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To: sickoflibs
I get this argument all the time and it is bogus. The courts dont award citizenship. If your argument is that the Dems will continue to win POTUS elections (by continuing to get hispanics to vote) and will then put more Wise Latino’s on the court to award illegals citizenship, then all bets are off anyway. But congress passes immigration laws. But courts do NOT award US citizenship.

SCOTUS has determined citizenship issues almost since the inception of the Republic. Here are just a few cases:

United States v. Wong Kim Ark

Lynch v. Clarke,

Dred Scott v. Sandford

Afroyim v. Rusk.

Calling hispanics brought here as little kids say 5 and raised here getting a US public school diploma (maybe even a college degree) criminals for ‘being illegal’ is a great way to get more Wise Latino’s on the court. It looks like putting on a white hood demanding they wear gold stars for being 'illegal'.

Spouting this leftist propaganda and hyperbole doesn't make your argument. I have heard similar comparisons with mass deportation and the Holocaust.

We have the Rule of Law in this country. If a parent is an illegal alien and brings in his/her children regardless of whether the child is 1 month old or 17 years old, they are an illegal alien and are subject to deportation along with their parents. In fact, even a child born to an illegal alien in the US and thus a citizen, can be deported along with the parent unless the parent finds a suitable guardian for the child.

There is not a nation on earth that does not have immigration laws and limits on who can enter their country. The use of the "children" is just some more leftist crap to get a blanket amnesty. Obama has already implemented a backdoor amnesty for the Dreamers that will allow 1.8 million to gain legal status up to the age of 30.

Conferring rights and privileges upon illegal aliens has a corrosive effect on the Rule of Law, the very foundation of our Republic. It is also a slap in the face to legal immigrants who have followed the rules and obeyed the laws. There are millions of intending legal immigrants waiting overseas to enter this country legally--many of whom are children.

Wait till illegals vote in GOP primaries ...

There are millions of legal immigrants who will vote two to one for the Dems. Each year we bring in 1.2 million legal immigrants, most of whom will vote Dem.

49 posted on 03/19/2013 8:24:21 AM PDT by kabar
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To: kabar
RE :” I have heard similar comparisons with mass deportation and the Holocaust. “

Well if your fantasy is mass deportation, which even the border hawk Romney wouldnt defend, then you deserve it.

But if they are bringing up mass deportation which no one elected suggests as a straw man for amnesty, that is different and changing the subject.

As I said, kids trafficed to here and raised here with the support of the government as the courts now entitle them to (the kids) public school and then they get that degree, are seen as victims and they will aways be seen as such. Romney learned that the hard way.

Calling those ones trafficed here as kids and raised here criminals is just seen as demanding they where a sign labeled ‘illegal’ on their clothes as a gold star.
Heck, dont the Muslims sentence raped wimmin to beatings for fornication? I bet that lowers the rapes, or reported ones anyway.

Romney used immigration to destroy Perry then they came out to vote to make sure he lost. If Romney won on that stand then it could be a different game.

55 posted on 03/19/2013 8:47:49 AM PDT by sickoflibs (O's sequester Apocalypse tour just proved why we need the 2nd amendment more than ever NOW!)
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