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Obama Comes Out Swinging For Second Term [Next Four Years: America Beyond Redemption?]
LATimes ^ | January 20, 2013 | David Lauter

Posted on 01/20/2013 9:28:48 AM PST by Steelfish

Obama Comes Out Swinging For Second Term Dropping talk of bipartisanship, the president seeks to fragment the Republican opposition as he presses his policies on gun control, spending and immigration.

By David Lauter January 19, 2013 WASHINGTON — In President Obama's first term, a promise of bipartisanship withered on stony ground; as his second begins, he has openly embraced confrontation.

On a parade of hot-button political issues, including the budget, gun control and immigration, Obama has begun to hammer on weak points in the Republican coalition.

He has made little effort to woo members of the opposition in Congress, whose positions he has characterized publicly as "intransigent," "extreme" and "absurd." Instead, he appears intent on dividing them.

That approach has unified Democrats, who remain staunchly supportive of the president, while exacerbating splits in Republican ranks, according to polls. While the strategy involves considerable risk, Obama and his aides seem convinced it offers their best hope of winning major legislative victories in an era of deep partisan divisions in Washington and in the wider electorate.

The administration wants to "stay away from inside-the-Beltway, elite negotiations and try to pursue an outside-in strategy, where the president seeks to mobilize public opinion and put pressure on a minority of Republicans," said William Galston of the Brookings Institution, a public policy think tank.

The idea, he said, is to find weak spots in the GOP coalition, then "stick a wedge into the crack and wiggle it back and forth until it breaks."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: corruption; democrats; getintheirfaces; obama; obamalied; obamunism; thechicagoway; tyranny
The GLTB, Hispanics, Unmarried Women (74% voted Obama), Liberal Jews (68% voted Obama), Blacks, and Hispanics, SEIU, Teachers' Unions, and Government Employees, with their allies in the Media and Hollywood, and the Republican Party sans leadership and backbone, now have a permanent and winning coalition. "Nearer My God to Thee" time. Last man leaving the room, turn off the lights.
1 posted on 01/20/2013 9:28:52 AM PST by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish

A pathetic and hilarious visual. Obama “swinging” his arms! Hahahahahahaha! The old line, “couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack” comes to mind.

2 posted on 01/20/2013 9:33:23 AM PST by albie
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To: Steelfish

Alinsky Rule 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have”.

Don’t buy the illusion.

3 posted on 01/20/2013 9:33:33 AM PST by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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To: Steelfish
That approach has unified Democrats, who remain staunchly supportive of the president

Plenty of articles are out there about some Dems not going along on gun control, just for starters. More wishful thinking from the Slimes.

4 posted on 01/20/2013 9:34:06 AM PST by dirtboy
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To: Steelfish

Great. Obama wants to turn us into a Soviet-bloc satellite with no freedom and a Socialist whirlwind of destruction.

5 posted on 01/20/2013 9:35:42 AM PST by whitedog57
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To: Steelfish

I said it two years ago- if he is reelected you ARE goign to see the left unhinged, unimpeeded, and unleashed because htey will realize ity’s possibly hteir last chance to ram throguhtheir ideology- it IS goign to be hell in America for 4 more years (THanks Americans for votign htis tyrant back in- enjoy your loss of freedoms- you wanted it- now live with it)

the ONLY hope that America has is for the right GOP to find a backbone and bring impeachment proceedings against him- but since he’s a black liberal- there’s NO WAY the main stream media will allow him to be impeached-

6 posted on 01/20/2013 9:36:03 AM PST by CottShop (Scientific belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge)
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To: Steelfish
On another thread today, a Freeper stated: ". . . we have to recognize that the current situation represents the end game in a century long effort to deconstruct the form of government the founders gave us - our constitutional republic."

The so-called "progressive" agenda has, for decades, sought to replace the founding concept of Creator-endowed individual rights, liberty and laws to protect them with their own false concept of imperfect persons in government assuming the role of the "Supreme Being."

The electorate must become educated to these competing ideas and rediscover America's Founding principles, which can enable them to recognize which are true ideas of liberty, and which are counterfeit ideas of tyranny. That is not easy.

In 2008, Michael Ledeen, on another subject altogether, wrote of the degree to which Americans have been "dumbed down" on some basic ideas underlying our freedom:

Ledeen said, "Our educational system has long since banished religion from its texts, and an amazing number of Americans are intellectually unprepared for a discussion in which religion is the central organizing principle."

In the Pope's speech in Germany a few years ago, he observed:

"A reason which is deaf to the divine and which relegates religion into the realm of subcultures is incapable of entering into the dialogue of cultures."

Ledeen put his finger on a problem that stifles meaningful dialogue and debate in America on a number of subjects--as is now exhibited in the discussion on the causes and solutions to acts of violence such as that in Newtown. Censors [disguised as "protectors" (the Radical Left's ACLU, NEA, education bureaucracies, etc., etc.)] have imposed their limited understanding of liberty upon generations of school children.

> From America's founding to the 1950's, ideas derived from religious literature were included in textbooks, through the poetry and prose used to teach children to read and to identify with their world and their country.

Suddenly, those ideas began to disappear from textbooks, until now, faceless, mindless copy editors sit in cubicles in the nation's textbook publishing companies, instructed by their supervisors to remove mere words that refer to family, to the Divine, and to any of the ancient ideas that have sustained intelligent discourse for centuries.

Now, it is the ACLU which accuses middle Americans of "censorship" if they object to books, films, etc., that offend their sensibilities and undermine the character training of their young. Sadly, many of those books and films are themselves products of the minds that have been robbed of exposure to wisdom literature in the nation's schools and universities.

Back in 1876, a Black Minister and Ohio State Legislator, Rev. Benjamin W. Arnett, delivered the "Centennial Thanksgiving Sermon," celebrating the Declaration of Independence, at St. Paul A.M.E. Church in Urbana, Ohio. The Sermon can be read online at the American Memory Section of the LOC, in the African-American Collection. Below is a small excerpt from that Sermon's conclusion. In it Rev. Arnett warned about a movement among "liberals" to remove the ideas underlying America's founding documents. See if you don't recognize those ideas from what you have observed in recent years:

"The Danger to our Country.

"Now that our national glory and grandeur is principally derived from the position the fathers took on the great questions of right and wrong, and the career of this nation has been unparalleled in the history of the past, now there are those who are demanding the tearing down the strength of our national fabric. They may not intend to tear it down, but just as sure as they have their way, just that sure will they undermine our superstructure and cause the greatest calamity of the age. What are the demands of this party of men? Just look at it and examine it for yourselves, and see if you are willing that they shall have their way; or will you still assist in keeping the ship of state in the hands of the same crew and run her by the old gospel chart! But ye men who think there is no danger listen to the demands of the Liberals as they choose to call themselves:

"'Organize! Liberals of America! The hour for action has arrived. The cause of freedom calls upon us to combine our strength, our zeal, our efforts. These are The Demands of Liberalism:

"'1. We demand that churches and other ecclesiastical property shall no longer be exempt from just taxation.

"'2. We demand that the employment of chaplains in Congress, in State Legislatures, in the navy and militia, and in prisons, asylums, and all other institutions supported by public money, shall be discontinued.

"'3. We demand that all public appropriations for sectarian educational and charitable institutions shall cease.

"'4. We demand that all religious services now sustained by the government shall be abolished; and especially that the use of the Bible in the public schools, whether ostensibly as a text-book or avowedly as a book of religious worship, shall be prohibited.

"'5. We demand that the appointment, by the President of the United States or by the Governors of the various States, of all religious festivals and fasts shall wholly cease.

"'6. We demand that the judicial oath in the courts and in all other departments of the government shall be abolished, and that simple affirmation under the pains and penalties of perjury shall be established in its stead.

"'7. We demand that all laws directly or indirectly enforcing the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath shall be repealed.

"'8. We demand that all laws looking to the enforcement of “Christian” morality shall be abrogated, and that all laws shall be conformed to the requirements of natural morality, equal rights, and impartial liberty.

"'9. We demand that not only in the Constitution of the United States and of the several States, but also in the practical administration of the same, no privilege or advantage shall be conceded to Christianity or any other special religion; that our entire political system shall be founded and administered on a purely secular basis; and that whatever changes shall prove necessary to this end shall be consistently, unflinchingly, and promptly made.'

"'Let us boldly and with high purpose meet the duty of the hour.'

"Now we must not think that we have nothing to do in this great work, for the men who are at the head of this movement are men of culture and intelligence, and many of them are men of influence. They are led by that thinker and scholar, F. E. Abbott, than whom I know but few men who has a smoother pen, or who is his equal on the battle-field of thought. He says in an address on the duty of his leagues:

"'My answer may be a negative one to all who see nothing positive in the idea of liberty. The conviction I refer to is this: that, regarded as a theological system, Christianity is Superstition, and, regarded as an organized institution, Christianity is Slavery. The purpose I refer to is this: that, whether regarded as theological system, Christianity shall wholly cease to exercise influence in political matters. Although the national Constitution is strictly secular and non-Christian, there are many things in the practical administration of the government which violate its spirit, and constitute a virtual recognition of Christianity as the national religion. These violations are very dangerous; they are on the increase; they more and more give Christianity a practical hold upon the government; they directly tend to strengthen the influence of Christianity over the people, and to fortify it both as a theology and a church; and they are therefore justly viewed with growing indignation by liberals. Not unreasonably are they looked upon as paving the way to a formidable effort to carry the Christian Amendment to the Constitution; and the liberals are beginning to see that they must extinguish the conflagration in its commencement. I believe all this myself, with more intense conviction every day; and therefore I appeal frankly to the people to begin now to lay the foundations of a great National Party of Freedom. It is not a moment too soon. If the liberals are wise, they will see the facts as they are, and act accordingly. Not with hostility, bitterness, defiance, or anger but rather with love to all men and high faith in the beneficence of consistently republican institutions, do I urge them most earnestly to begin the work at once.'

"He acknowledges that this is a religious nation and wants all men to assist him in eliminating the grand old granite principles from the framework of our national union. Will you do it freeman; will we sell the temple reared at the cost of so much precious blood and treasure? These men would have us turn back the hands on the clock of our national progress, and stay the shadow on the dial plate of our christian civilization; they would have us call a retreat to the soldiers in the army of Christ; the banner of the cross they would have us haul down, and reverse the engines of war against sin and crime; the songs of Zion they would turn into discord, and for the harmony and the melody of the sons of God, they would give us general confusion; they would have us chain the forces of virtue and unloose the elements of vice; they would have the nation loose its moorings from the Lord of truth and experience and commit interest, morally, socially; religiously and politically to the unsafe and unreliable human reason; they would discharge God and his crew and run the ship of State by the light of reason, which has always been but a dim taper in the world, and all the foot-prints it has left are marked with the blood of men, women and children. No nation is safe when left alone with reason.

"But we have no notion of giving up the contest without a struggle or a battle. We are aware that there is a great commotion in the world of thought. Religion and science are at arms length contending with all their forces for the mastery. Faith and unbelief are fighting their old battles over again, everything that can be shaken is shaking. The foundations of belief are assaulted by the army of science and men are changing their opinions. New and starting theories are promulgated to the world; old truths are putting on new garbs. Error is dressing in the latest style, wrong is secured by the unholy alliances, changes in men and things, revolution in church and state, Empires are crumbling, Kingdoms tottering; everywhere the change is seen. In the social circle, in the school house, in the pulpit and in the pews. But amid all the changes are revolutions their are some things that are unchangeable, unmovable and enduring. The forces that underline the vital power of Christianity are the same yesterday, to-day, to-morrow and forever more. They are like their God, who is omnipotent, immovable and eternal, and everywhere truth has marched it has left its moccasin tracks."

So said Rev. Benjamin Arnett in 1876. Where is the leader who will declare these things today? His theme was "Righteousness Exalteth a Nation, but Sin is a Reproach to Any People." Might such outspoken thoughts not enlighten the minds of Americans today as they discuss the topic of this thread? To read the full text of Arnett's remarkable history of nations and of the American Republic and its founding ideas, visit here, search by author and title of "Centennial Thanksgiving Sermon."

7 posted on 01/20/2013 9:38:35 AM PST by loveliberty2 ( -)
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To: dirtboy
More wishful thinking from the Slimes.

Exactly my point. They're pushing a perception.
8 posted on 01/20/2013 9:38:51 AM PST by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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To: Steelfish

Funny how the same press that sold Obama to the country as a hopey-changey uniter has done a heelspin and is now delighting in the prospect of Obama as hammer and tongs vanguisher of the opposition party.

9 posted on 01/20/2013 9:42:27 AM PST by Yardstick
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To: Steelfish

10 posted on 01/20/2013 9:42:47 AM PST by 444Flyer
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To: CottShop

I agree with you with the exception that it is their last chance. I believe the number of parasites and permanent brainwashed socialists have now surpassed the rest of us so they are in power to stay.

11 posted on 01/20/2013 9:43:15 AM PST by Proud2BeRight
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To: Yardstick

vanguisher = vanquisher

12 posted on 01/20/2013 9:43:15 AM PST by Yardstick
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To: Steelfish

I still don’t quite fathom the idea of a liberal jew? Do they hate their own heritage of jews in Israel? Would they support the enemies of Israel over their own “brethren” being they are both jews? Not very logical but liberals never are.

13 posted on 01/20/2013 9:45:29 AM PST by Blue Highway
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To: Steelfish

Sounds like Barry is going all out for a fascist dictatorship. I wonder if the low information voters realize that they are turning America into the same kind of sewer they crawled out of when they came here. Do they even care?

14 posted on 01/20/2013 9:47:54 AM PST by FlingWingFlyer (HealthCare IS NOT a right. The RIGHT to keep and bear arms is.)
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To: Steelfish
King Obama has destroyed the entire Republican establishment and the House is useless bunch of cowards. America has been damaged beyond repair and this term will totally destruct our Constitutional America. We have a dictator that is a rotten communists.
15 posted on 01/20/2013 9:49:53 AM PST by Logical me
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To: Steelfish; mickie
More de-moralization of the "enemy" from the LA Slimes.

The leftist media doesn't even have to receive marching instructions on what to write and knows what to do on its own initiative....and its instant reaction teams and its propaganda machines never stop churning.

It looks like our only hope is that Obama over-reaches...and I'm not too sure even that would work.

We keep waiting for that proverbial knight on a white horse to come riding in to save us, to lead us, to rally us, to inspire us.....but the fact is that it's going to be only US that can get our heads and brains together for effective action to save ourselves and our kids.


16 posted on 01/20/2013 9:49:53 AM PST by MinuteGal (Send a penny NOW to CNN, 1 Time-Warner Center, NY,NY 10019 for "PENNIES FOR LEAVING!" (Piers Morgan))
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To: Steelfish
You and they are being misled by polls that don't substantiate anything anymore.

Obama only imagines he can rally public opinion to his side regarding small caliber rifles ~

The way to evaluate this is not to look at how many gun owners there are, but how many people have access to a firearm from some source.

There are 115 million households residing in 132 million housing units ~ (which ought to give you an idea of what's wrong with our housing industry eh, if nothing else).

Gallup's polls since the early 1950s have varied in the answer of how many households own a firearm ~ bottom end is 31% and top end is 51% for Gallup. The NRA claims that it's at least 50%.

Since Obama came to power the number has risen. However, none of that matters. If we have 57 million households with firearms, that gives us over 200 million private individuals with access to those firearms! BTW, you get to that number simply by stripping out the elderly women and 19 to 29 age group of single women residing alone ~ they are the least likely to have firearms, and the most likely to vote Democrat. That means all the chillun' and married women are in that 57 million household count.

At best Obama has no more than the traditional 31% mind numbed robot like knee jerk leftwingtard Democrat vote on his side on this issue. He can't win!

17 posted on 01/20/2013 9:50:24 AM PST by muawiyah
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To: Steelfish
obama comes out swinging=goodbye Liberty.
18 posted on 01/20/2013 9:51:11 AM PST by 4yearlurker (No matter who you elect,the government eventually gets in.)
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To: FlingWingFlyer

By definition, “low-information” voters are either clueless or brainwashed, and they are now part of the permanent “Santa Clause” majority voters, so they realize sweet nothing.

19 posted on 01/20/2013 9:51:59 AM PST by Steelfish (ui)
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To: albie

On the other hand we can easily visualize Hussein: “stick a wedge into the crack and wiggle it back and forth until it breaks.”

20 posted on 01/20/2013 9:54:35 AM PST by BenLurkin (This is not a statement of fact. It is either opinion or satire; or both)
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To: Blue Highway

“I still don’t quite fathom the idea of a liberal jew? Do they hate their own heritage of jews in Israel? Would they support the enemies of Israel over their own “brethren” being they are both jews? Not very logical but liberals never are.”

Nothing to do with that. They are ivory tower Socialists. I know, I lived with them for a year in Israel. They are more concerned with ideology than religion and heritage.

These were the Jews Hitler wanted to get rid of. The rest of us were collateral damage.

21 posted on 01/20/2013 9:56:06 AM PST by EQAndyBuzz (I own a weapon to protect my family from those wanting to take that weapon away.)
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To: Blue Highway

I worked with a liberal Jew. He was a proud communist as were his parents (they didn’t try to hide it). They observed some traditions and holidays but for him it was not due to any strong religious belief. He had a brother that lived in Isreal and went to visit sometimes, but I don’t know what he thought about the nation of Isreal as I was afraid to ask.

22 posted on 01/20/2013 9:56:30 AM PST by Rusty0604
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To: Steelfish


Conservatives and supporters of the 2nd amendment the Obama regime is using the 2nd amendment argument to blame gun owners for its inability to deal with the hundreds of gangland murders and shootings commited in areas under their solid control using illegally obtained firearms.

Obama’s solution to those inner city problems is to remove those rights provided by the constitution to have and bear arms from all US citizens.

None of those 23 so called “reforms” and unconstitutional efforts being edicted by who some call an emperor do not deal with the following issues briefly outlined below .

They won’t because instead of creating a uniformly democratic society where every citizen has an equal voice no matter what their race or ethnicity.

Obama’s policies have divided races and ethnic groups gerrymandering congressional districts where much of this criminal activity occurs. GOPES {goverment of the people (republican party) elites} see this issue as a 3rd rail because most of it is black on black or illegal vs illegal (Mexican) activity .

GOPES are also afraid to say that policy also increased racial tension which has resited in deaths. But again GOPES accept this because of the influence of mainline socialist media which would be accusing them of “racism” if they dare to question it.

The purpose of all this hype on guns is to keep the right and conservatives focused on what the Demo-Coms describe as issues through their propaganda arm known as the MSM (mainline socialist media) not on the problems created by the “Libs” on their road of good intentions or the socialist/fascists/communists successors to comtrol over todays Democrat party; Which is the cost ,waste, and corruption of his administration which had led to a 16 trillion dollar deficit.

Not one word will address or offer a solution about the hundreds of gangland murders and shootings using illegaly obtained mostly handguns and revolvers .Using code words like “assault rifles” which are really single shot per trigger pull semi automatic rifles, used for small game hunting or target practice. That are legal in every state but made to look like their military counterpart..Called AR’s since Viet Nam and a DOD decision ARs are really medium caliber (22.3) machine guns designed to wound not necessarilly kill which is why they are automatic and fire as many rounds that are in its magazine once the trigger is kept in the pulled position. .They replace quick kill 30 caliber semi automatic (single shot) M-1, Springfield rifles and carbines used during WWII and Korea and approved in most states for use in big game hunting. NY Post pix of shooter using handgun

Obama certainly can’t critique a system created by his ilk .Ignored in his 23 edicts is that when once caught, perps get set free with lenient sentencing from “liberal” judges or sob sister plea bargain prosecution (which Obama supports for when a Illinois state senator while introducing legislation to sentence any 15 year old as an adult, Obama voted “absent” with others on roll call ) promoted by the MSM,The New York Times CNN, NBC and,ABC. There’s certainly no criticism of “no snitch” mentality partcularly in areas where these shootings are rampant.

It would be nice at these rallys if speakers would point these facts out to Obamas adoring public about those phoney claims

When is the treatment of American citizens in Mexico and their rights vs US treatment of Mexicans going to be an issue when we discuss amnesty ?

Ever hear of reciprocal aggrements ? These are arranged to protect the rights of American citizens working or living in other countries.

Why is it when it comes to citizens of other countries we are required to offer them the same privledges as we do to US citizens? But when it comes to US citizens who get in trouble or attempt to do business in other countries they do not get the same treatment their citizens get.

Americans can’t own coast land in Mexico. And get no title to it elsewhere. If they run out of cash they’ll get unceremoniously sent back or put in jail untill some relative comes up with the “fresh”. That’s just for starters as for granting them voting privledges yea let’s give Mexican citizens that right when American citizens vote in their elections .

23 posted on 01/20/2013 9:58:44 AM PST by mosesdapoet (Should the "mechanic" from Chicago come out of retirement ?)
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To: BenLurkin

The left is far more vulnerable to fractures than the right.

We’ve just got to learn to spot the cracks and exploit them endlessly.

24 posted on 01/20/2013 10:00:26 AM PST by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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To: Steelfish

Obama bipartisanship = my way or the highway ( executive order).

Fascist dictators such as Obama need to be ridiculed, despite those doing so being branded as “rascists.”

25 posted on 01/20/2013 10:07:00 AM PST by Candor7 (Obama fascism article:(
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To: Yardstick

Funny how the same press that sold Obama to the country as a hopey-changey uniter has done a heelspin and is now delighting in the prospect of Obama as hammer and tongs vanguisher of the opposition party.
Very good post. The MSM and Obama have a lot in common. They both embrace the same ideology, mendacity and hypocrisy.

26 posted on 01/20/2013 10:07:09 AM PST by Starboard
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To: Steelfish

Do you see the line that these idiots on the left are goign in? They are attemptign to ban guns and trample rights on the basis that ‘a law abidign person ‘may at soem point’ becoem a law breakign citizen’ and that ‘they should not be allowed the ‘tools’ to become law breakers’ kkkuomo is actually doing htis very thing by requiring mental health evaluations for everyone who owns a gun or wants a gun- and you can bet your farm that the evaluators WILL FIND soem ‘potential red flags’ (Whether they take hte guns away immediately, or not, is not the issue- the fact is that there will be little footnotes at the bottom of the evaluations ‘for further use’ when confiscations begin.

[[We are becoming more Socialist and losing civil liberties and economic freedoms]]

We’re goign to have to coem to grips with this fact- because apaprnetly, thetre are NOT enough peopel in htis coutnry willing ot stand up agaisnt tyranny any longer- the govenrment promisses a $200 dollar a year ‘stimulus check’ and Americans think they are beign handed the world and are willign ot give up all manner of rights in order to ‘git dat check’

America spokel oud and clear thsi lastr election- they said they want gubmint freebies more than they want truth, justice, and constitutional rights- This country is becoming majority imigrant- whether legal or illegal- majority leftist-

Unless an organized cocnerted EFFECTIVE effort begins to encourage non violent means of resistence comes along, this country IS goign to sldie down hte sewer hole- it’s already 3/4 the way down the crapper in a lot of states-

27 posted on 01/20/2013 10:13:55 AM PST by CottShop (Scientific belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge)
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To: Steelfish
"Next Four Years: America Beyond Redemption?".....We may see tomorrow following the Inaugaral Prayer Breakfast address by Jonathan Cahn - writer of "The Harbinger."

He will illustrate the conflict; a nation that chooses God and His Providence or a nation that rejects the same. The Dems have tried to lead us the "other" way with 3 strikes against God during their convention.

We shall see......what say you America?

28 posted on 01/20/2013 10:16:25 AM PST by wesagain (The God (Elohim) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the One True GOD.)
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To: MinuteGal

It looks like our only hope is that Obama over-reaches...and I’m not too sure even that would work.
When our creditors come to the realizaton that the debt is simply unsustainable and there is increasing risk of being paid back with devalued money the dollar will take a hit and the jig will be up. The bond vigilantes will deband higher interest rates which will explode the deficit with rising interest payments. I think that’s a scenario that will will bring down Obama (no thanks to the weak kneed Republicrats).

29 posted on 01/20/2013 10:19:42 AM PST by Starboard
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To: albie

When I consider that Boehner is his chief adversary “girl-fight” comes to mind. ;-)

30 posted on 01/20/2013 10:26:05 AM PST by rockrr (Everything is different now...)
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To: EQAndyBuzz; Rusty0604

ahhh, so they are JINOs (jews in name only) then? I don’t see how they could even have the audacity to call themselves a jew. I have a similar view of how the current far left liberal can call themselves an American.

31 posted on 01/20/2013 10:33:38 AM PST by Blue Highway
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To: MinuteGal
proverbial knight on a white horse to come riding in to save us, to lead us, to rally us, to inspire us.

Wasn't that supposed to have been Romney, then Boehner, now I guess Christie?? Pretty soon, we're going to find that, thanks in part to the inept choices of Republican primary voters, there are no leaders who can take charge.

32 posted on 01/20/2013 10:41:12 AM PST by Theodore R. ("Hey, the American people must all be crazy out there!")
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To: Steelfish

I do wonder if we’ve gone over the cliff with so many people being supported by or working for government at all levels.

“They” have the votes. Have we lost?

33 posted on 01/20/2013 10:58:34 AM PST by unique3
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To: Steelfish
Obama Comes Out Swinging

34 posted on 01/20/2013 11:04:30 AM PST by mikrofon (Par for the course)
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To: Yardstick

That has been the objective all the time, you know. To drive the conservative movement in this country down so far, they will be discouraged for all time and just wither away.

To do this, the ‘Progressives’ have been using incremental means, stepping up the ratchet a little at a time, until suddenly, we are bowed over backwards.

They think us helpless, but that is only their own perception. Mahatmas Gandhi, that idol so greatly exalted by the leftists, was the very picture of civil disobedience.

But there was one major difference between what Gandhi was compelled to do by the limitations put upon him and the philosophy he held dear, and the oppressed conservatives in the territory once known as the United States of America. The British had disarmed the indigeous people of India, and forced the subjection to the British Crown. They did this by a system of maintaining military outposts across the world, and exacting tribute from those lands they held as colonies in the form of raw materials and trade deals. Most of the time, these deals were fairly arrived at, but to assure that there would be no repetitions of the experience with the North American colonies, the British encouraged the subjects to move relatively freely between the homeland of Great Britain and the other crown colonies.

Gandhi was well acquainted with the concepts of British law, and first moved within those rules to win greater home freedoms for India. But he very shortly bumped up against some extremely powerful vested interests, and found his causes pretty much ending up ignored or subverted.

Most of the British Empire had never known anything like parliamentary government, or election of high officials, or political parties, or anything of the sort. So the British empire was, inadvertantly, planting the seeds of its own later dissolution. The colonies and territories that had once been unaware of the potential for exercise of nationalist power, were awakened to it and proceeded to make life, if not difficult, at least expensive for the British Crown.

Driven to desperation, Gandhi, speaking for a goodly portion of the people of India, had to confront the British using interpretations of their own legal system that step by step, drove out the British control. But it involved a readiness to risk imprisonment for exercise of those beliefs, and Gandhi was the leading example of how that method was to be applied.

The resistance proved to be effective, and the British, diminished and weakened by engaging in a world-wide war, finally surrendered almost all of its empire, which at one time had stretched in a belt all the way around the globe.

It turned out, Gandhi was a much better revolutionary than governor, and India was wracked by more trouble and dissention AFTER the British left, than it ever had before, as there was no way to settle the rift between the Muslim and non-Muslim populations, which resulted in the separation of the Republic of India from the Republic of Pakistan. Pakistan was originally in two geographically widely separated parts, the eastern portion finally was granted separate recognition as Bangladesh.

The people of India had to rearm themselves, just to keep this separation from boiling over into an endless mob riot. Not everybody was armed, of course, but the peace between Pakistan and India, uneasy though it is at times, was further enforced by the sure knowledge that invasion of either one by the other would lead to massive resistance in the territories in dispute.

And that is what we now have in this country. The conservative movement is at an uneasy truce with the Current Regime in the White Hut, which could go away very quickly. There shall never be agreement, or meaningful compromise, that will bring a real and lasting peace between the two factions. So several options are open.

One is to rise up and crush the arrogance of the Current Regime and Bronco Bama, which may be a fools’ errand, considering the lack of concern among so many people who, although they were born within the territory once known as the United States of America, have no feeling of empathy for that notion of a set of ideals that reigned over this land for more than two centuries. A futile task at best, and one that could not be accomplished without vast expenditure of time, toil, blood, tears, and sweat. And there would STILL be a vast number of unconverted minds.

Joining the majority by a total surrender of personal morality and individual initiative only exacerbates the problem, and demonstrates the effectiveness of their methods. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil.

The one I personally like best, is declaration of a separate nation, one in which the historic values of that entity once known as the United States of America still live and flourish. Secession has NEVER been declared to be illegal, in a court of law. It was only brought to a stop before by superior force of arms and economic embargo.

Draw a line between the so-called “red” districts, and so-called “blue” districts, based not on state lines, but in congressional districts or even by counties. Delcare the “red” part a separate nation, governed by the old rules enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. The “blue” districts, fragmented little pockets they are, may just go ahead and set up whatever set of cockamamie rules they want to live by, and keep their noses out of how the “red” nation chooses to provide for its citizens.

35 posted on 01/20/2013 11:05:24 AM PST by alloysteel (Bronco Bama - the cowboy who whooped up and widened the stampede.)
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To: alloysteel

How do you change the minds of a deaf, blind, and dumb electorate? With all the litany of catastrophic Obama disasters (mountains of debt, deficits, unemployment, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, corruption, Solyndras, Affirmative Action, liberal judicial appointments, low military morale, spiraling minority unemployment, inner city decay, Obamacare mess, strangulating government regulations, Tens of Millions of $$s for Planned Parenthood; PBS) in the first term, they voted him again! and if he’s allowed to run a third term, they’d vote him again. Why? A nation of idiots run by idiots, and elected by idiots.

36 posted on 01/20/2013 12:20:14 PM PST by Steelfish (ui)
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To: Steelfish

Awesome. Bring it, scumbag. Destroy your party’s rep. I love it.

37 posted on 01/20/2013 4:56:43 PM PST by SoFloFreeper
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To: Proud2BeRight

[[I believe the number of parasites and permanent brainwashed socialists have now surpassed the rest of us so they are in power to stay.]]

Thatr’s very true- NY is provign this to be spot on accurate- NY has a golden opportunity to be patriotic by resisting the unconstitutional grab of their guns, but sadly they will nnot resist- Oh, they’ll sit baCK and watch a couple of lawers try and fail and ‘cheer them on’- but they have a perfect opportunity to show EVERY state and federal govrnment that the governments WORK FOR US- NOT the other way around!!! But liek you said- these socialists will NOT fight for their rights

38 posted on 01/21/2013 9:43:06 AM PST by CottShop (Scientific belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge)
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To: Proud2BeRight

We are simply are divided as a country.

39 posted on 01/22/2013 3:59:56 AM PST by Biggirl ("Jesus talked to us as individuals"-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
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To: Steelfish

Look for a second American civil war to happen in our lifetime.

40 posted on 01/22/2013 4:01:52 AM PST by Biggirl ("Jesus talked to us as individuals"-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
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