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Islam is Dying by HeyWhatsUpLosers ( A slideshow - youtube)
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Posted on 04/19/2013 1:22:50 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach

Uploaded on May 28, 2008

A few charts on Religion growth lately. To take out that Myth that Islam is growing faster than anything else.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 04/19/2013 1:22:50 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach
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To: TigersEye; Marine_Uncle; justa-hairyape; onyx; SunkenCiv; NormsRevenge; Fred Nerks

I would like to see more recent numbers.

2 posted on 04/19/2013 1:24:51 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach ((The Global Warming Hoax was a Criminal Act....where is Al Gore?))
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

Problem is they are eagerly willing to murder as many non-Islam people as possible in order to secure their 72 virgins in heaven.

3 posted on 04/19/2013 1:26:12 PM PDT by Blood of Tyrants (Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out.)
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To: All
I have been to meeings , :

Spreading the Good News

4 posted on 04/19/2013 1:29:16 PM PDT by Ernest_at_the_Beach ((The Global Warming Hoax was a Criminal Act....where is Al Gore?))
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

The presentation states that non-religion is growing at twice the pace of Islam. Non-religion isn’t going to counter people who want to kill everybody who isn’t like them. What we need is someone to convert the Islamists to either non-religion or Christianity. (Lots of luck, as Islamists even kill other Islamists who aren’t Islamic enough.)

You can’t fight fanaticism with people who believe in diversity. (How many wars were started because people were too similar?) The liberal non-religious simply won’t acknowledge that they’re in danger until it hits them. By that time it may be too late. Already, hooded Islamists are warning women on London’s streets to wear the proper clothing or have acid thrown on them. How many have to die before we start dealing with Islam as a death cult rather than a religion?

5 posted on 04/19/2013 1:33:30 PM PDT by Gen.Blather
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To: Gen.Blather
How many wars were started because people were too similar?

That's a question so good that somebody should use it for a tagline. I would, but I like the one I already have. Maybe after Zer0 is gone?

6 posted on 04/19/2013 1:51:06 PM PDT by Vigilanteman (Obama: Fake black man. Fake Messiah. Fake American. How many fakes can you fit in one Zer0?)
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To: All
fastest growing
7 posted on 04/19/2013 1:55:38 PM PDT by HenryArmitage (it was not meant that we should voyage far.)
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To: Gen.Blather; Ernest_at_the_Beach
Here's an excerpt from the American Thinker on Islam in Latin America, entitled : GIANTS IN THE LAND?...

...However, most of these alarming revelations turned out to be nothing more than chimeras.

I did discover lies and exaggerations.  The imams of Argentina like to say there are almost a million Muslims in their country, and some semi-official figures concur.  A more realistic count may be 500,000, but even that figure is suspect. 

The Argentine academics Pedro Brieger and Enrique Herszkowich noted that most Muslims in Argentina are assimilated, non-practicing, and likely to marry into Christianity.  In reality, they noted:

Assuming four people per family, a realistic guess for the Muslim population of Buenos Aires might be around 4,500, far fewer than the number projected by some Muslim officials.  (Source)

From 900,000 down to a little more than 4,500 practicing Muslims in Buenos Aires.  There are some in the hinterlands; but even accounting for those, the official numbers are grossly exaggerated.

Of course, the critic will notice that I am citing papers that are roughly ten years old.  Times have changed.  The Saudis have financed the opening of the King Fahd Mosque in Buenos Aires, and they subsidize the Islamic Center.


The number of Muslims in Argentina is decreasing[.] ... This may, however, change in the future with the construction of the new Islamic Cultural Center King Fahd financed by the Saudi government, which includes a school and a mosque with a minaret in the heart of Buenos Aires. (Source)

Islam was dying in Argentina, until the Saudi government financed it, on land donated by the Argentine federal government.  It took the intervention of two governments to make an Islamic giant out of a dying dwarf.  What if the subsidies were cut off? 

In 2007,  Daniel Greenfield of the Sultan Knish blog wrote "The Arab Invasion of South America," where he cited this questionable statistic:  

... Venezuela ... has as many as one million Muslims. (Source)

A U.S. State Department report, also written in 2007, estimated more than 100,000 Muslim in Venezuela -- considerably less than Daniel Greenfield's estimate.

The Muslim community of more than 100,000 is concentrated among persons of Lebanese and Syrian descent living in Nueva Esparta State and the Caracas area.

The Spanish-language IslamHoy (Islam Today) reports 250,000 Muslims in Venezuala -- still far less than Greenfield's claim of one million -- with 40,000 Muslims in Caracas.  

However, regarding Caracas, the American Foreign Policy Council reported in 2011:

Caracas has a largely Sunni population of 15,000 which is served by the largest mosque in Latin America, built by the Saudis[.](SOURCE)

We have established, from the Argentine academics cited above, that Islamic authorities grossly exaggerate, and so 100,000 Muslims seems to be the more reliable figure for Muslims in Venezuela.  Islam Today was off by a factor of 2.5.  If one divides their figure of 40,000 Muslims in Caracas by the 2.5 factor, we arrive at 16,000, which is almost identical to the American Foreign Policy Council figure of 15,000 in Caracas.  Again, this confirms our suspicion of Muslim mendacity.

Whether we use the more reliable 15,000 estimate or the 40,000 one, one is still left with an oddly low number of Muslims in Caracas.  One would expect more Muslims to be concentrated in Venezuela's chief port.  This causes even the claim of 100,000 Muslims in Venezuela to be suspect.

The same effect of Muslim exaggeration was noted in Israel by Yoram Ettinger., whose demographic work in the contested areas discovered that the Arabs were inflating their population by over a million.

The Islam Project claims that 1.1% of Brazil -- about 2 million --  is Muslim, but the 2010 Brazilian census listed only 35,167 Muslims.  That's a factor of over 56 to 1.  

The U.S. State Department in 2009 reported that in Brazil:

Muslim leaders estimate that there are between 700,000 and 3 million Muslims, with the lower figure representing active practitioners.

The extent of Musim exaggeration is breathtaking. 

When I started my website, the numbers I added up were scary -- but over time, I began to realize that the official figures contradicted each other.   Islam is dying, except where government monies (often co-financed by Western governments or oil revenues) prop it up.  Had Argentina not donated that land in downtown Buenos Aires to the Saudis, Islam might be dead in Argentina now.

Suicidal Western subsidies have kept Islam alive.  Islam cannot support itself.

Not just in Latin America, but even in Africa the Muslims admit that Islam is collapsing.  The roar of Islam that we see is that of a wounded and dying animal.

The real mass conversions in Latin America are to varieties of Pentecostal and Baptist Christianity.  Over a  million people a year are becoming Evangelical in Brazil.  Chile also has a growing Evangelical community.  Argentina is 9% Evangelical now.  Even the Arabs in Chavez's Venezuela have started to convert.

8 posted on 04/19/2013 1:57:20 PM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

Look at Lebanon. Once mainly Christian - now Islamicized by the polygamoous bastards. Spreading in Nigeria and Ethiopia also.

9 posted on 04/19/2013 2:14:20 PM PDT by ZULU (See:
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach

I hate it when people make a you-tube video out of a small amount of written text. WHy watch a three-minute video, when you could read it in about 5 seconds?

10 posted on 04/19/2013 2:26:25 PM PDT by dangus (Poverty cannot be eradicated as long as the poor remain dependent on the state - Pope Francis)
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Although the video is pure, unadulterated BS, so is the notion that Islam is breeding like crazy to take over the world. Birth rates across Islam have plummeted. For instance, the Total Fertility Rate in Iran (the largest Middle-Eastern nation) has dropped from 6.5 in the 1980s to just 1.3 today. It’s also dropped below 2 in Indonesia (largest Muslim population in the Asia and the world), Egypt (largest Muslim population in Africa).

The reason for the Islamicization of Lebanon is chiefly the exodus of the Christian Lebanese.

Ethiopia has a slightly higher proportion of Muslims as of 2007 then in 1994, but the Christian proportion has grown similarly; the loss is among animists.

Not sure if Islam is spreading in Nigeria; they definitely are becoming violent in the push to spread, but this is largely simply becoming more rigid in the areas that are already Muslim. The best Muslim %age source says it’s 47% now, vs. 44% in 1978, the loss coming among animists.

11 posted on 04/19/2013 2:41:49 PM PDT by dangus (Poverty cannot be eradicated as long as the poor remain dependent on the state - Pope Francis)
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To: dangus

FWIW, the 2011 election was largely fought as Christian v Muslim. The Christian candidate got 59% of the vote. A Muslim from the Christian South won about 6%, winning one Christian state outright, demonstrating that his strength was among Christians.

(There had been a gentleman’s agreement within the majority party to rotate the presidency between Muslims and Christians, which was thrown into turmoil when a Christian VP filled out the rest of a Muslim’s “turn.”; it was also customary for Presidents to fill two terms. The Christian saw himself as completing the Muslim’s chance for two terms.)

12 posted on 04/19/2013 2:56:55 PM PDT by dangus (Poverty cannot be eradicated as long as the poor remain dependent on the state - Pope Francis)
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