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Posted on 02/26/2013 6:30:34 AM PST by 7thson

I am going to try to say this without too much rambling. Last night driving home, I turned on the radio to listen to Mark Levin. He is in the middle of his rant against McDonnell of Virginia. He then talks about Scott of Florida and lists the Repub governors who have now accepted Obamacare.

A few of those governors were Tea Party favorites – McDonnell, Scott, Brewer, Kasich, Martinez.

It seemed so depressing. Every time we turn around, this guy in the White House continues to win his goals while our beliefs are constantly undermined.

This Lent, I have started to read more and more of the Bible, the passages from My Daily Bread and from My Imitation of Christ. A belief that I have had for a few years now is now hardening more and more. We continue to set these people up to be our saviors only to constantly have them betray our principles. I have come to recognize and believe more and more that there is only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ. True, He is not going to run for political office and he will not be here right now to set things straight – as we think they should be.

Years ago, I thought that the system corrupted the individuals. Now I firmly believe that before an individual runs for political office, the wet finger goes in the air, and the individual chooses the political party they think will get them in office. The political individual is corrupt from the get-go and uses us to achieve their ends.

I just do not believe these people anymore. I see myself becoming less involved in worldly and political events. I want to get more involved with Jesus, with God. The leftists can have it. Let it all crumble. I will side with Jesus.

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To: 7thson

If the founding fathers were here to listen to this conversation, would they tell us that what is needed is for us to stand up and say, “If these current leaders will not lead, then it is up to us to run against them, win, and lead in the manner we claim to want?”
We cannot change things with the current “leadership”. They all have to go.
That means some 600 new faces are going to have to accept the call to serve their country in an active way, even if it is a burden we do not want.

21 posted on 02/26/2013 7:18:10 AM PST by Wiser now (Socialism does not eliminate poverty, it guarantees it.)
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To: arthurus

“get out”? - Get out and go . . where? . . This is it.

22 posted on 02/26/2013 7:26:12 AM PST by Twinkie (JOHN 3:16)
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To: 7thson

I’m of a similar sentiment, in that I simply don’t trust any politician anymore. Promises are made and just as easily, they’re broken. These people were elected to carry out a particular mandate of standing in the gap for us against the marauding hordes of Obama’s regime. They’d been entrusted with standing firm and not meekly bargaining away every issue — fiscal or social — that comes to the fore.

Prior to the 6 Nov election, I had hopes this country truly saw the error of its 2008 ways and wanted badly to self-correct, but that correction never came. Instead, America doubled-down on the rampant waste, overregulation and disastrous social engineering policies progressives have salivated over for generations.

I no longer understand this country, other than the fact the traditional values that made her great are rapidly fading and giving way to unmitigated evil.

All that I seem to be able to gather from all this is the Lord has lifted His protective hand from America, and many deep and difficult tribulations lie on the horizon.

23 posted on 02/26/2013 7:27:52 AM PST by ScottinVA (Gun control: Steady firm grip, target within sights, squeeze the trigger slowly...)
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To: C. Edmund Wright

I was simply pointing out what happened when the soldiers came. As for Christ using violence, I can’t remember any examples. In fact the only time I remember Jesus losing His temper was when he threw the moneychangers out of the Temple. Then again, I’m not a Bible scholar. I just try to focus on the words written in red.

As for fulfilling the prophecy, and for my soul’s sake I’m glad it was fulfilled, for all I know obama’s destruction of America may be fulfillment of prophecy. If that’s the case, I sure don’t want to get in His way.

24 posted on 02/26/2013 7:27:52 AM PST by Terry Mross (How long before America is gone?)
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To: C. Edmund Wright
I live in Maryland. Four counties and one city control the political makeup of the state. Two Leftist Senators and I believe not one Repub in the House. The Leftists make up the Maryland House and Senate. In the last few years, we had Michael Steele run for the Senate - got creamed. Charles Lollar run against Hoyer - got creamed. Two blacks got creamed. Bongino ran against Cardin - got creamed. Erhlich runs again for Gov - got creamed.

During the Obamacare debate I made phone calls and wrote letters. What happened? Eighty percent of the country did not want it - we were ignored and it got crammed down our throats. CJ Roberts turns against the right and says it is Constitutional. The Repub govs we thought would stop it are now accepting the money.

The system is broke and I think beyond repair. I am stocking up and hunkering down. The system will collapse - can you say Atlas Shrugged - and there will be hell to pay all over and everyone will pay it. Severe times are ahead and we will all suffer. I will suffer knowing Christ is my Lord and Savior.

25 posted on 02/26/2013 7:28:21 AM PST by 7thson (I've got a seat at the big conference table! I'm gonna paint my logo on it!)
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To: C. Edmund Wright

It is a difficult issue because the implications are huge. The phrase that comes to mind is “all or nothing”. Are we all in or all out? Are we going to fully trust Him? I don’t know how to explain it. I think we lose focus on what He’s called us to when we grind our teeth over politics.

If we put our focus on Him, He does the work through us. Instead of turning over every rock to find all the commies, we read God’s word, pray to Him, he then stirs out hearts to win souls and disciple people, commies end up getting saved and on board with the good guys.

The problem in America is spiritual, not political. The spiritual problem begins with God’s people, God’s people are called to be Christ-like, the only way to be like Him is to know Him, the only way to know Him is through His word.

26 posted on 02/26/2013 7:33:15 AM PST by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: C. Edmund Wright
You can have a personal relationship with God in slavery, but you cannot serve God if a bureaucrat owns all of your property and therefore owns YOU.

As someone among many millions who still love freedom, I don't think it's a stretch to think that my last breath will be spent squeezing off rounds defending my family. I just hope it's quick.

27 posted on 02/26/2013 7:33:59 AM PST by ScottinVA (Gun control: Steady firm grip, target within sights, squeeze the trigger slowly...)
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To: 7thson

I believe that in these times, now that the normalcy bias has clearly been shattered, the focus of many patriot groups has turned to prepping. We should think of prepping in the physical, psychological, and Christian senses. Sure, much of the focus of these groups are still devoted to state and local issues, but I believe that the major utility of devoting time to state and local issues is to better preserve islands of liberty in a national environment of the inevitable decline.

28 posted on 02/26/2013 7:35:09 AM PST by grumpygresh (Democrats delenda est.)
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To: C. Edmund Wright

I’m not saying that we just sit around and read God’s word and talk about His word amongst ourselves, quite voting, and stop holding our servants accountable. If we are close to Him, he’ll use us to make things right. Sometimes without the knowing it’s happening. We’ll just enjoy the benefits of obeying Him.

29 posted on 02/26/2013 7:35:24 AM PST by demshateGod (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.)
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To: raybbr

>>>I would say let them have it but what do I tell my sons in five years when there are soviet style marches in the streets of D.C.?
How do I look them in the eye and say, “I tried!”?>>>

Trust Jesus.

In the meantime act according to His precepts. In other words, TRY.

30 posted on 02/26/2013 7:35:24 AM PST by kitkat (STORM THE HEAVENS WITH PRAYERS FOR OUR COUNTRY)
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To: 7thson

I feel your pain but I believe one can walk and chew gum at the same time.

31 posted on 02/26/2013 7:35:50 AM PST by deweyfrank
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To: CitizenUSA
but the left won’t leave us alone. They mean to control our children, our property, and even our bodies.

And, soon....our 401k's

32 posted on 02/26/2013 7:47:40 AM PST by Puppage (You may disagree with what I have to say, but I shall defend to your death my right to say it)
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To: 7thson
My opinion is that the elected officials are more concerned with the well-being of their political party, and less concerned with the best course for their constituents. Can't say when that shift happens, but it is corruption, to be sure.

As a Christian, I too place His teaching above whatever the worldly people throw our way. And I'm incredibly disappointed with the direction our country has gone, but not really all that surprised. The public treasury is a powerful tool, and the people did not guard it prudently. And now it is being gutted for selfish reasons.

And yet, within my control, I can still try to be the person God wants me to be, and I can raise my children to follow Him as well. Let the politicians grab their rewards now, I'm looking at the long term.

33 posted on 02/26/2013 7:48:25 AM PST by Repealthe17thAmendment (Is this field required?)
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To: arthurus

“They will look you in the eye and ask why didn’t you get out when you still could?”

Get out of what? Life?

34 posted on 02/26/2013 7:50:10 AM PST by raybbr (People who still support Obama are either a Marxist or a moron.)
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To: Terry Mross

Only concentrate on the words in red huh? Sounds very spiritual. Methinks the Author of the rest of the words would be offended, not to mention the fact that you will be missing a lot of context.

35 posted on 02/26/2013 7:52:48 AM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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To: 7thson

Hunkering down and “shrugging” a la Atlas is a little bit different than the vapor I sensed from the OP. My family has done, and is in the process of continuing, a bit of a shrugging/hunkering process now. And we are followers of Christ. I still believe I am called to speak into the political.

36 posted on 02/26/2013 7:55:06 AM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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To: demshateGod

You are talking apples, and I am talking oranges. I have no problem with your apples, but you seem to insist I turn my oranges into apples. Like you said, “He stirred the hearts of Godly men to fight” - that’s what I’m talking about. You assume He has not done that because He has not stirred your heart to do so. Think about what you just wrote.

37 posted on 02/26/2013 7:58:22 AM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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To: ScottinVA

You may be right. I’ve thought the same thing, and also thought that my last breath will be on another continent as well.

38 posted on 02/26/2013 8:00:40 AM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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To: C. Edmund Wright
Yeah, they are not incompatible.

I understand why some are weary that their words are not heeded. We've had plenty of warnings since the 2008 election, and as far as I can see, it's only getting worse. That's why I admire Sarah Palin so much-she has been beaten down at every turn, and vilified more than anyone I can remember, and yet, she always seems to have a strong spirit and something positive to say. That she remains so strong is proof to me that God has not abandoned us, and those who trudge on are on the right path.

39 posted on 02/26/2013 8:02:15 AM PST by Repealthe17thAmendment (Is this field required?)
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To: Repealthe17thAmendment

In a purely political sense, there is reason to hope that this can be turned around. Of course, there is reason to believe the opposite as well, but since this entire thread assumes that, I’ll focus on why it might not be over.

The only election to go the wrong way since 2008 is the 2012 election. And as awful as that way, every election of consequence went against the liberals starting with a Georgia run off three weeks after 2008 election and ending with Wisconsin’s recall. The only way the liberals win now is through a cult of personality. That cult is done for as of the next election.

Yes, I know, there is evidence it is too late, and that may be the case. And yes, I know, politics can not save us. I get all that. All I’m saying is that while politics won’t save us, it damned sure can doom us.

40 posted on 02/26/2013 8:06:30 AM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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