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Zimmerman, Trayvon, and Manliness
The Excellence In Broadcating Network ^ | July 12, 2013 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 07/12/2013 3:25:14 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet


RUSH: Get this. This is actually a very provocative piece on the Zimmerman case. It is found today in the American Spectator, one of my all-time favorite journals of opinion. It's written by a man named Daniel J. Flynn. It's about the Zimmerman case. And the headline of this piece is really good, and it's provocative itself. It gives you an indication what the story is about. "Two Males, No Men."

"Two Males, No Men." And the premise of Mr. Flynn's piece is that the real reason Trayvon Martin was shot is that we don't have any real men anymore in America. Now a series of pull quotes from the story to give you flavor for the piece. Mr. Flynn says: "The proper response to an assault by a 158-pound teenager isn’t to scream for help or grab for a gun. It is to punch back or better yet subdue and issue a spanking."

Another pull quote: "Their households lacked strong male role models; their society, even more so. Four in ten American kids enter the world without their father married to their mother. When schoolboys begin to exhibit traits natural to their sex, the energetic fellows earn the wrath of detention and Ritalin." Frankly, folks, this is becoming a more acceptable reaction to all of this ADD and ADHD stuff. And this pull quote is right on the money. "Four in ten American kids enter the world without their father married to their mother. When schoolboys begin to exhibit traits natural to their sex," which the feminists have been trying to wipe out since the late sixties and early seventies. Natural male traits were portrayed as predator, brutish, inhuman, insensitive, unfeeling, brutal, violent.

Men could not be trusted with their own children, particularly their own daughters. Men behaving as they are naturally predestined to behave has earned the wrath of detention at school and the drug Ritalin to calm them down. "Any game that highlights contact -- from dodgeball to football -- comes under attack. Primetime television celebrates the fop and makes a buffoon out of fathers (see Simpson, Homer; Everybody Loves, Raymond). Jobs relying on the physical characteristics favored in males have been outsourced to robots and foreigners. ... Civilizing men out of existence has come at great cost to civilization. Instead of men, we get feminine imitations lacking beauty. We get lost boys compensating by becoming barbarians. We get Sanford, Florida."

"They don't make men like they used to," begins Daniel J. Flynn in his piece. "One can consult a Danish study that shows plummeting testosterone levels for scientific confirmation of this. Or, one could more easily turn on any cable news network’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Zimmerman-Martin case, a tragedy involving two males fumbling in the dark on how to be men. Whatever the protagonists may be guilty of they are surely innocent of being men."

Neither one was a man.

"The six female jurors, not tasked to reach a verdict on the manhood of the central players, nevertheless know the truth of this more than other trial observers. The Venusians know the Martians better than they know themselves. And vice versa -- what do they know of x chromosomes who only x chromosomes know? On the maturity count, Trayvon Martin might reasonably plead not guilty by reason of chronology. Seventeen-year-old boys quite often act like, in the vernacular of Zimmerman, 'f-ing punks.' Most grow out of it, but Mr. Martin unfortunately will not get that chance. Rarely, in spite of their exaggerated masculine posturing, do teenage boys behave as mature males.

"Martin’s Twitter feed reads as a parody of poor grammar and an even more impoverished vocabulary. There, he’s a 'No Limit N-gga,' girls he knows are 'bitches' and 'hoes,' and the primary extracurricular activity he immerses himself in is marijuana. The gold-teeth smile, the tattoos, the ten-day suspension from school, and all the rest appear as pathetic attempts to assert his virility. Yet, as his supporters point out, Trayvon also liked Skittles and Chuck E. Cheese’s. The presentation that Trayvon affected and the Trayvon that his supporters present are, like so many making the journey from adolescence to adulthood, at war internally.

"George Zimmerman, in contrast, projects a courtroom image of a meek pudgeball who wouldn’t (couldn’t?) hurt a fly -- and not in a Norman Bates way. Perhaps this is the effect that his lawyers intended. But it jibes with what we know. According to one unidentified witness, Zimmerman endured a domineering mother’s frequent beatings and a docile father who failed to stick up for his kids. His mixed-martial arts instructor described him as 'physically soft,' a student who lacked athleticism and 'didn’t know how to really effectively punch.'"

May I interrupt myself here for a moment? I have to make an observation. I just noticed it again today. Every time you've seen Zimmerman seated in the courtroom, what have you thought? What has your reaction been to Zimmerman seated there? Do you know that the lawyers are counseling him to sit that way? Show no emotion whatsoever. Don't even appear to be engaged in any of this. Don't crack a smile. Don't make any facial expressions. Just stare straight ahead. Don't make eye contact with anybody.

Now, there are jury consultants on this case, and the lawyers telling Zimmerman, look, you gotta behave in a certain way. We got six jurors. They're all women, and we've got a TV camera in here. And Mr. Flynn may have a point. It may well be that the sum total of the advice Zimmerman's getting adds up to "Don't look like a man. Look like the Pillsbury Doughboy in there. Look like you couldn't hurt a flea. Look like you're harmless. Look like you're a schlub, because anything else may offend the jurors. Anything else may offend the media watching who would then issue commentary. Anything else might frighten and off put."

Look at me. I am told that just speaking like this frightens 24-year-old women. And probably 23- and 22-year-old women. Being forceful, being opinionated. Let me give you another example. I showed up, I appeared on The Five on Fox on Tuesday afternoon. And as you know, I affectionately refer to Andrea Tantaros as Andrea Tarantula. Now, some in the audience I'm sure got it and understood the joke. But I know full well that a huge number of people have no idea why in the world I would call her Andrea Tarantula.


So I knew it was coming. I knew I was gonna get the question when I learned that she was on the show that day. And, sure enough, she asked me. And in the question that she asked, she said (paraphrasing), "Now, Bob Beckel says I've got great legs, but I've only got two of them. I don't have eight." So it was assumed by some that I was making a comment about her legs when I was talking about Andrea Tarantula. But in answering her question I said, "Andrea, I'll be glad to answer it, but to a number of people the answer is going to be entirely sexist, because, you see, I come from an era long ago, where a man could be a man and stereotypical humor didn't offend anybody."

I said, "Andrea, what is a tarantula? A spider. What do spiders do? Well, in the case of the black widow spider, what do they do? After mating with the male, they kill the male. Right?" I said, "Andrea, you come off to me as a dominant, confident, in-control, take-no-prisoners persona." So she ended up being complimented by it, but was unable to get there just by my calling her a spider, a tarantula. I chose tarantula because it goes with Tantaros, which is her real last name.

But I know that even telling you why I call her -- do you realize, of all the liberal caves and enclaves where they have people in their pajamas listening to this program, do you realize how many of them are just outraged right now that I would even think this way? But there is, and this is what Mr. Flynn's point is. There aren't any men anymore. Being a man is a crime. Being a man is something that the powerful institutions in the country are trying to weed out of our culture. Because it's dangerous, it's predatory, it's brutish, it's barbaric. And this is a direct descendant from the feminist movement.


RUSH: Yeah. Andrea Tantaros. I said, "Tontaros." It's Tantaros. Tarantula, Tantaros, Tantaros, "Hi-ho, Silver!" It doesn't matter. Everybody knows who I'm talking about.


RUSH: By the way, folks, I made mention yesterday that the interview in the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter is Conrad Black about his book. It's Flight of the Eagle: The Grand Strategies That Brought America from Colonial Dependence to World Leadership. The previous issue interview was Dr. Helen Smith, and I read this piece today by the guy in the American Spectator by Matthew Flynn on what's wrong in our culture vis-a-vis men. Helen Smith is Ph.D. She's from Knoxville, Tennessee, and she's got a book, too.

Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream -- and Why It Matters, and it is excellent. I'll tell you, this is something that more and more people need to seriously think about, the whole concept of "manly" is being erased from our culture. That's been going on for quite a while. It has serious, serious consequences, and we're living them. So her book is Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream -- and Why It Matters, by Dr. Helen Smith.


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1 posted on 07/12/2013 3:25:14 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Actually, I admire George Zimmerman.

I think it takes courage to do the right thing, regardless of risk.

George was not physically much of a match for Trayvon, but he did not challenge Trayvon to a fight at all.

We are not obligated to fight the bullies in this world. We can refuse to fight, and kill them if they insist on a fight.

Me? I probably would have had a shot at kicking Trayvon’s ass without a gun, but that does not obligate me to do so at all. I am 54, and like Clint says, “A man has to know his limitations!” I am 54 and I need to absorb all of this and realize that the day is coming when I might need an equalizer.

2 posted on 07/12/2013 3:30:18 PM PDT by Kansas58
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

more misandry

3 posted on 07/12/2013 3:35:13 PM PDT by ClaytonP
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Well, I think the conjecture that Mr. Zimmerman ought to have simply physically overpowered the lad who attacked by surprise sounds very nice in principle, but one does with what resources one has at the time. If there is a crying absence of manliness in this picture, I believe the chiefest offenders do not include George. How about all the cowards that let this railroading go on, no matter what the jury ends up saying? How about the cowards who did not dare to teach St. Tray about the moral hazards of purple drank?

4 posted on 07/12/2013 3:35:24 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Whatever promise that God has made, in Jesus it is yes. See my page.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Some blacks and liberals argue that Zimmerman should have never left his car.

Even the liberal and/or black defense of Martin actually betrays the fact that blacks are a danger to society.

Blaming Zimmerman because he got out of the car is like blaming a human for getting out of a car in the middle of wilderness with rhinos, lions, hyenas, and aggressive baboons. He should have known better since wild animals are dangerous!!

So, the logic of ‘Zimmerman should have stayed in the car’ argument implies that black males are INDEED dangerous beasts and one should remain IN THE CAR when one sees one walking the streets.

It’s funny. Blacks used to complain that white folks lock their cars when blacks walk by. Now, they are complaining that someone walked out of the car when a Negro kid was prowling nearby. I mean doesn’t Zimmerman know that one should never leave the car when a Negro is around?

5 posted on 07/12/2013 3:37:58 PM PDT by Caliban (Politics is war conducted by other means...)
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To: Caliban

yeah... it sounds like an intimidation argument disguised as peace activism

6 posted on 07/12/2013 3:39:56 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Whatever promise that God has made, in Jesus it is yes. See my page.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I think Rush is off here. There are still real men in America.

There just aren’t as many.

If the fight came down the way Zim has said, the gun was not a factor until TM tried to take it. At that point Zim’s only choice may have been to shoot or risk dying.

7 posted on 07/12/2013 3:39:57 PM PDT by SaxxonWoods (....Let It Burn...)
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To: Caliban

The problem has been the focus on irrelevant arguments – some of which are actually unsupported by the evidence.
1. ‘GZ racially profiled TM’ There is no evidence of this.
2. ‘GZ disobeyed an order by the police’ * The civilian dispatcher, Sean Noffke, testified that he did not give GZ an order and, in fact, he, like his fellow dispatchers, are trained not make comments that sound like commands. * Noffke also testified under cross that, as a result of his asking GZ which way TM was going, GZ could have reasonably interpreted this as being asked to follow Martin. * It is also not a crime in Florida to disregard a comment made by a civilian dispatcher
3. ‘GZ got out of his car’ Not a crime on public property and not negligent either.
4. ‘GZ followed TV’ Again, anyone can follow anyone on a public street unless the followee has obtained a restraining order against the follower and even there, the RS only places time, place, and manner restrictions on the person enjoined.
5. ‘GZ wasn’t really injured’ * Under Florida’s self-defence laws, one doesn’t have to be injured AT ALL to use deadly force * No one is required to refrain from defending himself while another is engaged in or attempting to commit a felony
6. ‘TM is dead through no fault of his own’ * If you believe that TM assaulted GZ, then he IS dead as a result of his own actions
7. ‘GZ could have left’ * Under Florida law, there is not a duty to withdraw rather than use deadly force * TM was straddling GZ so how the latter was supposed to leave the scene is unanswered
8. ‘GZ was armed and TM wasn’t’ * One’s fists can be considered weapons and can result in severe bodily harm or death
* GZ was legally carrying a weapon * There is no requirement under the law that the same weapon be used by the assailant * A homeowner can kill an intruder whether or not he has been threatened * Those that attack cannot feign surprise if they are met with superior firepower
9. ‘Stand Your Ground!’ * SYG is NOT at issue in this trial. * The defence is a classic self-defence case
10. ‘Black men NEVER get to use SYG!’ * Wrong
11. ‘GZ is a man and TM was a boy!’ * As if ‘boys’ don’t commit murder, rape, and assault everyday in this country.

8 posted on 07/12/2013 3:41:51 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (I'll raise $2million for Sarah Palin's next run. What'll you do?)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
I'm not sure what effect the absence of a "father" might have on girls growing up.It could be could be negligible.It could be that such girls suffer more from the absence of a mother.But one thing's for certain...boys who grow up without a decent and respectable "father" (who needn't be the biological father) far more often than not turn out bad.Black boys,white boys,brown boys,yellow doesn't matter.

I was lucky enough to have two good,decent,admirable parents who were good to me and taught me well.I suspect that that's the biggest single reason for my having turned out to be,perhaps,fairly decent.

Of all the great,great classics of the 60's this is one of my very favorites.It reminds me of my Dad.I wonder how Martin might have turned out if he had experienced what is contained in this song.

Color Him Father (1969)

9 posted on 07/12/2013 3:42:41 PM PDT by Gay State Conservative (The Civil Servants Are No Longer Servants...Or Civil.)
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To: SaxxonWoods

In fact to me it speaks to a certain amount of restraint on George’s part... maybe in spite of getting clobbered he still hoped to see a minimally violent end to the fight. That’s not cowardly, to be willing to take some punishment for the sake of peace as long as there is some accountability applied at the end... but truly said, it isn’t “macho” either. Jesus’ own conduct comes to mind. (There were definitely passers-by so a shout for assistance would make sense.)

10 posted on 07/12/2013 3:46:23 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Whatever promise that God has made, in Jesus it is yes. See my page.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
On a related note, the vacuum left by the demise of the male in Western society has been readily, willingly, and hastily replaced by the government.
The strong male is a threat to the ones that lord over the collective and in doing so reward the passive acceptance of the willing, mostly women.
The effort to destroy the western male probably has been cultivated since the beginning of civilization, however, thanks to technology, the process has been accelerated since the 1960’s.
Who is behind this effort? The usual suspects, of course, however, don't forget to look in the mirror. The majority of men and women, probably don't realize what is happening to them or what to do or whom to do it to.
11 posted on 07/12/2013 3:51:37 PM PDT by free from tyranny
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To: Kansas58

it is said that you should never attack an old man. He can no longer run, he can no longer fight, so his only defense is to kill you.

12 posted on 07/12/2013 3:54:02 PM PDT by expat2
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To: free from tyranny

technology schmechnology.

the problem is plain old vanilla sin. God hollers “I LOVE YOU!” and we go “huh? what’s that irrelevant coot trying to say anyhow?”

and so God lets us slowly hang ourselves till we finally figure out that we really don’t want that rope around our neck after all. a lower tech society would be no more immune to sin.

13 posted on 07/12/2013 3:54:58 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Whatever promise that God has made, in Jesus it is yes. See my page.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Two of the witnesses in this case, both young males, could have intervened and prevented the need for Zimmerman to shoot Martin.

Zimmerman, screaming, begged eyewitness John Good to come help him. Good, watching from only 17 feet away, replied to Zimmerman that he was calling the police instead. Zimmerman screamed that the police were already on the way—that he needed Good’s help. Good could have knocked Martin off Zimmerman and stopped the deadly confrontation just by putting himself a bit at risk, but no, he didn’t want to get that involved, just like Kitty Genovese’s neighbors (some readers have no idea who Kitty Genovese was, I realize) didn’t want to get involved.

There was another young male witness in the Zimmerman case, who testified that told his wife, “stay away from the window, don’t look out, we don’t want to make this our problem.”

You get my point.

14 posted on 07/12/2013 3:59:57 PM PDT by IChing
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To: IChing

Lots of cowardice.

Now the opposite of cowardice is courage. Courage is a word derived from the French “coeur” meaning heart. Hearts are made for love. In love, one dares to take risks to prevent the works of hatred from progressing.

15 posted on 07/12/2013 4:02:03 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Whatever promise that God has made, in Jesus it is yes. See my page.)
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To: HiTech RedNeck


Anyone who is not blinded by hate, as so many rabid, easily stirred-up blacks and white leftists are over this case, can see that Zimmerman has nothing but love for his community and fellow humans.

16 posted on 07/12/2013 4:06:03 PM PDT by IChing
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To: 2ndDivisionVet; don-o; mickie; flaglady47; presently no screen name
Dang it I wrote post # 2550 on the Day # 24 Zimmerman Trial thread....and it was almost the same thoughts about George's buddha-like, robotic-like demeanor 24/7 in his courtroom seat.

Mr. Flynn, the author of the above, virtually parroted me and I virtually parroted him especially in his "Pillsbury Doughboy" paragraph.

Dang it all because he probably got paid a pretty penny for his efforts while all I got for mine was some snark and a tee shirt that says "U Belong on DU, Commie !"



17 posted on 07/12/2013 4:06:34 PM PDT by MinuteGal (')
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To: 2ndDivisionVet; All

I’m almost 71, am I still expected to duke it out with any young buck who wants to attack me?

18 posted on 07/12/2013 4:07:14 PM PDT by SWAMPSNIPER (The Second Amendment, a Matter of Fact, Not a Matter of Opinion)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

A feminine culture will eventually be challenged by a surging masculine culture and will lose. Europe and America are the essential Women’s nations in the world and are faced with the rapidly growing entirely Masculine China that has desires for conquest, in fact, must embark on expansion and conquest to keep its extreme sex overbalance of young men from blowing apart China itself. All those extra men have to have an outlet. That outlet is war when there are insufficient women. It is the same with the Moslem world. Menp predominate because they repress their women to cattle status and kill a lot of them and deny men any access to women before they are married. Moslems are mitigating the problem a bit with enthusiastic fratricide but they will soon predominate in Europe and eventually in America if we keep importing them as fast as we can.

19 posted on 07/12/2013 4:09:04 PM PDT by arthurus (Read Hazlitt's EcThomics In One Lesson ONLINE
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To: IChing

And perhaps George did agonize over whether or not to give a testimony of why he did what he did, and then accede to his attorneys’ suggestion that nothing is to be gained in this sinful world by doing it in a situation like this. (St. Paul might have differed, but he was definitely on a gospel mission.) Should George be cleared, as I pray the Lord will happen if nothing that would significantly change the picture has been hidden from the public in this matter, I foresee a book by him that has a very Christian witness in it.

20 posted on 07/12/2013 4:10:13 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (Whatever promise that God has made, in Jesus it is yes. See my page.)
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