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To: SeekAndFind; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; DoughtyOne; Gilbo_3; Impy; stephenjohnbanker; NFHale; ...
RE “It’s still good advice. It’s not that the GOP isn’t conservative enough, it’s that it isn’t tactically smart or persuasive enough to move the rest of the nation in a more conservative direction. Moreover, thanks in part to the myth that all that stands between conservatives and total victory is a philosophically pure GOP, party leaders suffer from a debilitating lack of trust — some of it well earned — from the rank and file.
But politics is about persuasion, and a party consumed by the need to prove its purity to its base is going to have a very hard time proving anything else to the rest of the country. “

This is the money quote. I been pointing this unfortunate fact out for a while, like 2 years now..
Dems are not doing this(what Rs are on this) , they are more concerned with winning, with beating Rs then playing silly games.

Its all about getting voters on your side, and against the other side. Dems now always win because they know this.

Its delusional to believe that Bohner or McConnell(uggh) , or even Newt in 2005/2006 wont cave when public opinion turns against the GOP, or that someone would try to get weak Bohner's job. He is the goat.
That delusion leads to a a few protest fantasy votes for Donald Duck as Speaker, and loss after loss.

So each confrontation results in the same repeatable pattern
: 1) public Boasting (’we wont give an inch this time!’) ,
2) symbolic votes that never see law,
3) caving to O,
3)circular firing squad ('That darn Bohner sold us out again') ,
4) GOP”s approval takes another dive.

3 posted on 01/16/2013 7:48:38 AM PST by sickoflibs (Losing to O is NO principle!)
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To: sickoflibs

Democrats are not that concerned about beating republicans. Don’t get me wrong, they will and do cheat to win. All the same they are not that concerned when they lose, because they have infiltrated and diluted the republican party.

When they run against someone like Allen West, the democrats pull out all the tricks.

However, they also promote the weak, unprincipled GOPe. These republicans often run unopposed, or against a lightly supported candidate. This is a reward for “playing ball.”

And thus, the political class is born.

The last thing the democrats want is a true principled opponent. So, they support, mildly, the GOPe, keeping it in place as a blocking force to true opposition, such as the TEA Party.

The democrats are not as dumb as their policies indicate.

7 posted on 01/16/2013 8:04:33 AM PST by Triple (Socialism denies people the right to the fruits of their labor, and is as abhorrent as slavery)
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To: sickoflibs

You are completely correct, but many people just don’t want to hear it. They think if we fire Boehner things would suddenly be better. They don’t understand that if we as a conservative movement can’t move public opinion, no matter who we have in elected leadership will cave to public opinion turning against them. They’ll feel they have to or they’ll infuriate the public and lose their seats.

This article is excellent too. The idea that there was some magic time in the 50’s or 60’s or 70’s where Republicans were more conservative is nonsense. Republicans used to be LESS conservative. Ike was fine with FDR’s tax rates and most of his policies, Nixon gave us the EPA and price controls, etc.

As a party we are probably more conservative than ever (though certainly not where we ultimately need to be), but as a movement we are not sufficiently moving the needle of public opinion. We can’t get anywhere if we can’t convince the public we are right. Unfortunately it seems we largely ceded the education, media and entertainment establishments completely to the left. It makes it much easier for them to beat us in the fight for public opinion.

I think its true that the GOP does not represent the base of the party very well, the problem is the base of the party isn’t representative of the overall United States. We need to change that before we are really going to start winning these fights with the Democrats at the national level.

11 posted on 01/16/2013 8:13:33 AM PST by Longbow1969
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To: sickoflibs

Sick - I don’t want Democrats having to compete with us - or for us to compete with them. I don’t care if Democrats are effective or we are. I don’t want to live with them, compromise with them, or anything. Let them create their own country with their own rules and show us how wonderful a country can be when it’s run by elites.

Yeah, we won’t hold our breaths...

It’s time for the United States to be split into two countries. Dems can put all their ideas into action the moment the ink on the agreement is dry. Dems can have it all their their half.

When the country;s divided into two parts Dems can do the following in their NEW country:

They can have abortion on demand and free up until a day after the baby is born.

Unlimited FREE birth control.

Marriage between any and all groupings... human, animal, siblings... whatever.

Dems can open their borders and let every third world loser into their country. Millions can walk, run or fly in - all will be given citizenship. They’ll also be issued Social Security cards for their elderly third world parents.

We won’t try to stop them from giving everything away because it’ll be THEIR stuff they’re giving away - not ours..

Guns, bullets, and people who might want to defend themselves can be banned.

Unions can control all work places - and minimum wage will be raised to a hundred dollars an hour.

Stroke of the pen - law of the land. Why bother with legislatures? Hitler and Stalin didn’t bother going the ‘slow’ way... they could act quickly... the same day. No voter ID laws either. And they can throw out the Constitution - dems are waaaaaay to smart to need an old white guy document like that ....

We need to get out... let dems ‘win’.


Democrats will get what they want and we get what we want. Why fight them? Why should they fight us?

Divide the country. Give them what they want - one last shakedown then let’s get the hell of of this place.

20 posted on 01/16/2013 9:12:59 AM PST by GOPJ ( Gang members breaking down YOUR door-daughter&wife screaming -Dems took YOUR gun. Shots fired.)
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To: sickoflibs
 It’s not that the GOP isn’t conservative enough
"Ohhhhho say can you seee...."
Eyes Wide Shut

"8-1984 - Lawrence King [Homosexual and alleged Pedophile] throws a lavish party in Dallas, Texas, after singing the National Anthem at the Republican National GOP Convention."

59 posted on 01/16/2013 7:23:54 PM PST by TArcher
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