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Inhofe: Obama Administration Trying To "Dry Up" Ammo Supply [AUDIO]
The Daily Caller ^ | May 6,2013 | Jeff Poor

Posted on 05/06/2013 4:53:02 PM PDT by Biggirl

On Aaron Klein’s weekend show on New York City’s WABC radio, Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe accused the Obama administration of buying up ammunition at an unprecedented level to bypass the Second Amendment so gun-owners “can’t even buy ammunition because government is purchasing so much.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

KEYWORDS: banglist; bhofascism; democrats; dhsammo; govtabuse; guncontrol; inhofe; obama; secondamendment; tyranny; waronliberty; youwillnotdisarmus

1 posted on 05/06/2013 4:53:02 PM PDT by Biggirl
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To: Biggirl

They made a promise to the chinese that when thier ready thier wont be any problems

2 posted on 05/06/2013 5:02:04 PM PDT by ronnie raygun (Yesterdays conspiracies are todays truths)
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To: Biggirl
Moving into paranoia country here.

I've never heard Sen. Inhofe talk about this sort of craziness.

I've got all the ammo I can imagine ever needing. For the short-term anyway.

Probably have at least 5000 - 6000 .22 LR just sitting there.

To all those grey squirrel, woodchuck, anarchist, leftists, I say...

Bring it on!

3 posted on 05/06/2013 5:03:57 PM PDT by billorites (freepo ergo sum)
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To: ronnie raygun

......Or so they claim. Be in for a BIG SURPRISE.

4 posted on 05/06/2013 5:14:41 PM PDT by Biggirl ("Jesus talked to us as individuals"-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
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To: Biggirl
Sure, the Post Master General needs Government supplied hollow points for target practice. /sarc
5 posted on 05/06/2013 5:19:47 PM PDT by tobyhill
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To: tobyhill

Ironically, the Postal police are more constitutionally legitimate than DHS agents.

6 posted on 05/06/2013 5:22:39 PM PDT by Charles Martel (Endeavor to persevere...)
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To: billorites
I've got all the ammo I can imagine ever needing. For the short-term anyway.

I have a lot. But with not knowing when more will be available, I don't want to use it up practicing. There's a Catch-22.
7 posted on 05/06/2013 5:26:57 PM PDT by yorkiemom
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To: Biggirl

I am curious why no state has stepped forward with “enabling” laws to encourage ammunition manufacture in their state, on condition that it be sold exclusively in the state, for in state use only. No federal sales.

A micro manufacturer could make a handsome profit right now by setting up a small manufacturing site and making ammo like there was no tomorrow. If anything, he could hire a bunch of people to make it by hand, if fully automated was too expensive. Less ammo, higher quality, also sells.

If he really wanted money on the micro sales market, his big push would be for long term storage packaging. Much higher price, but “guaranteed” for 10 or 20 years, assuming the packaging remains sealed.

8 posted on 05/06/2013 5:28:10 PM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy (Best WoT news at
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To: billorites
Sorry to say....both Inhofe and Coburn have seemingly at times drank the KoolAid...then at times come out of their KoolAid slumber and say the right things.

Frankly...speaking as an Okie...I think they both need to be replaced. And I don't say that lightly..........

9 posted on 05/06/2013 5:37:44 PM PDT by Osage Orange (Life is a bitch. If it was easy, we would call it a slut)
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To: Biggirl

I remember the zero administration stonewalling all efforts to find out why govt was buying so much ammo. Maybe the only way inhofe could get an answer was to level this charge.

10 posted on 05/06/2013 5:43:46 PM PDT by LouAvul (?)
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To: yorkiemom

If you are looking for anything but 22, Buffalo Bore is shipping whatever you need. Just got a bunch of 308 and 40S&W. Ordered on Saturday and arrived Wednesday. Don’t shoot the S&W40 out of Glock, it’ll blow the barrel(not fully supported).

11 posted on 05/06/2013 5:45:29 PM PDT by gbs
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To: LouAvul
Don't know about drying up civilian supplies but the Obama Administration is actually buying unprecedented amounts of ammo .

More in one year than all previous years the. DHS has existed combined and we were in a war and DHS was conducting massive anti terror training programs for LEOs , Military Personnel and First Responders during the early Bush years that hoovered up ammo buy the ton.

I kind of dismissed the rumors regarding the DHS purchase of ammo , but I was wrong on this . DHS is going on an ammo binge and they need to justify their actions because the quantities don't square with current mission requirement and they are far in excess of historic acquisition history

12 posted on 05/06/2013 6:27:37 PM PDT by rdcbn
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To: Biggirl

So when is this going to hit court, you cannot secondarily interfere with an amendment if the Constitution? The Supreme Court has already ruled on this point of law.

13 posted on 05/06/2013 6:43:15 PM PDT by ThePatriotsFlag ( EVERY DIME Obama Spends is given to him by the Republicans in the House.)
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To: Osage Orange

I’ve voted for both and I’ve been more or less happy with their records in the Senate. Coburn has said this is his last term and I’ll admit he has been wearing down the last couple of years. Inhofe on the other hand is doing and saying the same things now that he did forty years ago. I don’t get what you’re unhappy about with Jim.

I can only think of a few Senators I consider to be better at the job than Jim Inhofe.

14 posted on 05/06/2013 6:55:25 PM PDT by Oklahoma
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To: All

I went to a Gun Show last month just south of San Francisco and most of the main calibers were NA or were in short supply and overpriced.

I bought a folding knife, a variety of shot shells and some 9mm.
My friend bought ammunition in various calibers.

The usual hood rats showed up trying to buy inexpensive handguns without a background check because they heard about the “gunshow loophole” - they all left disappointed when they found out they have to jump thru the same hoops as if buying from a retailer.

Why is the NHS buying up so many hollow-points?

15 posted on 05/06/2013 7:07:54 PM PDT by Rodney Dangerfield ("Meg Lanker-Simons is a shining example of a liberal education.")
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To: billorites
"Probably have at least 5000 - 6000 .22 LR just sitting there."

You and like minded travelers have caused the shortage yet simple minded folks still believe that somehow the government caused it. Do you have any idea of how little rimfire ammunition the government purchases each year?

The current ammunition shortage has spawned some of the most outlandish rumors and falsehoods since the Y2K scare. Those that have succumbed to this nonsense have essentially created a new faith-based religion much akin to the nature of the leftists man-caused global warming religion.

They are known a "B-6ers" because of the supposed one billion six hundred million rounds of ammo DHS has or will purchase to kill all us civilians six times over.

They cling to any rumor or unsubstantiated fact that seems to support their religion and angrily reject any facts to the contrary. One can not reason with these people any more than one could reason with the black helicopter crowd of two decades ago or the Y2k people a few years later or the warm mongers of today.

The truth will set some of these loons free. There is no hope for the rest. Into which group do you reside?

16 posted on 05/06/2013 7:37:03 PM PDT by Buffalo Head (Illigitimi non carborundum)
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To: billorites
"Probably have at least 5000 - 6000 .22 LR just sitting there."

That's one mighty fine pile of bullets you've got there. (Glad I'm not a rodent in your neck of the woods!)
17 posted on 05/06/2013 10:27:03 PM PDT by shibumi (Cover it with gas and set it on fire.)
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To: shibumi
"That's one mighty fine pile of bullets you've got there."

You would be surprised how quickly a junior marksmanship program can send a thousand rounds down range!

18 posted on 05/07/2013 4:48:05 AM PDT by billorites (freepo ergo sum)
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To: shibumi

being a standard “brick” of .22lr is 500 bullets and most people keep on hand 10 bricks then that means nothing really as then the average person has 5000 rounds of .22lr.

What is substantial is when one has his owl forklift and the bricks are on pallets, yessirre.

5000 rounds of .22 is nothing big, I know I have maybe three times that amount and have had it for over 8 years.

I see it all over the internet, democratic whiners all pissed off they aint getting their fair share of .22, that their neighbor has more, is hoarding.

19 posted on 05/07/2013 4:56:48 AM PDT by Spartan302 (Spartans never quit, they come back later with more warriors.)
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To: billorites; Spartan302

You guys are corrct, of course, when speaking of .22LR ammo.

I guess I was transferring a bit because the bulk of my “reserve” bullets are 7.62X54R. Those little critters weigh a ton!

(Yeah - I’ve become a “Mosin Snob.”)

20 posted on 05/07/2013 5:42:31 AM PDT by shibumi (Cover it with gas and set it on fire.)
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To: gbs
I LOVE their statement on ammo shortages and personal preparedness!

AMMUNITION SHORTAGES AND PERSONAL PREPAREDNESS/RESPONSIBILITY First, understand that ammunition companies do NOT want ammo shortages, nor the frustration, sleepless nights and angry customers that come with shortages. Wondering how we will find enough ammunition components to keep our employees working and our customers happy, becomes a full time job and burden. So, ammo buying frenzies are not something ammunition companies desire. However we live in a time when you should simply know that ammo shortages will continue in America. These shortages may be an off-­‐and-­‐on situation, but they will continue. If you are not aware of that, it is because you are not looking at the society and politics around you. As a nation, we no longer trust our government, our neighbors, our dollar or the continuation of our once great American way of life. This situation has been brought upon us because we have allowed our government to incrementally destroy freedom through spending, taxing, regulating, class warfare, the institution of “entitlements”, central banking and legislating laws that violently attack the US Constitution. Plus, we are not safe from acts of terror, crime or the “fall-­‐out” of natural disasters. Consider the below situations and ask yourself just how likely it is that we will have continued ammo shortages in America. 1. What will your politicians do when (not if, but when) another mentally ill shooter goes into yet another grade school and shoots down dozens of children? (Insert mall, Movie Theater, school bus, sports stadium, etc.) There is nothing stopping that mentally ill person from doing just that as most schools still have no armed guards and when it happens again, the US Constitution will get all but publicly burned by your liberal politicians and many of the conservative politicians will join them at that point. Think I’m wrong? As I write this, (03-­‐21-­‐13) the once conservative Rocky Mountain ranching and natural resource based state of Colorado, just passed New York style gun control measures yesterday! Politicians say that limiting the rights of law abiding, constructive citizens will somehow stop the mentally ill or criminally minded from harming folks and this sort of thinking by our elected representatives will continue to cause concerned citizens to buy ammo. 2. How bad will you need ammunition when the economy (not if, but when) goes into a full tail spin known as a depression? When riots happen in the streets because the welfare class can no longer be paid your tax dollars? When food, fuel and housing become unaffordable for many and thieves, looters, rapists and murderers proliferate our society and there is not enough law enforcement to help? If you have eyes and are using them, you can see this is bound to happen if our national fiscal policies do not get a major reform, which means the entitlement programs that your tax dollars are paying for, will have to stop as we are spending money we do not have and are deeply in debt—this debt must be answered, but it is growing so fast, it makes a run-­‐ away train look placid. Do you yet see any politicians ready and willing to cut off entitlements? I don’t, so guess where we are headed? 3. When (not if, but when) Al-­‐Qaida type terrorists actually make a very successful terror attack on US soil, what will happen with ammo sales? 4. When (not if, but when) natural disasters such as a major earth quake in Los Angeles or Seattle, another Katrina, a major volcanic eruption, or a crop destroying drought happens in one of Americas biggest crop belts, do you think folks will be trying to get ammunition? Obviously, they will. Most of us were old enough to pay attention to what happened in Louisiana when Katrina hit, but what if back to back Katrina’s hit 500 miles apart in the same month? Such a scenario is far from implausible. 5. Are you going to wish you had ammunition available when the UN gets called into this country on enforcement missions because of the failing society in our large cities that is taking place, because some or all of the above happens? I for one, won’t tolerate foreign government or their forces (the UN or NATO) taking control of my constitutionally guaranteed rights on US soil. As you can see, the perfect storm for ammo shortages is going to occur many times in this country. The combination of two or more of the above mentioned events, happening in unison, will have an impact that cannot be imagined. So please, when/if the current ammo shortage ends, DO NOT WAIT to stock up on more ammunition, hi-­‐cap magazines and firearms than you think you’ll ever use. These items can always be sold or bartered, so under no circumstance is it money wasted. Hence there is no down side to being responsible and prepared by purchasing and storing ammo or related items, for your own welfare and the welfare of those you love. Unfortunately, it seems to be human nature to wait for a door to close, before they decide to walk through it…………….. You have become part of the problem when you wait for an emergency to take place, before you start looking for ammunition or other forms of preparation. Don’t be part of the problem. Instead, be part of the solution by becoming prepared far ahead of time-­‐-­‐it is a matter of prioritizing and being responsible. As an aside, those of you who live in cities need to have at least 30 days of drinking water on hand. Clean water supplies can instantly be shut down, destroyed or polluted, leaving millions of desperate humans with no way to survive. You should also consider storing some foods and if possible some fuels. Most important of these however, is the drinking water. Take care and God bless. Tim Sundle
21 posted on 05/07/2013 7:49:54 AM PDT by yorkiemom
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To: Oklahoma
Sure....I can tell you.

I want some PASSION..!! I want someone that's screaming to the HEAVENS that our Country is going down the TUBES!!

I want some FIGHT in these guy's!!

I want Inhofe to SCREAM about ILLEGAL ALIENS!! I want him to point out the OBVIOUS!!!

I want someone to get in Harry Reid's face!!

The Dim's play for keeps....The Pubbies play to keep their places..........

22 posted on 05/07/2013 8:27:17 AM PDT by Osage Orange (Life is a bitch. If it was easy, we would call it a slut)
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To: Osage Orange

You would probably kick Jessica Alba out of bed for being too short.

23 posted on 05/07/2013 3:29:25 PM PDT by Oklahoma
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To: Oklahoma
I do not know who that is.....


24 posted on 05/07/2013 4:28:45 PM PDT by Osage Orange (Life is a bitch. If it was easy, we would call it a slut)
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To: Osage Orange

I’m an out of touch old goat, but if you don’t know about Jessica Alba you have me beat.

25 posted on 05/07/2013 7:50:04 PM PDT by Oklahoma
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To: Oklahoma
I know of the name....

But if she knocked at my gate...I'd not know who it was.

26 posted on 05/08/2013 9:58:18 AM PDT by Osage Orange (Life is a bitch. If it was easy, we would call it a slut)
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