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To: Tolerance Sucks Rocks

How do you “bear” a nuclear cannon?

24 posted on 12/19/2012 9:22:45 PM PST by Argus
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To: Argus
You are off on a tangent leading nowhere. The complete term, 'keep and bear arms' has a very long history that goes WAY BACK ~ possibly to the dawn of time, and most likely to the dawn of Indo-European time at a minimum.

In the beginning there were two classes of people ~ the warriors who owned everything and everybody, including all the armaments, sharp sticks, knives, garottes, whatever. The other class consisted of everybody else. They had no rights.

Over time members of the under class were taken up into the ruling class as warriors themselves ~ possibly with a rank system.

When you entered that class you had the right to 'keep arms' ~ which included armor, a warhorse, a chariot, arms bearers, folks to tend to the manufacture of weapons (black smiths, sword makers, arrow makers, bow makers, etc.) .

That wasn't the end of things. The second half is 'bear arms' and that meant you can bear arms on your behalf, the benefit of your family, for your friends, for the neighbors, for your estates, for your liege lord, or cappo di tutti cappo, or other high noble, right on up to the king. You could walk out there with your sword, spears, bows, arrows, baggage trains, helpers, weapons makers, sword bearers, war horses, and USE THEM. Plus, being a gentleman and all you had the privilege of using the king's own courts of law to settle disputes ~ and the way higher nobles, like kings, enforced their decisions was through 'force of arms'. This one little tidbit ~ right to go to court, meant you could make criminal and civil charges against others ~ testify ~ maybe participate as a judge or as a baliff! Without that right to bear arms you couldn't go to court.

Jews living in early Medieval Christian or Islamic states around the Mediterranean had no right to keep and bear arms until about the 1700s when the king of France opened the ranks of his White Coats to Jewish soldiers. Actually, Jews had no military caste from some time in the 200s until well into the 1700s ~ it had to be rebuilt little by little, a right at a time, in baby steps ~ and those folks were well aware of what the right to keep and bear arms meant.

BTW, it doesn't mean just the right to carry around a weapon ~ you could have a ship of war, you could have a chariot and war horses ~ you certainly wouldn't tote them on your back, but if you had no right to a chariot and war horses they'd probably hunt you down and slaughter you should you show up with such a thing!

Those who know their European and Middle Eastern history can read through the Constitution and pick out every last single item that was, at one time or the other, a 'privilege' of the nobility!

Those who were not nobles had no 'privilege'. With the United States of America we had a novus ordo seclorum ~ where ALL had the rights and privileges of kings and nobles ~ certainly an outcome worth rejoicing!

So, back to the 'right to keep and bear arms' ~ it's about all your rights. This one declaration means you are not a peasant, but you can go to court and use the armed might of the state to protect your interests against everyone else ~ you can serve in the army ~ you can defend yourself ~ you can protect your children from being seized and sold as slaves ~................ and you can bear arms however big they are, or however small, without questioning by any other authority. You are free.

This is not something any Democrat can ever understand, particularly not a dunderhead like Obama and his crowd.

39 posted on 12/19/2012 10:57:04 PM PST by muawiyah
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