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To: Greystoke
As an independent who is a fan of smaller government, States' Rights, and law at the lowest level, I welcome a reasoned, well-debated argument. Unfortunately, when it comes to the issue of "gun control", there are people who want a "Just Say No" policy...with lots and lots of exceptions for themselves and none for their "enemies". They want to disarm the citizens of this country.

If the policy is to make law at the local level instead of the Federal level, citizens then have the right to vote with their feet. (Although the States have been trying very, very hard to bind those feet with what amounts to exit taxation.) The voice of the individual is much louder in town than it is in Washington DC -- the only people who have a voice there are those who have lots and lots and lots of money, to send people to lobby Congress and to buy votes of Congressmen and Presidents. Instead, the liberal push is to pass law at the highest level, to reduce the "cost" of getting what they want.

The most glaring omission from the presentation is the absence of any discussion about how to amend the Constitution. If there are parts of that old document that no longer apply, or are "not as laudable", one can push to amend the Constitution to fix the problem. Witness the process of outlawing slavery in this country -- it took work (and a Civil War) but we finally got the job done. Witness the change in how we fund our government: the Income Tax. Of course, there are people who think that the promises made by the proposers of the 16th Amendment effectively lied, and we as a people got taken to the cleaners because of it. But that's a different discussion.

Throwing out the baby with the bath water is a bad, bad idea. Better to do surgery to those portions of the Constitution that are bad. Do it with surgery, not with a machete. Don't like the 2nd Amendment? Then pass a new amendment, just as we did with Prohibition, another bad idea.

(Speaking of which, doesn't anyone remember the lesson we learned from the Prohibition of Alcohol? Judging from the cries from some people, they don't know history, and so are dooming us to repeat it. If they "win".)

One thing those old dead men did was to think very carefully about how to build a country, how to set up an environment where individuals can shine and succeed, and be rewarded for their smarts and hard work. Regardless of age, sex, race, creed, language, or any other label. And that's just too important to just throw away.

16 posted on 01/27/2013 5:19:45 PM PST by asinclair (B*llshit is a renewable resource.)
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To: asinclair; Noumenon
That was a nice post.

The reason so many people don't know history or it's importance is because it's not being taught to them.

Our schools have failed us.

The media, who really should know better, but don't, have failed us.

Our leaders have failed us.

This, obviously, is a prescription for disaster.

Personally, I don't see how we can avoid bad times ahead, but let me remind one and all - our freedom, that which we were born with, is our birthright, unlike so many other nations in history that have fallen by the wayside. We should instinctively know that something is wrong when others try by any means possible to deprive us of that which is ours.

Let me repeat that - that which is ours!

People are buying guns by the millions because they know in their heart of hearts things are going bad, and if we follow this path and leave it unattended it's end will not be a good place at all.

People know.

I could ramble on all night here on this subject, but just let me close by saying this country is ours, the protestations of Sam Donaldson and the like notwithstanding, and in the end, subversion will doubtless be met most resolutely.

If the nation falls apart, I think America's enemies overseas will be paralyzed, more than anything, by the cataclysm they'll witness. What will come in it's aftermath? Who knows.

But I am a free man. That's how I've lived. That's how I'm going to die.


55 posted on 01/27/2013 8:55:52 PM PST by Chances Are (Seems I've found that silly grin again....)
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