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Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?
Capitol Hll Outsider ^ | 2/8/2013 | JB Williams

Posted on 02/08/2013 4:50:28 AM PST by IbJensen

Over the last four years, the Obama administration has violated nearly every Article of the US Constitution and every Amendment in the Bill of Rights. They have worked to ignite racial tensions, class warfare, religious confrontations and political divisions far worse than those that led to the first American Civil War.

Over 70% of Americans oppose ObamaCare… so of course, Obama rammed ObamaCare through in an unprecedented misuse of executive power that shut out the entire legitimate legislative process, as spineless Republicans sat quietly on their hands watching it all happen. The people said “no more deficit spending…and no more raising the debt ceiling…” so, Obama ignored the debt ceiling and ran up the federal debt by more than 60% in one term.

The ideological divide in America is not only deeper than ever in history, it is now galvanized. With the leftist gun grab underway, the moment when push comes to shove is fast approaching.

Since his second stolen election, Obama and his Marxist minions are doing all they can to ignite civil disobedience from more than half of the nation’s population. But are the new American Marxists pushing for much more than civil disobedience?

As Obama attempts to disarm law-abiding Citizens despite Second Amendment rights, he is arming known terrorists all over the globe. His mindless minions are insulting more than 70% of Americans and threatening to “kick their asses again” on the basis that most Americans still believe in those dusty old concepts recorded in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Lawyers trained not in law or the constitution, but rather in rules of procedure and precedence, by yesterday’s draft-dodgers turned law professors, are telling the American people that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are themselves “unconstitutional.”

Obama wants to control everything down to school lunches, individual medical care, what kind of cars we can drive, who can own a weapon and what kind, attacking cigarette smokers while trying to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, as his fellow Marxists discuss how to “re-educate” Citizens that just don’t want to go along to get along.

If you hadn’t noticed that you woke up in pre-world war Germany yet, it’s only because your city has not yet experienced Obama’s Urban Warfare Training of the US Military. An Obama Justice Department Memo approves the use of Drone Attacks on US Citizens and reports of Military Officers leaving service because they refused to confirm that they will follow orders to fire on US Citizens are increasing.

If Obama really thinks he is going to seize control of citizens’ private 401ks to pay for his international Marxist movement – he is going to need more than a few lawyers and soldiers to do it. Clearly, Obama thinks that HE is the Supreme Law of this Land.

For more than 230 years, Americans have revered the most fundamental protections of freedom and liberty, their Bible, their Constitution and their guns. Under the Obama administration, this is now the new operative definition of “domestic terrorist.” According to Obama’s DOJ, they now have the right to use Drone attacks on these “terrorists” just like the Drone attacks used to kill terrorists in Pakistan.

This is either the strangest set of anti-American coincidences in human history, or something wicked this way comes… Even Father of American Socialism FDR got it right once…

“As a matter of fact and law, the governing rights of the States are all of those which have not been surrendered to the National Government by the Constitution or its amendments.”

Individually, each of these documented events is highly troublesome in the Land of the once Free and Home of the once Brave. But combined, it all adds up to the Obama administration and their Marxist minions working around the clock to shove America into a second Civil War.

Is there any other way to see it?

As Obama and his international leftist friends drive the nation deeper and deeper into economic insanity, trillions of dollars in public debt that American productivity can never pay, a collapse of our entire economy is imminent. It’s just a matter of what day they decide to stop propping it all up with baseless money printed up in the backroom, no more valuable than monopoly money.

How can a nation hooked on adult cartoons and porn, that now tunes into Comedy Central for the latest “news” possibly combat what is clearly happening here?

I believe that a Civil War is coming alright… but this time, it won’t be North vs. South, East vs. West or even Republican vs. Democrat. It won’t be the 99% average Americans vs. the 1% super-rich either, nor will it be white vs. black or Christian vs. atheist. It won’t be Americans against their own military either.

It will be ALL Americans, including their military, against the Marxist anti-Americans destroying America, which means politicians, their lawyers and their leftist minions in the press. I wouldn’t want to be them when they finally succeed in pushing the nation to internal war.

Politicians, their lawyers and their minions in the press are NOT the kind of people that go to war. They are only the kind of people that order other people to war. When “other folks” refuse orders to go to war on their own citizens, their families, their friends, the people issuing those orders will be standing bare naked on the front lines and nobody will be able to save their sorry asses from the wrath of the American people.

Most Americans have never known anything but freedom and liberty. As a result, they take it all for granted on most days. But when threatened, the redneck nature in every American shows up, and redneck is not a region in the country, it’s a bad attitude towards all who would threaten our freedom.

This land is our land… remember?

This land is your land, this land is my land

From California, to the New York Island

From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters

This land was made for you and me

Every State Constitution begins with words very similar to this –

“That all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; for the advancement of those ends they have at all times, an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.” – Tennessee Constitution

The federal constitution, a compact between the states that creates and governs the federal government (not the people) at all times, begins as follows…

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The politicians don’t rule the people, as all power is inherent in the people, not their government.

The US Military has not sworn an allegiance to any politician or political agenda. They are sworn to protect and preserve the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the people of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic – even those who manage to seize control of the people’s White House and attempt to use the power of the people’s resources, against the people.

If Obama and his Marxist friends want a war in American streets, they are going to get one. Sooner or later, the American people will accept Obama’s many invitations to war.

The American people have nothing to fear but fear itself, because if and when American Marxists push this fight into the streets, the enemies of freedom will find themselves greatly outnumbered and ill-prepared for the people they have so foolishly underestimated.

No sane American wants to see our differences settled this way… But as Democrat John F. Kennedy said so well – “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

Read this as a warning to all who think they will rob American’s of their individual freedoms and liberties. Don’t misinterpret peaceful patience for cowardice or any form of consent. When the people have had enough, they will put down this evil and make an example of those who have forced this fight upon them.

The people have nothing to fear…. But politicians, lawyers and media minions sure do. They had better come to their senses before it’s too late.

The Constitutional Representative Republic will be defended. Any American blood that is shed in defense of the Republic will be on the hands of those who have forced this war upon the people.

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To: IbJensen

Next he will try to get white people to sit at the back of the bus!

21 posted on 02/08/2013 5:50:18 AM PST by New Jersey Realist (America: home of the free because of the brave)
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To: IbJensen

Yes and we can’t win by playing his game and engaging him.

I’ve come to realize that conservatives could never form a cohesive resistance. Too many self declared generals demanding respect for themselves while holding an antagonistic attitude toward those in positions of authority now.

22 posted on 02/08/2013 5:50:20 AM PST by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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To: I want the USA back

Glenn Beck was telling everyone this 3 years ago:
Top down
Bottom up
Inside out
OWS was suppose to be the bottom up but it failed. So now the Marxist are trying to agitate the American people against gun owners. Gun owners will be the bad guys that Obama & the Government must save the country from. So while the Newtown children’s choir is sing in the back ground, black clad Homeland Security Storm Troopers will be breaking down doors to enforce the new gun laws.

23 posted on 02/08/2013 5:51:29 AM PST by MCF
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To: kjo

I agree, but It would be extremely hard to change. So I doubt it will come of anything.

24 posted on 02/08/2013 5:54:08 AM PST by justice14 ("Christ is Victorious" / @rjustice21)
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To: Eye of Unk
If 0bama is not planning something, then WHY is Homeland Security buying huge stockpiles of ammo?

According to "The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest." I don't know the reliability of this report, but given the behavior of the 0bama regime, I certainly have no reason to doubt it.

I just emailed my Tom Price to ask, not that I expect a real answer, and certainly no action.

25 posted on 02/08/2013 6:01:12 AM PST by The Sons of Liberty (It's not "GUN CONTROL"! It's "PEOPLE CONTROL"!)
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Gun owners will be the bad guys that Obama & the Government must save the country from.

All the killers have been democrats.
The Blame-Righty Mob Falls Silent (Michelle Malkin)
The killer cop they're now looking for wrote all kinds of praise for left wing personalities in his manifesto. He literally worships the left wing, and believes everything they told him. They created him.

26 posted on 02/08/2013 6:02:30 AM PST by concerned about politics ("Get thee behind me, Liberal")
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To: cuban leaf

Christ. It wasn’t stolen. Stolen implies that the RINOs wanted to win.

27 posted on 02/08/2013 6:05:17 AM PST by JCBreckenridge (Texas is a state of mind - Steinbeck)
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To: txrefugee
...some retired colonel on Fox & Friends this morning made it quite clear that any U.S. citizen who attacked “the United States” is fair game to be killed by the government.

Does that include the U.S. citizens in the uniforms, flying the attack helicopters and driving the tanks?

Kinda raises the question, who is the US? The civilians or the government?

28 posted on 02/08/2013 6:06:07 AM PST by Oberon (Big Brutha Be Watchin'.)
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To: JCBreckenridge

That’s what I was saying all along. The republicans didn’t appear to have any intent of winning. Individual candidates wanted to win but the party as a whole was pretty apathetic.

I don’t doubt that there was fraud but it wasn’t required for democrats to win.

29 posted on 02/08/2013 6:08:41 AM PST by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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To: MrB

TieBreaker!!! Classic!!!

30 posted on 02/08/2013 6:14:45 AM PST by Former MSM Viewer
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To: IbJensen

Yes. Obama is arming Homeland security to be the internal policed force to suppress a revolution. It is an open question which side the national guard, police forces and military join.

Weatherman Bill Ayers predicted 20 million people would have to be killed during a communist coup.

31 posted on 02/08/2013 6:17:23 AM PST by y6162
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To: IbJensen
Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?

..he's going to get it shortly I'm afraid--all it will take is the right event to serve as a spark...

32 posted on 02/08/2013 6:18:30 AM PST by WalterSkinner ( In Memory of My Father--WWII Vet and Patriot 1926-2007)
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To: The Sons of Liberty
"The Department of Homeland Security is set to purchase a further 21.6 million rounds of ammunition to add to the 1.6 billion bullets it has already obtained over the course of the last 10 months alone, figures which have stoked concerns that the federal agency is preparing for civil unrest."

Why would the government be buying 30-years worth of small arms ammo? Who are they planning on using those bullets on?

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people? It appears the people are no longer important to the Washington elites.
Because the Republicans are pretending it's not happening, they must be in on it - what ever "it" is.

33 posted on 02/08/2013 6:20:31 AM PST by concerned about politics ("Get thee behind me, Liberal")
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To: WalterSkinner

He’s gone over the edge, drunk with power and feeling invincible. He’s been given 4 more years and he can run wild, Who is going to stop him? They lie cheat, deny culpability and get away with all of it. The Republicans have no guts to fight these evil bastards so, relax, people get the kind of government they deserve. They want him, they got him.

34 posted on 02/08/2013 6:22:31 AM PST by greyfox (If I were a Democrat I'd be pushing for the fairness doctrine too.)
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To: IbJensen

One thing that should be pointed out is that not one single Republican voted for it. The Dems had enough to pass it on their own, and they did, with Nancy Pelosi spurring them to completely abandon earlier attempts to work out a more moderate plan and instead to do whatever Obama wanted.

I agree that the Republicans probably didn’t fight as effectively as they might have, but I think at that point, nobody had yet been able to make that mental leap to realizing how completely lawless and unconstrained by either law or custom this Administration is. One of the reasons we’re seeing a bit more agressive behavior, even from unlikely sources, is that we are finally all acknowledging the unthinkable truth, which is that we have a dictator in office who has no respect for our laws and our procedures.

35 posted on 02/08/2013 6:26:00 AM PST by livius
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To: alloysteel
Let's do the math. Ok let's assume the following: The entire Federal standing Army is in the CONUS(it is not, currently it is deployed willy nilly all over the globe)
36 posted on 02/08/2013 6:26:31 AM PST by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: IbJensen

“These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood” (quote from the Godfather)

In this case the time frame would be in decades.

37 posted on 02/08/2013 6:26:37 AM PST by RetSignman ("A Republic if you can keep it"....)
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To: IbJensen

I’ve heard more than one liberal proclaim that Obama would help them establish a “bloody revolution”, and these weren’t Brits saying it.

38 posted on 02/08/2013 6:27:18 AM PST by CodeToad (Liberals are bloodsucking ticks. We need to light the matchstick to burn them off.)
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To: IbJensen

Yes, he is because he can take more control.

39 posted on 02/08/2013 6:28:52 AM PST by bmwcyle (People who do not study history are destine to believe really ignorant statements.)
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To: IbJensen

> I also believe that our military will not obey illegal, un-Constitutional orders to fire upon their own citizens, so he will have to call in UN troops. They haven’t seen what rednecks are capable of, either. We are Patriots. We will not lie down and allow the Government to roll over us.

I have spoken to many military personnel lately. It is clear to me they do not like or approve of the Kenyan Muslim Traitor in the WH who has sold them out by putting their men in harms way for political gain and arming our enemies. He will be in for a big surprise if he orders them to fire on innocent civilians. They just may see a Trident missile aimed at their own if they keep violating the Constitution and committing treasonous acts against The People...

40 posted on 02/08/2013 6:30:05 AM PST by jsanders2001
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