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Kermit Gosnell Receives Third Consecutive Life Term for Killing Baby
Life News ^ | Steven Ertelt

Posted on 05/15/2013 9:38:00 AM PDT by Morgana

Abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell today received his third consecutive life prison term, this one for the baby he killed in an abortion-infanticide he said was so big it could “walk to the bus.”

Gosnell was convicted this week of first-degree murder in the deaths of three babies born alive after an abortion process that involved jabbing them in the neck with scissors. On Tuesday, Gosnell gave up his right to appeal the verdict that found him guilty on three of the four first-degree murder charges he faced. As a result, prosecutors agreed to two life terms in prison and Gosnell would not face the death penalty.

Today, Gosnell faced sentencing for killing a woman in a failed abortion. Gosnell was also sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison for that and will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The prosecutors originally sought the death penalty because Gosnell killed more than one person and because of the age of the newborn babies involved. They also agreed to the life sentences in prison because Gosnell’s age made it unlikely he would be executed before his appeals ran out, as he would die naturally beforehand.

Gosnell’s attorney, Jack McMahon, said the abortionist accepts the verdict and isn’t sorry he went to trial. He said Gosnell gave up a somewhat better deal early on but wanted to air the issues in court and is satisfied that he did so.

“He wanted this case aired out in a courtroom and it got aired out in a courtroom in a fair way. And now he’s accepting what will happen. He’s an intelligent guy,” said McMahon, who said Gosnell would now plead to federal drug charges that are still pending.

Gosnell was found guilty of killing Baby A, Baby C and Baby D and found not guilty of killing Baby E. He was also convicted on hundreds of lesser charges ranging from infanticide to running a corrupt organization.

Gosnell was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of patient Karnamaya Mongar, who died after a botched abortion. And he was found guilty on most of the more than 200 counts of violating Pennsylvania’s informed consent law.

In total, Gosnell was found guilty of 21 out of 24 felony counts of illegal abortions beyond the 24 week limit and found guilty on all but 16 of 227 misdemeanor counts of violating the 24-hour informed consent law.

Below are the details related to the four babies Gosnell was charged with killing:

Baby Boy A was the biggest baby that Kareema Cross had ever seen delivered at Gosnell’s abortion “House of Horrors” clinic in the four years she worked there. He was delivered to 17-year old Shaquana Abrams at 29.4 weeks gestation, according to an ultrasound record. Baby Boy A was so large, he did not fit into the plastic shoe box that Gosnell tossed him in. Cross said she saw the baby pull in his arms and legs while Gosnell explained the movements as “reflexes” telling her the baby really didn’t move prior to cutting the baby’s neck. Baby Boy A was so large, Gosnell joked that “this baby is big enough to walk around with me or walk me to the bus stop.” Cross and fellow employees Adrienne Moton and 15-year old Ashley Baldwin were all so “startled” by the size of the baby that they all took photos of the baby with their cell phones.

Baby C was an intact baby of over 25-weeks gestation. Kareema Cross testified that she saw Baby C breathing and described the up and down chest movements she observed for 20 minutes. She told the court she saw Lynda Williams lift the baby’s arm and watched as the newborn drew it back on its own power. Afterwards, Williams inserted surgical scissors into the baby’s neck and “snipped” the spinal cord. Gosnell was said to be in the room at the time. This baby’s murder charges were unintentionally dismissed in the place of Baby F, but were reinstated after Judge Minehart discovered his error.

Baby D was described by witnesses as 12-15 inches long with the head the size of a “big pancake” when he was delivered into a toilet. Kareema Cross testified that she saw the baby struggling, using swimming motions in an attempt to get out of the toilet bowl. Adrienne Moton pulled the baby out and “snipped” the neck, as Gosnell had taught her to do, while the mother watched. Gosnell has also been charged with Criminal Solicitation of Moton to commit murder of Baby D.

Baby E was estimated to be at least 23 weeks gestation and maybe more. After Baby E was delivered, teen Ashley Baldwin heard the baby cry and called Kareema Cross for help. Cross described the baby’s cry as a “whine.” Baldwin said that Gosnell when into the room then came out with the baby — which now had an incision in its neck — and tossed it into the waste bin.

Eight other defendants who are former staffers of Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic have pleaded guilty to a variety of charges and are awaiting sentencing.

Previously, the judge in the case reinstated one of the murder charges and dropped another. Gosnell’s defense attorney asked the judge to drop three of the charges for killing the babies and the judge agreed with the contention there was not enough evidence to convict Gosnell on those charges. Another charge of infanticide was also dropped.

One of the dropped charges involved a 28-week-old baby Gosnell killed and whose remains were kept in an abortion clinic freezer.

Common pleas court Judge Jeffrey Minehart also dropped five counts of corpse abuse at the request of his defense attorney and did not explain his ruling dropping any of the charges.

The defense had argued that there were no live births at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Center abortion clinic and contends the babies died during abortions and their necks were snipped afterwards. But former Gosnell staffers testified they saw signs of life even after the abortion had been completed — saying the babies “jumped” and “screamed” and tried to escape.

Gosnell, whose squalid “house of horrors” abortion clinic has surprised even investigative officials, has had almost flippant attitude toward his macabre abortion practices shocked the nation.

“The Gosnell case is a watershed moment for the issue of abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “The discovery of his horrific practices helped shed light on an abortion industry that has run amok without oversight or accountability for decades, and has prompted significant changes in abortion laws and attitudes toward enforcement in several states.”

Previously, Gosnell’s wife Pearl pleaded guilty to assisting her husband at his Philadelphia abortion center where he killed a woman in a botched abortion and has killed hundreds of babies in abortion-infanticides. Pearl Gosnell was considering a plea deal similar to the one several of Gosnell’s former abortion center employees have made where they have pleaded guilty to receive a lesser sentence in exchange for testifying against Gosnell.

Pearl also worked at the abortion center Gosnell ran that had him kill and injure women in failed abortions and kill perhaps hundreds of babies in grisly infanticides by birthing them and “snipping” their spinal cords. She worked at the Women’s Medical Society abortion business her husband ran as a full-time medical assistant from 1982 until she married Kermit Gosnell in 1990, when she switched to only working on Sundays.

At that time, the abortion business was officially closed but would do its latest-term abortions possible. The grand jury report indicates Pearl Gosnell testified that she alone helped Kermit do abortions on Sundays when she would “help do the instruments” in the operating room despite no medical training.

The murder charges also came in connection with the botched abortion death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar, who died at Gosnell’s abortion clinic after a failed abortion. Mongar died November 20, 2009, after overdosing on anesthetics prescribed by the doctor.

Mongar’s family filed a lawsuit against Gosnell’s abortion business seeking damages. Gosnell and several staffers at his abortion center, including Pearl, were arrested in January after a grand jury indicted them on multiple charges after officials raided his abortion business following a woman’s death and discovered a “shop of horrors” filled with bags of bodies and body parts of deceased unborn children and babies killed in infanticides.

Meanwhile, women have spoken out about their treatment and one woman says she was drugged and tied up and forced to have an abortion. Authorities searching the facility found bags and bottles holding aborted babies scattered around the building, jars containing babies’ severed feet lining a shelf, as well as filthy, unsanitary furniture and equipment.

The grand jury investigation also shows state officials did nothing when reports came in about problems at Gosnell’s abortion center, which has upset incoming pro-life Governor Tom Corbett.

Gosnell’s abortion center was inspected only after a federal drug raid in 2010. It was the first time the facility had been inspected in 17 years because state officials ignored complaints and failed to visit Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society for years.

The abortion industry has been forced to suspend two abortion businesses that employed embattled abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell, who has been the subject of national controversy over his abortion business in Philadelphia.

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To: Elsie

“Angela Jolie’s BOOBs are NEWS!~!!!!”

Then go ogle her boobs if that makes you happy.

21 posted on 05/15/2013 11:32:27 AM PDT by Morgana (Always a bit of truth in dark humor.)
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To: Morgana

What, are they in a jar somewhere or somethin’?

22 posted on 05/15/2013 11:34:45 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter admits whom he's working for)
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I wanted the fiend to receive the death penalty, which he deserves many times over, but explains the reasons why he did not get it. Makes sense.

The prosecutors...also agreed to the life sentences in prison because Gosnell’s age made it unlikely he would be executed before his appeals ran out, as he would die naturally beforehand.

Anyone wanting on/off either ping list, freepmail me.

23 posted on 05/15/2013 11:34:48 AM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: Morgana

If you could put the keywords “moral absolute” on relevant articles, that would help. Or “homosexual agenda” if you post any of that nature.

If you have time. I’m too braintired to check bunches of key words.

24 posted on 05/15/2013 11:47:20 AM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: little jeremiah
"I wanted the fiend to receive the death penalty,..."

As hard as it is to put aside our human emotions we have to trust in God. Judgment delayed is not judgment denied. God wants the salvation of all, including Kermit Gosnell. Perhaps it can still be so. It was for such as him that Jesus came.

25 posted on 05/15/2013 12:08:53 PM PDT by Natural Law (Jesus did not leave us a book, He left us a Church.)
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To: Morgana
Ten bucks says he'll be out in 2 years.Just like with the original Doctor Death (Kervorkian) he'll get some quack doctor (probably a fellow abortionist) to certify that he's at death's doorstep,is in incredible pain and just wants to go home to die.Then after release he'll somehow find the strength to run for Congress as did the “desperately ill” Kervorkian.
26 posted on 05/15/2013 12:38:40 PM PDT by Gay State Conservative (Leno Was Right,They *Are* Undocumented Democrats!)
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To: Morgana

He will not serve to long. I fear he will be out before the next election.

27 posted on 05/15/2013 12:50:39 PM PDT by redgolum ("God is dead" -- Nietzsche. "Nietzsche is dead" -- God.)
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To: Morgana

Ok, so ABC News radio literally just said, “Gosnell’s defenders are saying that he started out with good intentions, but got greedy and lost his way.”

Wow. Just wow.

28 posted on 05/15/2013 1:33:16 PM PDT by Noamie
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To: Morgana

They should carry out the 3 life sentences by doing the following:

1) Dismember him

2) Snip his spinal cord

3) Throw him in a trash bin.

One two three.

29 posted on 05/15/2013 1:40:00 PM PDT by P-Marlowe (There can be no Victory without a fight and no battle without wounds.)
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To: Morgana

3? Looks like they won’t clip his neck after the first two.

30 posted on 05/15/2013 1:52:52 PM PDT by ex-snook (God is Love)
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To: Natural Law

I don’t know that our Creator necessarily wants salvation for all (look at the examples of Pharaoh and Esau as but two examples, esp. in light of Romans 9), but nonetheless... I am pleased that Gosnell will spend the rest of days while he draws breath in sober reflection upon his sins and crimes. God can work mighty works in even the stoniest of hearts; whether Gosnell is a Pharaoh or a Saul/Paul remains to be seen.

31 posted on 05/15/2013 3:19:42 PM PDT by Lexinom
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To: Morgana

Because she has the breast-cancer gene, she had them removed in order to execute a preemptive strike.

After reconstructive surgery, she’ll be good as new.

32 posted on 05/15/2013 4:51:14 PM PDT by TheOldLady
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To: Morgana

Gosnell is another Dr. Menele.

33 posted on 05/15/2013 5:36:45 PM PDT by SandRat (Duty - Honor - Country! What else needs said?)
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WE are Free Republic!!! ALL of us!!!
Please Contribute Today!

34 posted on 05/15/2013 5:46:23 PM PDT by RedMDer (May we always be happy and may our enemies always know it. - Sarah Palin, 10-18-2010)
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To: Lexinom

For what it’s worth,

Acts 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth _all_ men every where to repent:

We see them being commanded, but whether God will actually grant them repentance is an interesting consideration.

Still, shouldn’t we try?

2 Tim 2:25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;

“God can work mighty works in even the stoniest of hearts; whether Gosnell is a Pharaoh or a Saul/Paul remains to be seen.”

But Saul/Paul believed he was serving God, unlike Gosnell; but where there is life there is hope.

(I was also going to reference 2 Peter 3:9, but reflected that was addressed to those with “pure minds” in verse 1, as opposed to those with murderous callousness.)

35 posted on 05/15/2013 8:35:06 PM PDT by mbj
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To: little jeremiah

Plus - the appeals cost tons of money and time; the prisoners get extra things. We just voted on Death Penalty (for the hundredth time) here in California. One of the reasons to vote against it was the special treatment the DP folks get in prison.

36 posted on 05/16/2013 7:46:14 AM PDT by bboop (does not suffer fools gladly)
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