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How the President Can Aid Immigration Reform (by Tokyo Rove, Amnesty Pimp...)
Wall Street Journal ^ | 2/7/13 | Karl Rove

Posted on 02/07/2013 6:46:52 AM PST by jimbo123

There was rare good news from Washington last week, as eight senators—four from each party—announced a "Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

The so-called Gang of Eight proposed a "tough but fair path" to citizenship for undocumented immigrants that would commence only after the federal government secured the borders and put in place systems to prevent foreigners from overstaying their visas and to help employers verify that any new hires are legal.

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KEYWORDS: amnesty; tokyorove
Tokyo Rove is really busy. Amnesty-pimping. Conservative-bashing. What's next?
1 posted on 02/07/2013 6:46:58 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: jimbo123

This idea that hispanic voters will vote republican or even less democrat, is pretty crazy.

Worked great with African Americans, huh?

Not to mention a little thing called “What’s good for the country”.

2 posted on 02/07/2013 6:55:56 AM PST by Andrei Bulba (No Obama, no way)
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To: Andrei Bulba

“The president can sabotage a deal by insisting on provisions (such as automatic citizenship or protections for same-sex couples) that appeal to his base but make it impossible to earn passage through the Republican-controlled House. If he does so, he would show that he is more interested in using immigration as a political weapon than in finding a solution.”
IF????? He WILL!!! Zero is confusing his role as president with dictator. His way or the highway - count on it.

3 posted on 02/07/2013 7:07:10 AM PST by fivecatsandadog (Let's not be so open-minded that our brains fall out.)
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To: jimbo123

Oh, yeah, Karl. The Hispanics who hate Republicans are suddenly going to absolutely LOVE us if we make them run the gauntlet for a chance to become legal. Putz!

4 posted on 02/07/2013 7:09:31 AM PST by Buckeye McFrog
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To: jimbo123
This "border-security first" approach would require those now in America without permission to surface, register with immigration officials, and pass a background check. Any person with a serious criminal record or who poses a national-security threat would be deported. The rest would have to pay fines and back taxes to earn "probationary legal status."

This is McCain-Kennedy all over again. It is pure amnesty and totally illogical. Does Rove think that anyone with a criminal record or poses a national security threat would register so we could deport them?

There are an estimated 2 million criminal aliens in this country. Why aren't we deporting them now rather than waiting for an amnesty? There are 600,000 absconders who have been ordered deported and have not left the country.

Rove called anyone who was against amnesty a nativist and a bigot. He is a legend in his own mind who contributed to the Reps loss of control of Congress and urged the expansion of Medicare thru the prescription drug program to take an issue away from the Dems. This guy should be drummed out of the GOP or we conservatives will just leave it.

5 posted on 02/07/2013 7:28:06 AM PST by kabar
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To: jimbo123; Liz; AuntB; Tennessee Nana; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; Gilbo_3; Impy; NFHale; ...
Rove :”Then they would have to wait to begin the process of applying for a green card and (if they choose) for citizenship until after a commission of border-state governors, attorneys general and community leaders affirm that the border is under operational control.
This means the process of regularization could take years—perhaps longer than a decade. Meanwhile, these “probationary legal residents” would not be eligible for welfare, ObamaCare or other public assistance.”

I dont recall Rubio and McCain promising that part about them not getting welfare during probation. He did give in on citizenship to appease Dems.

Here's my plan :

1) Only those adults who can prove that they were underage when brought over get a chance to apply, that proof comes from school records which they must have graduated from HS here too. If they came over-as adults they are out of luck, as if they are still kids or they now adults didnt graduate from HS. We dont need more drop-outs here.

2) If they or their spouse or children get any government assistance including EITC or O-care they get booted. Same with convicted of any crimes or it is shown they used false IDs for any reason(got this from Liz).

3) None of them (who qualify ( in #1) get citizenship until the GOP can prove that they can get at least 50% Hispanics to vote for them, without the GOP party taking the same position as Dems. (Details can wait as this cant be in the same bill as above)

Take that O + Rove.

6 posted on 02/07/2013 9:01:17 AM PST by sickoflibs (Losing to Dems and Obama is not a principle! Its just losing.)
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To: jimbo123; All

When is the treatment of American citizens in Mexico and their rights vs US treatment of Mexicans going to be an issue when we discuss amnesty ? What makes it necessary for US to subjugate our sovereignty because of available cheap labor ?

Ever hear of reciprocal aggrements ? These are arranged to protect the rights of American citizens working or living in other countries.

Why is it when it comes to citizens of other countries we are required to offer them the same privledges as we do to US citizens? But when it comes to US citizens who get in trouble or attempt to do business in other countries they do not get the same treatment their citizens get.

Americans can’t own coast land in Mexico. And get no title to it elsewhere. If they run out of cash they’ll get unceremoniously sent back or put in jail untill some relative comes up with the “fresh”. That’s just for starters as for granting them voting privledges yea let’s give Mexican citizens that right when American citizens vote in their elections .

First of all guys like Rove and others ignored the mechanicss of basic campaigning. They allowed the M.ainline S.ocialist M.edia to drive the issues and are still doing so they learned nothing from their disasters.

These people I call them GOPES because it rhymes with dopes right now are falling into the same trap. Limbaugh and Levin, God bless themm ...realize that what Limbaugh calls the LIV’s (low intelligence voters) actually believe that Obama is offering the preverbial “olive branch” to Republicans when actually he is proceeding on his path to complete socialism. AND THEY CAN’T CALL HIM A LIAR .

This administration came up with a policy on energy which had driven up the cost on everything. It was on the tongue of every black, white. yellow,and brown skined person living in the US....IT WENT UNTOUCHED in the 2012 campaign....WORSE YET IT IS STILL GOING UNCHALLANGED

Now the GOPES are buying into the “demographic” argument offered by the MSM. Here you have an issue staring at them straight in the face affecting every man,woman,and child of every skin color and you can’t bring it up and they talk about “demographics” being pushed by the socialist media .

They should be decrying the philosphy of “demographics” by stating they’re Americans first not Afro-Americans. not Hispanic-Americans and not-Asian-Americans, or “White”-Americans. The counter charge should be these are socialist tactics neing pushed by the hypenated Demo-coms. Democrats in socialist/fascist clothing.

7 posted on 02/07/2013 10:33:05 AM PST by mosesdapoet ("It's a sin to tell a lie", in telling others that , got me my nickname ......Ex Chi" mechanic")
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To: All
ARE AMNESTY PUSHERS IN THE THROES OF PENIS ENVY? Hobama and d's and r's are pulling (excuse the expression) for amnesty.

Looks like the political equivalent of "penis envy" (cackle).

"Priapic Bob" is getting it on regularly w/ kiddies in the Dominican Republic. Tolerant and compassionate Dems knows, "Amnesty is for the children" (sob). Hobama and them pols are hot (excuse the expression) to amnestize the millions now living in the US.....many of them just "kids."

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Have you asked your Senator/Cong/legislator if THEY'VE ever spent time at Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic?

8 posted on 02/07/2013 10:34:33 AM PST by Liz
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To: jimbo123; wardaddy; dragnet2; Travis McGee; All

“Tokyo Rove is really busy. Amnesty-pimping. Conservative-bashing. What’s next?”

By now, Rove should be delegated to the trash pile where he belongs, but you know why he isn’t?

Because when many of us tried to stop the Rove/Bush/Norquist/McCain amnesty of 2004 & 2007, we were called racist bigots and kicked off this forum. They were happy to do Rove’s bidding then, and now we ALL pay for it!

9 posted on 02/07/2013 10:41:45 AM PST by AuntB (Illegal immigration is simply more "share the wealth" socialism and a CRIME not a race!)
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To: jimbo123
Tokyo Rove is really busy. Amnesty-pimping. Conservative-bashing. What's next?

Who will be the first Republican he targets to be Akinized

10 posted on 02/07/2013 10:54:03 AM PST by Uncle Chip
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To: AuntB


11 posted on 02/07/2013 9:59:47 PM PST by wardaddy (wanna know how my kin felt during Reconstruction in Mississippi, you fixin to find out firsthand)
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To: sickoflibs

WE have to shout it out loud and clear that giving citizenship and the vote is STEALING THE VOTE FROM US AND OUR KIDS! Millions of new and illegal voters are stealing the sovereignty from United States citizens and we should be mad as hell.

12 posted on 02/08/2013 5:14:22 PM PST by cradle of freedom (Long live the Republic !)
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To: AuntB


13 posted on 02/08/2013 9:14:26 PM PST by Pelham (Marco Rubio. for Amnesty, Spanish, and Karl Rove.)
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