: Obama Admin Can Force Hobby Lobby to Obey HHS Mandate

HHS releases rules requiring pre-existing conditions coverage

Obamacare helps big hospitals, kills small practices, drives up costs


Hostess Mediation Fails, Liquidation To Proceed; Furious Laid Off Workers Now Turn On Labor Union

More Americans Will Use Food Stamps For Thanksgiving This Year Than Ever Before

Food stamp enrollment skyrockets as unemployment rate declines

White House Announces $6 Billion to Promote Clean Energy - in Asia

NLRB sues to reinstate union saboteurs at nursing homes

Housing Starts Print At 4 Year High, As Sandy Effect Mysteriously Avoided

Government Website For Immigrants: Come To America And Take Advantage Of Our Free Stuff

Boston: Local lawmakers are fuming over an Obama administration policy promoting welfare and EBT benefits for immigrants

Geithner: End debt ceiling, 'sooner the better'

Shocking California poverty rate now highest in the nation, worse than D.C. and Florida

Michigan Home to Half of the Largest Bankrupt Green Energy Companies

Michigan: Cliffs cutting iron production, affecting 625 jobs

GE Healthcare to Eliminate 2 Percent of Jobs in Wisconsin

Merillat closing Smyth County (VA)cabinet plants

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

A new poll from CNN shows that merely "four in ten Democrats think the Israeli actions in Gaza are justified."

Now that the Election Is Over, the Washington Post Admits that the Obama Recovery Has Been Terrible

MSNBC Did No Negative Stories About Obama or Positive Ones About Romney Last Week of Campaign

MSNBC's Bias Against Mitt Romney Was Astonishing

Is Obama Gay?

Government wants all Americans between 15-64 to take HIV test

Community Organizer to the World

Hillary Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama's Speech In Burma

Who Said It: Marco Rubio or Barack Obama? Willful ignorance of science is a bipartisan value.

U.S. Dept. of Labor Observes 'Transgender Day of Remembrance'

Illinois moves to grant licenses to illegal immigrants

Fmr. Obama advisor is the new leader of a 'Catholic' charity

Obama Voter Fraud

Rep. Allen West concedes after Fla. recount fight


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama in Burma: 'I Wish I Could... Impose My Will on Congress'

Obama and Israel

U.S. sends warships near Israel in case evacuation needed

Turkey’s Erdogan calls Israel a 'terrorist state'; State Department spokesman refuses to condemn

Obama Undercuts Israel War Effort

Inner cabinet meets to discuss possible Gaza ceasefire: Obama called Netanyahu for the third time


Florida: For the first time in its nearly 100-year history, Orlando Health is reducing its workforce by up to 400 positions starting immediately, hospital officials announced this morning.

GE Healthcare Laying Off 10 Percent of Workforce in Vermont

Dr. Barbara Bellar told Greta Van Susteren that despite a very impressive record, she lost her job for opposing Obamacare in a Youtube rant

Obama Voter Fraud

West Fights On amid Vote-Recount Mayhem

Allen West and the Big Fix

Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants in government 'welcome' materials


Did White House just expose another Rice lie? Administration's explanation raises more questions about Benghazi

White House Changed CIA Talking Points

Feinstein has 'concern' about Rice´s Benghazi talking points

Petraeus Recants Obama's Benghazi Fiction

Obama 'may have known about Petraeus affair BEFORE election'

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

State Dept. Official to Attend OIC Meeting Today on Banning 'Defamation of Islam'


 Bible publisher wins third injunction against HHS contraception mandate

Obama and Agenda 21

What Is Agenda 21? After Watching This, You May Not Want to Know

Georgia GOP Lawmakers Investigate If Obama Is Using Soviet Style Mind Control

The EPA vs. State Economies


Treasury Secretary Geithner: Lift Debt Limit to Infinity

Twinkies Might survive: To be made in Mexico?

Teamsters Called For Secret-Ballot At Hostess While Pushing To Eliminate Secret-Ballots

California Poverty Rate Highest In Nation Based On New Census Department Figures

Top Economic Advisers Forecast World War

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Twitter suspends American Orthodox Jew for tweeting anti-Obama cartoon about Israel

 Twitter users creeped out by Obama mural in Burma

Community Organizer to the World

Obama meets with Cambodia's longtime 'strongman'

Obama Repeatedly Mispronounces Aung San Suu Kyi

Picture: Obama's embarrassing hug of Thai Prime Minister

Obama on Sunday defended his trip to Burma, insisting that the visit- is "not an endorsement" of the nation’s long-repressive leadership

It's 3am and nobody's there

New Beltway Express Lanes--Celebrated by DOT Secretary--Open With Multiple Crashes


Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden Calls Obama 'Homeboy'

Obama Voter Fraud

St. Lucie..- The recount showed 900 voters cast ballots in precinct 93, where there are 7 registered voters

West seeks hearing after Murphy camp declares victory when St. Lucie board misses deadline

Murphy camp declares victory due to missed deadline (St. Lucie)

UPDATE: DELAYED OVERNIGHT -- Allen West Closer to Triggering Full Recount

St. Lucie voting system noted for errors


White House denies terror delete

Obama and Israel

Report: Israel Holding Off Ground Offensive At Obama's Behest

Obama: Preferable to avoid Gaza ground operation

Netanyahu: Israel prepared for 'significant expansion' of Gaza operation

Are Journalists Paying Hamas Fixers?


How red-state governors are opening the doors to Obamacare

Drug Shortages Persist in U.S., Harming Care

Obama and Agenda 21

National Heritage Sites and Agenda 21

EPA rules Ariz. power plants must upgrade


Obama Asks for Prayer on Budget Deal

Despite $15.9 billion loss, U.S. Postal Service execs see boost in pay

Wal-Mart files U.S. labor charge against union

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Bloggers Spot More Dead Child Fakery by Hamas; CNN Fooled

Denver ABC Station Airs Paula Broadwell's Petraeus Book With Phoney Name:

Community Organizer to the World

 Obama gets flirty as he schmoozes with Thai prime minister on first stop of historic Asia visit


Community Organizer to the World

"I won, deal with it"


CIA's language on Benghazi was barely edited, White House says

White House denies suggestion it scrubbed terror threat from CIA Libya account

Women in Petraeus scandal had visited White House

President told within 72 hours Benghazi attack linked to al-Qaida extremists

The president knew the truth about Benghazi (Washington Post)

Petraeus Says U.S. Tried to Avoid Tipping Off Terrorists After Libya Attack

Obama and Israel

Obama Stabbing Israel in the Back Behind the Scenes

Israel Denies Ceasefire Reports Israel will send a senior official to Cairo to sign a ceasefire, Hizbullah-affiliated channel reported Saturday. Israel denies report.

Israeli air strikes hit Hamas HQ

Israel launches scores of airstrikes into Gaza after Hamas hits Jerusalem

Iron Dome intercepts missiles aimed at Tel Aviv.........-.intercepts 2 Fajr-5 missiles

White House Asserts: 'Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself'

U.S. Fears a Ground War in Gaza Could Hurt Israel and Help Hamas... privately urging Israel not to invade

Obama and Egypt

Reports: Rockets Fired From Egypt Hit Israel After Egyptian PM’s Visit to Gaza

Rupert Murdoch Under Fire for MidEast Tweet: 'Can’t Obama Stop His Friends in Egypt Shelling Israel?'

Obama Voter Fraud

St. Lucie County Canvassing Board Orders Retabulation of All Early Votes in Allen West Race

VA, MD Poll Watchers Claim They Witnessed Voter Fraud

Obama and Agenda 21

Congress demands EPA's secret email accounts


Medicare beneficiaries to pay more for care

Kaiser Permanente to layoff 530 employees in Southern California

Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate in Court

Papa John´s Appreciation Day is backed by tens of thousands as the pizza chain prepares for food fight over Obamacare

More GOP governors decline to create health insurance exchanges


Hostess shutdown puts 600 out of work in northern Utah

Hostess liquidation puts 286 in NC out of work

Obama says: 'Work as hard as you can to make our lives better'

Manhandling Hostess, Big Labor Costs 18,500 Workers Their Jobs

Regulators R Us: Feds Crank Up Regulations - on Everything

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Sure, our ambassador was murdered and the Obama administration is lying about it, but the real story is that McCain is a grouch

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

Van Jones: Tea Party is an impressive citizen movement

Obama Ethics, Year 4

 Senate cybersecurity bill fails, so Obama could take charge

Obama Dead Pool

 Tunisian detainee dies after hunger strike- Mohamed Bakhti is the second to die after launching a hunger strike following his arrest for an attack on the US embassy



 Intel officials unable to say who changed CIA talking points on Libya, lawmaker says

Jill Kelley, the Florida housewife whose complaint over threatening emails revealed David Petraeus' affair, has visited the White House three times in the past three months with her twin sister  

Dems, GOP spar over Petraeus testimony on Benghazi

Holder defends keeping Petraeus inquiry from White House until after election

King: Original Talking Points from CIA Were Different from Final House Intel chair: Petraeus testifies that original talking points included al Qaeda involvement

Petraeus: CIA talking points on Benghazi attack edited to play down al Qaeda links

Petraeus testifies CIA´s Libya talking points were changed, lawmaker says

Ex-CIA Chief Petraeus Testifies for 90 Minutes Before House Panel

CNN: Petraeus To Testify He Knew Libya Was Terrorism 'Almost Immediately'

AG Eric Holder: 'We Do Not Share...Facts of Ongoing Investigations'

Rice didn't lie, but put 'softer touch' on Benghazi truth

Obama and Israel

Two rockets land outside Jerusalem following 2 fired at Tel Aviv

Hamas fires 1st rocket at Jerusalem

Gaza cease-fire collapses, Egypt PM backs Palestinians as Israel drafts 16,000 reservists

Obama Ethics, Year 4

House GOP: Obama officials using secret emails to avoid oversight

U.S. gave A123 $1 million as it filed bankruptcy

Biden, White House Pressured Green Energy Loan, Contrary to Obama’s Statement, Emails Show

Obama Voter Fraud

Attorneys for Allen West say they have proof of voting discrepancies

No Joke: The GOP Can Not Legally Help Stop Vote Fraud


Medical giant Stryker cuts 1,170 jobs, citing ObamaCare

Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business, CEO Blames Union Strike

Hostess going out of business; nearly 18,000 to be laid off

Hostess Brands closing for good

The Demise Of The Twinkie: Hostess Files Motion To Liquidate

FHA Faces $13.5B Fiscal '12 Deficit, Audit Says

GM goal: 500K with electrification by 2017

Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System..401K at risk?

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Quietly Removes HAMAS Terrorist Muhammad Salah From Terrorist List; May Get $1.4 Million in HAMAS/Qaeda Funds

Jill Kelley Helped Muslim Nations, Hezbollah Infiltrate Central Command, MacDill Base; "Go To Girl" For Muslim Parties w/ Generals...-modern day Mata Haris for the Muslim Arabs


CBO: ObamaCare Offers Biggest Pot Of Deficit Cuts: ...repealing ObamaCare´s massive insurance subsidies would cut federal spending by $150 billion in 2020 alone.

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has opted not to create a state-run health insurance exchange and will instead rely on the federal government to run the program

Attaaaaaaack Waaaaaatch

Fraud: CNN Uses Video Footage Of Faked Palestinian 'Injuries'

Twinkie Party: The Loss of 18,000 Hostess Jobs Is All a Big Joke to ABC News

Taiwanese media animates Petraeus love affair

Obama and Egypt

Egypt Recalls Envoy to Israel after Gaza Strike

Morsi warns Israel will pay heavy price

It's 3am and nobody's there

Congressional report ties Middle East terrorists to Mexican drug cartels

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It was Thanksgiving! Now what are going to do with that left over turkey in the White House.

Let me know if you want to be on or off the ping list.

1 posted on 11/23/2012 8:21:31 AM PST by Nachum
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To: Nachum

Thank you for your hard work.

2 posted on 11/23/2012 9:22:41 AM PST by patriot08 (NATIVE TEXAN (girl type))
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To: ken5050; sten; paythefiddler

Superb links resource, t/y Nachum

*** Patriot PING ***

3 posted on 11/23/2012 9:56:15 AM PST by Reaganite Republican
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To: Nachum

Think this is bad? just wait for the first term of Van Jone’s Presidency! He’s cool, he’s black! anything else needed to be president?

4 posted on 11/23/2012 4:13:36 PM PST by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)
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To: Forward the Light Brigade
.....first term of Van Jones' Presidency!

He would be more like 'first commissar'

5 posted on 11/23/2012 4:17:31 PM PST by Nachum (The List is off the Google blacklist-
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