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Plan B is a Big Deal ^ | May 3, 2013 | Jedediah Bila

Posted on 05/04/2013 5:57:51 AM PDT by Kaslin

This week, the FDA ruled to allow girls fifteen and up to buy Plan B emergency contraception without a prescription. Plan B One-Step is a 1.5 mg levonorgestrel, a progestin-only pregnancy prevention pill advised to be taken orally as quickly as possible within 72 hours of unprotected sex. It is not an abortion pill; it will not terminate an existing pregnancy. According to prescribing information, "The most common adverse reactions (=10%) in clinical trials included heavier menstrual bleeding (31%), nausea (14%), lower abdominal pain (13%), fatigue (13%), headache (10%), and dizziness (10%)."

Other significant information:

"Up to 10% of pregnancies reported in clinical studies of routine use of progestin-only contraceptives are ectopic. A history of ectopic pregnancy is not a contraindication to use of this emergency contraceptive method. Healthcare providers, however, should consider the possibility of anectopic pregnancy in women who become pregnant or complain of lower abdominal pain after taking Plan B One-Step. A follow-up physical or pelvic examination is recommended if there is any doubt concerning the general health or pregnancy status of any woman after taking Plan B One-Step."

A search for levonorgestrel on reveals the following:

Do NOT use levonorgestrel if:

• you are allergic to any ingredient in levonorgestrel
• you are or suspect that you are pregnant
• you have abnormal vaginal bleeding
• you are taking nevirapine, rifampin, or St. John's wort
• you have had a stroke or history of bleeding of the brain, known or suspected breast cancer, or a blood clotting disorder

Contact your doctor or health care provider right away if any of these apply to you.

Before using levonorgestrel:

Some medical conditions may interact with levonorgestrel. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have any medical conditions, especially if any of the following apply to you:

• if you are pregnant , planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding
• if you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement
• if you have allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances
• if you have a history of ectopic pregnancy or you are premenstrual
• if you have diabetes

Some MEDICINES MAY INTERACT with levonorgestrel. Tell your health care provider if you are taking any other medicines, especially any of the following:

• Lamotrigine because its effectiveness is decreased, and when levonorgestrel is stopped, toxic effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and vision problems may occur
• Antifungals (eg, ketoconazole), aprepitant, barbiturates (eg, phenobarbital), bosentan, carbamazepine, felbamate, griseofulvin, HIV protease inhibitors (eg, indinavir), hydantoins (eg, phenytoin), modafinil, nevirapine, oxcarbazepine, penicillins (eg, amoxicillin), rifampin, rufinamide, St. John's wort, tetracyclines (eg, doxycycline), topiramate, or troglitazone because they may decrease levonorgestrel's effectiveness
• Anticoagulants (eg, warfarin) because their actions and the risk of their side effects may be increased or decreased by levonorgestrel
• Beta-adrenergic blockers (eg, metoprolol), corticosteroids (eg, prednisone), selegiline, theophylline, or troleandomycin because their actions and the risk of their side effects may be increased by levonorgestrel
• Valproic acid because its effectiveness may be decreased by levonorgestrel

Does this sound like a drug you'd want your 15-year-old to be able to buy off the shelf repeatedly without a prescription? How many 15-year-olds you know would properly assess preconditions that may make them poor candidates for the drug, as well as responsibly monitor and tend to side effects? How many would read the full prescribing information?

Also, if a 15-year-old opts to purchase Plan B in secret, without parental or doctor consent, do you think that same kid would be likely to run to a doctor if uncomfortable symptoms emerge? Would she not be afraid that her parents would find out?

Finally, exactly what message are we sending to kids--and society at large? That there's a quick fix to carelessness? That there's no need to think before you act because the drug companies have it covered?

If this is where we're at--as a society--then we're in big trouble.

The Hillreported that President Obama has no problem with the FDA's ruling:

"The rule that's been put forward by the FDA, [Health] Secretary [Kathleen] Sebelius has reviewed, she's comfortable with it — I'm comfortable with it," Obama said at a press conference in Mexico City.

Obama said he understood that there was "solid scientific evidence" that the contraception was safe for girls of that age.

"I think it's very important that women have control over their healthcare choices and when they are starting a family," Obama said.

I find this fascinating. So 15-year-olds are "women" who should "have control over their healthcare choices"? This, coming from the same man who has repeatedly treated 26-year-olds as kids who should be allowed to stay on their parents' health insurance? So, let me get this straight--a 15-year-old is woman enough to buy Plan B with no prescription or parental/doctor supervision, but a 26-year-old isn't woman enough to take care of her health insurance needs? Pardon me if I'm a little confused. Also pardon me if I don't see the logic, but rather language manipulation to appease political allies.

Any drug that alters a female's hormonal composition is a big deal. I have written about my journey with hormonal concoctions, and I assure you that they are nothing to be taken lightly. While I support access to both traditional hormonal contraceptives and Plan B, I absolutely believe that they should require a prescription/doctor supervision, particularly for minors.

Parents, talk to your kids about these drugs; it might make all the difference. Politicians, be consistent about who you do and don't consider an adult. And pundits, if you're comparing hormonal drugs of any kind to the likes of Tylenol, please take a closer look.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: fda; kathleensebelius; obama; younggirls
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1 posted on 05/04/2013 5:57:51 AM PDT by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

Abortions in the United States
Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2011: 54.5 million+

234 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)
Abortions per year: 1.2 million
Abortions per day: 3,288
Abortions per hour: 137
9 abortions every 4 minutes
1 abortion every 26 seconds
These statistics include only surgical and medical abortions. Because many contraceptive measures are abortifacients (drugs that induce or cause abortions), it is important not to overlook the number of children killed by chemical abortions. Since 1965, an average of 11 million women have used abortifacient methods of birth control in the United States at any given time. Using formulas based on the way the birth control pill works, pharmacy experts project that about 14 million chemical abortions occur in the United States each year, providing a projected total of well in excess of 610 million chemical abortions between 1965 and 2009.

2 posted on 05/04/2013 6:02:48 AM PDT by stanne
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To: Kaslin

I wish they’d let asthmatics buy albuterol inhalers without a prescription.

3 posted on 05/04/2013 6:03:53 AM PDT by Mr Ramsbotham (Laws against sodomy are honored in the breech.)
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To: Kaslin; Old Sarge; NorthernCrunchyCon;; Finatic; fellowpatriot; MarineMom613; ...

Freep-mail me to get on or off my pro-life and Catholic List:

Add me / Remove me

Please ping me to note-worthy Pro-Life or Catholic threads, or other threads of general interest.

4 posted on 05/04/2013 6:07:02 AM PDT by narses
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To: Kaslin

Synthetic hormones are a HUGE deal. The pro-life groups have overwhelming data linking birth control pills with breast cancer; I expect to see similar correlations in Plan B. For fifteen year olds? Over the counter? This President is absolutely VILE.

5 posted on 05/04/2013 6:09:36 AM PDT by bboop (does not suffer fools gladly)
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To: Kaslin

IMO, after the first spate of lawsuits, this ruling will change.

6 posted on 05/04/2013 6:15:58 AM PDT by randita
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To: Kaslin

The leftist “mind” is capable of holding two contradictory ideas at the same time.

The leftist “mind” does not care for logic and consistency. All it cares about is doing what it wants.

This is a country in which kids are expelled for giving an aspirin to another kid and for eating a poptart. Same country gives kids condoms and birth control pills in the school nurse’s office.

7 posted on 05/04/2013 6:23:47 AM PDT by I want the USA back (Pi$$ed off yet?)
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To: bboop

Well, what do you expect from that arrogant pos. He voted yes to live abortion when he was in the Illinois legislature, And don’t forget he sees babies as a punishment

8 posted on 05/04/2013 6:24:27 AM PDT by Kaslin (He needed the ignorant to reelect him, and he got them. Now we all have to pay the consequenses)
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To: Kaslin

You just KNOW, that regardless of what the instructions say, girls whi are already pregnant are going to try to use this to abort. Who knows what that will do to the baby, or the girl, especially if taken multiple times. The same kids who think you can’t get pregnant the first time or if you “do it” while standing up are the target consumers of this poison.

9 posted on 05/04/2013 6:25:01 AM PDT by informavoracious (We're being "punished" with Stanley Ann's baby.)
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To: Kaslin

Wonder how long it will be before we begin to see James Sokolove Law Firm ads on tv trolling for levonorgestrel users that died or nearly died and for whom compensation might be due?

By the way, was the drug named for Levon, Trayvon’s dead brother?

10 posted on 05/04/2013 6:30:35 AM PDT by bert ((K.E. N.P. N.C. +12 .....History is a process, not an event)
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To: Kaslin

I’d say this is insanity but insanity is a normal condition in this country now. Someone has said this is vile, I agree.

Plan B? But it isn’t birth control and is not to end a pregnancy? What is it for then? Pregnancy can take place almost any time after fertilization can’t it?

NOTHING good can come of this.

11 posted on 05/04/2013 6:31:10 AM PDT by Sequoyah101
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To: bert

Do you think so? I do to. I’d sell this stock short all day long. Any company that would sell this junk, unless it is simply placebo, is out of their minds. On top of selling it they are selling it OTC. How nuts can anyone be?

Pretty dang nuts.

12 posted on 05/04/2013 6:33:57 AM PDT by Sequoyah101
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To: Sequoyah101

I have some of the same questions....

13 posted on 05/04/2013 6:35:06 AM PDT by C. Edmund Wright (Tokyo Rove is more than a name, it's a GREAT WEBSITE)
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To: Kaslin

Shame on me but I actually HOPE this unsupervised form of abortion kills and maims some users. Death, a sacrament in the religion of Liberalism, is one thing they will understand. How can they ban a soda, and allow this? I keep thinking I’ve seen the worst of progressivism ...then it gets even worse. And a “president” standing at his podium saying he is comfortable with it? This isn’t my country anymore. It belongs to cheating welfare recipients, tax-sucking unions, child murderers, protected jihadis and “normal” gays. The dregs have risen to the top. I’m no longer proud to be an “American.” (now ask me again why I no longer fly the “amerikan” flag).

14 posted on 05/04/2013 6:37:02 AM PDT by ThePatriotsFlag ( EVERY DIME Obama Spends is given to him by the Republicans in the House.)
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To: Kaslin

The next step will be to distribute at school.

15 posted on 05/04/2013 6:39:14 AM PDT by ViLaLuz (2 Chronicles 7:14)
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To: ViLaLuz

I heard that a school in LA got its own abortion clinic ON CAMPUS

16 posted on 05/04/2013 6:41:49 AM PDT by GeronL (
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To: Kaslin

The most damaging result of this involves the family, more specifically the relationship between parent and child.

For thousands of years, kids have begun to test their parents’ authority in their teens. “Yes I will” has been followed by “no you won’t”.

Now, in the year 2013, here comes “But the government says I can.”

Big, big change, this, it’s an attack on the family unit that has a huge downside.

That said, it’s overreach, and it will backfire, IMHO.

17 posted on 05/04/2013 6:41:55 AM PDT by wayoverontheright
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To: Kaslin

Made by “Women’s Capital Corporation” division of TEVA pharma of Israel. Barr was bought by TEVA in 2008.

Women’s Capital Corp. manufactures and distributes emergency contraceptive tablets under the brand name Plan B. The company is headquartered in Washington, District Of Columbia. As of 02/26/2004, Women’s Capital Corp. is a subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc.

1990 M St. North West

Suite 250

Washington, DC 20036

United States

18 posted on 05/04/2013 6:42:41 AM PDT by Sequoyah101
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To: Kaslin
Plan B is a Big Deal

Not to mention that:

It's a big EFFIN deal.
-Joe Biden

19 posted on 05/04/2013 6:43:41 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate: Republicans Freed the Slaves Month)
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To: ViLaLuz

Every boy should carry one in his wallet to give to the girl when he tells her he has no condom

20 posted on 05/04/2013 6:45:08 AM PDT by bert ((K.E. N.P. N.C. +12 .....History is a process, not an event)
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