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Susan Rice, CIA director meet with GOP critics on Libya
Washington Post ^ | November 27, 2012 at 4:38 pm | Posted by Ed O'Keefe

Posted on 11/27/2012 6:25:03 PM PST by haffast

Possible promotions for U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and acting CIA Director Michael Morell remain in jeopardy after the two officials met Tuesday with three of their Republican critics regarding how the Obama administration responded to the attacks on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Libya.

“Bottom line, I’m more disturbed now than I was before,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of the critics, said after the meeting.


The discussions with McCain, Graham and Ayotte were arranged “to go over exactly the very questions that those senators had,” Carney said, including the origin of the information Rice conveyed on television.


Lieberman sounded a more supportive tone after his meeting with Rice, saying she “told the truth to the best of her knowledge” on Sept. 16.

“I asked if she was briefed by the White House, the campaign, or the political operation, and she said she had seen no message points from the White House,” Lieberman said. “Nothing she said [on the Sunday shows] disqualifies her for any other office.”


Rice and Morell are also scheduled to meet with Wednesday with Susan Collins (R-Maine), who is joining Lieberman in the homeland security panel’s investigation.


A majority now also disapprove of the administration’s handling of the attacks, according to the poll. That’s up from roughly 40 percent of Americans who generally disapproved of the administration’s handling of the situation in Libya in a previous CNN poll.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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Note Rice and Morrell also met with Lieberman today, and will meet with Susan Collins tomorrow 11/28/12.

CNN Poll: Americans rate W.H. response to Benghazi attack and Petraeus resignation CNN ^ | November 27th, 2012 05:00 AM ET |

1 posted on 11/27/2012 6:25:17 PM PST by haffast
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To: haffast

I get sick of the beating around the bush by talking heads about the lying she and Obama have done.

Call them liars. Don’t say their statements were not factual or any other silly word play.

Susan Rice is a liar. Obama is a liar. Hillary is a liar. This whole damn administration are a bunch of liars.

2 posted on 11/27/2012 6:50:22 PM PST by FreeAtlanta (
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To: haffast

Benghazi-Coward Obama Impeachment File.

3 posted on 11/27/2012 7:04:07 PM PST by Graewoulf ((Traitor John Roberts' Obama"care" violates Sherman Anti-Trust Law, AND the U.S. Constitution.))
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To: haffast

Joe Lieberman and Collins in a Homeland Security investigation. LMAO We all know what the result of thta will be.

Two liberal peas in a pod.

Both as useless as teats on a boar hog.

4 posted on 11/27/2012 7:30:05 PM PST by Venturer
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To: Venturer
The look of love.....

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) meets with the President Obama in the Oval Office. Collins was one of three Republican Senators who eventually voted for the stimulus bill.

Described as one of "the last survivors of a once common species of moderate Northeastern Republican,"[5] Collins is considered a bipartisan and centrist member of the Republican Party, and an influential player in the U.S. Senate.[9][10][11][12] She is a member of several moderate organizations within the Republican Party, including the Republican Main Street Partnership, Republican Majority For Choice, Republicans for Choice, The Wish List, Republicans for Environmental Protection, and the Republican Leadership Council. Her voting record was at one time center-left which has caused some Republicans to label her as a "Republican in Name Only" (RINO). Although she shares a centrist ideology with Maine's senior Senator, Olympia Snowe, Collins is considered a "half-turn more conservative" than Snowe.[5] Collins has consistently been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, a major LGBT rights organization; she was one of six Republicans running in 2008 to be endorsed by the HRC.[13] She supported John McCain in the 2008 election for President of the United States.[14]

In the 1990s, Collins played an important role during the U.S. Senate's impeachment trial of Bill Clinton when she and fellow Maine Senator Olympia Snowe sponsored a motion that would have allowed the Senate to vote separately on the charges and the remedy. When the motion failed, both Snowe and Collins subsequently voted to acquit, believing that while Clinton had broken the law by committing perjury, the charges did not amount to grounds for removal from office.

But, but......she's a "half-turn more conservative".....

5 posted on 11/27/2012 8:02:14 PM PST by haffast (Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren't very new at all. -Abe Lincoln)
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To: Graewoulf

I received this from a friend of mine and perhaps some one amongst you FREEPERS may want to opine on this subject.

I have heard about this one before and I do believe this to be about as close to the truth as it can get as I wouldn’t pass anything by this individual who currently is occupying the white hut. Perhaps some of you may recall that it was Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa who blew the whistle on the gun running scheme under the name Fast and Furious. So I forwarded this article to him and asked him to check this out and see if he could be of some help. If I happen to get a reply from him I will pass it along.

There is a saying in the German language which goes something like this...” A ceramic jug gets carried to the well in order to get water just so may times before some one drops it and it breaks” Sooner or later I hope this occupant of the white hut pulls one stunt too many and hopefully it will become his Waterloo. If this happens to be true and I do believe it is, for some one to get elected and in the process have some of our people killed, he deserves to hang.

Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 8:08 PM
Subject: FW: Surprise Gone Bad A MUST READ!

This is from a friend that now lives in Virginia. He husband is a retired navel officer. DB

I am just sending this to a few, from a General friend well versed in intelligence.

According to sources in the State Department and the CIA, and intercepted communications from the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama “staged” the attack in Benghazi in order to create a monumental “October Surprise” that would guarantee him re-election. Yes, you read that right, and no, I’m not making this up. Obama, we now know, is and has been working with the Muslim Brotherhood secretly to engineer the release of the “Blind Sheik,” Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center attack. In Obama’s October Surprise, he intentionally set up the consulate to have no security so that Chris Stevens could be kidnapped, and held for ransom by Al-Qaeda (and the Muslim Brotherhood). Then, several days before the election, the plan was to trade Chris Stevens for the Blind Sheik, making himself look like a hero, and all but guaranteeing re-election. This was one of the top reasons why Obama was so insistent on the Muslim Brotherhood getting $1.2 Billion in U.S. Aid. They were to have a primary role in getting Obama re-elected. That is why, even though they knew days before the attack that it was going to occur, no effort was made to bolster security. It was intended to be non-existent. The Libyan security forces were intended to quietly slip into the night when the attack began. And they did, just as planned. That is why, even though 2 C-130U gunships, which were built SPECIFICALLY for this kind of attack, and which could have saved the lives of our people there and were a mere 45 minutes away, were never scrambled at any time during the attack. There was to be no resistance whatsoever. That is why there were not one, but TWO armed drones flying over the consulate during the conflagration... our CIA operatives on the ground were painting targets because they knew air cover was available. That is why, even though requesting support and backup three times, their requests were NOT ignored, but were intentionally, specifically DENIED three times, and they were told to “stand down,” which basically means to “surrender.” That was part of Obama’s plan. They were not to fight back. That would potentially undermine the kidnapping effort and cause unnecessary “complications.” That is why, even though the CIA operatives and ex-Navy Seals were on the ground, providing real-time reports, and even though they were “lighting up” the source of the mortars attacking the compound with lasers, no gunships or support ever came. They weren’t supposed to resist. That wasn’t “part of the plan.” It also wasn’t part of the plan for one of the CIA operatives to intentionally defy Obama’s orders, and who rescued the body of Sean Smith and then stood up again orders, and engaged the enemy who was attacking American soil. It was supposed to be “clean.” Quick. Efficient. Kidnap the Ambassador and get out. Then Save The Day in the “nick of time.” They didn’t factor in a tiny group of highly trained ex-Navy Seals/CIA operatives... American Patriots and heroes. Even though they eventually lost their lives in the firefight, they managed to employ the full measure of their skills, and took out over 80 attackers in the process... which enraged the attackers, who were led to believe that they would encounter no resistance. THAT is why Ambassador Stevens was raped, murdered, and dragged through the streets. In their warped minds, they believed that they had been betrayed by the U.S. yet again. They believed that Obama was their friend. They believed that they were going to get their beloved Blind Sheik back. And yet, here were 80 of their own... dead by American hands. Obama was asked directly in an interview if he denied their request for assistance, he refused to answer, and instead droned on with a canned response promising to “bring those responsible to justice.” Former CIA and State Dept. personnel are coming out now with damning evidence that indicts President Obama, and reveals the truth about what is going on. Hillary Clinton, who is now openly laying the blame at the feet of the President, after falling on her sword in a premature show of loyalty for the Administration. The “Video” defense was carefully crafted WEEKS in advance, to explain the attack. If this doesn’t outrage you, you are not a Patriot. If you are not moved enough to contact your congressman about this, you are not worthy of your citizenship.

6 posted on 11/27/2012 11:32:42 PM PST by saintgermaine
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To: haffast

She should be a registered Democrat.

As it is she is running under fals colors.
Which eviently does’t bother the Republicans in Maine.
(if there are any, which Judging by their two Senators, there arent).

7 posted on 11/28/2012 3:33:40 AM PST by Venturer
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To: saintgermaine

Thank you for your informative posted reply. I was not aware that our heroes took out 80 al-Qaeda.

Hope Sen. Grassley makes good use of this information.

To date, the media haven’t asked President Obama and his top officials, why? Why the administration-wide cover-up? Why didn’t military help get to Battleground Benghazi?

IMHO, Benghazi-Coward Obama chose Susan Rice to be the perfect deflecting smokescreen for his Impeachable blunders in the Benghazi Massacre.

Susan Rice is female, Black, and above all “Had nothing to do with Benghazi.”

Why not ignore Obama’s ‘throwing Rice’ at the gullible RINOs, and call Commie Obama to testify under oath to a Congressional Committee?

Here are my three questions for Benghazi-Coward Obama:

1.) Are you HIDING INFORMATION from the US Congress about the Benghazi Massacre?

2.) Have you been LYING to the US Congress, The Media, or the American Public about the Benghazi Massacre?

3.) Were you, as Commander in Chief, GROSSLY NEGLIGENT about your responsibilities to protect and assist those four Americans who subsequently were murdered in the Benghazi Massacre?

Impeach! IMPEACH! IMPEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 posted on 11/28/2012 11:59:32 AM PST by Graewoulf ((Traitor John Roberts' Obama"care" violates Sherman Anti-Trust Law, AND the U.S. Constitution.))
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