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Brit Hume: Hispanics Still Not Nearly As Important To GOP As White Voters (VIDEO)
Talking Points Memo ^ | July 1, 2013 | Tom Kludt

Posted on 07/01/2013 8:19:12 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

Fox News anchor Brit Hume called "baloney" Monday on the notion that House Republicans must help approve the immigration reform legislation that just passed the Senate, arguing that Hispanic voters are still not as important to the GOP as white voters.

The right-leaning Hume was responding to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who warned Sunday that Republicans may never win another presidential election if they don't help pass immigration reform.

"And I am absolutely convinced that this trope that you’re hearing that says that if the Republicans don’t go for immigration reform much as the Senate has done, they’ll never win another presidential election. Oh, baloney," Hume said during an appearance on the conservative cable news channel. "If you look at the statistics, you find there was one significant bloc of voters who turned out in smaller numbers this time in a major way — way below expectations, below even their '08 turnout — and that was white voters. Now, that doesn’t mean that if they turned out thatRomney would have gotten them all but it shows you that this Hispanic vote, which is I think now 8.5 percent of the electorate or something like that, is not nearly as important as, still, as the white vote, which is above 70 percent."(continued)

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: amnesty; hispanics; immigration; republicans
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Right-leaning? Maybe in comparison to John McCain or Marco Rubio, but there are Kennedys that fit that bill.
1 posted on 07/01/2013 8:19:12 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I just got finished watching the 3-hour delay of that interview, and what Hume said was numerically, the depressed white turnout doomed Romney. He didn’t say white votes were more important than anyone else. Friggin’ liberal rag.

2 posted on 07/01/2013 8:21:41 PM PDT by ScottinVA ( Liberal is to patriotism as Kermit Gosnell is to neonatal care.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Rush already explained it!

3 posted on 07/01/2013 8:22:16 PM PDT by DIRTYSECRET (urope. Why do they put up with this.)
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But the GOP is becoming not important to white voters!
This one is gone!

4 posted on 07/01/2013 8:31:39 PM PDT by Conserev1 ("Still Clinging to my Bible and my Weapon")
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

This s a left wing website.
Read the comments .

5 posted on 07/01/2013 8:32:25 PM PDT by ncalburt (Amnesty media out in full force)
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To: ScottinVA

These liberal rags just seem incapable of writing a true statement.

The funniest part is naming Hume right wing...since when? Not in years by my math.

6 posted on 07/01/2013 8:33:18 PM PDT by AllAmericanGirl44 ('Hey citizen, what's in YOUR closet?')
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The Repubs are doing everything they can possibly to do to offend the sensibilities of, and suppress the votes, of their base. If they pass immigration reform which will legalize another 35 million democrats, they will never win another presidential election for at least a generation. Most likely, they will cause a new third party which will split the previous Republican coalition. This is all predicated on the assumption that the republic will endure despite all the actions being currently done which make that felicitous future less certain.

7 posted on 07/01/2013 8:34:58 PM PDT by 3Fingas (Sons and Daughters of Freedom, Committee of Correspondence)
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To: ScottinVA

The day Romney would have gotten over 70% of Hispanics is the day hell would have froze over. They were not a huge factor.

Comprehensive reform to win the Hispanic vote is just a red herring that the Open Border Lobby is throwing out there for the gullible.

Any GOP pol pushing that line can simply be tagged a liar.

8 posted on 07/01/2013 8:35:18 PM PDT by headstamp 2 (What would Scooby do?)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

They are going to learn that the hard way if at all.

9 posted on 07/01/2013 8:43:37 PM PDT by chris37 (Heartless.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Brit’s point was that the GOP better learn to stand for “something”, because trying to stand for nothing, is a market already cornered by the deems.

(patronizing to every special interest group is characteristic of standing for nothing)

10 posted on 07/01/2013 8:45:35 PM PDT by G Larry (Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Psalms 109:8)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Conservatives care more about America and conservatism than they do the Hispanic vote. We want all Hispanics to vote conservative. It’s in their best interests. The GOP wants do do what the Democrats tell them to do.

11 posted on 07/01/2013 9:06:31 PM PDT by pallis
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To: ScottinVA

Yep. This is a well-known liberal agit prop site. They are trying to make Hume out as a racist.

12 posted on 07/01/2013 9:08:18 PM PDT by Winstons Julia (Hello OWS? We don't need a revolution like China's; China needs a revolution like OURS.)
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To: Winstons Julia

I thought hispanics were supposed to be Christians.

How any Christian can vote abortion-party boggles my mind.

13 posted on 07/01/2013 9:11:56 PM PDT by bicyclerepair (Inbred, pedophile-worshipping, misogynists (mozlums) offend me.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

jesse waters itnerviewing minorities tonight o nthe street- asked what they thouhgt of dear leader- and they all thiouhgt ghe was fantastic- doign a great job, one man said at start of dear leaders term he was paying $1:50 for gallon of milk- now pays almsot 4 dollars- then catches hismelf and blames it on... wait for it ... President Bush

Waters just said “Really?”

The GOP will NEVER get the illegals vote UNL:ESS they further destroy the GOP party by placating the gimmedats- the GOP wuill NEVER get the illegals vote UNLESS they sell out their party by taking money from hard workign Americans and just give it to the illegals

14 posted on 07/01/2013 9:19:45 PM PDT by CottShop (Scientific belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

When the democrats decided to remove God or any reference to Our Creator at their 2012 convention. They also demonstrated they are no longer the democratic party of your father’s father.

They have become a hyphenated radical unit and should be known as Demo-Coms dedicated to the establishment of a collective idealism using the device of PCP to modify behavior and shed beliefs that they believe would impede remaking their concept of the perfect utopian state. That is hardly democratic because the word democrat idealizes the individual voice.

But Reince, Rove, GOPES (GOP Elite Snobs) and RINOS lack the capacity or the understanding or the courage to point to the historic radicalization that occured at that moment and use it politically.

These are the same people that violated the first principle, the basic mechanics of campaigning (without going into the sacrosanct”social issues “) which beside attempting to work with disparate groups know as the tea party which created the 2010 House victory were disparaged in the 2012 election basic issues were ignored.

These are the “Bread and Butter Issues” which affect everyones pocketbook. Instead they Choked on political correctness parameters or tripped eover past positions on global warming and Romneycare. Engergy costs driven by government policies . And exposure of the effect when Obamacare comes into full implemtation. Both of which were pocketbook issues and mourned about when the election post mortum was conducted.

Failures to confront these policies affected all sections of every “demographic” in the political play book .Then busy responding to pseudo positions devised by the demo-com* party (*no you will not hear that from any GOPES) and echoed by their hand maiden camp followers in the media allowing them to set the agenda ..

Worse yet they are unable to forthrightly defend what the demo-coms have set out to destroy and some are even comming up with their own version of PCP . Anyone preaching PCP is going down the poisonous road to oblivion . Following a policy of PCP. Politically Correct Politics which the hyphenated democrat party, the Demo-Coms,is using is flat out wrong.

Worse yet moral questions such as marriage, sexual practices, family constituency and particularly beliefs those of containing Judeo Christian tenets are being assulted and not defended. That offers a majority of voters no choice in the direction this country is to take.

PCP when used by the Demo-Coms such terms as: Afro-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American, White-American, Rich-American ,Gay-American, are more than simply nouns but vehicles used to separate US from each other.

Beside separating US from our money the Demo-Coms demand we become adhearents to a system without the constituional constraints on government. Thus surrendering our protections from governmental abuses and excessive bureacracy to the will of a bureaucratic collective which is no longer answerable to the average citizen.

15 posted on 07/01/2013 9:20:04 PM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: mosesdapoet

A well done short video comments from Reagan about God-

Ronald Reagan Tribute;
Ronald Reagan’s church put this together to commemorate
the birthday of Ronald Reagan.

16 posted on 07/01/2013 9:51:06 PM PDT by Mark (Obama is more confused than a hungry baby in a topless bar)
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To: headstamp 2

This is being pushed by Rove and the Bushes to cover the plain truth that their strategy of distancing the party from its base suppressed Republican turnout.

17 posted on 07/01/2013 10:24:11 PM PDT by RobbyS
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To: G Larry
In the Book of Revelation, the Lord says of the church of Laodecia, that they are neither "hot nor cold" for Him and for that reason, He will "spew them out of His mouth!"

Not to equate my feelings on a par with the Lord, but I'm beginning to feel the same way with some of the leadership of the GOP!

They so much fear inciting hate and disgust of the Left that they are making their conservative base want to vomit, at least on most days!

18 posted on 07/01/2013 10:41:23 PM PDT by zerosix (Native Sunflower)
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To: bicyclerepair
I thought hispanics were supposed to be Christians. How any Christian can vote abortion-party boggles my mind.

Either they are not paying attention or they don't care.

19 posted on 07/02/2013 12:01:59 AM PDT by ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas (Fool me once, shame on you -- twice, shame on me -- 100 times, it's U. S. immigration policy.)
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To: Conserev1

I’m about there too. Romney was about the last person in the Republican party I wanted to vote for, but I held my nose and did it anyway. What thanks did I get? Idiots blaming me and my fellow conservatives for losing the election, instead of the moderate candidate Romney and the moderate fail brigade of the GOP leadership.

Well, if that is their idea of gratitude, I might as well stay home unless they nominate a conservative candidate that wants to win. They won’t learn the easy way that moderates only lead parties to ruin, so I’ll help teach them the hard way.

20 posted on 07/02/2013 12:35:37 AM PDT by Boogieman
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