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The Geithner Plan's Assault on Small Businesses ^ | 12/5/2012 | Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Posted on 12/05/2012 5:18:29 AM PST by RoosterRedux

Before I came to Congress, I was a small business owner. I started a deli in my hometown of Bakersfield, Calif., that I creatively named “Kevin O’s.” As any small business owner knows, starting a business is not glamorous work. I made the deli countertop in my garage with my dad, and counted on my friends and family to “volunteer” their labor until I could afford to pay them. While it wasn’t a gold mine, people in Bakersfield seemed to like the sandwiches and after a couple of years I was able to sell the business so I could go to college.

My story is not unique. America is nation of people striving to make life better for themselves and for their families. The entrepreneurial spirit is a cornerstone of our national identity -- we’re risk takers, we’re innovators, we’re daredevils. That’s why America harnessed electricity, pioneered flight and made pictures talk.

But what if we changed the rules?

What if we made it harder to succeed? Harder to innovate? Americans have always optimistically believed that future generations will be better off than generations past -- what if suddenly that was no longer true? That’s what the Geithner plan means for America. Big business forever replaces Kevin O’s and the corner store and the local lumber yard. It’s not just about the homogenization of the American landscape and the loss of community identity -- small businesses create seven of every 10 new jobs and they employ just over half of the country’s private sector workforce. They are the job-creation engines of America and are the key to our economic recovery. These people aren’t wealthy Wall Street executives; they’re the people getting America back to work.

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It appears Obama hates small business because it can't be unionized, organized, or given the crony treatment.
1 posted on 12/05/2012 5:18:32 AM PST by RoosterRedux
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To: RoosterRedux
Small business, at least in America, is one of the most recognizable and satisfying expression of individual autonomy.

Autonomy is something that Socialism and other tyrannical forms of ‘leadership’ cannot tolerate! They think it's dangerous to allow individuals that kind of independence and opportunity for personal advancement, OUTSIDE the 'system'.

2 posted on 12/05/2012 5:31:32 AM PST by SMARTY ("The man who has no inner-life is a slave to his surroundings. "Henri Frederic Amiel)
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Well put!

Obama isn't just trying to expand entitlements...he's trying to stamp out individualism.

And I think (well, hope) his effort will eventually bring to himself the wrath of America individuals the way Morsi has earned the wrath of non-MB Egyptians.

3 posted on 12/05/2012 5:44:35 AM PST by RoosterRedux (He will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats)
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To: RoosterRedux
That's a big part of it. His Jeremiah Wright influence also factors in: "Small businesses are scams run by Asians and Jews to rip off black people."

But on the simplest level, small businesses are simply irrelevant to all of the DC power players. They don't make enough money to become reliable campaign contributors; they are often run by cranky libertarians who won't go along with statist schemes to centralize power in DC; small business owners are already resented in their communities for their relative wealth; and there simply aren't enough of them to effect any serious political change no matter what DC does to them.

All this makes small business the perfect cow to milk when more tax dollars are needed. If onerous conditions demanded by DC and the state governments drive some of them under, so what? There's always another dreamer in a corporate office somewhere ready to blow his life savings on a new startup. And liberals never have to take any blame - they just say, "Well, your business idea wasn't very good then, was it?"

4 posted on 12/05/2012 5:47:04 AM PST by Mr. Jeeves (CTRL-GALT-DELETE)
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To: RoosterRedux

I’m not optimistic about Americans finally coming to the realization of the danger “O” and his followers really pose to individuality.

• Individuality is and has always been a rare commodity.
• Individuals are not socially ‘convenient’ because they question, doubt, challenge, etc.
• Individuals NEVER summarily accept anything
• Individuals can be counted on to suspect flaws and clandestine motives in established views
• Individuals are difficult to convince or convert without hard logic and intellectual accountability
• Individuals are by nature cynical

All this and more has traditionally identified Americans in their rugged pragmatism.

I am certain, that it’s the characteristic without which America wouldn’t have become America.

Of course true individuals are ‘inconvenient’ and of course, the establishment in this country (increasingly Socialist) does NOT encourage individualism. Schools, the MSM, public figures of every stripe have been consistently and relentlessly assaulting this most distinctive American characteristic for decades. They have all but completely demonized ‘individuality’ as it is properly understood.

I have been convinced for a very long time that the Liberal plan is and has always been, to stamp out ‘individualism’. Their success is almost guaranteed, because true ‘individuality’ is NOT the easy path in life and is never expedient. It is NOT a personal whim to be picked up then abandoned (like a fashion going in and out of style) when the going gets rough... and the path WILL always be rough for true individuals.

It’s funny, you can meet a total stranger at a party or somewhere and know instantly you are talking to an’s like a secret club. You know one another instantly and it’s as if: ‘’s great to meet you, you kept the faith, too!!’

5 posted on 12/05/2012 6:15:58 AM PST by SMARTY ("The man who has no inner-life is a slave to his surroundings. "Henri Frederic Amiel)
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To: RoosterRedux
It appears Obama hates small business because it can't be unionized, organized, or given the crony treatment.

Whilst in full agreement, you do not carry this far enough as it applies to almost every government functionary. Small business, by definition is run by the skin of their teeth individuals with minimal resources. To be a success, they devote time, money and effort for risks that others would consider absurd.

The average government functionary / bureaucrat is almost the exact opposite in all respects. They are people of time clocks, ample resources, set goals and no risk. These types love to deal with large business because it becomes a mutually satisfactory arrangement for the most part. If there is a rule or requirement, big business has the resource to either do it or to challenge it in the recognized channels of lobbyists or the courts. In either case the government bureaucrat has a satisfactory check-mark on his file. On the cynical side, these encounters might lead to lunches, dinners, job offers or other individual advantages.

Now consider the encounter with the small business. Minimal resources means that cooperation with rule changes takes resources that may not be possible. Even the best meaning bureaucrat will become frustrated and antagonistic with the lack of progress in 'solving' the problem. Add to this that there is little to no hope for the individual benefit of the government functionary and the lack of appreciation grows.

It is my contention that large government is anathema to small business. Obama is just the tip of this spear and like all big government types has little to no appreciation of this economic sector. After all, his highly illuminating repeat of Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) dictum; "You didn't build this!" has never been withdrawn, has it?

6 posted on 12/05/2012 6:34:39 AM PST by SES1066 (Government is NOT the reason for my existence but it is the road to our ruin!)
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To: RoosterRedux

Obama’s business model is the same as Lenin’s... making any profit is a crime and all businesses are collectivized into state run enterprises.

7 posted on 12/05/2012 6:42:46 AM PST by The Great RJ
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To: RoosterRedux

True and the bigger the business the greater the taxes.

8 posted on 12/05/2012 10:33:33 AM PST by Vaduz
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