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To: mandaladon

There are legal avenues to travel to circumvent this communism legally, Say I!



The United States Congress originally passed the PES in 1792, under powers granted it in the United States Constitution to “establish Post Offices and Post Roads”. The PES created a governmental monopoly on the carriage and delivery of letter mail, and ensured that this monopoly can be enforced. Today the USPS is empowered to suspend the PES, if it believes such a private postal service would be in the interests of the general public.

The PES consists of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1693–1696 and 39 U.S.C. §§ 601–606, implemented under 39 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 310 and 320. These forbid all carriage and delivery of letter mail by private organizations, except as described in the next section. The PES only cover “letters” and not other mailable items such as parcels or periodicals.


“Extremely urgent” letters[edit]

In 1979 the Postal Service authorized the delivery of extremely urgent letters outside the USPS; this has given rise to delivery services such as Federal Express and UPS’s express mail services. These letters must either cost at least the greater of $3 or twice what First Class (or Priority) mail service would cost, or they must be delivered within strict time limits or otherwise lose value. They must be marked “EXTREMELY URGENT”. Records of pick up and delivery must be maintained for Postal Service inspection if the time sensitive exception is being used.

Lawful private carriage[edit]

It is possible to set up a private mail delivery service known as “lawful private carriage” if the USPS postage is paid in addition to any private postage fee that is collected. Records must be maintained that such postage has been paid, and it must be affixed to the letter cover by U.S. stamps, meter imprints or through another method approved by the USPS; the postage must be canceled by the sender in ink; the date of mailing must be affixed in ink to the cover (either by sender or carrier); and the letter cannot be removed without defacing the cover from the envelope or other container in which the letter is sent. An agreement must be entered into with the Postal Service to conduct volume private carriage through the Chicago Rates and Classification Service Center which has national responsibility for the PES.

Occasional private mail delivery[edit]

One does not need to establish a private mail delivery service for the occasional commercial transport of a letter outside the mails so long as the rate which would have been due to the USPS is affixed in stamps, the stamps are cancelled in ink, and the date of receipt by the carrier or the transport of the letter, are noted thereon. All these privately carried letters can bear a private cancellation if the cancellation is done in ink; private cancellations are different from private overprints on postage stamps.

Special messenger services[edit]

There are limited exceptions for special messenger services which deliver less than twenty-five letters for an individual or company per occasion. In such case no postage need be paid or affixed to the letters; pick up and delivery can be from private residences and commercial businesses.

Free delivery[edit]

The delivery of letters without compensation and without the affixation or payment of any postage is allowed under 39 CFR 310.3(c) by third parties, and under 39 CFR 310.3(b) for one’s own letters which includes regular employees only delivering company mail. Thus, it is not a violation of the PES if one delivers a letter of one’s friend even without affixation of postage or if a company has one of its regular employees deliver mail that originates from the company to its customers. Compensation is considered to include barter and goodwill. Thus an individual or business who receives a benefit for the delivery of letters does not fall under such a free carriage exception. For example, buying a friend dinner in exchange for having him deliver a letter is not considered without compensation; in such a case one would be required to affix and cancel a sufficient amount of postage to the letter. Another example not falling under this exception would be a business that is carrying letters “free of charge” in the hopes of building business or incidental to some other delivery as an accommodation for its customer; this use would also require the affixation and cancellation of a sufficient amount of postage to be in compliance with the PES.

Cargo delivery[edit]

There is an exception for the delivery of what otherwise would be considered a letter if it is sent with cargo and the letter is somehow incidental to the ordering, delivery or shipping of the cargo [39 CFR 310.3(a)].

Other exceptions[edit]

Other exceptions to the PES include:
Letters that at some point during their pick-up or delivery had previously entered into the USPS mailstream, unless the letters are consolidated.
Letters addressed to specific persons that fall outside the purview of the PES.[citation needed]
Certain documents and objects that are not considered letters, even though containing a message.

===or1. send it on a cuneiform tablet marked as “Antique”
2. put coded messages in want ads of newspapers
3. send by semaphore or
4. smoke signals or
5. pigeons or
6. 3-d imprinted objects or
7. inside of fortune cookies
8. or on toilet paper
9. or a taxi service delivering passengers with tapes, dvd etc
10. or inside of a book as pages at book rate[cheap!]
11. or LOS tv camera or laser transmission with relay stations [12-22 miles per relay.
12. or by beer trucks containing messages in bottles
13. by individuals with duct-taped messages stuck to the inside wall of their cars and “stolen off’ by someone who came into the car. [non-delivery]
14. boxes of letters hand-carried onto trains as lap baggage
15. microstamping message on objects` interiors
16. put your address as the receiver and put the sender`s name on the top right hand corner and drop into mailbox with no postage

29 posted on 07/03/2013 12:10:00 PM PDT by bunkerhill7 (("The Second Amendment has no limits on firepower"-NY State Senator Kathleen A. Marchione.))
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To: bunkerhill7

You are a wealth of information!

48 posted on 07/03/2013 2:00:13 PM PDT by Excellence (9/11 was an act of faith.)
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To: bunkerhill7


When doing deliveries like that where postage is affixed but the letter does not go through the post office, is one allowed to use the mail box of the recipient?

Does the letter enjoy protection against theft as does other mail at that point?

Inquiring minds want to know!

51 posted on 07/03/2013 3:07:24 PM PDT by Weirdad (Orthodox Americanism: It's what's good for the world! (Not communofascism!))
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