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Obama’s Sequestration Scam ^ | February 23, 2013 | Wayne Allyn Root

Posted on 02/24/2013 8:49:31 AM PST by Kaslin

The economy is in freefall. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Walmart calls their sales “a total disaster.”

But don’t panic. Our fearless leader Obama is just back from a “Swing State”…you know, the kind of place where you work on your golf swing. He was consulting on the economy with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon. While Michelle was playing in Aspen. You wouldn’t accept this storyline if it was a fictional movie script. Too unrealistic.

This country under Obama is becoming one big scam. A Ponzi scheme. Obama is the guy running the Ponzi, playing the role of Bernie Madoff. But the mainstream media is his accomplice.

Exhibit A is the so-called Sequestration. It was the Obama administration that gave us the sequestration. Even Bob Woodward the famous investigative journalist says, “The Sequester was Obama’s idea.”

Now Obama gets back from his tough golf weekend with Tiger and claims sequestration is the end of the world. Funny, Obama never mentioned…it was his idea. He never mentioned that the specific Obama lackey who created the idea was Jack Lew- who Obama has just nominated to become Treasury Secretary.

That’s right- sequestration is such a bad idea, causing such an economic crisis, that Obama is rewarding the guy who thought it up by putting him in charge of the entire U.S. economy. Where are the screaming headlines in the mainstream media pointing out that Obama is the world’s biggest hypocrite?

To make this Saturday Night Live skit even funnier, Obama the man of the working people, the man of the middle class, first picked a tax cheat, Tim Geithner, as his first term Treasury Secretary. Then for his second term, he picked Jack Lew- who invests his money in a Cayman Islands fund housed in the building that Obama has called “the greatest tax scam in the world .”

With guys like that in charge of the economy and our tax system, it sure sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Obama also claimed that the sequestration cuts will cause job losses among policeman, firemen and teachers. Why isn’t the media pointing out that policemen, firemen and teachers are hired on the local and state level. Oops, Obama is caught in another fabrication.

And by the way…aren’t there other government employees besides policemen, firemen, and teachers? Shouldn’t the media point out to only bring up those three classes of employees is complete deception- like a conman selling his con?

Did you know the average government janitor is paid $600,000 more over his lifetime than a janitor working in the private sector?

Why doesn’t Obama mention janitors when we talk about cutting government spending? Because the image of a government janitor or meat inspector would not bring tears to voters’ eyes. It wouldn’t sell his Ponzi scheme. The media says nothing.

Why doesn’t the media point out that Obama spent us into bankruptcy by adding almost $6 trillion to the national debt in only four years. If anyone loses their jobs, it’s not because of the miniscule $85 billion sequestration. That’s a spit in the ocean. It’s because of the $6 trillion of reckless spending over the past 4 years. Obama is the one to blame for people losing their jobs. Why doesn’t the media point that out? Their silence makes them accomplices in the Ponzi scheme.

Why aren’t they pointing out that the economy is in shambles, gas prices have risen 32 days in a row, WalMart executives are calling sales to start the year “a total disaster”…that’s a quote… while President Obama, a Democrat who supposedly cares about poor people and working-class people…golfs with Tiger Woods in Florida, works on his golf swing with Butch Harmon, and parties at billion dollar resorts on Valentines weekend…with the world’s most notorious womanizer…with the press denied access…with his wife on a separate vacation in Aspen. Do you think the media would be silent about all this if the Presidential couple partying in Florida and Aspen were Ronald and Nancy Reagan?

The reality is we have an economic crisis, bordering on a total collapse, because of specific Obama policies. He spends too much. He taxes too much. He wastes our money on green energy. It isn’t working. The chickens are coming home to roost. The first quarter is “a total disaster” because Obama raised income taxes on the rich and payroll taxes on the middle class. When you tax people they have less money to spend.

At the same time, everyone is getting hit with rocketing gas prices, while Obama wastes your money on solar energy scams…on wind energy scams…on electric cars that no one wants to buy… on fraudulent biofuel standards that are impossible to obtain. Obama declares millions of acres of oil-rich lands off-limits to drilling. His EPA policies drive coal out of business. And we wonder why gas and energy prices are skyrocketing?

The economy is in meltdown because of Obama’s policies. In response, he spends his weekends consulting with Tiger Woods and Butch Harmon. Yet the media says nothing. Just another day in Obamageddon.

The sequestration isn’t the threat folks. The greatest threat to the future of America is Obama.

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KEYWORDS: demagogicparty; obama; partisanmediashills; scam; sequester; sequestration; tigerwoods
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1 posted on 02/24/2013 8:49:38 AM PST by Kaslin
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Comment #2 Removed by Moderator

To: Astronaut

So you are a 911 truther?

3 posted on 02/24/2013 8:59:19 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: Kaslin
Obama gets back from his tough golf weekend with Tiger

....and Reggie Love.

4 posted on 02/24/2013 9:00:16 AM PST by layman (Card Carrying Infidel)
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To: Kaslin


I didn’t read the whole thing but, from what I DID read, he sounds like he is dead on target!

5 posted on 02/24/2013 9:00:37 AM PST by DustyMoment (Congress - another name for anti-American criminals!!)
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To: Kaslin

Personally, if these measly “cuts” result in all this reduction in government, I say bring it on!

6 posted on 02/24/2013 9:03:18 AM PST by upsdriver ( Palin/West '16)
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To: Astronaut

Based on your non-answer I am going to assume you are a 911 truther.

7 posted on 02/24/2013 9:12:32 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: upsdriver

Our local propaganda outlet had a story this morning about the effect of these cuts. Less funding for Head Start? Good. The program is worthless anyway. Fewer TSA and air traffic controllers? In my neck of the woods, no one can afford to travel. Less funding for “education?” A joke since 75% of students here taking the SATs last year failed and we have among the highest dropout rates in the country, despite billions of dollars already spent on “education.” Huge percentage if furloughed government employees? I bet if we lost 90% of those employees, no one would notice.

So far, I don’t see a downside to sequestration, at least not here.

8 posted on 02/24/2013 9:31:08 AM PST by fatnotlazy
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Comment #9 Removed by Moderator

To: central_va

I’m not familiar with “truther” used about 911, I assume it’s about NWO conspiracy with the hijackers? I don’t believe the NWO orchestrated or caused it, but I do believe they saw it as an opportunity and have taken advantage of it.

I was very naive at that time. I remember telling people in the days after 911 that “maybe now some good can come out of this, Bush will seal the borders now and start tracking down and deporting people here illegally”. I have to laugh at my own ignorance now.

I also thought the Chief Justice of the USSC would uphold the Constitution too.

10 posted on 02/24/2013 9:32:40 AM PST by CPO retired
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Based on your statements I will ask you; do you think that anyone in the US govt was involved in a conspiracy to perpetrate the 911 attacks in NY and DC? Or had prior knowledge of same?

11 posted on 02/24/2013 9:39:34 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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Comment #12 Removed by Moderator

To: central_va

You’re asking the wrong questions. On purpose?

13 posted on 02/24/2013 9:44:55 AM PST by MHGinTN (Being deceived can be cured.)
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I asked 2 questions. Your choices are:
  1. no no
  2. yes no
  3. no yes
  4. yes yes

14 posted on 02/24/2013 9:48:11 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: Kaslin

Pfl. Very confused about whether there are real cuts to the DoD in the sequester. Quick searches on wiki say yes. Rush and other typically reliable conservatives say no, it’s just reductions in growth.

15 posted on 02/24/2013 9:52:26 AM PST by andyk (I have sworn...eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.)
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To: Kaslin

“Obama’s Sequestration Scam”

“Obama’s [fill in the blank] scam”

It’s all a scam with that chucklehead in the White House.

16 posted on 02/24/2013 10:00:21 AM PST by AtlasStalled
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To: DustyMoment
The economy is in Free Fall and rampant out of control inflation is just around the corner. There is not one damn thing Obama can do to stop it, even if he does utilize sound and sane economic policy relative to tax and spending. The damage that he has done to this economy is massive and will come to no good end. He knows this. His economic advisers know this, the media knows this and so do the “vertebral" challenged Republicans know this. Except for a few lonely voices on the right of the political spectrum, no one says anything.

Obama has no choice except to force the sequester to take place. When the economy disintegrates over the next two years prior to the congressional elections he will blame the economic catastrophe on the fact that we had the sequester. He will blame the Republicans for this even thought it was his policy from the White House that proposed the sequester and was passed by a Democrat Senate and Republican House. The media will repeat his lies also known as talking points.

If the sequester does not happen, the Demonicrats will be wiped out in the next Congressional Elections. This battle is not about the economy but the battle for control of the House and Senate in two years.

The Republicans should propose two budgets. One that is exactly the same as last years. This budget will be rejected by the Senate. The second proposed budget should have the tax increases that Obama says he "really" wants. However, those tax increases would expire in two years. The tax increases will have a very negative effect on the economy and insure that the Demonicrats own the disaster. The House should send the budgets to the Senate every day they are in session and let Harry "corrupt" Reid reject it day after day after day. Let the Senate Demonicrats own this along with their socialist quasi Marxist leader, President Obama.

Give Obama the economic policy he "says he wants" but for only two years and not one day more. The people will then get to vote on the results in the next elections.

17 posted on 02/24/2013 10:05:26 AM PST by cpdiii (Deckhand, Roughneck, Mud Man, Geologist, Pilot, Pharmacist. THE CONSTITUTION IS WORTH DYING FOR!)
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To: layman
Obama gets back from his tough golf weekend with Tiger ....and Reggie Love.

I am puzzled why a President that is 1000 and 1 percent governed by political power associate with someone that has become a political liability. It does make one go HMMMMMMMMMMMMM, pun intended.

18 posted on 02/24/2013 10:09:13 AM PST by cpdiii (Deckhand, Roughneck, Mud Man, Geologist, Pilot, Pharmacist. THE CONSTITUTION IS WORTH DYING FOR!)
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To: upsdriver

Personally, if these measly “cuts” result in all this reduction in government, I say bring it on
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
You can’t really take ANY of these clowns seriously.
All we have heard the last 2 wks is all the dire ‘things’ that are going to happen.
Of course EVERYONE was on ‘vacation or break’ from the rigors of the inauguration/lame duck session/break, the absolutely terrifying ordeal of the ‘Pre/Post Christmas Break’, the strenuous ‘Pre/Post Thanksgiving Break’ which followed the arduous and draining ‘Reelection Break’ which came after the ‘Fall/Labor Day Break’ which was close on the heels of the ‘Summer Vacation Break’.

I certainly hope “Chicken Little and Friends” are getting ‘Frequent Flier’ miles.

I would venture to guess that nary a ‘Czar’ has been let go, and the ‘last check’ written by the Treasury etc will go to ‘OUR LEADERS’.

The only ones that haven’t really taken a break are obozo and ‘the press’.

obozo is taking his ‘world retirement’ tour right after securing another 4 yrs, the press is lapping it up after him and “WE” are basically like a dog chasing his tail - with more and more ‘revelations’ as to the character etc of the idjits that are leading us....
NOVEMBER 6 was the day for THAT TEST - not p’in and moaning about it 4 mos later with 44 months staring us in the face. The way things are going we are going to lose the House in 2014, so all that is needed is an ‘accident’ involving a SCJ or 2 and we are going to be in deep kimchi.... well deeper.
You can almost ‘bet’ that any ‘New Supreme’ will be near the minimum age and so far left he/she will almost be ‘right’. Or some ‘true’ patriots along the lines of Clinton(s) or Gore (Too old, BUT very scary).
Naturally in 2016 (if it should matter) Moochelle and Jill will be offered to ‘continue’ the job of the total dismantling of the Country. The ‘R’s will counter with either another Bush or some Very Left Leaning Candidate.

Solution? Admittedly I have none BUT for starters
We ‘ground’ AF 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Marine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.
With todays Communication ‘Miracle’ ANY of our leaders can reach out to the citizenry via “Closed Circuit” and not bring all the drama of Road Blocks, Security, and General Frustration to the area where ‘they’ are trying to pull more wool over our eyes’.
Hell, he could pull an FDR and bring back the ‘Fireside Chats’ and commandeer ALL the TV and Radio Outlets OR TWITTER or TWEETER or whatever it is called - it would be cheaper than keeping AF1 idling at Andrews.
The ‘real gutty’ Reps/Sens refuse their ‘check’ (sure it is grandstanding and they will get it eventually)

19 posted on 02/24/2013 10:16:25 AM PST by xrmusn (6/98 "It is virtually impossible to clean the pond as long as the pigs are still crapping in it")
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To: central_va

I wasn’t in Sep 2001. I am now.

20 posted on 02/24/2013 10:17:02 AM PST by Astronaut
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