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Look to Egypt for Clues about Obama ^ | January 13, 2013 | Michael Youssef

Posted on 01/13/2013 9:56:46 AM PST by Kaslin

Why doesn’t President Obama—who claims to be a Christian—ever defend the cause of the harassed and persecuted Christians around the world?

Examining his dealings with Egypt during the past two years may give us some clues.

Clue #1:

When vast street demonstrations opposed former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Mr. Obama was quick on the trigger to publically call on Mr. Mubarak to resign.

Mubarak was a secular dictator who promoted capitalism. There was plenty of corruption, to be sure. But that is cultural; the increase—not decrease—in corruption under the Islamic dictator who replaced Mubarak has proven that.

Then, when the election between Mohamed Morsi and General Shafik came down to a razor-thin margin, despite much skullduggery at the polls (fraudulent votes, Christians and others prevented from voting), the White House and the U.S. State Department quickly embraced Morsi as the victor. No doubt, they thought an Islamist president would satisfy hard-line Islamists and neutralize would-be terrorists. Yet neither has happened.

Finally, when current Egyptian President Morsi declared himself to be the supreme ruler, not one public word of criticism came from the American administration.

So Mr. Obama has no problem with dictatorship, as long as it’s Islamic and not capitalist. That’s the first clue.

Clue #2:

Rashid Khalidi, Hamas supporter and former PLO advisor, is an old Chicago friend of Mr. Obama’s. The president also studied under and maintained a relationship with Edward Said, who served as a member of the Palestine National Council and worked with Yasser Arafat.

No doubt those relationships influenced Obama in turning a blind eye to an Islamist’s assertion of power—never mind the fraud and intimidation involved in the process. Hamas, in particular, is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. They have moved their headquarters from Damascus to Cairo and have gained in strength in Egypt since Morsi’s rise.

Clue #3:

President Morsi imitates President Obama in both style and substance. Whoever said “imitation is the highest form of flattery” would be proud of Morsi’s efforts.

They are both ideologues rather than pragmatists, although they express their ideologies differently given their vastly different political environments.

They both love to rule by decrees and executive orders while paying lip service to other existing authorities. Their aim is the same: choke up the existing system and render it ineffective so it will collapse. From the resulting debris, they will establish a transformed society in their image.

They both have little tolerance for opposition. President Morsi is the luckier of the two in this regard; he has more direct power to muzzle and threaten his opponents. President Obama must settle for threats from his friends—such as singer Harry Belafonte who encouraged Obama to “work like a third world dictator and just put all these guys in jail."

They both love to hear themselves talk. Not just any talk, but speeches that support ideas that are the opposite of what they actually do. When they give a speech, knowledgeable people in both countries look at each other and ask, “What did he just say?” For both of them, speeches are all about the art of composition—words, mere words. They speak out of both sides of their mouths.

So don’t look to Obama to defend the cause of Christians. His support for Islamist power drowns out the voices of the persecuted. When true freedom-lovers demonstrated against Morsi’s decree making himself supreme ruler, the Islamist militia killed some of the protestors and injured hundreds more. But the White House only mumbled anemic words like: “We call for calm and for all parties to work together to resolve their differences peacefully.”

The Christians being killed in Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, and Nigeria don’t have an advocate in the White House, but they do have one in Heaven. That is the only place they need to look for help.

But they can also count on some, few as they are, faithful believers in the West—believers who are standing with them, encouraging them, supporting them, and most importantly, praying for them.

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1 posted on 01/13/2013 9:56:52 AM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin
Hamas, in particular, is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt...

clue 1... clue 2... clue 3...

These and other clues ->

Conclusion: Ø, and his regime, are the US branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

2 posted on 01/13/2013 10:06:46 AM PST by C210N (When people fear government there is tyranny; when government fears people there is liberty)
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To: Kaslin

If you’re still looking for clues after four years of this crap, your powers of observation are seriously lacking.

3 posted on 01/13/2013 10:21:54 AM PST by shibumi (Cover it with gas and set it on fire.)
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To: Kaslin
No doubt, they thought an Islamist president would satisfy hard-line Islamists and neutralize would-be terrorists.

Au contraire, there is plenty of doubt that was what they intended. Obama WANTED to put the Muslim terrorists in charge, because he is a Muslim himself, and he hates Christians and Western civilization. Obama knew exactly what he was doing, and the idiot press, including so-called conservative pundits, gladly helped him do it.

Hillary, too, has always been a Jew-hating Muslim-loving Communist. She was only to happy to help Obama with his plans.

4 posted on 01/13/2013 10:31:41 AM PST by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: Kaslin
Mubarak was a secular dictator who promoted capitalism.

Secular? Yes. Capitalist? No.

Capitalism, in the sense used by American conservatives, is a LOT more than the absence of direct government ownership of the means of production. A true free market requires a great many cultural and political underpinnings that just aren't to be found in any Muslim or most 3rd world countries.

In particular, crony capitalism isn't really capitalism at all, it's just an alternative way of using the power of the state to enrich individuals who don't have to compete in a free market.

Or perhaps we should speak of "free market capitalism," to recognize that there are multiple types of capitalism that don't have much in common with each other.

5 posted on 01/13/2013 10:33:48 AM PST by Sherman Logan
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To: Kaslin

Exactly right.

6 posted on 01/13/2013 10:50:08 AM PST by I want the USA back
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To: Kaslin
Why doesn’t President Obama—who claims to be a Christian—ever defend the cause of the harassed and persecuted Christians around the world?

EXCELLENT observation!!

Well, zero?? Inquiring minds want to know!

7 posted on 01/13/2013 11:01:01 AM PST by DustyMoment (Congress - another name for anti-American criminals!!)
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To: Kaslin

Obama, since he was born of a Muslim father, he was born a Muslim by Islamic law.

The Islamic principle of lying for the sake of Allah. Falsehoods told to prevent denigration of Islam, to protect oneself, or to promote the cause of Islam are sanctioned by the Qur’an, including lying under penalty of perjury in testimony before the United States Congress, lying or making distorted statements to the media such as claiming that Islam is a religion of peace, and deceiving fellow Muslims when the one lying has deemed them to be apostates. The word literally means to protect or guard against and conveys the principle that Muslims are permitted to lie as a preventative measure to protect themselves and Islam, especially in life or liberty threatening circumstances.

Just a few quotes from his speeches:

“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“it is important for Western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit”
Barack Hussein Obama
“We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country”
Barack Hussein Obama
“I have lived in a Muslim-majority country... I know, because I am one of them.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“And since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practice one’s religion. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders. That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.”
Barack Hussein Obama
“We are not nor have we even been at war with Islam”
Barack Hussein Obama


Obamas 2009 Supplemental Appropriations for Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Pandemic Flu was revised and passed by the full committee.
It gives billions
of U.S. taxpayer dollars to countries and entities that support Sharia law and/or harbor, hide and support those who want to destroy the U.S. and our allies.

Read the summary from David Obeys office that was quietly released last week with nary a word from any media.
$3.6 billion, matching the request, to expand and improve capabilities of the Afghan security forces
$400 million, as requested, to build the counterinsurgency capabilities of the Pakistani security forces
Afghanistan:$1.52 billion,$86 million above the request
West Bank and Gaza:$665 million in bilateral economic, humanitarian, and security assistance for the West Bank and Gaza
Jordan:$250 million,$250 million above the request, including $100 million for economic and $150 million for security assistance
Egypt:$360 million,$310 million above the request, including $50 million for economic assistance,$50 million for border security, and $260 million for security assistance
Pakistan:$1.9 billion,$591 million above the request
Iraq:$968 million,$336 million above the request
Oversight:$20 million,$13 million above the request, to expand oversight capacity of the State Department, USAID, and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan to review programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq
Lebanon:$74 million
International Food Assistance:$500 million,$200 million above the request, for PL 480 international food assistance to alleviate suffering during the global economic crisis
Refugee Assistance:$343 million,$50 million above the request, including humanitarian assistance for Gaza. Funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency programs in the West Bank and Gaza is limited to $119 million (Note: Gaza = Hamas)
Disaster Assistance:$200 million to avert famines and provide life-saving assistance during natural disasters and for internally displaced people around the world, including Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, the Middle East and South Asia
Peacekeeping:$837 million for United Nations
peacekeeping operations, including an expanded mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a new mission in Chad and the Central African Republic
Department of Justice:$17 million, matching the request, for counter-terrorism activities and to provide training and assistance for the Iraqi criminal justice system
Obama gives your tax dollars to rebuild Muslim mosques around the world #
And THAT’S just the tip of the iceberg.
THIS will blow your mind!!
They should have 2010 up, but they don’t. That’s where you’ll find Obama’s largesse towards Muslim countries really go off the charts.

From Dreams From My Father:

From ‘Dreams From my Father’:

From ‘Audacity of Hope’:

From ‘The Audacity Of Hope,
“I WILL STAND WITH THEM (MUSLIMS) SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS OF WAR SHIFT IN AN UGLY DIRECTION..” m/a-536474~_Trapped_between_two_worlds_.html?cid=dc-article-obama
Obama’s religious adviser, Eboo Patel, once deemed the United States “the ideal place for the renewal of Islam.”
Obama said the Muslim call to prayer
is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth,”
in an interview with Nicholas Kristof,
in The New York Times. Kristof described Obama’s recitation of the Muslim call to prayer,
the Adhan, “with a first-class [Arabic]
The opening lines of the Adhan (Azaan) is the Shahada:
“Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that Muhammad is his prophet... “
According to Islamic scholars, reciting the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith, makes one a Muslim. This simple yet profound statement expresses a Muslim’s complete acceptance of, and total commitment to, the message of Islam.

Obama belonged to Rev. Wright’s (a former Muslim) church for twenty years. Many congregants are Muslims.

• Obama’s said that the U.S. is “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

• Obama holds Muslim celebrations in the WH but canceled the National Day of Prayer.

• Obama falsely attributes Muslim participation in the founding of America.

• Obama required that the cross be covered when he gave a speech at Notre Dame.

• Christian symbol covered up during Obama’s Georgetown speech

• Obama’s first major speech in office was a “Muslim outreach” speech in Cairo Egypt.

Obama gave strong support to the Cordoba House community center and mosque to be built at the Ground Zero site of Sep. 11, 2001 at a dinner celebrating the day’s end of the first day of Ramadan at the WH.

• Obama tasked NASA with a mission of “Muslim outreach.”

• Obama referred to his faith as “my Muslim faith” gaffe in an interview with George Stephanopolous.

• Pushes Islamic freedom of religion but not Jewish or Christian freedoms. Several weeks ago he told Israel NOT to build settlements in East Jerusalem. But OK to build that Mosque at Ground Zero.

More evidence that Obama is a Muslim from his own speeches (video)

• The FIRST thing Obama did as a newly elected Illinois State Senator was to attempt to declare a Muslim holiday. Obama sponsored Bill SR0110 in the 90th General Assembly to declare November 1, 1997 to be Islamic Community Center Day. It did not pass.

Obama appoints Muslims to key security
Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said
he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama,
where Obama told him that
He was still a Muslim,
and that he was sympathetic towards
the Muslim agenda.
Little known facts about Obama:
In 2001, Obama sponsored Illinois Senate Bill 750 creating the “Halal Food Act,” providing for inspections by the Department of Agriculture to ensure that all food labeled Halal is prepared according to Islamic law.
This act plays into Islamization. Here’s how it works and how Halal food plays a role:
“From 5% on they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.
They will push for the introduction of halaal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply

8 posted on 01/13/2013 12:27:31 PM PST by patriot08 (NATIVE TEXAN (girl type))
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To: shibumi
If you’re still looking for clues after four years of this crap, your powers of observation are seriously lacking.

Tell that to the Jewish-American voters who supposedly test out on average with an IQ of 114, the highest average of any group or subgroup in American society, and who still voted for Barky like his name was Foxman.

"There are none so blind", etc.

9 posted on 01/13/2013 1:23:50 PM PST by lentulusgracchus
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To: DustyMoment
Yep, his silence equals approval & consent.
Perilous times we live in.

10 posted on 01/13/2013 4:17:38 PM PST by lapsus calami (What's that stink? Code Pink ! ! And their buddy Murtha, too!)
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