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Chechens in the US feel exposed and embarassed
New York Times ^ | 20 Apr 2013 | Michael Swirtz

Posted on 04/21/2013 11:25:24 PM PDT by Cronos

Ali Tepsurkaev was at work on a construction site in Nantucket when his boss approached him to deliver the news: the two prime suspects had been identified as ethnic Chechens

“I was so upset, I couldn’t work,” said Mr. Tepsurkaev,

Until a few days ago, most Chechens in the United States lived largely anonymous lives. Few Americans even knew what and where Chechnya was.

Now, two Chechen brothers are at the center of one of the most serious terrorist attacks on the United States since Sept. 11, 2001. While the motivations behind the bombings are still unknown, the attack has made Chechnya, a mostly Muslim region in Russia, a focus of American scrutiny, and it has thrust Chechens living here into an unwanted spotlight.

Several Chechens in the Boston area and elsewhere said the attack had left them feeling exposed — and embarrassed. Some worry about being branded terrorists in a country that they credit with offering them sanctuary.

Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in two vicious wars between Russian troops and Chechen separatists in the 1990s and early 2000s. The wars led to widespread destruction in Chechnya and spawned a violent Islamist insurgency that created even more misery.

...Mr. Tepsurkaev, who has a wife and 3-year-old daughter, said seeing two Chechens held responsible for the Boston attack had left him feeling irrational guilt.“Most of us would be dead right now if it wasn’t for the United States giving us a home and saving us from all the violence,” he said. “It feels embarrassing for us. After all this hospitality we’re getting from Americans, to hear that some Chechen....” he said, breaking off. “It’s hard. It’s difficult to explain.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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it's not often I agree with a Chechen, but the leader of Chechnya is correct:

The two suspects, Dzhokhar and his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, lived in Dagestan, a region in Russia that borders Chechnya, and in Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet republic that is now independent, before coming to the United States as children. But they had never lived in Chechnya itself.

“Any attempt to make a connection between Chechnya and the Tsarnaevs, if they were guilty, is futile,” Ramzan A. Kadyrov, Chechnya’s leader, said in a post on Instagram. “They were raised in the United States and their views and convictions formed there. The roots of evil must be sought in America.

1 posted on 04/21/2013 11:25:24 PM PDT by Cronos
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To: Cronos
Few Americans even knew what and where Chechnya was

So says elitist New York Times reporter Michael Schwirtz

Snotty twit

2 posted on 04/21/2013 11:29:36 PM PDT by wardaddy (wanna know how my kin felt during Reconstruction in Mississippi, you fixin to find out firsthand)
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To: Cronos

That’s because there aren’t enough of them here. They’re just lonely and misunderstood. Overheard on the interwebs:

Do Chechens tend to be terrorists, gangsters, or freedom fighters struggling for national liberation?

How about: All three?

The skill sets of terrorists, gangsters, and freedom fighters overlap to a fair degree, and in the real world, we see many examples of this, with Chechens being perhaps the most extraordinary examples on a per capita basis.

There has been much psychoanalyzing in the press of the alienation of the Bomb Brothers. Perhaps the best explanation of their anomie is that there just weren’t enough fellow Chechens in America yet to form a proper Chechen Mafia, so they had to act out their Checheny impulses on their own.

Since the answer to all problems caused by immigration is to increase immigration, I look forward to essays explaining that the way to keep Chechens in America from blowing up marathons is to import more Chechens so they can have the weight of numbers to take over, say, pimping in the New England area or some other non-terroristic pastime appropriate to their cultural predilections.

3 posted on 04/21/2013 11:35:17 PM PDT by Zhang Fei (Let us pray that peace be now restored to the world and that God will preserve it always.)
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To: Cronos

Why are there any Chechens in the US?

4 posted on 04/21/2013 11:36:16 PM PDT by donna (Pray for revival.)
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To: Cronos

Please read:

5 posted on 04/21/2013 11:40:13 PM PDT by Cowboy Bob (Democrats: Robbing Peter to buy Paul's vote.)
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To: Cronos

today my boss told me those terrorists were male. OMG. I’m so upset.
Seriously?!?! Do ppl feel upset because so-so stranger who so happen to share something similar to you, turned out to be a criminal

6 posted on 04/21/2013 11:43:56 PM PDT by 4rcane
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To: Cronos

Here are a stories of people who used to live near Chechens:

Ms. A. Kochedikova, former Grozny resident.

“I fled from Grozny in February 1993 because of constant threats from armed Chechens and non-payment crisis. I left behing my furnished apartment, 2 cars, a garage and fled with my husband. In February 1995 Chechens killed my neighbor on the street (she was born in 1966). They broke her head and ribs, raped her.

The WWII veteran Ms. Yelena Ivanovna was murdered from the neighboring apt.

Starting 1993 it became unbearable to survive, mass murders were everywhere. The cars were blown up with people inside. Russians were fired from their jobs without any reason.

A man was killed in his apt. (he was born in 1935). He was stabbed 9 times, his daughter was raped and killed in the kitchen of their apt.”

Mr. B. Yephankin, former Grozny resident.

“In May 1993 in my garage I was assaulted and battered by 2 Chechens armed with a gun and an automatic gun.

They wanted my car but it was in the repair shop at that moment, so they couldn’t hijack it. They started shooting above my head.

In the fall of 1993 a group of armed Chechens commited an atrocious murder of my friend, Mr. Bolgarsky who refused to voluntarily give away his car “Volga”. It was not the only case, there was a massacre. That’s why I had to leave Grozny.”

Mr. D. Gakuryan, former Grozny resident.

“In November 1994 my Chechen neighbors threatened me with gun and then kicked me out of the apt. and settled down there.”

Ms. P.Kuskova, former Grozny resident.

“On July 1, 1994 four Chechen teens broke my arm and raped me not far from “Red Hammer” plant when I was coming home from work.”

Mr. E. Dapkulinets, former Grozny resident.

“On December 6,7, 1994 I was severely beaten for the refusal to take part in military action together with Ukranean hirelings in the village of Chechen-Aul.”

Ms. E. Barsukova, former Grozny resident.

“In the summer of 1994 from my window I witnessed the hijacking of my neighbor’s car (his name is Mr. Mkrtchan). The armed Chechens approached him and shot him in the leg. Then they got into his car and drove away.”

Ms. G. Tarasova, former Grozny resident.

“On May 6, 1993 my husband – Mr. Tarasov disappeared. I presume that he was taken by force to the mountains by Chechens to work, for he was a welder.”

Ms. E. Khobova, former Grozny resident.

“On December 31, 1994 my husband – Mr. Pogodin and his brother – Mr. Yeryomin were killed by a Chechen sniper when they were taking away the corps of Russian soldiers.”

Ms. N. Trofimova, former Grozny resident.

“In September 1994 Chechens stormed my sisters apt. (Ms. Vishnyakova). They raped her in the presense of her children, beat her son and took away her 12-year old daughter Helen. She never returned home.

From 1993 my son has been severely beaten and robbed by Chechens.”

Ms. Ageeva, former village Petropavlovskaya resident.

“On January 11, 1995 on the village square Russian soldiers were gunned down by Chechens.”

Ms. Khrapova, former Gudermes resident.

“In August 1992 our neighbor Mr. Sarkisyan and his wife were tortured and set on fire alive.”

Mr. Kobzaryev, former Grozny region resident.

“On November 7, 1991 three armed Chechens shot at my country house. Miraculously, I survived. In September 1992 armed Chechens demanded that I leave my apartment and threw a grenade. Soon after that, fearing the death threats my family and I had to leave the republic.”

Ms. Alexandrova, former Grozny resident.

“My daughter was coming home from work one day. The Chechens seized her, dragged into their car, beat her, stabbed and raped her. We had to leave the city.”

Ms. Vdovchenko, former Grozny resident.

“Some days ago, early in the morning my neighbor, a KGB officer, Mr. Tolstenko, was kidnapped by armed Chechens. Later, his mutilated corpse was found. I was told about this by Ms. O.K.” (It really happened in Grozny in 1991)

Ms. Nazarenko, former Grozny resident.

“I stayed in Grozny until November, 1992. President Dudaev was indulgent towards all kinds of crimes against Russians and Chechens were never punished for that. Quite unexpectedly the principal of Grozny State University, Mr. Kan-Kalik disappeared. Later, his corpse was accidentally found in a forest in a pit. He was murdered because he didn’t want to quit his position.”

Ms. Shepetilo, 1981 – y.o.b.

“I lived in Grozny until the end of April 1994. I worked as a principalof Music School, village Kalinovskaya, Naur region. At the end of 1993 I was going home from work to Grozny. The bus was out of order, so I had to take a walk. I heard a car “Zhiguly” pulling over. An armed Chechen got out of it and threatening to kill me, dragged me into the car. He took me to a remote field, beat and raped me.”

Ms. Yunusova.

“My son was kidnapped for 3 weeks for a ranson of 1.5 mln. roubles. They let him go after we paid.”

Ms. M. Portnikh.

“In the spring of 1992 a liquor store on Dyakov St. was robbed. A grenade was thrown into manager’s apartment. Her husband died and her leg had to be amputated.”

Ms. Chekulina, 1949 – y.o.b.

“I left Grozny in March, 1993. My son was robbed 5 times, his clothes taken. On his way to school, the Chechens beat him severely, broke his skull, threatened with knife. I was beaten and raped also only because I’m Russian. The Dean of my son’s faculty was murdered. Before our departure from Grozny, my son’s friend Max was killed.”

Ms. Minkoyeva, 1978 – y.o.b.

“In 1992 in Grozny our neighboring school was attaked. The student of the 7th grade were taken hostages for 1 day. There was a group rape of the whole class and 3 teachers. In 1993 my classmate M. was kidnapped. In the summer of 1993 one man was shot down by Chechens at the railway station.”

Ms. Komarova, former Grozny resident.

“I worked as a pediatric nurse at Clinic #1 in Grozny. We had a nurse, named Totikova. The armed Chechens came in to her house and gunned down all the family. All my life was in fear. One day, President Dudaev raided our clinic with his armed men. He yelled that there was a Russian Genocide, because our building used to be a KGB office long ago. We were all pushed against the walls and threatened. I was not paid for 7 months. An April 1993 I had to leave the city.”

Ms. Yu. Plentyova, 1970 – y.o.b.

“In the summer of 1994 at 1 pm on Khrushchyov Square I witessed an execution of 2 Chechens, 1 Russian an 1 Korean. It was performed by 4 Dudaev’s guardsmen, who brought the above mentioned victims in foreign made cars. One car which was passing by during the execution was damaged and the driver sustained injuries.”

The following has been added on March 20th.

Mr. A. Fedyushkin, 1945 – y.o.b.

“In 1992 disguised armed Chechens hijacked my relative’s car in the village of Chervlyonnaya. In 1992 or 1993 2 armed Chechens tied up my wife (1949 – y.o.b.) and my older daughter (1973 – y.o.b.) and raped them, then they stole our TV, gas range and disappeared. The attackers were wearing masks.

In 1992 in the village of Chervlyonnaya my mother was robbed by some Chechens. They beat her and took away her icon, and a cross.

My brother’s neighbor went driving outside Chervlyonnaya village and disappeared. This car was later found in the mountains and his corpse – in the river 3 months later.”

Ms. V. Doronina.

“At the end of August 1992 my granddaughter was forcibly taken into the car by Chechens, but soon they let her go. In the village of Nizhneviuk (Assinovka) in the children’s home Chechens raped all girls and the teachers.

My son was threatened to be murdered by his neighbor Yunus who demanded that he sell him his house.

At the end of 1991 armed Chechens attacked my relative’s house looking for money. Threatened to kill him and killed his son.”

Mrs. Akinshina, 1961 – y.o.b.

“In August 25, 1992 around midnight in my country house 4 Chechens aged 15-16 raped me. They hit me on my head. After that threatening to kill me they made my dog rape me, too.”

Mr. N. Lobenko, former Grozny resident.

“In the lobby of my apartment building the Chechens gunned down 1 Armenian and 1 Russian man. The Russian was killed because he tried to defend the Armenian.”

Mrs. I. Zabrodina, former Grozny resident.

“One day, Chechens snatched away my purse. In March – April 1994 my daughter who worked at a boarding school was raped and beaten by a drunk Chechen who came into the school. Then he tried to kill her. She was lucky to escape.

I also witnessed the robbery of the neighboring house. The tenants were in a bomb shelter at that time.”

Ms. O. Kalchenko, former Grozny resident.

“My co-worker, a young girl of 22 years old, was raped and gunned down by a group Chechens in front of my office building. Later, I was threatened with knife and robbed of my only money by 2 Chechens.”

Mr. V. Karagedin, former Grozny resident.

“Chechens killed my younger son – 04.01.94 and also my older son – 08.01.95.”

Mr. Dzuba, former Grozny resident.

“All the residents were urged to take Chechens citizenship. In case of refusal, they would not get food stamps.”

Ms. Abidzhaliyeva, former Grozny resident.

“We fleed from Grozny on Jan. 13, 1995 because Chechens wanted us to defend them from Russian military. They beat my brother for his refusal to join their guards.”

Mr. O. Borichevsky, former Grozny resident.

In April 1993 our apartment was robbed by Chechens in “Special Forces” uniforms. They robbed us of all the valuables we had.”

Ms. N/ Kolesnikova, former Grozny resident.

“On Dec. 2, 1993 on the bus stop “36th microregion” 5 Chechens took me forcibly into a near garage, beat me up, raped me and then threw me into the car. After that they took me to different apartments where they raped me and injected drugs. They let me go only on Dec. 5, 1993.”

Ms. A.Kurbanova, Ms. O.Kurbanova, Mr. L.Kurbanov, former Grozny residents.

“Our neighbors – T. (father, mother, son and daughter) were all murdered by Chechens in their apt.”

Ms. Fefelova, former Grozny resident.

“Our neighbor’s daughter, a girl of 12 years old, was kidnapped by Chechens. Later, they started sending them pictures of her being raped and tortured. They demanded a ransom.”

Ms. Saniyeva, former Grozny resident.

“During the battles in Grozny I saw women – snipers among. Dudaev’s guards.”

Ms. L. Davidova, former Grozny resident.

“In August 1993 3 Chechens attacked my neighbor’s house in Gudermess. They pushed the husband under the bed and atrociously raped the wife (they also used some objects). In a week, the woman died. My kitchen was set on fire on Dec. 31, 1994.”

Ms. Lisitskaya, former Grozny resident.

“I used to live near a railway station. Used to witness daily robbery of the trains. On Jan. 1, 1995 some Chechens visited me demanding money for guns and ammunition.”

Ms. Tselikina, former Grozny resident.

“On November 2, 1994 my daughter Anjela was kidnapped by Chechens.”

Mrs. Sukhorukova, former Grozny resident.

“In early April 1993 our apt. was robbed by Chechens. In late April our car was hijacked. On May 10, 1994 my husband Bardasaryan was gunned down on the street.”

Ms. Rudinskaya.

“In 1993 my apt. in the village of Novomaryevskaya was robbed by armed Chechens. They took away all valuables. My mother and I were raped and tortured by knife. In spring of 1993 my father- and mother-in-law were severely beaten on the street.”

Ms. Bochkaryova, Kalinovskaya village former resident.

“The Dudaev guards took hostages: Mr. Belyayev – the principal of the school, his vice principal – Mr. Plotnikov, and the director of the farm Kalinovski” – Mr. Erin. They demanded a ransom of 12 mln. roubles. When they didn’t get it, they killed the hostages.”

Ms. Ya. Nefedova, former Grozny resident.

“On Jan. 13, 1991 my husband and I were robbed by Chechens in our own apt. They took all valuables, even my ear rings.”

Ms. V. Malashin, former Grozny resident.

“On Jan. 9, 1995 my wife and I were visiting our friends. Their apt. was attacked by 3 armed Chechens. They robbed us all and raped my wife and her friend.”

Mr. Yu. Usachov, Mr. F. Usachov.

“In Dec. 20, 1994 we were beaten by Dudaev’s guards because we refused to join their army.”

Ms. Kalganova, former Grozny resident.

“My Armenian neighbors were robbed by Chechens and their 15-year old daughter was raped. In 1993 the Prokhorov family was attacked, too.”

Ms. Plotnikova, former Grozny resident.

“In the winter of 1992, my neighbors and I were attacked by armed Chechens. They took away our property ownerships. I left my apartment, garage and a country house. My son and a daughter witnessed the murder of our neighbor – B. who was gunned down.”

Ms. Makharin, former Grozny resident.

“On Nov. 19, 1994 my family was attacked by armed Chechens. We were thrown away from our car (my wife and the kids). We were beaten by legs, the ribs were broken. My wife was raped. They took away our car and the belongings.”

Ms. M. Vasilyeva, former Grozny resident.

“In Sep. 1994 2 chechen guards raped my 19-year old daughter.”

Ms. N. Kovrizhkin, former Grozny resident.

“In oct. 1992 Dudaev declared a total mobilization from 15 to 50. I worked for a railroad company. During our working hours we were guarded like prisoners. In Gudermes station I witnessed a murder of a man who was gunned down. Chechens said they had killed because of a feud.”

Mr. A. Fedorov, former Grozny resident.

“In 1993, Chechens robbed my apt. In 1994, they robbed me of my car. I turned to police. When I saw my car a few days later with armed Chechens inside, also reported to police.

I was told to forget about the car, threatened and ordered to leave Chechnya.”

Mr. A Burmurzayev, former Grozny resident.

“On Nov. 1994, I became a witness of how Chechens set on fire 6 tanks with their crew belonging to their opposition.”

Ms. Panteleeva, former Grozny resident.

“In 1991, Dudaev’s guards stormed the Ministry of Internal Affairs building, killing the officers, one colonel and injuring a major.

The same year The Principal of Grozny State University Mr. Kan-Kalik was kidnapped and killed together with a vice-principal.

My parents’ apt. was attacked by 3 armed Chechens in masks. One of them was in police uniform. Threatening to kill them or torture with hot iron, they robbed them of 750.000 roubles and a car.”

Ms. E. Dudina, former Grozny resident.

“In the summer of 1994 I was beaten by Chechens on the street. My husband and my son were also beaten. They took my son’s watch. Then they grabbed me and took me to a nearest apt. building where in the lobby raped me.

My friend told me that one day when she was traveling by train to Krasnodar in 1993, the train was stopped. A group of armed Chechens entered it. They robbed all the passengers of money and valuables. One young girl was raped and thrown out of the train at full speed.”

Ms. Udalova, former Gudermes resident.

“On August 2, 1994 my house was attacked by 2 Chechens. They cut my mother’s throat, and we were lucky to defend ourselves. One of the attackers was my former high school student. I turned to police for protection, but after it they started to threaten me and my son. I sent my son and my relatives to Stavropol region and later left.

My pursuers exploded my house on Nov. 21, 1994.”

Ms. V. Fedorova, former Grozny resident.

“In April 1993 my friend’s daughter was kidnapped by Chechens. Later, she was found raped and dead.

My other friend was also raped by Chechens on her way home.

On May 17, 1993 in the lobby of my apartment house 2 young Chechens tried to rape me. My neighbor – an elderly Chechen – defended me.

In Sept. 1993 I was riding a car with my friend. We were stopped by a group of Chechens. They beat my friend and hit me in my face.”

If you are interested in contemporary Chechen barbarism search: “Girl Gets Her Throat Slit by Chechen Man in Forest”. This guy was arrested last year after he has not only kidnapped, raped and slaughtered a girl like a sheep but also uploaded a video of his atrocities to brag about that.

I won’t give you a link, it is so weird and brutal and might be against the rules here.

7 posted on 04/22/2013 12:19:12 AM PDT by cunning_fish
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To: wardaddy
More Americans know all about Chechnya that know (or give a rat's ass) about a Junior NYT Reporter.

FWIW I agree that Chechnya is not to blame.

ISLAM is to blame.
8 posted on 04/22/2013 12:22:46 AM PDT by shibumi (Cover it with gas and set it on fire.)
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Comment #9 Removed by Moderator

Comment #10 Removed by Moderator

To: Cronos
(Kaydrov:) “Any attempt to make a connection between Chechnya and the Tsarnaevs, if they were guilty, is futile … They were raised in the United States and their views and convictions formed there. The roots of evil must be sought in America.” …
Not buying it, with all due respect to Kadyrov. If part of the Chechen identity is Islam (as being an Islamic Republic as such), then that cannot be pinned on the USA. Dagestan and Chechnya are of the so-called Ummah, therefore.
11 posted on 04/22/2013 1:05:58 AM PDT by Olog-hai
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To: wardaddy

Chechnya was all over the network news since the start of the Second Chechen War. I’d say far more people know about this little segment of the Russian Empire than an ivory-tower NYT reporter seems to realize.

And if Chechens truly feel “exposed”, that implies guilt feelings.

12 posted on 04/22/2013 1:15:12 AM PDT by Olog-hai
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To: Cronos
I remember a news event (about 8 years ago)where a Russian school was hi-jacked and attacked by Chechnian rebels. In cold-blood, they massacred over 100 innocent school kids.
Russia doesn't want them, why in hell should the United States be obligated to welcome them here?
13 posted on 04/22/2013 1:24:13 AM PDT by Minutemen ("It's a Religion of Peace")
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To: wardaddy

>> Snotty twit

Prolly a liberal arts student that had zero chance in medicine nor engineering.

14 posted on 04/22/2013 1:26:47 AM PDT by Gene Eric (The Palin Doctrine.)
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To: Minutemen

Search here on FR for “Beslan” in the keywords. Spread the word.

MOST Americans don’t even know about that atrocity.

15 posted on 04/22/2013 1:35:08 AM PDT by Bradís Gramma (Psalm 83)
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To: Cronos

Yeah, it wasn’t Chechnya. It was Islam.

16 posted on 04/22/2013 1:35:38 AM PDT by Rocky (Obama is pure evil.)
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To: Minutemen
RUSSIA: 2004 Beslan School Massacre by Chechen Muslim terrorists
17 posted on 04/22/2013 1:40:13 AM PDT by Minutemen ("It's a Religion of Peace")
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To: Cronos
Beslan Massacre 2004 YouTube link
18 posted on 04/22/2013 1:48:11 AM PDT by Minutemen ("It's a Religion of Peace")
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To: Cowboy Bob

thx, did not know

19 posted on 04/22/2013 1:57:44 AM PDT by Cronos (Latin presbuteros->Late Latin presbyter->Old English pruos->Middle Engl prest->priest)
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To: Cronos

If you are Chechan doesn’t your passport merely say you are from the Russian Federation?

20 posted on 04/22/2013 2:06:24 AM PDT by tellw
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