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Two youths arrested in shooting death of Georgia baby
CNN ^ | March 22, 2013 | Tom Watkins and Nick Valencia, CNN Staff

Posted on 03/22/2013 1:49:26 PM PDT by Uncle Chip

Brunswick, Georgia (CNN) -- Two teenagers were arrested Friday in the shooting death of a 13-month-old boy who was in his stroller, according to police in Brunswick, Georgia.

The suspects are a 17-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy, Police Chief Tobe Green told reporters Friday. He said they are being held on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Green identified the older suspect as Demarquis Elkins, saying he will be treated as an adult in criminal proceedings. The 14-year-old was not identified because of his age.

"We are turning every stone to get a motive," said Green. A weapon has not been found.

Police offered a $10,000 reward for information and have received more than 30 leads.

Sherry West earlier told reporters that the incident occurred at 9 a.m. Thursday as she was walking home from the post office, pushing her son Antonio in a stroller. She said she saw two boys.

"A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn't have any money," she said. "And he said, 'Give me your money or I'm going to kill you and I'm going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,' and I said, "I don't have any money and don't kill my baby." The boy tried to grab her purse and opened fire when she said tried to tell him she had no money, West said, grazing her head. She said the boy then shot her in the leg.

She continued, "And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: Lonesome in Massachussets


181 posted on 03/23/2013 1:11:55 AM PDT by dennisw (too much of a good thing is a bad thing --- Joe Pine)
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To: sarasmom

Well put; it’s definitely coming.

182 posted on 03/23/2013 3:32:03 AM PDT by carriage_hill (The Most Insidious Power The Corrupt, Criminal Media Has, Is The Power To Ignore The Truth.)
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To: Uncle Chip

If guilty, a bullet to the back of both their heads of those feral, knuckle dragging subhumans.

183 posted on 03/23/2013 4:08:59 AM PDT by ScottinVA (Gun control: Steady firm grip, target within sights, squeeze the trigger slowly...)
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To: Brooklyn Attitude

She disrespected da yoots.

I was in Georgia last summer. Car broke down near Atlanta. Walking down a busy road, a young Obama fan demanded money. I dropped everything, went through my pockets, show him I had nothing.

He was very polite, said at least you tried. He then let me pass.

I’m sure he would have knocked my teeth out if I had ignored him.

184 posted on 03/23/2013 5:35:10 AM PDT by PA-RIVER
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To: BlackVeil
Also revealing is the back history of Jumana Mikhail Hanna, a Christian Iraqi woman who claimed to have been raped and tortured by Uday Hussein. It turns out she had an over-active imagination, and he had never met her, much less raped her. It was true she was in an Iraqi prison, but for fraud and prostitution offences. See the article “An American Dream” by Sara Solovich.

The problem is I don't believe the integrity of the debunkers, so I can't put much stock in their articles. Secondly, most every woman thrown in prison in a muslim land is charged with prostitution. Its a de facto method of debasing their credibility.

185 posted on 03/23/2013 5:41:01 AM PDT by SampleMan (Feral Humans are the refuse of socialism.)
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To: Truth2012; sergeantdave
Lots of pictures about this and guess what it was a British paper that printed it..people if we want to find out about a crime just look up this paper and we will see what really happened and a picture of the filthy black bastards doing the crimes..

186 posted on 03/23/2013 6:04:51 AM PDT by PLD
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To: SampleMan

“””””If this is legit, it is a black on white crime that is 100 times worse than little Trayvon Martin’s best-case”””””

I am sure I will see a bunch of white middle class youths protesting city hall, busting out windows and looting liquor stores demanding justice for the little white baby.


what? No looting white people? No white riots? NO? hmmmm. What kind of people loot and demand justice by stealing TVs? Afterall, its about the cause, right? MSM are you there?

187 posted on 03/23/2013 6:15:33 AM PDT by envisio (Its on like Donkey Kong!!)
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To: Truth2012

And they are trying to take our guns away..We need the guns to protect ouselves from this disgunting crap

188 posted on 03/23/2013 6:18:11 AM PDT by PLD
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Notice how they turn that story around to focus on the mother’s other dead son instead of focusing on the perpetrators.

Here from Yahoo:

Sabrina Elkins, the sister of the older suspect in the baby’s slaying, said Friday evening that she believed her brother was innocent of the charges. She didn’t know whether he had a lawyer.

“He couldn’t have done that to a little baby,” she told AP. “My brother has a good heart.”

She said that her brother had been living in Atlanta, and only returned to Brunswick a few months ago. Typically, he would come by her house in the morning and they’d go to breakfast. But yesterday morning, police came to her door.
Her brother was walking down the sidewalk and saw the officers at her door but came over anyway, Sabrina Elkins said.

“The police came pointing a Taser at him, telling him to get on the ground,” she recalled by phone. “He said, ‘What are you getting me for? Can you tell me what I did?’”

Sabrina Elkins said, “I am devastated and I keep saying, ‘There ain’t no way (this is) possible.’”

Sabrina needs to be brought in for questioning.

189 posted on 03/23/2013 6:24:04 AM PDT by Uncle Chip
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To: sergeantdave
The thing different from me and this savage is I own a gun he probably stole the one he has..He kills little babies because they are white and can't fight back..all this filth is worth is nothing..This scum was probably raised in a home that taught him to hate whites...but we will never know since the libs will say build a great story about how great he is...
190 posted on 03/23/2013 6:24:12 AM PDT by PLD
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To: Uncle Chip

This disgusting trash should be shot in the face just like the sweet baby was shot..and yes they started with the older son of this w0man and how he died..some said the mother shot the baby..Sick bunch of trash..

191 posted on 03/23/2013 6:29:29 AM PDT by PLD
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To: Uncle Chip
Typically, he would come by her house in the morning and they’d go to breakfast.

Would that be your typical government-funded breakfast? If he had been typically going to school in the morning, or typically going to work, he would have typically not had time to shoot the toddler.
192 posted on 03/23/2013 6:53:44 AM PDT by AD from SpringBay (We deserve the government we allow.)
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To: AD from SpringBay

My question to Sista Sabrina:

Since he typically came by for breakfast, did he come by for breakfast on the morning of the shooting???

Where were you at 9:00 that morning???

Why didn’t you call the police tip hotline???

Do you have a lawyer???

193 posted on 03/23/2013 7:09:21 AM PDT by Uncle Chip
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To: Windflier

It takes a special kind of black to be able to understand...maybe if we ask someone at DU to translate for us, though we’ll have to find one who knows the language.

194 posted on 03/23/2013 8:51:26 AM PDT by trussell (I carry because...When seconds count between life and death, the police are only minutes away)
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To: no-to-illegals

I’ll proudly stand with you!


Roger That from here!

195 posted on 03/23/2013 8:57:11 AM PDT by mongo141 (Revolution ver. 2.0, just a matter of when, not a matter of if!)
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To: Uncle Chip

NOw theres a woman who should have been armed. Oh how I wish she was carrying and slagged their asses before they shot her child! Horrible!

With animals like this running around, every law abiding citizen needs to be armed.

196 posted on 03/23/2013 9:48:01 AM PDT by Candor7 (Obama fascism article:(
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To: Uncle Chip; Fred Nerks

This is a racist hate crime.Its a federal offence.With Holder as AG, no one needs to hold their breath to have these two little fu*ks federally procecuted for racially motivated hate crimes.

This is violence that NO ONE will forget. Mark my words.

Two black kids shoot and murder a helpless white toddler in a wheel chair, IN COLD BLOOD ? THATS A HATE CRIME!

If it was the other way around, every Obama posse in the country would be crying “RACISM” !!!!!

What is happening to our Country? Its turning into a tin pot dictatorship, run by idjits who have their heads in the sand.

197 posted on 03/23/2013 9:57:58 AM PDT by Candor7 (Obama fascism article:(
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To: AuH2ORepublican

Much more interesting is the CBS Atlanta story where they lead with very white and tattooed handcuffed arms that look like they belong to a white supremacist skinhead...of course, then you get to the De’Marquis part...

Note to the news media: This isn’t fooling ANYONE anymore - it’s just getting us increasingly disgusted with you. I actually believe that this is CAUSING racism. Give it up already.

I’m increasingly in favor of the German birth certificate system, where they have a list of approved names (mostly Germanic). You can call your kid “Trigger”, “De LTD”, “225”, or whatever you like - but you won’t get that on the birth certificate. Freedom ends when you cripple someone else for life, particularly one of your own children.

198 posted on 03/23/2013 10:27:08 AM PDT by The Antiyuppie ("When small men cast long shadows, then it is very late in the day.")
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To: TexasCajun

That memorial needs to be streets long.

199 posted on 03/23/2013 10:45:52 AM PDT by My Favorite Headache (In a world where I feel so small, I can't stop thinking big.)
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To: Uncle Chip

I am in favor of going mid-evil on this one and setting them both on fire and then let them run to water 500 feet away. Then send them to prison for the rest of their lives as burn victims. The pain they will feel will make them want to kill themselves.

200 posted on 03/23/2013 10:47:38 AM PDT by My Favorite Headache (In a world where I feel so small, I can't stop thinking big.)
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