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Breaking News: MA Lt. Gov Tim Murray to Resign
WBZ ^ | 5/22/13 | WBZ

Posted on 05/22/2013 6:13:33 AM PDT by raccoonradio

headline only for now

TOPICS: Miscellaneous; US: Massachusetts
KEYWORDS: crash; howiecarr; massachusetts; timmurray; tinytim

1 posted on 05/22/2013 6:13:33 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio; Andonius_99; Andy'smom; Antique Gal; Big Guy and Rusty 99; bitt; Barset; ...

also in Boston Globe
Awaiting details
Source: Lt. Gov. Tim Murray expected to resign

2 posted on 05/22/2013 6:14:43 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

To spend more time with his family?

3 posted on 05/22/2013 6:14:45 AM PDT by billorites (freepo ergo sum)
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To: raccoonradio

BOSTON (CBS) — Lt. Gov. Tim Murray will resign Wednesday.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller confirmed the announcement Wednesday morning.

‘Sources close to Murray tell WBZ-TV Murray is poised to leave his office as early as today,” Keller said. “There is some speculation he has another position lined up.”

Murray last year, announced he would not run for governor.

He has been no stranger to controversy with ties to the Chelsea Housing Authority scandal and a serious car wreck in Sterling.

Stay with CBS Boston for the latest.

4 posted on 05/22/2013 6:15:14 AM PDT by ConservativeMan55
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To: raccoonradio

Hes a well known drunk.

5 posted on 05/22/2013 6:15:18 AM PDT by nhwingut (This tagline is for lease)
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To: raccoonradio

tweets from @bostonradio

>>Crash Murray is resigning today. Wonder how many Chechen terrorists living in Chelsea public housing
>>Worcester Chamber of Commerce? Yea, a vertical career move - that’s like going from working at Capital Grill to driving an ice cream truck

6 posted on 05/22/2013 6:15:26 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Taking a better paying job.

7 posted on 05/22/2013 6:15:59 AM PDT by cripplecreek (REMEMBER THE RIVER RAISIN!)
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To: cripplecreek

Nothing like having a commie running your chamber of commerce.

8 posted on 05/22/2013 6:18:25 AM PDT by nhwingut (This tagline is for lease)
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To: nhwingut

Saints preserve us! Timmy Murray? An Irish drunk in Massachusetts? Ye must be a racist fer spoutin’ such Blarney!

9 posted on 05/22/2013 6:20:06 AM PDT by duckworth (Perhaps instant karma's going to get you. Perhaps not.)
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To: raccoonradio

Nothing yet on Herald site, not even a headline

Howie Carr on “Crash”
Sunday, January 20, 2013
Tim’s done one wreck of a job

How dare Lt. Gov. Crash Murray quit before we the voters have had the distinct pleasure of voting him out of office next year when he runs for — please stifle your laughter — governor.

Tim Murray managed to work in every cliche Friday as he announced his plan to go permanently on the lam. But tubby Tim vowed to keep his chins up. As he told his local newspaper, “It’s not the end of the book.”

Surely he meant to say, “comic book.”

Comrade Deval Patrick even took time out from his arduous duties of collectivizing the Massachusetts economy to describe his little buddy as a “magnificent lieutenant governor,” which is like being a magnificent traffic cone.

Said the governor, who is in the midst of his own makeover, into the Hugo Chavez of New England: “I’ve seen him in action.”

Surely Deval meant to say, “inaction.”

It seems like just yesterday when Tiny Tim’s career was beginning with such a flourish. It was January 2007, and he was being sworn in by the soon-to-be-indicted House Speaker Sal DiMasi. Mistah Speakah was holding a book he was somewhat less than familiar with, a Bible.

“Raise your right hand,” the future jailbird said.

Up went Murray’s left hand.

This is not to say the man is stupid. It only took him three tries to pass the bar exam. In retrospect, his career trajectory resembled that of the other Tim — Tim Cahill. Both of them have the soul — and brains — of a city councilor, Cahill in Quincy, Murray in Worcester.

“I loved being city councilor,” Tim Murray admitted Friday. And why not — City Hall gave him a place to come in out of the rain.

Most likely we’ll see Murray again when the grand jury investigating disgraced Chelsea Housing Authority boss Mike McLaughlin wraps up its deliberations. The very ethical McLaughlin allegedly was raising dough for the Pillsbury Dough Boy, when he wasn’t paying himself $360,000, about $200,000 a year more than he was statutorily entitled to.

A couple of days after the McLaughlin story broke in October 2011, Murray wrecked his state Crown Vic around 5:20 a.m. on I-190. He was in his pajamas and bedroom slippers at the time. He said he was going 65 mph. The state police said it was more like 108 mph, and they’re his friends.

Some cheeky reporter had the nerve to ask Crash Friday if he’d discussed his, ahem, career change with the U.S. attorney.

Tiny Tim repeated his tall tale about quitting for family reasons — “that’s what this decision is based of.”

Is based of? Crash always folds under pressure.

As Murray tried to maintain a shred of dignity in his humiliating departure Friday, everybody on the Internet was making sport of him. He found out there was a height requirement for the governor’s job. His campaign had hit a wall. It was a train wreck, er car wreck. Now he’ll never be in the driver’s seat at the State House. Will he continue “stonewalling” on the release of his cell phone records?

Actually, though, Murray goes out in the finest tradition of failed lieutenant governors. He raised money like crazy up to the last minute — taking in just under $137,000 in the last two weeks of 2012, leaving him with a balance of $359,493.62. And yes, he can take it with him, as long as he plans to run for political office again someday, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

He learned well from Jane Swift.

Look on the bright side, Tim. You’re not in the Legislature — that means you won’t have to wait a year to start lobbying against your boss’ ruinous tax increases.

As for the rest of us, we now have to start looking for a new candidate for 2014. I only see one man who can fill the tiny Buster Brown shoes of Tim Murray.

Come on down, Willie Lantigua!

10 posted on 05/22/2013 6:22:33 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio; All

Yay the Herald finally has it.

>>Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray, who decided against a gubernatorial run earlier this year, is expected to resign today to head the Worcester Chamber of Commerce, according to a source with Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration.

Murray, who served as mayor of Worcester before joining Patrick’s administration in 2007, has been shadowed in recent years by a strange early morning crash that totaled his car and his connection to disgraced former Chelsea Housing Authority chief Michael E. McLaughlin.

The chamber is expected to vote on Murray’s post at noon and Murray will have a press conference at 2 p.m.


—HIllary Chabot

11 posted on 05/22/2013 6:28:03 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Resignation not till NEXT month?

12 posted on 05/22/2013 6:33:17 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio; All

wonder what happens with LG office now—does Patrick appoint someone? Surely not an election. Wonder who is second in line and would take charge if Patrick’s ill or out of town—my guess is Sec. of the Commonwealth Bill “The Prince of Darkness” Galvin (nickname from his days in the legislature, late night bill passing)

13 posted on 05/22/2013 6:36:20 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

That piece was vintage Howie . . . hitting on all cylinders. Thanks for posting it so I could read it again!

14 posted on 05/22/2013 6:38:10 AM PDT by Hemingway's Ghost (Spirit of '75)
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To: raccoonradio

Maybe Patrick will appoint Barney Frank, who was disappointed he didn’t get the Senate gig.

15 posted on 05/22/2013 6:40:25 AM PDT by rightwingintelligentsia (Truth/Lies; Liberty/Tyranny--WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE??)
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To: raccoonradio

NOV 2, 2011

>>BOSTON (CBS) – Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray was in a car accident early Wednesday morning in Sterling. He was not seriously hurt, but his vehicle – a state-issued Ford – was totaled. State Police say the car has a value of about $9,000. At the State House later in the morning, Murray told reporters he was driving alone up Interstate 190 to look at storm damage and was headed back south when he hit a patch of ice on the road around 5:30 a.m.

16 posted on 05/22/2013 6:41:00 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: Hemingway's Ghost

State Constitution has no mechanism for replacing the Lt. Governor.

17 posted on 05/22/2013 6:41:39 AM PDT by massgopguy (I owe everything to George Bailey)
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To: raccoonradio

Hmmmm? timing interesting....
Remember the FR posts last week about Deval Patrick being eyed to replace Holder as US Attorney General (G-d forbid)...
If Deval leaves as Governor the Dems can’t have Tim and all his baggage become Governor....

As other posters have asked, I wonder what the procedure is for replacing him if he resigns: appointment? next in line steps up by State Constitution? election?
As a Massachusetts resident, I have a feeling that if the process doesn’t favor them; history shows the Mass Dems just change the rules.

18 posted on 05/22/2013 6:42:43 AM PDT by Mrs. B.S. Roberts
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To: rightwingintelligentsia

Barney Frank will be campaign manager for the Weiner/Holder ticket in 2016.

19 posted on 05/22/2013 6:46:06 AM PDT by txrefugee
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To: massgopguy

So if Deval resigned to take AG post, special election to replace him as gov I would think...and again from the times when the
gov is out of town or incapacitated I’m pretty sure the
Sec of the Commonwealth is next in line, takes charge...

...unless it’s “Deval resigns to take AG post, Galvin will be gov until next election...”

20 posted on 05/22/2013 6:47:47 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: massgopguy

from Wiki:
>>The new and current line of succession is as follows:
Governor (Deval Patrick)
Lieutenant Governor (Tim Murray)
Secretary of the Commonwealth (Bill Galvin)
Attorney General (Martha Coakley)
Treasurer and Receiver-General (Steven Grossman)
State Auditor (Suzanne Bump)

21 posted on 05/22/2013 6:48:49 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

What will happen first today? Howie Carr will say “you know” his usual five times a minute or he will reference “crash” once? /sarc.

22 posted on 05/22/2013 6:49:42 AM PDT by ConservativeStatement ("World Peace 1.20.09.")
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To: txrefugee

lol! you can’t make this stuff up!

23 posted on 05/22/2013 6:51:47 AM PDT by brivette
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To: raccoonradio
Huh? also from Wiki: >>When the Governor dies, resigns, or is removed from office, the office of Governor remains vacant for the rest of the 4-year term. The Lieutenant Governor does not succeed but only discharges powers and duties as acting Governor. However, if a vacancy in the office of Governor continues for six months, and the six months expire more than five months before the next regular biennial state election midway through the Governor's term, a special election is held at that time to fill the vacancy for the balance of the unexpired four-year term.
24 posted on 05/22/2013 6:53:01 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: Hemingway's Ghost

yeah luckily I had posted it here on FR. When I went to Herald site it only gave the start of it. I suppose as a Herald subscriber I could have gotten it by logging in, etc. but I just went back to my Howie thread for that time and there it was!

25 posted on 05/22/2013 6:55:02 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: All
Muslim to his devout core---bomber Tamarlan played, prayed, smoked a jay, slit a few throats, blew up a kid, chewed up a few Bostonians' legs, beat up his girlfriend, high-fived his friends, had money to burn, rode the US gravy train under several identities (see Tam's reading list on Amazon that spotlight his penchant for multiple identities).


ISLAMIC STRANGLEHOLD ON BOSTON Pretty soon they'll start whining about building a mosque close to the Boston Marathon finish line b/c Islam is all about "triumphalism" (thus the plans to build a mosque near the WTC).

And you can bet they'll get lotsa help from Obomba, Boston Mayor Menino, Secy of State Kerry, and Gov Deval Patrick (who obstructed govt dissemination of the Tsarnaev's welfare $$haul). Read on.

BOSTON MAYOR MENINO (hands down, the dumbest mayor in the US). Menino was never as stupid as when he tried to drive Chick-fil-A from Boston last year.

"Just call me Mayor Stupid."

WAIT FOR IT---yet another stupid remark from Menino, and I quote.....the Boston bomber brothers "acted alone" says Menino.

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES Boston Mayor Menino (he was the stupid-sounding one at the presser held after the marathon bombings----in the wheelchair---injured in auto accident) should be rigorously scrutinized ---- possibly charged with aiding and abetting terror against Americans. Menino handed Islamics a $2 million piece of land for $170,000 to build the Boston Mosque.

The Phoenix | November 24, 2008 | David S. Bernstein / FR Posted by Prospero

EDITED/EXCERPT Most Boston locals concede that getting anything of substance accomplished in Boston is a Herculean task. Residents have all but embraced the principle of civic inaction with a perverse kind of local pride. In the end, "who you know" is probably more important than what you are trying to do.

STRONGARM MAYOR And there is no doubt that little is accomplished without the approval and support of the mayor, Thomas M. Menino.

So it is with the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) near the intersection of Tremont Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Better known as the Roxbury mosque, the ISBCC has been in the works for more than 20 years. A few weeks ago it finally opened its doors for prayer — five years late, millions over budget, and still far from complete.

While the story of the building of the Roxbury mosque may not be worthy of a Hollywood epic, it does contain the stuff of a good television drama: (with Mayor Menino aiding and abetting) community intrigue, religious conflict, media controversy, foreign money, suspicions of extremist ties......and once-cocksure public officials, who (like Menino and then-Sen Kerry who once gave Islamics serial BJ's) have since retreated into a zone of silence.


Bombers worshipped at Islamic Society of Boston's mosque.---built w/ strongarm sap-happy Menino's govt authority.

Kerry's "credentials," presented to Ohaha when the Secy of State job became available.

Islamic jihadist motivation that drove the Boston massacre is a non-starter in the WH.

"I'm directing Sen Schumer to rename immigration reform:
'The Ariel Castro Respect and Dignity for Latinos Bill.""

"A separate amendment---'The Tamarlan Tsarneav Memorial
Amendment'---will provide government-issue pressure cookers,
fireworks, and jars of vaseline for tormented Chechneyan
immigrants seeking "asylum" from govt persecution."

26 posted on 05/22/2013 7:03:32 AM PDT by Liz (To learn who rules over you, determine who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire)
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To: nhwingut
Hes a well known drunk.

Making him eminently qualified to become a Senator from Massachusetts...

27 posted on 05/22/2013 7:04:35 AM PDT by Buckeye McFrog
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To: nhwingut
Nothing like having a commie running your chamber of comrades.
28 posted on 05/22/2013 7:07:10 AM PDT by reg45 (Barack 0bama: Implementing class warfare by having no class.)
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To: Mrs. B.S. Roberts

This means Patrick is just about to become AG..Holder will fall on the sword..sort of.

29 posted on 05/22/2013 7:10:30 AM PDT by RummyChick
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To: raccoonradio

Globe:Constitution does not provide a mechanism for an appointment to replace Murray; Patrick will operate without a LG till term ends (Jan of 2015)

30 posted on 05/22/2013 7:18:19 AM PDT by raccoonradio
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To: raccoonradio

Perhaps he became a Bible believing and practicing Christian. Then his party would have forced him out.

31 posted on 05/22/2013 7:33:56 AM PDT by SoFloFreeper
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To: billorites
To spend more time with his family?

LOL, translation......holy crap, I've done something inexcusable, really really inexcusable, even deval won't put up with it.......

I wonder how long it will take for us to find out the reason.

32 posted on 05/22/2013 7:51:20 AM PDT by rockabyebaby (We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo screwed!)
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To: raccoonradio

If Deval leaves Galvin aka Prince of Darkness becomes acting Gov? Yikes!

33 posted on 05/22/2013 8:02:25 AM PDT by GQuagmire
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To: Mrs. B.S. Roberts

I think you nailed it!

34 posted on 05/22/2013 8:05:32 AM PDT by VeniVidiVici (Obama's Enemies List - Yes, you are a crook.)
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To: raccoonradio

What a horror show...

35 posted on 05/22/2013 8:48:00 AM PDT by Lonesome in Massachussets (Doing the same thing and expecting different results is called software engineering.)
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To: nhwingut
"Hes a well known drunk."

Probably going to be appointed to replace Holder.

36 posted on 05/22/2013 10:24:21 AM PDT by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway...John Wayne)
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