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To: COUNTrecount
My parents are buried in a large,well known cemetery located in a suburb of Boston that's very,*very* “progressive”...if ya catch my drift.If,by chance,this 9th Century knuckledradding psychopath winds up in the same cemetery I will *personally* hire a backhoe,dig up the pig carcass and take it 200 miles out into the Atlantic and let the sharks have some fun.
26 posted on 05/06/2013 6:15:25 AM PDT by Gay State Conservative (Leno Was Right,They *Are* Undocumented Democrats!)
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To: All
NOTE WELL Congress can ban Muslim immigration if it wants to. Instead they are offering paths to citizenship to those swarming over the Mexican border. The border is the staging area for global terrorism---the swarthy Mideast types easily pass for Mexicans.

IMMIGRATION REFORM IS THE GATEWAY TO TERRORISM---ETHNIC SOLIDARITY POISON FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS "Reform" finances and gives unlimited power to individuals with primitive survival instincts honed in corrupt Third World hellholes where everything is for sale. The survivalist instincts of illegals DO NOT correspond to freedom and democracy----bedrock America principles we consider sacrosanct. To these individual---its all about "what's in it for me, and who do I payoff to get it."

Alarmingly, the Rubio/Schumer bill finances the coming violence, and gives a pass for any activity illegaly engaged in now or before.....and blesses future illegal acts.


<><> Does not keep slobbering illegals out of the welfare trough.

<><> Gives Obomba's militarized DHS even more power.

<><> Gives enormous power over Americans to the corrupt Third World.

<><> Grants amnesty to illegal aliens simply after the DHS Secy submits her jerry-built plans to secure the border;

<><> Grants amnesty to criminals and gang members swarming into the US;

<><> Does not require amnestied illegal aliens to pay back-taxes;

<><> Does not require amnestied illegal aliens to learn English;

<><>Allows illegal aliens to sue the US government for amnesty;

<><> Allows "ethinc solidarity" to reign: lobbies can sue to prevent enforcement measures from taking place before illegal aliens can receive green cards;

<><> Requires taxpayers foot the bill for illegal aliens to fight deportations (at the AG’s sole and unreviewable discretion);

<><> Requires only 3 of 9 southern border sectors to have a 90% apprehension rate, leaving the rest in "porous status";

<><> Grants green cards and citizenship after 5 years to illegal aliens claiming (no proof needed) to have come to the US before the age of 16;

<><>Effectively halts all deportations for years by prohibiting deportation until the illegal alien’s application is adjudicated;

<><> Extorts "slush funds" amounting to $150 million tax dollars (as a starter) to ethnic solidarity groups like La Raza ( which advocates bloody, violent uprisings agaiinst Americans);

<><> Allows the ethnic solidarity bunch to sue to prevent enforcement measures from taking place before illegal aliens can receive green cards;

<><> Requires taxpayers to foot the bill for illegals to fight deportation.

<><> Requires no penalties for the thousands of illegals w/ forged/faked multiplte identities (a common practice).

<><> Allows illegals to freely slobber at the public trough under several identities.......sending US tax dollars back to their homelands.

<><> Does not include key provisions like Motor Voter reform that would “secure the vote.”

Graphic courtesy of auntb.

30 posted on 05/06/2013 6:27:03 AM PDT by Liz (To learn who rules over you, determine who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire)
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