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1 posted on 04/28/2013 5:03:44 AM PDT by reaganaut1
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To: reaganaut1

The wheels on the bus go round and round, not sure when the stop which director will be stuck on the bottom. I do notice that DHS never seems to be mentioned as screwing up.

2 posted on 04/28/2013 5:07:32 AM PDT by crosslink (Moderates should play in the middle of a busy street)
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To: reaganaut1

Must have been the same investigators that were repeatedly tipped off about Bernie Madoff!!!

3 posted on 04/28/2013 5:09:40 AM PDT by tired&retired
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To: reaganaut1; OwenKellogg; bunster; thouworm; maggief; onyx; nutmeg; AllAmericanGirl44; ...

Boston Bombing Ping!

4 posted on 04/28/2013 5:10:07 AM PDT by penelopesire (TIME FOR OBAMA TO ANSWER FOR BENGHAZI UNDER OATH!!)
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To: reaganaut1
"The Russians sent the same information to the CIA"...

Haven't seen anything from our CIA.

Is that the same CIA associated with Benghazi?? :-)

5 posted on 04/28/2013 5:22:57 AM PDT by Sacajaweau
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To: reaganaut1

Robert S. Mueller III,FBI director, was a GWB appointment.

President Obama asked Congress to allow Mr. Mueller to stay on at the bureau, arguing that his national security team needed continuity, even though his 10 yr. term had expired.

6 posted on 04/28/2013 5:32:48 AM PDT by Daffynition (Stand Your Ground)
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To: reaganaut1

I’ll say it. The government is actively involved in trading American lives for cooperation in the spread of the Muslim caliphate.

There. It’s now out there. Discuss freely.

10 posted on 04/28/2013 6:04:45 AM PDT by Norm Lenhart
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To: reaganaut1

Apparently, the Patriot Acts I & II, are working well. Except for the fact, that not ONE, unpatriot has ever been stopped, snagged or caught. Even if they had been, how would anyone know? No FOIA requests honored, and no actual/factual records have ever been released. Not one.

11 posted on 04/28/2013 6:13:30 AM PDT by RedHeeler
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To: reaganaut1

12 posted on 04/28/2013 6:28:55 AM PDT by JoeProBono (A closed mouth gathers no feet - Mater tua caligas exercitus gerit ;-{)
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To: reaganaut1; penelopesire

Ain’t it grand to have relatives in the CIA!

March 2002 - T parents and White cap immigrate to US
July 19, 2003 – Big T, age 16, finally joins parents in US
Sept 2006 to 2008 – Big T attends community college part time
2007 - Big T gets legal permanent residency (at some point mama gets US naturalization)
2008 – mama says Big T gets religion
2009 – Big T and uncle have falling out. Big T calls uncle an infidel. Big T quit work and college. Uncle says Big T getting radicalized at Cambridge mosque. Uncle’s ex-wife is daughter of high ranking CIA officer Fuller.
2009 – Katherine converts to islam
April 2009 - Big T’s wrestling magazine article. Wants to represent US in Olympics and become naturalized US citizen although he doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t understand Americans
May 2009 – Big T arrested for beating girlfriend
2010 – Big T’s domestic abuse case dismissed
2010 – boxing club owner meets Big T who dressed like he was John Travolta Saturday Night Fever on the runway
June 21, 2010 – Big T license to marry Katherine and they have a daughter.
2010 - Russia begins to notice radical change in Big T so how much time has he spent in Russia?
2009 - Big T forcing mama to wear hijabs, etc. and forces family members to quit drinking, smoking, partying in accordance of islam. Or mama became more Islamic on her own. Papa has concerns over mama’s transformation.
2011 – aunt reports Big T is praying five times daily
2011 – parents divorce and papa moves back to Russia
March 2011 - Russia intercepts calls between mama and both brothers and sends warning to FBI. Mama also on phone with another person on FBI list
April 2011 or June 2011 - FBI closes file on Big T and mama
June 2011 - White cap graduates from high school
Sept 2011 - Russia sends second warning, this time to CIA. At some point, US officials meet with family at their home and Big T is defiant to them.
Sept 2011 to June 2012 - White cap gets failing grades in college
Sept 11, 2012 – Big T’s best friend and two other Jewish men were murdered – throats slit, marijuana and money scattered over bodies. Suspicion is now on Big T
Oct 2011 - CIA puts mama on terrorist list
Jan 12, 2012 - Big T goes to Russia and papa claims he was with him the whole time
June 2012 - Mama arrested for shoplifting
July 17, 2012 - Big T returns to US
Aug 2012 – Big T creates Youtube terrorist videos showing Imarat Kavkaz militant Islamic group from Caucasus and Abu Dujana, a jihadist leader
Sept 5, 2012 – Big T applies for US citizenship but was investigated
Sept 11, 2012 - White cap gets US citizenship
November 2012 - Mama in Russia
Nov 2012 – Big T rants in mosque
Nov 2012 – Big T rants at muslim shopkeeper who advertised Thanksgiving turkeys
Jan 18, 2013 – Big T rants again in mosque and is asked to leave
Feb 6, 2013 – Big T purchases fireworks

13 posted on 04/28/2013 7:42:07 AM PDT by bgill (The problem one is watching the Watch List!)
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To: reaganaut1

The more information that comes out, the more my suspicions that they wanted this to happen and did everything not to get in the way is confirmed just like Benghazi.

15 posted on 04/28/2013 7:45:37 AM PDT by DarkWaters ("Deception is a state of mind --- and the mind of the state" --- James Jesus Angleton)
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To: reaganaut1

The DHS and the intelligence agencies are beyond incompetent. This is a willful negligence that cannot be explained merely by the worship of PC.
The Leftists are in cohouts with the radical Islamists and the idea is to destroy their common enemy, conservatives, capitalists, constitutionalists, Christians.
Michelle Bachman is right, the government has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and associated groups, or perhaps more correctly, invited by the administration to destroy the US & Western civilization.

16 posted on 04/28/2013 7:52:55 AM PDT by grumpygresh (Democrats delenda est.)
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To: reaganaut1
Despite repeated requests for additional information about what was behind the warning, Russian officials never explained the basis for their concern until after the Boston bombing

Does this guy know anything about intelligence? Such questions may or may not compromise sources, so they are not asked in a demanding way by competent professionals of peer agencies.

19 posted on 04/28/2013 8:50:08 AM PDT by InMemoriam (Cyprus initiated the transverse distribution phase of this SHTF event.)
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To: reaganaut1

Police Say The Naked Man Arrested In Boston Was Not Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Both his nutty parents and his straight up Uncle say they are 100% certain this video is Tamerlan. Look at any of the pictures we have of Tamerlan, we can all agree that his most significant feature is his nose. Now, look at the crystall clear video images. This naked man is obviously Tamerlan beyond any reasonable doubt.

On Thursday night while police were hunting in Watertown, Mass. for bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, at one point they arrested a naked man who looks a lot like Tamerlan.

Police say the naked man is not Tamerlan, despite various conspiracy theories going around the Internet.

According to the official account, Tamerlan died after a shootout with cops, riddled with bullets and shrapnel before being run over by his brother who was fleeing the scene in an SUV.

Take a look: I dare you!


The Watertown police department got back to us via email just to say that the naked man was not Tamerlan Tsarnaev (pictured on right and in high-res here).

The shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers occurred on Laurel Street. The journalist interviewed in this video describes naked man’s capture near Nichols and Dexter, literally down the street from the shootout.

Naked man was apparently stripped, questioned, clothed, questioned some more, and reportedly let go. It’s likely police stripped him because they were under citywide bomb threat and wanted to make sure he didn’t have a suicide vest, but the police did not comment on that.

Needless to say, Business Insider is interested to hear Naked Man’s personal story — send any tips to

Have any of you viewed the CNN footage of a Crisis Actor that was interviewed at the bombing and four days later as a witness to the Watertown shootout. If you’re still with me, I would be happy to PM you.

FReepers Up!

20 posted on 04/28/2013 2:41:42 PM PDT by STD (One day closer to street justice)
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To: reaganaut1
Boston Terror, CIA’s Graham Fuller & CIA Operation-the Caucasus

Saturday, 27. April 2013 by Sibel Edmonds

Graham Fuller: Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege, FBI Gladio-B Target, Handler-Sponsor of Turkey’s Imam Gulen

A major break in the Boston Terror CIA Connection took place last night when I came across a post outing CIA Operative Graham Fuller as the father of the woman married to Boston terror suspect’s infamous uncle Ruslan Tsarni.

Further confirmation of this bombshell was received via mainstream reporter Laura Rozen here. Let me first provide a few excerpts from the original reporting site (a real alternative media):

Boston Bombers’ Uncle Married Daughter of Top CIA Official

The uncle of the two suspected Boston bombers in last week’s attack, Ruslan Tsarni, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller . Ruslan Tsarni married the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller, who spent 20 years as operations officer in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong.

In 1982 Fuller was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at the CIA, and in 1986, under Ronald Reagan, he became the Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, with overall responsibility for national level strategic forecasting. …

Now, take a look at the most explosive aspect of this original report on Graham Fuller’s outing in the CIA Boston Terror Connection [All Emphasis Mine]:

On a more ominous note, Graham Fuller was listed as one of the American Deep State rogues on Sibel Edmonds’ State SecretsPrivilege Gallery,. Edmonds explained it featured subjects of FBI investigations she became aware of during her time as an FBI translator.

Criminal activities were being protected by claims of State Secrets, she asserted. After Attorney General John Ashcroft went all the way to the Supreme Court to muzzle her under a little-used doctrine of State Secrets, she put up twenty-one photos, with no names. One of them was Graham Fuller. …

I presented CIA’s Graham Fuller as one of the top culprits in my State Secrets Privilege Case when the government invoked the State Secrets Privilege and several additional gag orders to cover up the FBI’s investigations and files pertaining to CIA-NATO terror operations in Central Asia & the Caucasus since the mid-1990s.

Guess what? I provided this information to the US media long before it became public in 2008 via my website Not a single media outlet (including quasi and pseudo ones) was willing to touch this. And this, despite of all the gag orders, state secrets privilege invocations, congressional gag orders … you name it. I could name more than a dozen publications that said: ‘no way.’

Not only that. I have been covering one of the main CIA operation figures in Central Asia & the Caucasus-Imam Fethullah Gulen, and this Turkish Imam’s relationship and official Connections to CIA’s Graham Fuller. I’ve been doing this since 2009. Let me provide you with a few explosive examples and excerpts.

Graham Fuller, Crisis Actor Filmed Twice By CNN Perhaps budgetary restraints brought on by the Sequester forced CIA Ops Director Graham Fuller to utilize this Crisis Actor at the Boston Bombing and in Watertown where the alleged bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attempted to Surrender.

Watch these two videos and make up your mind before the MSM and the Regime closes the historical record forever.

21 posted on 04/28/2013 5:03:26 PM PDT by STD (One day closer to street justice)
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