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Breaking: Senate approves sweeping immigration overhaul

Posted on 06/27/2013 1:28:10 PM PDT by Sub-Driver

Title only.

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KEYWORDS: amnesty; amnestypimps; senate; treason
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To: Sub-Driver; All

Our tolerance for debt-based welfare to immigrants is equal to our tolerance for the debt that we are willing to pass onto our children and grandchildren.

Reduce our tolerance for debt-based Federal Programs, and our tolerance for immigration will also be reduced.


Our Southern Border is under the control of Mexican Drug Gangs. An illegal attempt by AG Holder to challenge their grip failed with Fast and Furious.

Obama has allowed INS officials to increase the number of “got-aways” and to decrease the number of illegal alien invaders actually caught.

Gullible News outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal routinely run articles quoting Obamanation statistics that numbers of captured illegal alien invaders are down, and thus there is no such thing as the surge of illegal alien invaders from Mexico and other Southern Hemisphere Socialist Countries.

Most News outlets refuse to come to our Southern Border to document their obviously false assertions.

Most State Politicians cower when our sorry NINE SUPREMES dictate that the State has no authority to protect itself from illegal alien invaders.

As long as THE NINE SUPREMES have 4 Socialist Judges, there will always be a high risk that some gullible Judge from the Majority will cross over to the dark side and continue the destruction of our US Constitution as the signature accomplishment of the US Welfare State. Traitor John Roberts’ support of Obama’care’ is the most horrific example.

Thus, it is incumbent upon those of us who still value the US Constitution to oppose the dark side, what we now call Obamanation.


The purpose of passing a Federal “reform” immigration bill this year is to allow illegal alien invaders from Mexico, and other Central and South American Socialist Countries, to vote for Socialist-Democrats and appeasing RINOs in the 2014 and 2016 USA National Elections for more debt-generating welfare to future illegal alien invaders to become future Socialist-Democrat voters.

These future Socialist-Democrat voters should be called “McCain-Rubio Democrats,” as no other Senators have done more to encourage gullible RINOs to appease and otherwise cave-in to debt-dependent Democrats than these two sorry RINO Senators.

Stand your ground, FReepers! Raise the Gadsden Battle Flag!

It is us against the gullible supporters of Obamanation!

For example:

While Rubio and his Eight Senate Gangsters put out political smoke and mirrors to “get a bill passed this year,” nothing they have said will change the basic problem of aliens illegally invading the USA.

The Basic Problem: Illegal aliens invade the USA for Welfare and Wages.

Solutions that address the Basic Problem:

1.) End the Anchor Baby Law.

2.) End the Hospital Emergency Room No Payment Law (EMTALA).

3.) End ANY other Welfare to Aliens.

4.) Fine US employers $1,000 per day per employee who is an alien.

5.) Spend NO money on “securing the border.” It is a bottomless money pit.

6.) Spend money on Chainlink/ Concertina wire desert prisons for the EXISTING Federal Law for a mandatory 6 month imprisonment for repeat offenders who have invaded our Country more than once.

7.) Transfer Border Invasion Enforcement to the US National Guard in each State, and thus under the control of the Governor of each State. The less Federal involvement, the better.

8.) Repeal all State and Federal Laws that prohibit voter officials and Police from requesting proof of US Citizenship for any reason what so ever.

9.) Be as hostile to all illegal alien invaders as we should be to all Federal politicians and Federal Judges who vote for or support another Ted Kennedy-style amnesty bill with no significant Federal enforcement.

Contact your local TEA Party, and plan to kick the sorry RINOs and even sorrier Democrats out of Congress in 2014!

It is all about the money FReepers, YOUR tax money.

41 posted on 06/27/2013 1:40:03 PM PDT by Graewoulf (Traitor John Roberts' Commune-Style Obama'care' violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: Graewoulf

Boehner says it will move no further than the Senate. We shall see. Hopefully, Boehner will not flip-flop as Rubio did.

42 posted on 06/27/2013 1:41:13 PM PDT by evangmlw
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To: Dead Corpse
Yep. I have plenty of rope and more then enough oak trees.

I'm trying to work on it. [See post 84]

43 posted on 06/27/2013 1:41:55 PM PDT by OneWingedShark (Q: Why am I here? A: To do Justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God.)
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To: evangmlw

44 posted on 06/27/2013 1:41:55 PM PDT by stephenjohnbanker (The RINO/amnesty argument goes like this: 1) If we pander to Hispanics, we will save the GOP, at le)
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To: iowamark

Looks like Tennessee won’t be joining the Red States of America in the coming secession (unless they draw and quarter their two traitors.)

45 posted on 06/27/2013 1:43:11 PM PDT by fwdude ( You cannot compromise with that which you must defeat.)
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To: dfwgator

The traitorous rat bastards all have security and/or live in gated communities. They don’t have a care in the world.

46 posted on 06/27/2013 1:44:08 PM PDT by TurboZamboni (Marx smelled bad & lived with his parents most his life.)
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To: Sub-Driver

Wait until the 90% of blacks who voted for the boy in the WH see their job opportunities go to criminal trespassers.

Might they then finally figure out the plantation is no way to live?

47 posted on 06/27/2013 1:44:56 PM PDT by Wurlitzer (Nothing says "ignorance" like Islam! 969)
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To: TMA62


That’s the dirty secret that Cruz called McCain and others on.

Vote for cloture which allows a simple majority to pass it, then vote against it knowing full well that the democrat majority will pass it.

The end result is the traitors can tell their constituents “But but but ... I voted against it! Here look at the record!”.

48 posted on 06/27/2013 1:45:53 PM PDT by Hostage (Be Breitbart!)
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To: Sub-Driver

49 posted on 06/27/2013 1:46:09 PM PDT by South40
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To: iowamark

I love my state of Tenn, but why normally conservative voters sent the two dumbest people to the Senate is beyond me.

I’m proud to say I voted third party when they were on the ballot. Our governor, Bill Haslam, is even a bigger RINO idiot...almost as bad as Don “Tax Terrorist” Sundquist (RINO-TN).

I hate to say this but Dem Phil Bredesen was actually a good governor for eight years.

50 posted on 06/27/2013 1:46:13 PM PDT by Fledermaus (Note to the NSA: I approved this dissention. What are you going to do about it?)
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To: OneWingedShark

“Hm, well, is it time for ropes and lamp-posts?”

It was years ago! The ballot box is now useless and only the emergency escape tool described by Thomas Jefferson is of any value.

51 posted on 06/27/2013 1:46:44 PM PDT by Wurlitzer (Nothing says "ignorance" like Islam! 969)
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To: Sub-Driver

Hear that , people are calling for there free car already

52 posted on 06/27/2013 1:47:21 PM PDT by molson209
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To: iowamark

My Senator, Toomey - “Nay”

My other Idiot Senator, Casey - “Aye”

53 posted on 06/27/2013 1:48:27 PM PDT by eCSMaster (Palin was right (again)!)
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To: cookcounty

It can pass the House alright. All the democrats and 18 GOP traitors can get it passed.

It’s up to Boehner, whether he declares it DOA or allows it to be voted on.

54 posted on 06/27/2013 1:48:49 PM PDT by Hostage (Be Breitbart!)
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To: South40

Two traitors.
God save us.

55 posted on 06/27/2013 1:49:45 PM PDT by onyx (Please Support Free Republic - Donate Monthly! If you want on Sarah Palin's Ping List, Let Me know!)
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To: Sub-Driver

Nice job you GOP traitors, you just handed Obama a huge political victory.

56 posted on 06/27/2013 1:51:20 PM PDT by turducken
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To: Hostage

Lord help us if it is all up to Boehner.

57 posted on 06/27/2013 1:52:14 PM PDT by turducken
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To: SeekAndFind

DOA in the House.

58 posted on 06/27/2013 1:52:31 PM PDT by Georgia Girl 2 (The only purpose of a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should never have dropped.)
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To: Sub-Driver

The die is cast.. O is conveniently out of town.. not to mention out of touch.

59 posted on 06/27/2013 1:52:54 PM PDT by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi --)
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To: Sub-Driver
Perceived political expediency trumped virtue, wisdom and tradition.

Keep the list of names in mind and make no mistake about it don't ever forget their calculated and egoistic choice. It reveals all we need to know about the nature of our ruling class where party affiliation ultimately matters little or not at all. And sadly foretells our disunited, fragmented future.

60 posted on 06/27/2013 1:52:54 PM PDT by Dysart ( I'm terribly busy these days, but I read my posts whenever I can.)
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