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To: CottShop
We’re so hungry for a Conservative that we fall in love the first nice thing they say.

That's exactly what we all need to do.  It's a shame this doesn't occur to everyone. 
And that’s precisely what’s happening- peopel need to slow down, wait, and see the real condidates before leaping on the bandwagons and gettign burned like we have been-

Same here.  I keep a low profile on it, because I am also concerned that he's go south.  I hope and pray that he doesn't.
So far I’m liking (I think) what I’m hearing coem from Ted Cruz- but who knows, that coudl change as well too

Sadly, I agree.
Rubio is delusional if he htink granting millions of ‘wards of the state’ (which is what a LOT of illegals are- livign off welfare, not working- collecting food stamps, SS and even disability (although they were perfectly healthy when they crossed miles and miles of deserts to cross over into our country)) atre goign to ‘pay for border control’ How? With AMERICAN’S Money to begin with? With food Stamps?

I agree with this.  There are hard working folks too.  None the less, they DO NOT belong here.  We can't have an enclave of 30,000,000 people here who are citizens of other nations.  That's about 75% of the population of California, the most populace state in the nation.  Spread these people around and they can impact negatively the elections in half or more of the states in our nation.  We can't simply look at them and go limp.  We have to face the problem, and them going home is the only right thing to do.  We cannot bastardize our laws to accomodate the invading hoards.  And that is what is on the table right now. 
(Note- I am NOT suggesting all illegal imigrants are on welfare and won’t work, there are infact many good people, hard workign individuals who do truly just want a better life- and are willign to work and contribute to htis coutnry if given hte opportunity to do so- but stats shwo an alrmingly high number of illegals ARE on welfare, do collect food stamps, ARE abusign our systems, and the stats also show an alarmingly high number of VIOLENT CRIMINALS coem across the border every year- to the tune of 80,000 violent criminals every year- every one of these 80,000 will ahve to move to a neighborhood somewhere- and be a danger to that whole comunity- Is thsi the person Rubio thinsk is goign to give a crap abotu obeying our laws and paying for border security?

40 posted on 06/13/2013 8:53:33 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (Now playing... [ * * * Manchurian Candidate * * * ], limited engagement, 8 years...)
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To: DoughtyOne

[[None the less, they DO NOT belong here.]]

Beleive me I wasn’t makign hte case that they do belong here- And I’m kind of split how I feel abotu whether they shoudl be given a chance at citzenship given that they IGNORED our laws and overstayed their visas

[[We cannot bastardize our laws to accomodate the invading hoards.]]

That’s not what I was suggesting- I persionally beleive they shoudl be fined AND deported for breakign our law even if they were hard workign icitizens- I was mearely pointign out that soem illegals who are breakign our laws are infact, for them ost part, hard workign and fairly decent people- not that they shoudl be given any special privileges- they broke hte law- If we citizens break a law, we are not given special privileges- they shouldn’t be either- I only mentioend that htere are hard woerking decent folks who are illegals to make the distinction that I was not calling all imigrants lazy welfare recipients and violent criminals- Thatr’s why I put hte remark I made on side the eclipses or whwtver you call them

55 posted on 06/13/2013 9:12:56 PM PDT by CottShop (Scientific belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge)
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