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Obama Presses Congress For Billions To Spend On Infrastructure Programs (Feds Can't Make Payroll)
CBS and AP ^ | 29 Mar 13 | None listed

Posted on 03/29/2013 5:51:26 AM PDT by SkyPilot

Edited on 03/29/2013 5:53:44 AM PDT by Admin Moderator. [history]

WASHINGTON (AP) President Barack Obama will press Congress to pass new tax incentives and other flexibility measures aimed at attracting more private sector investment in infrastructure projects around the country, a senior administration official said.

The president will flesh out the details of his proposals during a speech Friday at a Miami port that is undergoing $2 billion in upgrades, funded by public and private money. In his quick trip to South Florida, Obama will try to show the public that the economy remains his top priority in the midst of high-profile campaigns on immigration reform and gun control.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Front Page News; Government; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: furlough; obama; sequestration; spending
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The Federal Government cannot even make payroll this year for its employees due to Sequestration, and yet Obama is spending money like someone who just got their EBT re-loaded at the beginning of the month.

Despite passage the Continuing Resolution that allowed the Pentagon to restore badly needed Operations and Maintenance funds that had been decimated by the 2011 $487 Billion in cuts and the Sequester, the DoD will still furlough 750,000 employees for 2 weeks - a 13% cut in pay that includes nurses, maintainers, firefighters, engineers....everyone except foreign nationals being paid on the DoD dime and a small percentage who were exempted for immediate health and safety.

The Government is still going to have to furlough FBI agents, Border Patrol Agents, and other vital staff.

Furlough Watch: Agency-by-Agency Impacts of Sequestration

This week alone, Obama gave away half a Billion dollars to the Palestinians, and pledged another $200 Million to the Syrians.

Congress should immediately freeze every nickel of that money. It is unconsiounable that TRICARE staff that provides medial care for our active duty, Guard, Reserves, and retirees and their families is being cut due to the Seqester, but Obama is still spending money like this.

Where are Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan now? Oh that's right, vacation again.

1 posted on 03/29/2013 5:51:26 AM PDT by SkyPilot
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To: SkyPilot

I thought the US House controlled the nation’s pocketbook.
Where are our guys ?

2 posted on 03/29/2013 5:58:44 AM PDT by Eric in the Ozarks (NRA Life Member)
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To: Eric in the Ozarks

They are AWOL as usual.

3 posted on 03/29/2013 6:01:27 AM PDT by 3Fingas (Sons and Daughters of Freedom, Committee of Correspondence)
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To: SkyPilot
Didn't this clown blow a trillion bucks on "shovel ready jobs" like infrastructure improvements?

or did all that loot go out as pay offs to his debtors?

4 posted on 03/29/2013 6:02:18 AM PDT by NativeSon ( Grease the floor with Crisco when I dance the Disco)
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To: SkyPilot

Please note that the “2 weeks” furlough is 14 working days, thus it is 1 day short of 3 work weeks of furlough.

5 posted on 03/29/2013 6:04:03 AM PDT by GreyFriar (Spearhead - 3rd Armored Division 75-78 & 83-87)
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To: SkyPilot

For those “shovel-ready” jobs that got all that funding from Porkulus I in 2009?

6 posted on 03/29/2013 6:04:47 AM PDT by ScottinVA (Gun control: Steady firm grip, target within sights, squeeze the trigger slowly...)
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To: SkyPilot

you know what, government having to juggle funds is NORMAL and how it is supposed to be, they are not supposed to have and endless river of money

7 posted on 03/29/2013 6:08:31 AM PDT by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: GreyFriar
You are absolutely correct. It is 14 working days, which is more severe.

Moreover, I heard the employees still have to pay all of their automatic deductions, so their paycut will still be about 18%.

That is huge, and the DoD employees are in every state. The effect on local economies is already being felt.

8 posted on 03/29/2013 6:14:26 AM PDT by SkyPilot
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To: SkyPilot
President Barack Obama will press Congress to pass new tax incentives and other flexibility measures aimed at attracting more private sector investment in infrastructure projects around the country

What "tax incentives" is Jug pushing now? Does he mean new TAX LOOPHOLES?

Didn't Jug Ears just blow a wad of his political capital strong-arming the GOP to increase tax rates on the very people who make "private sector investments" in infrastructure?

Sorry Jug maybe there is less cash to "invest" now that "the rich" are paying THEIR FAIR SHARE
9 posted on 03/29/2013 6:20:05 AM PDT by silverleaf (Age Takes a Toll: Please Have Exact Change)
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To: SkyPilot

for the $6 Trillion he ALREADY WASTED we could have upgraded our disastrously outdated electrical grid

One or two well-place EMP strikes and we are back to living in the horse-and buggy age. But it would be much much worse because we are not READY to live that way. Millions would starve before we adapted, but by then an invading army would be in control.

10 posted on 03/29/2013 6:23:24 AM PDT by Mr. K (There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and democrat talking points.)
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To: SkyPilot

They passed Reids VAWA, now they are recovering to have energy to pass Reids gun safety and immigration reform bills when they come over.

11 posted on 03/29/2013 6:23:32 AM PDT by sickoflibs (To GOP : Any path to US citizenship IS putting them ahead in line. Stop lying about your position.)
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To: SkyPilot

more $ for infrastructure> Yeah right we believe that. Really Obama needs more money for his campaign, that is the real reason

12 posted on 03/29/2013 6:25:50 AM PDT by hondact200 (Candor dat viribos alas (sincerity gives wings to strength) and Nil desperandum (never despair))
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To: SkyPilot

What happens when infrastructure becomes an object of worship?

“because of this, God gave them over...”
—Romans 1

Same ol’.

13 posted on 03/29/2013 6:35:32 AM PDT by TArcher ("TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, governments are instituted among men" -- Does that still work?)
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To: SkyPilot

I am one of those DoD emp. What we do is directly related to supporting the USN and USAF warfighter. We are being told that we will see no work inducted for 3rd and 4th quarters for fy13 which means the inevitable degradation of warfighter readiness................nice timing with n. korea rattling their sabres and all. I and the people I work with are not as concerned about $$ lost as we are about our support for the US military.

14 posted on 03/29/2013 6:39:59 AM PDT by V_TWIN (obama=where there's smoke, there's mirrors)
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To: All
The Obama family blew $1.4B on travel and entertainment for themselves and their numerous personal staffs last year: that's 2000 times more than what the entire British Royal Family cost the UK ($57.8M)----$27 million bucks a week is only the tip of the iceberg: White House sources claim Michelle went through $10M of taxpayer money last year on just her own private trips and shopping sprees, with one calling the First Lady's self-indulgent spending orgy -including extravagant massages, top-shelf booze, and five-star hotels- 'disgusting'.

NRO tallied what taxpayers are paying for the Ohaha's living in the White House: $1.4 billion per year: Air Force One ($181,757 per hour), executive chef ($100,000 per year), three full-time White House calligraphers ($ 277,050 per year for the trio), chief of staff to the president’s dog ($102,000 per year), Ohaha's royal motorcade ($2.2 million).


$1.4 BILLION is the current annual cost of the White House — just in household expenses, not including US policy operations for which the WH exists--administered by some 900 parasites---policy staff recruited by Ohaha.

Annually, Ohaha vacations cost $20 million (the low estimate for Ohaha's Hawaii vacay was $4 million, but the true cost is probably five times that); the first family’s yearly health-care costs are $7 million; more than $6 million is spent on the White House grounds each year. Transportation costs were a staggering $346 million last year.-



REFERENCE- American kids were denied tours of the WH "b/c of limited Secret Service" (so sayeth your president)----but M/M Ohahah were taking separate vacays w/ teams of SS in tow.

Michelle Ohaha skied at a posh Aspen resort while prez golfed with Tiger Woods in Florida---both had Secret Service teams. Michelle brought a few friends and their daughters to Aspen. They were given all-day private lessons with pro-skiers from the Ski and Snowboard School of Aspen.

Mrs O and crew stayed at the home of Aspen Ski Company owners Jim and Paula Crown, who are big Democratic donors. The Secret Serice contingent was so immense, it occupied an entire house next door.

Aspen's wealthy regulars were annoyed when air space was blocked because of Mrs O's tax-paid govt plane----the regular Aspen crowd couldn’t get their private jets down, and had to be diverted.



REFERENCE--While kids were shut out of the WH supposedly due to Secret Service cutbacks, the O's teen daughter was spotted in NYC the other night---with girlfriends---dining at the pricey Buddakan, scoffing up rock shrimp, edamame dumplings, short ribs, lobster fried rice........replete w/ five Secret Service guards dining nearby, while students her age were denied access to the people's house.


15 posted on 03/29/2013 6:48:54 AM PDT by Liz
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To: All
JUST A REMINDER---THE DUMMYCRATS HATE THE RICH---but don't mind wearing high fashion and diamonds, vacaying at the rich's fave resorts, spending and spending and spending the taxpayers' dime ON THEMSELVES. THE OBAMA'S MOTTO---"NOTHING FOR THEE---EVERYTHING FOR ME. " But as Mrs O whined, "America is basically a downright mean sort of place," ...... so kid's WH tours will just have to go what with those Repubs forcing sequestration cutbacks on "tolerant and compassionate" Dems (sob).


REFERENCE "Tolerant and compassionate" Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently told Chris Wallace on Fox News, "It is almost a false argument (made by Repubs) to say that we have a spending problem (WRT sequestration)."
(TRANSLATION "And besides, we need trillions to subsidize all our "new citizens" who will vote---and make me Majority Leader, again---not to mention the billions in foreign aid we plan to give to all the countries on the other side of the border.")

MAKING THE DEALS IN EXCHANGE FOR ILLEGALS' VOTES--- L-R--Sen. Robert Menendez , (D-NJ); Dr Salomon Melgen, VOXXI Chman of the Board; Rep Nancy Pelosi (all dolled up in the latest fashion); Francisco J. Sanchez, Under Secy of Commerce for Intl Trade, and Emilio Sanchez, Pres/CEO of VOXXI at the Ntl Assoc of Latino Elected and Appt Officials Gala in DC. (Photo/ Voxxi---Melgen's web site)


Rich-hater Michelle Ohaha appears on the cover of Vogue and opens up about what she says is her biggest priority -- maintaining a happy and tight-knit family. "Our job is, first and foremost, to make sure our family is whole,"

I'm surprised Mrs O did not wear for the Vogue cover, the pricey diamnod bangles she sported at a DNC fund-raiser last Sept attended by "tolerant and compassionate" Dems....raised big bucks to keep Mr O in office so he could work for "the poor."

Musta wowed all the "tolerant and compassionate" Dems who hate the rich and support endless tax-paid programs "for the poor."

The Gothic cuff was priced at $15,350 set with 2.17 carats in diamonds and the Quatrefoil bracelet at $11,800 set with 1.73 carats in diamonds. (Excerpt) Read more at


Family togetherness--- that's a laugh. They took separate vacays few weeks ago. Been estimated he's spent some 800 hours golfing. All those shots of him on the greens never show the kiddies and wifey in tow. That's togetherness?

16 posted on 03/29/2013 6:50:16 AM PDT by Liz
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To: SkyPilot

Other than Cruz & Rubio we have zero leadership in DC. This clown we have impersonating POTUS is a total failure.

17 posted on 03/29/2013 6:52:20 AM PDT by rhubarbk (Proud Member Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club 1968-1969)
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To: NativeSon

It went pay for the signs that stated that the work being performed at that site was a result of Zero’s stimulus efforts.

18 posted on 03/29/2013 6:54:46 AM PDT by rhubarbk (Proud Member Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club 1968-1969)
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To: All

FOURTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS Behind The Real Size of the Bailout; A guide to the abbreviations, acronyms, and obscure programs that make up the $14 trillion federal bailout of Wall Street
Mon Dec. 21, 2009 12:23 PM PST

The price tag for the Wall Street bailout is often put at $700 billion—the size of the Troubled Assets Relief Program. But TARP is just the best known program in an array of more than 30 overseen by Treasury Department and Federal Reserve that have paid out or put aside money to bail out financial firms and inject money into the markets.

To get a sense of the size of the real $14 trillion bailout, see our chart at web site. Below, a guide to the pieces of the puzzle:

Treasury Department bailout programs

(Remember that Obama put his COS in charge at Treasury. His then-COS Rahm Emanuel was a onetime Wall Street operator---and G/S lobbyist---who once worked for Clinton)

Money Market Mutual Fund: In September 2008, the Treasury announced that it would insure the holdings of publicly offered money market mutual funds. According to the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), these guarantees could have potentially cost the federal government more than $3 trillion [PDF].

Public-Private Investment Fund: This joint Treasury-Federal Reserve program bought toxic assets from banks and brokerages—as much as $5 billion of assets per firm. According to SIGTARP, the government's potential exposure from the PPIF is between $500 million and $1 trillion [PDF].

TARP: As part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the Treasury has made loans to or investments more than 750 banks and financial institutions. $650 billion has been paid out (not including HAMP; see below). As of December 21, 2009, $117.5 billion of that has been repaid.

Government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) stock purchase: The Treasury has bought $200 million in preferred stock from Fannie Mae and another $200 million from Freddie Mac [PDF] to show that they "will remain viable entities critical to the functioning of the housing and mortgage markets."

GSE mortgage-backed securities purchase: Under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, the Treasury may buy mortgage-backed securities from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. According to SIGTARP, these purchases could cost as much as $314 billion ---SNIP---.

LONG READ---go to web site to read more and checkout the shocking financial charts.



"Hi there, Americans. Obama put me in charge of the trillion dollar stimulus. My son and brother are gonna help me disperse the money. "


Offshore Fraudster had links to offshore fund run by VP's relatives
Reuters on Yahoo | 2/23/09 | BY Ajay Kamalakaran

(Reuters) – A fund of offshore hedge funds run by two members of VP Joe Biden's family was marketed exclusively by offshore firms controlled by Texas financier Allen Stanford, charged by regulators with an $8 billion fraud, the Wall Street Journal said.

The Bidens $50 million fund was jointly branded between the Bidens' Paradigm Global Advisors LLC and the offshore Stanford Financial Group entity headquartered in Antigua, and was known as the Paradigm Stanford Capital Management Core Alternative Fund, the paper said. Stanford-related offshore companies marketed the Biden fund to investors and also invested about $2.7 million of their own money in the fund, the paper said, citing a lawyer for Paradigm.

Paradigm Global Advisors is owned through a holding company by the vice president Biden's son, Hunter, and Joe Biden's brother, James, according to the WSJ. Paradigm's attorney, Marc LoPresti, who represents Hunter Biden and James Biden, as well as Paradigm, told the paper he did not know which Stanford entity invested the roughly $2.7 million. (Excerpt) Read more at ...

NOTE A lawyer for Hunter Biden and James Biden told reporters the Bidens NEVER met or communicated with Stanford. (/snicker)

Stanford is in jail for 110 years---but the Bidens got off scot-free.

19 posted on 03/29/2013 6:58:46 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

That’s what really gets me - the separate vacations and the endless time away from his kids, yet he and the First Woman go on and on about caring for the children of everyone else. His half-brother lives in a shack, too. Yet he had the gall to attack Mitt Romney’s compassion?

20 posted on 03/29/2013 7:15:23 AM PDT by PghBaldy (12/14 - 930am -rampage begins... 12/15 - 1030am - Obama's advance team scouts photo-op locations.)
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