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Hobby Lobby Fights The Good Fight Against Obamacare Tyranny
Forbes ^ | 01/08/2013 | Bill Flax

Posted on 01/08/2013 6:23:17 PM PST by billflax

Welcome to Obamaland where our inalienable rights are being gradually degraded. Now that President Obama needs never to curry electoral favor again will government’s grasping overreach soon strangle a successful arts-and-crafts company?

“We’re just going to have to cross that bridge when we come to it,” says attorney Kyle Duncan of the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty. Mr. Duncan represents Hobby Lobby, a family-owned retail chain risking severe penalties for putting principles before profits. Limited self-government descends into tyranny.

Hobby Lobby faces looming fines of up to $1.3 million per day for refusing to abide a spurious provision of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Hobby Lobby’s owners object to being forced to finance certain drugs, Plan B and Ella (or the “morning-after” and “week-after” pills),which the FDA notes can terminate pregnancy after conception “by preventing attachment (implantation) to the womb (uterus).”

Mr. Duncan clarified, “The company will continue to provide health insurance to all qualified employees. To remain true to their faith, it is not their intention, as a company, to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.” A request for an emergency injunction filtered to the Supreme Court while appeals pended. Justice Sonia Sotomayor blocked the motion. Hobby Lobby’s owners must violate conscience or incur Washington’s wrath while the matter matriculates through the courts.

Over forty legal challenges have contested the contraception mandate. Churches have largely been exempted, but faith-based hospitals and universities face similar predicaments. Simply requiring co-pays on birth control hazards bureaucratic vengeance. Most federal courts have granted more leniency than the 10thCircuit which rebuffed Hobby Lobby. Other plaintiffs, including several similarly situated profit seeking corporations, have prevailed. Ultimately the Supreme Court must decide.

Until then, the company’s plight proves a cause célèbre for conservatives. Hobby Lobby epitomizes the American Dream, a rags-to-riches tale

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TOPICS: Editorial
KEYWORDS: abortion; deathpanels; hobbylobby; mediabias; obama; obamacare; prolife; religiousfreedom; scotus; tyranny; zerocare
Stand with Hobby Lobby for freedom of conscience.
1 posted on 01/08/2013 6:23:25 PM PST by billflax
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To: billflax

We’re ordering gifts from their website!

2 posted on 01/08/2013 6:28:09 PM PST by faithhopecharity
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To: billflax

I’ll post later with online ordering info. I bought scissors and colored marking pens - this week. 60,000 products, the sky’s the limit!!

3 posted on 01/08/2013 6:31:39 PM PST by Mrs. Don-o (Takes on to know one, and vice versa.)
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To: billflax

Shooting is a hobby. Imagine if Hobby Lobby started selling firearms........sure would make it easier to find something to buy and send a pretty loud message.

4 posted on 01/08/2013 6:37:28 PM PST by Repeat Offender (What good are conservative principles if we don't stand by them?)
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To: billflax

They must have decided to sacrifice their company for this cause. They can’t keep up $1.3 million/day for very long.

Hope we can make something of their martyrdom.

5 posted on 01/08/2013 6:40:32 PM PST by DManA
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To: DManA

Hobby Lobby could go along and compromise, then they would have to live with the fact they denied their faith. They could sell out and take the money, live nicely, still with faith but with no sacrifice. Option 3, which they have chosen, is to continue to live their faith fully, sacrificing and being faithful to the end. The scriptures shows us a similar example in Daniel. He could have kept his doors shut and prayed, he could have followed the edict and not prayed, but he chose option 3, open the windows and let everyone know where he stood by praying openly to God. He was ready for the consequences and triumphed. Thanks to Hobby Lobby for being a faithful example to those who are watching.

6 posted on 01/08/2013 6:49:06 PM PST by taterjay
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To: Repeat Offender


7 posted on 01/08/2013 6:51:58 PM PST by billflax (Fighting the good fight.)
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To: taterjay; DManA; Mrs. Don-o; faithhopecharity

I think Hobby Lobby wins this. When the administration bullies most businesses, they settle, admit no wrong, pay a fine and then move on. They just make the business decision not to let politicians demagogue them and drag it out where only the lawyers win. Obviously, government has deep pockets- they take from all of ours.

But if Obama bullies Hobby Lobby it’s bound to backfire. He’ll quietly drop it on a Friday afternoon to save face.

Regardless, the Green family are a wonderful rallying point for the rest of us.

8 posted on 01/08/2013 6:57:14 PM PST by billflax (Fighting the good fight.)
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To: billflax

Awesome. I am driving out of my way to go shop at their stores. I would much rather spend any extra money there for gifts than some of the other places. I may even shop on line with hem. Hope each person supports them by giving them a little business. Bless that family. Love stories like this and people not giving in to go along.

9 posted on 01/08/2013 7:07:59 PM PST by Christie at the beach (I like Newt. Our nation's foundation is under attack.)
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To: billflax

Hobby Lobby remember this....

LOSERS quit when they’re TIRED.

WINNERS quit when they’ve WON!

10 posted on 01/08/2013 7:35:31 PM PST by hapnHal (hapnHal)
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To: DManA
They must have decided to sacrifice their company for this cause. They can’t keep up $1.3 million/day for very long.

They should just ignore the fines. Don't pay them, but keep paying for insurance for those employees who have been getting it all along. When the govt tries to shut them down, get REAL public with how their employees DO have insurance, and how many people will be out of work because of the government's political agenda, which is contrary to the Constitutional rights of the owners of the company.

11 posted on 01/08/2013 7:45:29 PM PST by SuziQ
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To: SuziQ
What's so ironic about this case is that the very same legal argument the government used against Hobby Lobby to compel them to meet the terms of the HHS mandate is also what will effectively shield the company's owners from any personal legal trouble.

The government's whole case is built on the argument that Hobby Lobby can have no "religious objection" because it is a corporation that is separate from its individual owners. At the rate of $1.3 million per day in fines the corporation isn't going to be in business for very long, and within weeks or months it will be bankrupt and unable to pay any more fines anyway. To the extent possible, the owners should just strip the corporation of all its assets while the case proceeds.

Their last business transaction should involve the sale of the company name and any associated trademark to one of the family members ... for $1.

12 posted on 01/08/2013 8:05:46 PM PST by Alberta's Child ("I am the master of my fate ... I am the captain of my soul.")
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To: faithhopecharity

My husband and I went last Saturday and shopped and bought, but there was only the average amount of customers in the store. I was really disappointed to see this. As an artist, I use Hobby Lobby all the time.

13 posted on 01/08/2013 8:29:50 PM PST by native texan (I love Texas)
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To: native texan

we dont have a HL store near us, but we did get to visit one once and it was impressive... has tons of things people can do for hobbies, arts, and crafts. It is well WORTH it to visit and just look around for an hour in there!!!!!!!!!!!

(for some good ideas you would otherwise never think of...)

About all we can do is mail-order gifts from HLobby now online, it is easy and quick and it must help them stay afloat. We are very concerned Obama will put them out of business (huge fines, legal expenses)... on purpose to serve as an example that every other business in America is to cave in to his crappy CommieCare

HLobby has its neck stuck far out on this one, alas, but it is a good store and worth supporting with our business

14 posted on 01/08/2013 8:39:15 PM PST by faithhopecharity
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To: billflax
This is the Hobby Lobby in Shreveport, La. We went early Saturday afternoon (on the 5th). All 6 rows of parking were nicely filled! The only open spots were over in front of the neighboring furniture store or way out near the restaurants. We encountered lots of friendly shoppers and staffers having a good time. It did feel different from the Chick-A-Fil-A day. At Chick, people were buzzing. The crowd was optimistic and even cocky about the upcoming election and the country. The Hobby Lobby crowd was super nice, upbeat and friendly but no one was talking politics.

15 posted on 01/08/2013 11:46:24 PM PST by Casie (Chuck Norris 2016)
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To: billflax
Most federal courts have granted more leniency than the 10thCircuit which rebuffed Hobby Lobby.

Such an impersonal entity.

Who is the HUMAN behind these 'decisions'?

16 posted on 01/09/2013 4:42:57 AM PST by Elsie (Heck is where people, who don't believe in Gosh, think they are not going...)
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To: Elsie
Click on a name below to display a short biography.
Chief Judge Mary Beck Briscoe
Senior Judge William J. Holloway, Jr.
Senior Judge Robert H. McWilliams, Jr.
Senior Judge Monroe G. McKay
Senior Judge Stephanie K. Seymour
Senior Judge John C. Porfilio
Senior Judge Stephen H. Anderson
Senior Judge Bobby R. Baldock
Senior Judge Wade Brorby
Senior Judge David M. Ebel
Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr.
Judge Carlos F. Lucero
Judge Michael R. Murphy
Judge Harris L Hartz
Judge Terrence L. O'Brien
Judge Timothy M. Tymkovich
Judge Neil M. Gorsuch
Judge Jerome A. Holmes
Judge Scott M. Matheson, Jr.

17 posted on 01/09/2013 4:47:50 AM PST by Elsie (Heck is where people, who don't believe in Gosh, think they are not going...)
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To: All
It’s Time for the GOP to Counterattack ^ | January 9, 2013 | Kurt Schlichter
FR Posted by Kaslin

EXCERPTED/EDITED Now is not the time to “govern;” it’s the time to defeat Obama and his radical left-wing agenda. No, you can’t say that out loud – simpering wimps will shudder and fret. Just do it, even as you talk about working together and compromising and hugging and all that goo-goo baloney. Republican, quit shouting, “Game over, man! Game over!” Counterattack, seize the initiative, and start winning again. Play for keeps. Stop channeling Hudson and start channeling Ripley. It’s time to figuratively nuke the site from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.

The GOP needs to clearly understand its objective, because right now they are acting as if this is politics as usual, just with a particularly liberal president. Wrong. Obama is a dedicated progressive ideologue who wants to permanently change this country for the worse and he intends to clear his path to doing so by ruthlessly destroying all opposition. That means you, GOPers.

Obama wants us defeated, disarmed and docile so he can turn us into the progressive, extra-Constitutional Utopia his faculty-lounge buddies have been fantasizing about for the last century. Obama and his minions are serious about defeating us, so we need to be serious about defeating them.

Let’s banish cheesy talk about “Working together for the good of the country.” The only thing that is good for this country right now is defeating Obama’s leftist agenda, fully, completely and in detail. You can’t work with him, you can’t compromise with him, you can’t convince him. He’s a progressive Terminator and the Constitution is Sarah Connor. You have to beat him, and that means counterattacking to seize the initiative by getting on the scoreboard with some wins and restoring our team’s morale.

Obama’s getting cocky – this guy always believes his own hype and his prissy press cheerleaders aren’t doing him any favors telling him he’s mastered the opposition. Unless we let him, he’s mastered nothing. In his overconfidence he’s over-extending himself, and that means opportunities.

Obama is now talking about taxing the successful even more by eliminating deductions. Hand him another big goose egg. He got his tax increases – you need to be out of the revenue increase business. How about the House pass a payroll tax cut, paid for by slashing corporate welfare to Obama’s Hollywood buddies and his green energy scam cronies? Spending cuts? Obama doesn’t get a say. Sequestration is going to happen unless the GOP agrees to change it. That’s a $1.2 trillion cut. Let it happen, and let Secretary Hagel deal with the defense cuts. Obama loses again unless you save him.

And guns – talk about a golden opportunity to defeat Obama while also helping set the stage for a Democrat wipe-out in 2014! Obama and his progressive pals are giddy with the idea that Newtown will let them jam through a whole slew of Second Amendment-trashing measures before everyone starts thinking again. If Obama’s actually foolish enough to proceed – and I am not sure he is – he’s setting himself up for a huge loss.

GOP, remember Napoleon’s admonition to never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. END EXCERPT

18 posted on 01/09/2013 7:23:50 AM PST by Liz
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To: Liz

Man I wish they open one in SO CAL

19 posted on 01/09/2013 2:49:58 PM PST by SevenofNine (We are Freepers, all your media bases belong to us ,resistance is futile)
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