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To: Secret Agent Man
Here's something that was forwarded to me via e-mail just awhile ago -


Here's what's going to happen. Remember this.

There's soon going to be a run on PVC piping for "storing" things under ground and under water. Get it now, because in a few weeks if trends continue, you won't be able to, and you'll be forced to improvise.

Now, having said that. Nobody thinks ahead to "afterward". Huh? "afterward"? Yes. AFTERWARD. Here's something to consider, and each of you know there's truth in it.

The type of people who own AR-15s aren't exactly the "turn em in" sort of crowd. They're the "Molon Labe" sorts. Just google "Molon Labe". It will explain everything. They're also law abiding people, and "usually" peaceful. They do however have limits.

But back to burying things in the ground. What about afterward? It's not as if the authorities have NO idea who owns the types of weapons they want to take from the public's hands. In fact, they have a good paper trail on "most" of it. Not all of it, but most of it.

The authorities are vastly outnumbered by an armed public, and they know this. Therefore, once a ban is declared, or registration and/or confiscation (or any combination thereof) is declared, they'll execute it swiftly and with extreme prejudice. It's a tennant of warfare and conflict to strike swiftly and harshly when faced with a force which is many times over in number...for maximum psychological effect against the opposing force. I sent this to a few of you earlier and it's worth reading... at least the first two pages -

The majority of people will not comply with any illegal legislation attempting to disarm, or reduce the public's ability to defend itself. There's never been a worse time in history to even suggest such a thing, and far too many citizens on both sides of the political aisle are in no mood to be disarmed, or reduced in their ability to be armed. The U.S. Justice Department itself has admitted to the uselessness of gun bans, while crime statistics of those areas having a high concentration of armed households (and especially CCW permits) stand in stark contrast to those which are prohibitive of arms.

Since the majority will not comply, the authorities will pursure with force. Let me ask you a question. How do you think most people are going to act the first time sanctioned law enforcement officers show up in the wee-dark hours looking for that AR-15, Mini-14, or Hi-Cap semi-auto handgun that you dropped into the pond using sealed/weighted plastic tubing? How about the second time they show up? What about when they harrass your wife at work? What if they harrass you at work? How are you going to feel after the half-dozenth time over a one month period where they've been harrassing you and your family? What about after six months? Think you'll have had enough by then? Will you go retrieve the weapon, and return it, beaten and submissive? Something tells me that this isn't quite the way it's going to happen. Some will. Yes. But not most.

You see, it's not the "burying" part that's dangerous. It's the "digging up" bit that I'm concerned about. Because everybody has a limit, and I perceive that far too many people have a very sincere "don't mess with it" sort of attitude with regards to firearms, personal safety, and our draconian legislators at the moment.

I think they'll probably ban the types of weapons we know I'm talking about, which will prompt most owners to simply hide them. Following this, the authorities will search and harrass. After a time, people will get "fed up", and organize, and then start digging up and retrieving what they put into hiding. What follows that is what I don't relish thinking about. It's basically the process of a "cold war" becoming a "hot war". It's where a war of ideas, doctrine, and philosophy breaks out into the physical realm. It's not difficult to envision and certainly within the realm of possibility at this point.

I've felt for a long time that what divides America from the likes of Bosnia/Herzgovina and Syria is a very thin and fragile line. I think our legislators and a few supporting citizens are tampering with something very, very dangerous. Worse than this, I perceive that they feel empowered and even "righteous" in tampering with it. They don't perceive or even believe the danger involved.

So hide and watch. If I'm wrong, then good. If not then I still can't take credit. It all seems rather easy to see unfolding the way it is.

12 posted on 01/03/2013 1:53:57 PM PST by hiredhand
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To: hiredhand

Don’t forget the ammo! Burying stuff in PVC pipe might be a good trick, but stashing them in the attic or crawl space won’t work. They will just use bomb sniffing dogs to find the hidden stash.

I have a friend who was a K9 officer with a bomb sniffing dog. I ran in to him one day in the parking lot of the local federal building when he was doing his parking lot sweeps. It was an extremely windy day (25mph+) and I asked him if the wind affected the dog. He put the dog on stay and walk ay about 3 lanes over with the wind and withdrew a spare loaded clip for his Beretta 9mm on a tire of one ofthe cars.

He then walked back to the dog, released him and gave the command to search. that dog found the clip within 10 seconds. This was just 15 bullets, not a hug cache of ammo or explosives.

27 posted on 01/03/2013 3:19:59 PM PST by shotgun
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