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Breaking: Obama Campaign Voter Fraud
Western Journal ^ | 2/22/13 | James Simpson

Posted on 02/22/2013 3:14:59 PM PST by mgist

North Carolina’s Civitas Institute has revealed that the North Carolina State Board of Elections and the Obama campaign conspired to register at least 11,000 people via the internet in violation of state law. This has been confirmed through records requests filed with all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. The counting is not yet complete.

North Carolina does not allow online voting, but according to Civitas, SBE staff authorized an Obama campaign website,, to use a web-based registration program. The SBE’s chief lawyer responded to the charge with a plainly disingenuous 1984-newspeak answer:

Wright repeatedly denied that the SBE allowed online voter registration, insisting that it was “web-based voter registration”[ii] instead, as if there could be a “web-based” process that wasn’t online.

The technology from Allpoint Voter Services uses remote-control pens to transmit “signatures” over the Internet, according to[iii]. After entering voter information in an online form, the citizen “signs” it with a stylus or a finger. The Allpoint technology records the signature and then transmits it to one of two autopens – one in California, the other in Nevada[iv]. One of the pens transcribes the signature on to a paper voter registration form. Allpoint then mails the documents to local election boards – or is supposed to, a point we’ll come back to.

To say this is not “online” registration but “web-based” is like saying a certain vehicle is not a car, it’s an automobile. The point of having a “wet signature” – one in ink – is to provide a universally accepted way proving that a prospective voter is affirming in person all the facts on the form. To have an auto pen inserted at one point in this long computerized process is a far different thing. Even the Obama campaign called it online voter registration. Because, no matter how you twist words around, that’s what it is.

TOPICS: Government; US: North Carolina
KEYWORDS: election; electionfraud; fraud; nc2012; northcarolina; obama; obamafraud; obamathugs; usacoup; votefraud; voterfraud; voting
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To: mgist
The latest in progressive electioneering - online registration.

41 posted on 02/23/2013 12:38:19 AM PST by clearcarbon
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To: mgist; editor-surveyor; bgill; Blennos; little jeremiah; edcoil; ExTexasRedhead; sf4dubya; Marie; ..
This is online registration, not quite online voting per se. But transmission electronically of a registration signature allows that signature to be used by someone else at the polling place to vote for that registrant if he does not show up in person.

Not surprising that it happened in North Carolina, which has a 'Rat state administration and in which fraud and cheating were decisive in Zero's win there in 2008. In 2012 though, despite the Obama campaign's illegal shenanigans, Romney won the state.

But the Obama campaign more than compensated by ramping up the fraud and cheating in other key swing states in 2012, especially Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Newer, more technically sophisticated, cheating techniques were honed and "perfected," such as hacking into electronic optical scanners and touch screen electronic voting devices. These efforts were geographically targeted to 'Rat controlled, heavily populated cities and counties in the swing states for maximum impact, and had an unprecedented effect on the purported vote totals in those states, likely proving decisive to the outcome of these state contests and thus decisive to the outcome of national presidential election.

There's no other credible way to explain the unusually large discrepancies between usually reliable pollsters' forecasts in these states (showing Romney with slim leads or, at worst, even and gaining momentum) and the purported election returns from them. No wonder Romney campaign operatives were described as "shellshocked" as these states were called early for Obama by media hacks one after another, like dominos falling, as the returns came in on election night.

For some reason, Democrat election fraud and cheating have become another entry on the list of taboo topics in today's national political discourse, even in some "conservative" circles. But if it isn't cleaned up to a significant extent, chances for opponents to recapture the White House will just about vanish.

42 posted on 02/23/2013 10:55:28 AM PST by justiceseeker93
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To: mgist
For North Carolina, the election fraud and cheating won the state for Obama in '08. They undoubtedly ramped it up several notches in '12, but Zero's unpopularity there was too immense for the trickery to overcome. Lack of huge, predominantly 'Rat cities probably hindered the 'Rats plans in NC.

But they more than made up for it with their shenanigans in such states as Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

43 posted on 02/23/2013 11:05:15 AM PST by justiceseeker93
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To: justiceseeker93

The taboo subjects started with Obama’s eligibility, but once Soros and Co found out that whatever threat they used could be that effective, they’ve been able to use it on ANYTHING that is critical to them. The stuff they allow the media to address is just window dressing to keep the rest of us thinking things are still “normal”. If we want to know what is critical to the Obama/Soros communist-Islamist alliance, we only need to know what is “taboo” to the politicians and media, and what the R leadership forces its peons to bow to.

Seems like they think Chuck Hagel is pretty important, or else the little people wouldn’t be forced to bow on it (I’m thinking Deb Fischer, for instance...)

And clearly the election fraud is important.

Until we get a way to impact national discussion on these “taboo” things so that something changes, we’re in a death spiral. And I think that death spiral might have started when Soros allied his communist friends with the Islamists so they had enough money to make the Sept 2008 run on the bank - which proved to the world that their threats of collapsing the world economy was not a vain threat, and thus got the compliance of everybody they threatened. IMHO.

44 posted on 02/23/2013 12:09:52 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: mgist

Bump for later read ....................................................................................... FRegards

45 posted on 02/23/2013 12:15:51 PM PST by gonzo ( Buy more ammo, dammit! You should already have the firearms ... FRegards)
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To: butterdezillion; theothercheek; ml/nj; ExTexasRedhead; left that other site; Cicero; ...
The taboo subjects started with Obama’s eligibility.

You can say that with respect to Obama's presidential run, but you can also view Obama and his administration as a continuation in a way of the Clinton era. There happen to have been quite a number of old Clintonistas who moved into big jobs in the Obama years, led by HRC and including names like Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel, and Leon Panetta for starters.

Back in the Clinton days, there were taboo lists as well. The leading taboo subject was the unexplained deaths of dozens of individuals who seem to have crossed paths with him or her. Remember Vince Foster and Ron Brown, for example?

46 posted on 02/23/2013 12:51:31 PM PST by justiceseeker93
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To: MikeSteelBe; mgist; Jim Robinson
"...The late, great USA has become nothing but a big craphole of corruption..."

That's why we're here, Mike!

We have to fix it! ............................................................... FRegards

47 posted on 02/23/2013 1:48:17 PM PST by gonzo ( Buy more ammo, dammit! You should already have the firearms ... FRegards)
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To: justiceseeker93

Yeah, there have always been taboo lists, and I do remember well Vince Foster and Ron Brown; it was realizing how badly Ken Starr botched his investigation, and how much cooperation there was between both parties in order to botch that, which woke me up about how crooked the whole system is.

Do you remember - did Fox stay mum on all that stuff too? I’m trying to remember where I got my information from when I started checking out those stories. When they happened I was still in MN and didn’t have internet so I knew nothing about it at the time it happened, but investigated those details when I did get internet access, about the same time that I was investigating Able Danger. Seems like the online forums were different then, though. There was a Fox forum. I remember starting forum life then, when we were waiting to see who won the 2000 election. And then 9-11 hit and the Fox forum went down; there were some Delphi forums...

I’ve forgotten so much. Probably a blessing. I think it might have been a lot easier to keep things quiet in the days before there were blogs and so many different forums. Who was talking about Vince Foster and Ron Brown at the time that those things happened, and what media exposed the questions?

Somebody help me out on that, because I don’t remember.

48 posted on 02/23/2013 2:03:03 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: justiceseeker93

I know during Clinton’s years, though, there was the Thompson Report and the Cox Report - one on Chinese front companies being used to get our national security secrets, and the other on Chinese campaign money being used to get access to the White House. Both investigations ended up recommending a federal investigation and Janet Reno just said no. It was actually when Reno said no to investigating front companies that Able Danger was begun. If the DOD wasn’t going to protect our national security secrets, then the military was going to take steps. My memory is dim, but I think that was kinda done under the radar from SecDef Perry. I know it was nixed when Able Danger found suspicious connections between Perry, the Chinese military leader’s wife and her company, and mutual contacts at Stanford University. Later it was found that those connections SHOULD have been investigated because a Stanford colleague had put Perry in contact with the military leader’s wife, resulting in an illegal sale of encrypted satellite technology from SecDef Perry’s company to the front company owned by the Chinese military leader’s wife. The exact kind of thing that the Cox? Report had said should be investigated.

Anyway, as I remember it, the more serious selling out of the country was actually the subject of CONGRESSIONAL investigations, which then recommended Justice Dept investigations, which Reno kept from coming to anything.

But it seems like we had a Congress that at least had some stones, compared to now. Somebody refresh my memory if I’m remembering wrong. That was a totally different time in my life.

49 posted on 02/23/2013 2:12:38 PM PST by butterdezillion
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To: mgist; All

Of course it was voter fraud.

Surely no one believes America voted to reelect the Marxist/Muslim usurper- the worst president in American history?

Can't you just imagine the above was the scene with Obama and his Commie staff after stealing the election through voter fraud- while Conservatives blame Romney, argue, point fingers, blather on about who to run in four years, 'starting a new party', and try to figure out how to suck up to minorities the 'next time'?

Next time? What makes them think the massive voter fraud in this last farce of an election won't be repeated? If we don't clean up our voting system, there may not be a next time. We may not see another Republican president in our lifetime

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Map from Barack Obama Voter Fraud 2012

What most refuse to acknowledge is that it was unlikely that ANYBODY could have beaten the voter fraud planned and perpetrated by the criminal Obama machine. They seem to prefer pointing fingers, blaming Romney and blathering on about who to run in 2016 and how to suck up to the minorities.

>Polls indicated that Romney was going to win the election.

>The economy is close to Great Depression era conditions, and unemployment is almost as high as when Obama entered office.

>Economic conditions became so dire after Obama took office it prompted the rise of an entire new movement, the Tea Party.

>Presidents rarely win reelection when the economy is in the tank.

>Mitt knew it too, when he was met by several thousand in that parking garage cheering him when he arrived unannounced at that airport, and he put his hand over his heart and said, 'This is how you know you've won'.

So how did Romney lose a race that numerous reputable polls and pundits predicted would be an easy win, based on historical patterns?

Massive voter fraud.

That and no other reason

Almost every major Conservative website has put out an article charging voter fraud- Breitbart, American Thinker, Atlas Shrugs, WND, The Blaze, Front Page Magazine, Fox News, The Daily Caller, Town Hall, Human Events, Canada Free Press...

We cannot wait for 2014 and 2016 to regroup and figure out new strategies. By then it will be too late. The Marxist/Muslim usurper will have completed his planned distruction of America. That's what people fail to understand.

We must act NOW.

Start with the election. If we let the Rats get away with this massive voter fraud, we're no better than a bananna republic.

We must keep digging and pounding him every day, in every way we can- phony birth certificate, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, his hidden life, records....


Col Allen West; "I don't want to see America become like Zimbabwe where people don’t trust their electoral process. If we cannot trust the integrity of the voting system then we are no longer a free republic".

Col West has opened the door.

We must fight election fraud.

It falls on ‘We the People’.

Silence is consent


The website,'Barack Obama Vote Fraud 2012' is keeping a running account of cases of voter fraud and what to do about it:

Visit the site- Here



Photo of SOMALIANS brought to Ohio voting stations by the busload, 95% of whom did not speak English, and told to vote for Obama, straight Dem ticket- Here

'Human Events', report pollwatcher eyewitness to busload of Somalians at Ohio poll, spoke no English, told to vote Obama Here

Republican pole watchers; busloads of Somalians brought in Here

THE JEWISH TASK FORCE makes a excellent case that Mitt defeated Obama in 2012, if not for fraud. Here

Another poll watcher observes voter fraud Here

Spanish Company Associated w/Geo. Soros Will “Count” America's Votes Overseas In November Here


WND List of voter fraud reports Here
ATLAS SHRUGS voter fraud list. Here

Hannity and Col Allan West slam voter fraud on 'Hannity' after the election Nov 12- Here


Believe it or not, there ARE patriots out there who are going to FIGHT Obama's reelection- unlike the spineless Republicans who remain silent!

Visit the website; 'The Competent Conservative'


'These elections are NOT certified yet. The only way to get this investigated, much less recounted or overturned, is through the Secretary of State of each of the five key states: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. EVEN IF YOU ARE IN ANOTHER STATE you can help. But it won’t do any good to dilute our effort to challenge California or Michigan or other states. Until a major group gets involved to do more, here is the plan: Contact the Secretary of State of the state in question. See contact information below... '

Visit the website, 'Halt Voter Fraud':


'This election is not over - YET. Obama has not been elected by the Electoral College - YET. The Presidential election is being stolen from us with "Chicago Style" thuggery - and we can STOP the thieves in their tracks. But we do not have time on our side. This is our LAST chance. Don't give up. We must act now.

If massive voter fraud has occured as alleged by so many, and if the state vote counts include these FRAUDULENT votes, then is it logical to say that the entire state vote is COMPROMISED and can't be trusted? 59,000,000 Americans might agree!

The state vote is used to determine the allocation of Electors in the Electoral College which actually elects the President and Vice President.

If the vote count is FRAUDULENT, FLAWED, and CAN'T BE TRUSTED - and if the Electors have been FRAUDULENTLY allocated based on FLAWED vote counts - then WE CANNOT ALLOW THE GOVERNORS TO SIGN THEIR CERTIFICATES of ASCERTAINMENT on December 17th. We can stop this if we ACT IMMEDIATELY.


Patriots must rally NOW in the State Capitols of Harrisburg,PA - Richmond, VA - Tallahassee, FL - Columbus, OH, and Madison, WI ****** MASSIVE RALLIES ** *** PATRIOT LEADERS ORGANIZE YOUR LOCAL EFFORTS NOW, coordinate with the other PATRIOT groups as they also rally, let us know who you are and how you will respond, how we can help.

Remember the Battle of Trenton?

We can make HISTORY TODAY.'

More- Here


Obama Voter Fraud on FaceBook- Here


Sign this petition- almost 117,000 and counting -cards, email- Here

Sign the ‘We The People’ petition. It has 60,000 signatures and counting- Here

Click and sign the petition for a recount Here-


Must watch videos!

VIDEO-- Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting- Here

VIDEO- Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers- Here

VIDEO- MICHAEL SAVAGE: How Obama fixed the 2012 election- Here

VIDEO- Massive voter fraud discovered in April- Here

VIDEO- Whistle blower speaks out about voter fraud- Here


Voter fraud from Tea Party: Here

The American Dream- 22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out Of Control And The Election Was A Sham: Here

Town Hall : Obama Likely Won The Election Through Voter Fraud: Here

American Thinker: Was The Election Stolen:? Here

WSVN-TV Almost 1K Ballots Found In Broward Elections Warehouse: Here

Pundit Press; In Florida Obama Got Over 99% In Broward County Precincts: Here

Natural 19,605 to Zero IS Statistical Proof Of Outright Vote Fraud in 2012 Presidential Election: Here

Realville, USA: The Great Election Robbery of 2012? Here

WND: Here's How Touchscreens Killed Romney Votes: Here

The American Dream: Election Fraud? Obama Won More Than 99% Of The Vote in More Than 100 Ohio Precincrs: Here

WND: The Big List Of Voter Fraud Reports: Here

Nachum's List of Voter Fraud: Here


Newt Gingrich 360: Here

Appalachian Forums: Here

Before It's News: Here

WND: Here

Political Outcast: Here

True The Vote: Here

Fox News Insider: Here

Human Events; Here

The Will County News: Here

Fox News: Here

WND: Here

Townhall: Here

Breitbart Here

Accuracy In Media The Left's national voter fraud strategy exposed: Here

Thousands of military votes uncounted or missing: Here

Human Events: Here

Front Page Magazine: Here

The Blaze Here

The Daily Caller: Here

Front Page Magazine Here

Military Voter Protection Project: Here

BreitBart Here

Townhall: Here

Fox News Here

The Blaze Here


The best Obama Exposure site on the net, The Obama File: Here

The United StatesLibrary of Congress has selected for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials Here

50 posted on 02/23/2013 3:02:19 PM PST by patriot08 (NATIVE TEXAN (girl type))
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To: detective

I live in an upscale Miami neighborhood. For the first time in my voting experience I felt something was very wrong with my 2012 voting experience. There were endless lines in the church building of my voting precinct. After over an hour of waiting, once inside, there were over 10 voting machines, and only 1 in use. All of the attendants reeked liberal, I dont like to judge, but it was my first impression. There was a strange vibe. I placed my vote, and once I entered the data, it was gone. No receipt, ackowledgement, or confirmation. I even took picture of the strange scenario with only one voting machine in use, with 10 machines next to it. It was wierd, but rampant fraud simply didn’t register ar the time.

51 posted on 02/23/2013 3:49:45 PM PST by mgist
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To: justiceseeker93

They started with just saying his full name. Then his eligibility.

Why do I feel like reality is imitating art? What is Prince Joffry doing in the Oval Office? Why is Tywin Lannister funding all these front groups? Will they behead Ned Stark? Any dwarfs in the cabinet?

52 posted on 02/23/2013 3:57:16 PM PST by Eleutheria5 (End the occupation. Annex today.)
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To: Eleutheria5

Quite a few eunuchs, I’m sure.

53 posted on 02/23/2013 3:58:52 PM PST by Eleutheria5 (End the occupation. Annex today.)
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To: mgist

Shocked, of course...

54 posted on 02/23/2013 4:24:31 PM PST by editor-surveyor (Freepers: Not as smart as I'd hoped they'd be)
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To: Eleutheria5
I was about to applaud your comparison of Obama to snotty little boy-king Joffrey of Game Of Thrones. So many similar pathologies exhibited and both just about as real, it's perfect.

But then you went and spoiled things by dragging Tywin and Tyrion Lannister into it. Tywin is a real SOB, of that there is no question, but there's also no question that he is utterly competent, serious to a fault, and would kill and be killed for his country.

The same has become true of his son, Tyrion. An embarrassment to Tywin, this cynical, corrupt, morally depraved little dwarf came to exhibit leadership, a bravery few men possess and the same love of country as his father. He would kill or be killed for it. The capital withstood a siege and was not sacked because of him. He suffered a very ignominious fate for embarrassing his narcissistic coward of a nephew, Joffrey.

Would that our own country have such men in power right now.

We don't.

Maybe I'm biased because both roles are being played extremely well by almost perfectly cast actors. Elegant, witty, very believable. And then there's Cersei, Queen Regent, King Joffrey's mother, Tyrion's sister and daughter of Tywin. Wow. I'm just about head over heels for her now. Lena Headley, the actress, is incredibly gifted.

I disliked her intensely at first as her character can be intensely dislikeable. Scheming, amoral, anything for her and hers to stay in power. But, Season 2, Episode 9 "Blackwater" was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen that was made for television.

Don't you go comparing her to Hillary, lol.

55 posted on 02/23/2013 4:27:57 PM PST by RegulatorCountry
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To: Yulee
The primary question is how many of them voted? (Dead People)

And how many times did each of them vote?

56 posted on 02/23/2013 4:31:22 PM PST by TruthWillWin (The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money.)
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To: mgist

>> “Up until now, my assumption has been that, while they plainly engaged in vote fraud in some circumstances, it wasn’t enough to throw the election.” <<

I have to say that you’re incredibly gullible.

Just talk to people on the street; most of the people were hopeful that the thug would be defeated, even in ‘blue’ states. 2012 was massive fraud, and that includes the congressional races.

57 posted on 02/23/2013 4:36:21 PM PST by editor-surveyor (Freepers: Not as smart as I'd hoped they'd be)
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To: mgist

This isn’t important, like marriage equality.

58 posted on 02/23/2013 4:36:36 PM PST by EDINVA
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To: RegulatorCountry

I was comparing from the books, not the series, which suffers from the defect common to all HBO productions, such as unconvincing, boring fake sex shoved in my face so many times it gives porn a bad name. In the books, Tywin is not dedicated to his country so much as his family, and even then he is utterly clueless to the degeneracy of his two eldest children, and the virtues of his youngest, the dwarf Tyrion. I compared him to George Soros in my post, simply because he’s rich and without any ethical restraints other than keeping up appearances. You should read what he and Walder Frey do to Robb and Catelyn Stark. Don’t know if the HBO series got that far yet. As for Tyrion, he’s just as dedicated to family, in the mistaken belief that thereby he’ll ultimately get his father’s approval. At the end of volume four, however, utterly fed up with their constant lies, manipulations and rejections, he shoots daddy Tywin dead with a crossbow while he sits on the commode, going on the warpath against the whole clan. This is right after he’s wrongfully convicted of killing Joffrey. I haven’t yet read Feast of Crows, but I imagine he brings them all down low, leaving a total power vacuum for the dragon chick to fill. Is there a Tyrion in the present administration? One can hope.

59 posted on 02/24/2013 1:59:30 PM PST by Eleutheria5 (End the occupation. Annex today.)
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To: justiceseeker93

And Romney didn’t even TRY to fight the obvious voter fraud, even in places where Obama “won” by 99%.

No more wimps as our candidate because the Establishment THINKS they can win.

60 posted on 02/24/2013 8:41:30 PM PST by Sun (Pray that God sends us good leaders. Please say a prayer now.)
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