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Reid Reverses Course, Will Introduce Tough Gun Bill
The Weekly Standard ^ | 5:52 PM, Mar 21, 2013 | By DANIEL HALPER

Posted on 03/21/2013 6:35:56 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach

Harry Reid will reverse course and allow a tough gun bill to be introduced in the Senate.

The Huffington Post reports, "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will introduce gun control legislation Thursday night that includes a proposal for universal background checks, a high-ranking source told The Huffington Post." 

The liberal website adds:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Gator113

Nothing, this was the original plan years ago. It’s just moving forward through the political theater.

Step 1. create a bill so onerous that even liberal gun owners get upset.

Step 2. once the public is sufficiently excited and energized against it, kill the bill.

The expected result is that your enemies have exhausted their resources, both financial and emotional, on a fake bill and then won’t have the energy or resources to resist the real goal - in this case gun registration being called “universal background check”.

Who could be against a universal background check?

Now your enemies will seem petty and extreme to resist a simple check to make certain you’re not insane or a criminal. It just sounds good and the facts will only confuse the people. It isn’t necessary and real criminals don’t get their guns that way. It will have no effect on mass killings or crime in any way.

That’s the trick and you’re watching it played out. It is used all the time in politics and negotiating.

61 posted on 03/22/2013 4:35:53 AM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: only1percent

You’re on to something. If the number of gun owners and/or armed households is dropping and urbanization continues apace, then you could logically conclude that “gun control” is a winner. Nobody owns guns, because they can’t, then who needs guns?

My experience is the opposite. In Chicago, everybody wants a gun. I know seven liberal Democratic women. Within the last year they went shotgunning. They all loved it and plan to go again.

62 posted on 03/22/2013 4:48:49 AM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: xrmusn

Attach that to the Senate bill and it dies.

63 posted on 03/22/2013 4:49:44 AM PDT by 1010RD (First, Do No Harm)
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To: Washi
It's obvious from what happened here in Colorado, Democrats know: Career be damned. What Obama wants, Obama gets.

Which is quite odd. Obama may have held the White House, but his track record with local and congressional elections has not been good for the Democrats. Yet he gets what he wants anyway. Weird.

64 posted on 03/22/2013 5:19:22 AM PDT by Future Snake Eater (
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

California’s state Senate Democrats roll out big gun control package

“...and consider taking the state’s 166,000 registered assault weapons from their owners.”

So much for all those reassurances that ‘registration will not lead to confiscation’.

Why is the SERIAL NUMBER and MODEL NUMBER needed for a background check?

It seems to us that you should ONLY check the person and be done with it.
Nothing is gained with serial and model numbers, UNLESS someone is trying to build up a database for later confiscation.(which our government denies they want to do)

65 posted on 03/22/2013 5:29:24 AM PDT by TurboZamboni (Looting the future to bribe the present)
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To: TheRhinelander
S.374 - Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013 (Schumer)

See too, H.R.21 - NRA Members' Gun Safety Act of 2013 (Moran), and H.R.137 - Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013 (McCarthy).

66 posted on 03/22/2013 5:46:41 AM PDT by Cboldt
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach
Harry Reid, Rated B by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record.
67 posted on 03/22/2013 6:00:10 AM PDT by Carry_Okie (An economy is not a zero-sum game, but politics usually is.)
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To: Jeff Winston
The goal of any lifelong politician is to appear to be trying hard to solve problems while in fact working behind the scenes to make sure the boogie man is left firmly in tact.
If any problem were actually solved by government then the government would have to close agencies and lay people off.
The “war on drugs” is a classic example amongst many others.
As long as the issue exists then the lobby groups are happy and the money keeps flowing.
The whole thing is a joke.
We need real reform.
Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore federalism.
Create a new Constitutional limit creating term limits.
Provide states with clear paths to withdraw from the union should the legitimate ends of government be disregarded and tyranny implemented.
That's the kind of reform we need. And that's just a start.
68 posted on 03/22/2013 6:21:08 AM PDT by Clump ( the tree of liberty is withering like a stricken fig tree)
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To: Clint N. Suhks

Doesn’t look that way. There’s just not enough info on ‘inheritance’ regs, yet. Is the final bill online as a *.pdf, yet? Maybe the info’s in there?

69 posted on 03/22/2013 6:25:38 AM PDT by carriage_hill (The Most Insidious Power The Corrupt, Criminal Media Has, Is The Power To Ignore The Truth.)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

How is this a change? It’s exactly what they said was going to be in the bill when they kicked out Feinstein’s part.

70 posted on 03/22/2013 6:37:31 AM PDT by for-q-clinton (If at first you don't succeed keep on sucking until you do succeed)
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To: Clump

Exactly. It is the issue and the divide that is most important to pols.

The banksters and Wall St.own the Dem leadership. As Glenn Beck has said the bankers have perpetrated the largest heist in world history, and it is ongoing. In most of the countries of the world they have gun control and no such Constitutional rights. The USA is the last bastion of hope against these thieves who want it all, and they will get it including our assets and pensions, but first they want our firearms because they want unfettered access to government too.

71 posted on 03/22/2013 7:00:13 AM PDT by apoliticalone
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To: 1010RD

Attach that to the Senate bill and it dies.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I have ‘suggested’ in the past that states (I am in VA) that have a reasonable CCP policy should just tell states like NY, MD, MA if you recognize OUR sovereign rights, as a state, we may consider recognizing your ‘so called marriages between Phil and Bill’. Otherwise, they will NOT or ever be able to cohabitate in this state.
If our citizens right to carry is not honored by your state,
Your citizens right to marry will not always be honored by our state.

IT EVEN rhymes, so it will fit the Lib agenda

Recognize OUR right to CARRY
We may recognize your right to MARRY.

72 posted on 03/22/2013 7:38:10 AM PDT by xrmusn (6/98 --I turn 75 next year- but remember, that's only 24 Celsius. (TKS R. Reagan))
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

He’s still not touching Feinstein’s Assault Weapon Ban.

73 posted on 03/22/2013 7:57:54 AM PDT by Old Retired Army Guy
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To: Candor7
The Dems think that it will be good to place the Reps on the record, especially in the House. Obama's plea has been to get an up and down vote on it. The Dems will use it against the Reps drawing on emotion over Newtown, Aurora, etc.

Boehner would be a fool to put this up for a vote unless he wants it to pass. The GOP leadership is ignoring the Hastert Rule to shove stuff down our throats. Immigration reform will be one of them.

74 posted on 03/22/2013 8:02:34 AM PDT by kabar
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To: Gator113

Try praying for Reid and not wishing him dead. Only God knows when to take a person in death and He doesn’t want us saying hateful things even about people we cannot tolerate. Prayer does work.

75 posted on 03/22/2013 8:08:25 AM PDT by Maryhere ("HE comes to rule the earth")
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To: digger48
setting up votes to give gun grabbers in Red states some cover. this goes nowhere in the House


This would be the same House that promised to repeal and/or DEFUND OBamacare? I heard Rep. Campbell (R-CA)interview Weeper Boehner yesterday and they were all giddy about how they ripped Obamacare out of the "Ryan Budget" just proposed, but neither of them ever said a word about FUNDING OBAMACARE IN THE JUST PASSED CR.

They both know the "Ryan Budget" is DOA over in Reid's Senate, but yet they both know they could stop Obamacare dead in its tracks by defunding it in the ever ongoing CR. Here is what I think of politics in the USA in 2013...

76 posted on 03/22/2013 8:09:14 AM PDT by Cheerio (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach
The liberal socialist are so confused! The main goal of the liberal socialist has always been a Universal Firearm Background Check and Registration of all firearms:

“Speaking to The New York Times’, Glaze noted that “the background check bill has been always been the center of our agenda,” since it would include the registration of not just rifles, but handguns as well.”

The dropping of the “Assault Weapons Ban” was simply a way to appear to be “compromising” and “reasonable” knowing full well they could never get the AWB through the Senate or the House!

The hard left socialist became angry that Harry-ass Reid would not let Frankensteins AWB bill come up for a vote, but, could be voted on as an "amendment," so now the liberal socialist will bring the bill up for a vote, placing many liberal socialist in danger of being thrown out of office in 2014 if they vote in favor of the ban, subsequently the liberal socialist losing control of the Senate.

Bottom line, the push is for Universal Registration and back ground checks on all firearms and hand guns.
Enough said!!!!

77 posted on 03/22/2013 8:27:11 AM PDT by PotatoChop (Respect is earned, not demanded by this out of control socialist government!)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach
yeah right, tough gun bill, that will solve all our problems.
78 posted on 03/22/2013 8:30:13 AM PDT by Drawn7979
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

is this to distract us from the UN anti-second amendment treaty?

(see vienna convention on treaties)

79 posted on 03/22/2013 8:39:37 AM PDT by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: Jeff Winston

The purpose from day one of all this gun talk legislation is to get a background check done on everyone that buys any type of gun. A background check means a NATIONAL DATABASE on gun owners. To find out who has guns now you will also have to have a background check when you go and buy ammo. This is what these bastards are after. Then when the time comes to take your weapons, all they have to do is look on their database and they know who has the guns. The NRA should NEVER agree to any type of gun legislation. NONE.

80 posted on 03/22/2013 9:28:19 AM PDT by NKP_Vet
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