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The Resur­gence of Natio­nal Pride and the Future of Europe ^ | | Geert Wilders

Posted on 07/20/2013 11:54:26 AM PDT by Eurotwit

Dear fri­ends, thank you for invi­ting me to Los Ange­les. I always like coming to the Uni­ted Sta­tes. There are many things that I admire Ame­ri­cans for. One of them is that they are unas­ha­medly patrio­tic. The Ame­ri­can Free­dom Associa­tion has asked me to speak to you about the future of Europe.

Europe is in a ter­rible state. Bit by bit, Euro­pean countries are los­ing their natio­nal sover­eignty. The eco­nomy is in sham­b­les. Isla­mic immi­grants riot and ter­ro­rize the many locals. And when people’s throats are slit in the stre­ets, while the mur­de­rers shout “Allahu Akbar,” the aut­hori­ties appease the kil­lers and declare that Islam has not­hing to do with it.

Euro­peans feel that the gap between them and those who rule them is growing. Many no lon­ger feel repre­sented by their poli­ti­ci­ans. There is a com­p­lete dis­con­nect between the people that truly rule Europe and the people that live in it.

The blame lies to a large extent with the Euro­pean Union and the weak lea­dership wit­hin the Euro­pean countries which have sig­ned away their natio­nal sover­eignty. The EU can­not be com­pared to the Uni­ted Sta­tes. Europe is a con­ti­nent of many dif­fe­rent nations with their own iden­tities, tra­ditions and lan­gua­ges. The EU is a supra­na­tio­nal orga­niza­tion, but its lea­ders aim to turn it into a state. To this end they are destroy­ing the wealth, iden­tity and free­doms of the exis­ting nation-states of Europe.

Before I ela­bo­rate, let us take a clo­ser look at the ter­rible mis­take that Europe made.

Following the Second World War, Europe’s lea­ders mis­ta­kenly thought that patrio­tism was the cause of the war.

All over Europe, not just in Ger­many, but eve­rywhere, they equa­ted the defense of natio­nal iden­tity with extremism.

Poli­ti­ci­ans told the electo­rate that the nation state was dangerous.

On the rooft­ops of Europe’s par­lia­ments and offi­cial buil­dings, they flew the EU flag next to the natio­nal flag, as if the nation is not­hing but a pro­vince of a Pan-European empire.

On the num­ber pla­tes of Euro­pean cars, they put the EU flag instead of the natio­nal flag, thereby for­cing people to drive around with the sym­bol of their subjection.

They sig­ned away their natio­nal inte­rests for the goal of so-called Europeanization.

Such poli­cies could never have been pos­sible if the ruling elite had not fal­len for the ideo­logy of cul­tural and moral rela­ti­vism. Patrio­tism, which is a vir­tue, came to be seen as a vice.

Today, the citizens of Europe are rea­ping the bit­ter harvest of this arro­gance, this refu­sal to stand by the ancient nations of Europe, the mot­hers of modern democracy, the guar­di­ans of our liberty.

The EU stands for eve­rything that is wrong in Europe.

It is a gigan­tic unde­mocra­tic trans­na­tio­nal mons­ter. It issues legis­la­tion per­meated with cul­tural rela­ti­vism. It medd­les in the eve­ryday lives of mil­lions of people. It has ope­ned Europe’s bor­ders to uncon­trolled mass immi­gra­tion, mostly from Isla­mic countries. And it has depri­ved Europe’s par­lia­ments of a huge amount of their legis­la­tive powers.

The Euro­pean Union has brought one-size-fits-none poli­cies that have resulted in eco­no­mic disas­ter. It has led to growing ten­sions between the nations of Europe. It has led to the loss of democracy and liberty. Because the pre­mise on which it was built, was false.

Robert Schu­man, one of the EU’s foun­ding fat­hers, said that the EU’s aim was – I quote – “to make war not only unt­hin­kable but mate­rially impos­sible.” – end of quote. But the idea that Ger­many, France, Bri­tain and other nations in the past went to war because they were sover­eign nations is sim­ply ridiculous.

As I tell my audience whe­ne­ver and wher­e­ver I speak in Ger­many, it was not Ger­man patrio­tism that star­ted the Second World War; it was Hitler’s vicious tota­li­ta­rian ideo­logy of Nazism.

It was not Ger­man patrio­tism that cau­sed the holo­caust. Ger­man patriots, such as Count Stauf­fen­berg, fought Hit­ler. “Let the world see that not all Ger­mans are like Hit­ler; that not all Ger­mans are Nazis,” he wrote in his diary the evening before Hitler’s hounds exe­cuted him.

Likewise, it was not Rus­sian patrio­tism that sent people to the Gulag; it was the Sovi­ets’ vicious tota­li­ta­rian ideo­logy of Com­mu­nism. Rus­sian patriots, such as Alex­an­der Sol­zhe­nit­syn, stood up against the Soviets.

Nevert­he­less, the pro­po­nents of the EU keep pre­ten­ding that wit­hout the EU, the Ger­mans, the French, the Bri­tish, the Dutch and the other nations of Europe would go to war again. The Euro­pean Union has even been given the Nobel Peace Prize for the achieve­ment of pre­ser­ving peace in Europe – an achieve­ment that is accor­ding to me NATO’s rat­her than the EU’s.

My fri­ends, no-one knows this bet­ter than Ame­ri­can patriots such as you: True patriots are always democrats. Because true patriots love their people and their coun­try. You do not want your nation to be inva­ded by other countries. But neit­her do you want a tota­li­ta­rian ideo­logy, such as Com­mu­nism or Nazism or Islam, to rob you of your own iden­tity and enslave you.

Patriots want their coun­try to be free. But people only care about the free­dom of their coun­try if they love it first. That is why one of my heroes Ronald Rea­gan said in his Farewell Address that we have to teach our child­ren what our coun­try is, what it stands for, what it repre­sents in the long his­tory of the world. Rea­gan said that Ame­ri­cans need – I quote – “a love of coun­try and an apprecia­tion of its insti­tu­tions.” – end of quote.

Patrio­tism is not a tota­li­ta­rian ideo­logy aiming for world con­trol; it is love of one’s own coun­try and iden­tity – and as such it is the stron­gest force against tota­li­ta­rian ideo­lo­gies aiming for world domination.

Love your coun­try, appreciate its natio­nal insti­tu­tions. As long as you do this, your coun­try will remain the land of the free. But if you fail to do so, you will lose your free­doms. That is the les­son that we, Euro­peans, have learned the hard way after the past six deca­des of expe­ri­men­ting with EU transnationalism.

And the worst thing, my fri­ends, the worst thing is that we could and should have known better.

In her last book, Statecraft, Mar­ga­ret Thatcher wrote – I quote: “That such an unne­ces­sary and irra­tio­nal pro­ject as buil­ding a Euro­pean super­state was ever embar­ked on will seem in future years to be per­haps the grea­test folly of the modern era.” – end of quote.

My fri­ends, let me tell you about the ter­rible con­se­quen­ces of this folly. The Euro­peans set out to build a poli­ti­cal tower of Babel.

In 1957, six Euro­pean nations, inclu­ding my own, the Net­her­lands, sig­ned the Rome Treaty. They com­mit­ted them­sel­ves to the for­ma­tion of – I quote from the Treaty’s pream­ble – “an ever clo­ser union among the peop­les of Europe.” – end of quote.

From the ori­gi­nal six, the Euro­pean Union’s mem­ber sta­tes expan­ded to 27 nations today. Nations as diverse as Fin­land and Por­tu­gal, Ire­land and Bul­ga­ria, with their entirely dif­fe­rent lan­gua­ges, cul­tu­res, tra­ditions, habits and men­ta­lities, were for­ced by their poli­ti­cal lea­ders to adopt the same eco­no­mic, fis­cal, social, security, and for­eign policies.

These poli­cies are drawn up by the enor­mous, ever expan­ding bure­au­cracy of the so-called Euro­pean Com­mis­sion in Brus­sels. It issues laws – so-called “direc­ti­ves” – that the member-states are for­ced to imple­ment in their natio­nal legis­la­tion. As a natio­nal legis­la­tor in the Net­her­lands I daily expe­ri­ence how little we still have to say about our own fate. We are expec­ted to rub­ber­stamp legis­la­tion made behind clo­sed doors in Brussels.

Both the EU Coun­cil of Minis­ters and the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion nego­tiate in secret and then emerge to announce their agreement and pre­sent it. That is how the sys­tem works. And we are not allowed to ask questions.

Those who dare think dif­fe­rently are labe­led ene­mies of Euro­pean inte­gra­tion. They are the so-called Europ­ho­bes. The for­mer Soviet dis­si­dent Vla­di­mir Bukovsky calls the EU the EUSSR, because of its stri­king simi­la­ri­ties to the for­mer Soviet Union. He com­pa­res the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion to the for­mer Soviet Politburo and Brus­sels to Moscow before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Two weeks ago, I went to Pra­gue and met with Vaclav Klaus, the for­mer Pre­si­dent of the Czech Repub­lic. Pre­si­dent Klaus speaks of Euro­pea­nism as one of the new and dan­gerous ideo­lo­gies that have supplan­ted Socialism.

During his ten years in office, Pre­si­dent Klaus refu­sed to fly the EU flag over the Czech pre­si­den­tial palace. He points out that the EU is – I quote – “based on big and patro­ni­zing govern­ment, exten­sive regu­la­ting of human beha­vior and large-scale income redis­tri­bu­tion. It shifts govern­ment upwards, which means to the level where there is no democra­tic accoun­ta­bi­lity and where the deci­sions are made by bure­au­crats appointed by poli­ti­ci­ans, not elected by citizens in free elections.” – end of quote.

The EU supra­na­tio­na­lism has brought the once pro­sperous, sover­eign and free nations of Europe eco­no­mic misery, a loss of natio­nal iden­tity, the demise of free­dom and independence.

17 of the 27 EU mem­ber sta­tes have even been so foo­lish as to dump their natio­nal cur­rency. By adop­ting the euro, the com­mon EU cur­rency, they joined the so-called eurozone.

Strong and solid cur­ren­cies that were the pride of their nations, such as the Dutch Guil­der and the Ger­man Deut­sch­mark, were sacri­ficed on the altar of Euro­pean uni­fi­ca­tion. The then Ger­man Chan­cel­lor Hel­mut Kohl sold this pro­ject to his people as – I quote – “a mat­ter of war or peace.” – end of quote. The euro was pre­sented as – I quote again – “an angel of peace.”

But what did this angel do to us?

All the countries that joined the euro lost the power to adjust their cur­rency to their own eco­no­mic needs. They have destroyed their eco­no­mies and have doo­med their people to rising poverty and unemployment.

They all suf­fe­red as a con­se­quence. They all have to share the bur­den of other countries, even if the lat­ter are suf­fe­ring from self-inflicted poli­cies, cor­rup­tion or fraud, like in Greece.

Last year, my party, the Dutch Party for Free­dom, com­mis­sio­ned a study by the renow­ned inde­pen­dent Bri­tish bureau, Lom­bard Street Rese­arch, into the cost for the Net­her­lands of the euro so far.

The study found that, since the Dutch intro­du­ced the euro, the growth of con­sump­tion spen­ding no lon­ger matches the growth of GDP, as it did before we joined the euro and as it still does in all the countries that kept out of the euro­zone. The cost was a huge loss in con­su­mer spending.

The study showed that con­ti­nuing to uphold the euro would cost the Net­her­lands bil­lions of euros. The Euro­zone is a huge trans­fer zone, whereby tax­pay­ers in our coun­try are for­ced to sub­si­dize other countries. The rising taxes have pushed our coun­try, the Net­her­lands, into eco­no­mic reces­sion. Unemp­loy­ment has grown to over 8% – the hig­hest in decades.

And the countries that rece­ive our taxes have no chance of recovery. They have no chance of eco­no­mic growth wit­hin a mone­tary union where the cur­rency is too strong for them. Mil­lions of people are los­ing their jobs as a con­se­quence. Countries such as Spain are doo­med with unemp­loy­ment figu­res reaching almost up to 30% today.

EU countries have also lost sover­eignty over their own natio­nal bud­gets. The Euro­pean Com­mis­sion – not our natio­nal govern­ment – deci­des how big their defi­cits and natio­nal debts are allowed to be. It impo­ses aus­terity measu­res. But at the same time it demands ever lar­ger sums to be trans­ferred to Brus­sels or to so-called res­cue ope­ra­tions for the euro and to bail out countries, like Gre­ece, Ire­land, Por­tu­gal, Spain and Cyprus.

Last month, the EU deci­ded to raise its bud­get. My coun­try and the Dutch govern­ment oppo­sed this deci­sion, but we were sim­ply over­ru­led. We have no veto right. Now we are for­ced to pay even more to Brus­sels. While govern­ment expen­di­ture can­not be slashed by cut­ting the sums deman­ded by the EU, the Dutch govern­ment has raised taxes dra­ma­ti­cally. The impact has been deva­s­ta­ting. Hig­her taxes have resulted in less govern­ment income and have led to a con­trac­tion of the eco­nomy and a rise in unemployment.

The same phe­n­ome­non can be seen all over Europe. The growth of expen­ses and taxes, the ina­bi­lity to create a com­pe­ti­tive environ­ment, the over­re­gu­la­tion of the eco­nomy, the stifling bure­au­cra­tiza­tion – all this is lead­ing straight to eco­no­mic collapse.

But there is worse. EU member-states no lon­ger con­trol their own borders.

Immi­gra­tion poli­cies are deci­ded by the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion and the cul­tural rela­ti­vists who are in charge there. The cur­rent Euro­pean Com­mis­sio­ner over­see­ing immi­gra­tion policy is Ceci­lia Malm­ström, for­merly a left-wing kind of hippy poli­ti­cian from Sweden. Third-World immi­gra­tion has tur­ned Sweden into a night­mare, with immi­grants fre­quently rio­ting in major Swedish cities such as Stock­holm and Malmö.

Mrs. Malm­ström is for­cing all EU mem­ber sta­tes to follow the Swedish example.

Last year, I wrote her a let­ter. “Not one single Dutch­man has voted for you,” I told her. “We do not know who you are. We do not want to know who you are, but you force your ideas on our people. We are suf­fe­ring from your absurd refu­sal to allow us even the sligh­test rest­ric­tion to our immi­gra­tion policy. You do not even want to limit the num­ber of part­ners that one is allowed to bring into the Net­her­lands! We urge you to cease your acti­vities and give us our sover­eignty back,” I wrote.

Need­less to say that I am still wai­ting for an answer from her, despite the fact that I am an elected poli­ti­cian, accoun­table to the voters, while she is not. That is why she can afford not to answer a parliamentarian.

Mil­lions of non-Western immi­grants are floo­ding into Europe, pre­do­mi­nantly people from Isla­mic countries. The Pew Rese­arch Cen­ter esti­mated the num­ber of Mus­lims in Western Euro­pean countries at 18.2 mil­lion in 2010. It expects that this num­ber will rise to almost 30 mil­lion by 2030. The Net­her­lands will see its Isla­mic popu­la­tion grow from 5.5 to almost 8%, Bri­tain from 5 to 8%, Sweden will even see it double from 5 to 10%, and France will see a rise from over 7 to over 10%.

A demo­grap­hic cata­strophe is about to happen.

During the past three deca­des, so many people rooted in a cul­ture entirely dif­fe­rent from Europe’s own Judeo-Christian and huma­nist tra­dition have ente­red Europe that its her­itage, its free­doms, its prosperity, and its cul­ture are in danger.

The signs are there for all to see.

Look at the names people give to their child­ren. Moham­med is today the most popu­lar name among new­born boys in many French, Bel­gian and Dutch cities. Moham­mes is even the most popu­lar name among all new­borns in Eng­land and Wales.

Look at Europe’s inner cities. Visit Europe and you will see that they have come to resem­ble Northern Africa and the Middle East. They have become areas ruled by Isla­mic Sha­ria law. Only last month, a Dutch news­pa­per reported that a neigh­bor­hood barely two miles from our par­lia­ment buil­ding in The Hague is now a Sha­ria zone.

Isla­mic areas also bor­der the EU hea­dquar­ters in Brus­sels. And less than 10 miles from West­min­ster, the mot­her of all par­lia­ments, a Bri­tish soldier’s throat was slit by Isla­mic murderers.

Paris, the capi­tal of France, is sur­roun­ded by largely Isla­mic suburbs. And so are other cities. The French aut­hori­ties have even drawn up a list of 751 so-called “sen­sible urban areas,” where it is dan­gerous to go, espec­ially for native French­men. These are the lost ter­ri­to­ries of the French Repub­lic, even though a stag­gering 5 mil­lion people, or 8 per­cent of the total French popu­la­tion, live in them.

Even sol­di­ers are no lon­ger safe in Europe’s stre­ets, as the recent hor­rible events in Bri­tain and France have shown. But neit­her are Jews. Anti-Semitism has risen, and keeps rising the more Isla­mic immi­gra­tion we get.

Indeed, my fri­ends, after Nazism and Com­mu­nism, anot­her tota­li­ta­rian ideo­logy is threate­ning Europe: the evil ideo­logy cal­led Islam.

In Europe, we are expe­ri­en­cing that the more Isla­mic a society beco­mes – even when the majority of Mus­lims are mode­ra­tes – the less free and tole­rant it will be.

Atrocities, simi­lar to the recent bom­bing in Bos­ton, where Isla­mic immi­grants mas­sacred innocent onlook­ers at the marat­hon, occur in Europe as well. In my own coun­try a few years ago, Theo van Gogh, a film maker cri­ti­cal of Islam, was butch­e­red in the stre­ets of Amsterdam.

Today, hund­reds of young Isla­mic inha­bi­tants of our countries have flocked to Syria to wage jihad there. They will return as expe­ri­en­ced jiha­dists, trai­ned in urban guer­rilla war­fare. But while you in Ame­rica are still able to do somet­hing about it, while you can con­trol and close your bor­ders, while Con­gress can vote legis­la­tion to pro­tect Ame­ri­can citizens, we in Europe have been rob­bed of this pos­si­bi­lity by the Euro­pean Union.

And there is not only the threat of ter­ro­rism or vio­lence; there is also the phe­n­ome­non of non-violent jihad. The rise of Islam means the rise of Isla­mic sha­ria law in our judi­cial sys­tems. In Europe, we have sha­ria wills, sha­ria schools, sha­ria banks. In Bri­tain, they even have offi­cial sha­ria courts.

Europe is gra­dually Isla­mi­zing. People who cri­ti­cize Islam, such as myself, are threate­ned by Al Qaeda and drag­ged to court by Isla­mic and left­ist groups. There is not just me, there is the jour­na­list Lars Hede­gaard, the aut­hor Sal­man Rush­die, the carto­o­nist Kurt Wes­tergaard, and many others.

We cri­ti­cize Islam and we will keep on doing so, because it is a dan­gerous ideo­logy. It is into­le­rant, it is vio­lent. And, worst of all, it can­not be refor­med. It can­not because it belie­ves that the Koran is a book writ­ten directly by Allah him­self. And it can­not because it calls on Mus­lims to follow Muhammad as the role model for their per­so­nal life. There could not be a worse model than this man, who was a warlord, a ter­ro­rist, and a pedophile.

While most Mus­lims are mode­rate people, those who think that they have to follow Muhammad’s example are not. That is exactly the rea­son why the more Isla­mic a coun­try beco­mes, the more unfree and vio­lent it will be.

Europe needs to be pro­tected against this new tota­li­ta­rian threat.

That is why I say: No more immi­grants from the Isla­mic world! My party wants to close our bor­ders to immi­gra­tion from Isla­mic countries.

And ever more people sup­port us.

A poll, which we com­mis­sio­ned ten days ago, shows that 77% of the Dutch do not see Islam as an enrich­ment for our coun­try, 68% say there is more than enough Islam in the Net­her­lands alre­ady. A majority of the voters of all the major par­ties in my coun­try – even the voters from left­ist par­ties – agree with these two principles.

The poll also showed that 55% of the Dutch want a stop on immi­gra­tion from Isla­mic countries, 63% want no more mos­ques, 72% see a rela­tion­ship between Islam and the recent ter­ror attacks in Bos­ton, Lon­don and Paris, 72% want a con­sti­tu­tio­nal ban on Isla­mic Sha­ria law.

Ordi­nary people in Europe want three things.

One – They want their poli­ti­ci­ans to tackle the pro­blem of Isla­miza­tion and mass immi­gra­tion. They want to con­trol their own borders.

Two – They want to restore their natio­nal sover­eignty. They do not want their countries to become pro­vin­ces of a pan-European superstate.

Three – They do not want their money to be used to pay for mis­ta­kes made elsewhere. They do not want a trans­fer union where they have to pay hig­her taxes to bail out other countries, whose lea­ders were eit­her cor­rupt or incompetent.

Poll after poll show that ordi­nary Euro­peans do not want their democracy to be sub­verted. Last April, a pan-European poll showed that a clear majority of the popu­la­tion in the major EU mem­ber sta­tes no lon­ger trust the EU as an insti­tu­tion. Even in Ger­many the num­ber has reached almost 60%.

This week a Gal­lup poll showed that for the first time in his­tory in the Net­her­lands as many people want to leave the EU as stay in. A few years ago, this was unthinkable.

The strength of Europe is its diver­sity. Europe is not a nation; it is a clus­ter of nations, bound by a com­mon Judeo-Christian and huma­nist cul­ture, but with dif­fe­rent natio­nal identities.

Last January, Bri­tish Prime Minis­ter David Came­ron delive­red a speech in which he said that the EU nee­ded to change.

He spoke about “the lack of democra­tic accoun­ta­bi­lity,” “the exces­sive regu­la­tion,” and eve­rything that is wrong in the EU. And there are many things I agree with, but I do not share his belief that the EU’s nature can be changed. Mr. Came­ron belie­ves that the EU can be trans­for­med into – I quote – “a more flex­ible, adap­table and open Euro­pean Union.” – end of quote. I do not believe this. If an orga­niza­tion has as its expli­cit goal that it stri­ves for “an ever clo­ser union,” it sim­ply can­not start moving in the oppo­site direc­tion and relin­quish the powers it has alre­ady acquired.

We can see how the mecha­nism works in the way in which the EU deals with the euro­zone cri­sis. Rat­her than tur­ning away from the destruc­tive path that has so far been followed, Brus­sels is using this cri­sis to enforce an even tigh­ter con­trol over the mem­ber states.

The Euro­pean Union sim­ply can­not be democra­tized because the whole struc­ture is built on a nega­tion of democracy. As Pre­si­dent Klaus pointed out, there can be no Euro­pean democracy because there is no Euro­pean demos – no Euro­pean people. There can only be various Euro­pean democ­racies – plu­ral! – in the various Euro­pean nations. What the EU does is destroy these various democracies.

And, hence, my party’s position is very clear. We opt for an exit from the Euro­pean Union. We want the Net­her­lands not just out of the Euro­zone, but out of the EU alt­o­get­her – inclu­ding the so-called Schen­gen area, the group of 26 Euro­pean countries that have abo­lis­hed passport and immi­gra­tion con­trols at their com­mon bor­ders. We reserve the right to rein­stall ran­dom bor­der controls.

We want to retain our inde­pen­dence. We want home rule! We want to be the mas­ters in our own house! We want to be the mas­ters over our own bor­ders. We want to be the mas­ters of our own money. The Party for Free­dom wants the Net­her­lands to leave the EU and join the Euro­pean Free Trade Associa­tion EFTA.

But here is the good news, my fri­ends. As I have alre­ady indi­cated, pub­lic sup­port for the EU is growing thin by the day. For mon­ths now, my party has been the big­gest in the polls.

And we are not the only one.

In Bri­tain, UKIP, the Uni­ted King­dom Inde­pen­dence Party, which wants to lead Bri­tain out of the EU, has come second in many by-elections and local and county elections during the past two years. It is pol­ling an average of a quar­ter of the votes. And it is growing.

In France last year, Marine Le Pen sco­red 18% in the pre­si­den­tial elections. She has now over­ta­ken Pre­si­dent François Hol­lande. She oppo­ses the EU. And her popu­larity is growing.

In Ger­many, it is still con­side­red far too politically-incorrect to reject the EU. Nevert­he­less a new party, the Alter­na­tive for Ger­many, wants to take the coun­try out of the euro­zone. And its appeal is growing.

In Italy, both the country’s lar­gest party, Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Move­ment, and the the Lega Nord, the lar­gest party in the North, want a refe­ren­dum on a return to the Lira, while the Lega Nord has cal­led the EU a fai­led project.

In Por­tu­gal a book advo­ca­ting quit­ting the euro has become an instant best­sel­ler. A pro­po­sal that was taboo until recently is now discus­sed openly, with the country’s Chief Jus­tice per­so­nally coming out in sup­port of euro­zone exit.

All over Europe, anti-EU feelings are growing. All over Europe there are patriot par­ties that reflect the resur­gence of natio­nal pride in their countries, whether it be the Net­her­lands, Bri­tain, France, Sweden, Fin­land, Den­mark, Austria, Italy, Flan­ders, the Czech Repub­lic, Ger­many, and the other nations cur­rently trap­ped in the Euro­pean Union.

As I said, here is the good news.

Europe might be on the verge of a fun­da­men­tal change for the bet­ter. We seem to be on the eve of a major and truly his­to­ric event. In Europe, the time is ripe for a glo­rious democra­tic and non-violent revo­lu­tion to pre­serve our natio­nal free­doms and restore our sovereignty.

Exactly one year from now, the 27 mem­ber sta­tes of the Euro­pean Union will be hol­ding elections for the Euro­pean Parliament.

People are finally ready all over Europe to rebel in the bal­lot box. They reject the trans­fer union. They no lon­ger want to pay for cor­rupt sta­tes. They reject the supra­na­tio­nal expe­ri­ment of the Euro­pean Union. They are ready to cast their votes for a resto­ra­tion of natio­nal sover­eignty. They are ready to defend their own cul­tural identity.

All they need is decent poli­ti­cal lea­dership able to lead their nations out of the EU and towards a bet­ter future.

America’s first pre­si­dent George Wash­ing­ton has shown that when courage­ous and democra­tic poli­ti­ci­ans are avai­lable to lead their coun­try, they can lay the ground­work for a las­ting democra­tic fram­ework that gua­rantees free­dom and prosperity for cen­tu­ries to come.

My fri­ends, my party in the Net­her­lands and seve­ral other par­ties in other Euro­pean countries are prepa­ring them­sel­ves for next year’s electo­ral landslide.

We can feel the heart­beat of the New Patrio­tism in Europe. Win­ter is over. Spring is coming. The Euro­pean Spring is upon us. And we are get­ting ready for it. We are aware of our his­to­ric task.

That is why I am espec­ially happy to be here in Cali­for­nia today. Because the great inspi­rer of our upcoming democra­tic revo­lu­tion, is one of yours. Your hero, my hero, Ronald Rea­gan! – who in his pre­si­den­tial Farewell Address said that the achieve­ment he was most proud of in his entire pre­si­dency was “the resur­gence of natio­nal pride.” “The New Patrio­tism,” as he cal­led it.

Next year’s Euro­pean elections offer a uni­que opport­u­nity to libe­rate the nations of Europe.

Next Spring’s Euro­pean elections offer a uni­que chance to cor­rect the fatal error made by pre­vious poli­ti­ci­ans who sold away their tax­pay­ers’ money and their natio­nal sover­eignty to Brus­sels and delive­red their countries to the evils of mass immi­gra­tion and Islamization.

As a Euro­pean poli­ti­cian, I am fully aware of my duty to grab this chance. The Euro­pean elections next May must deal a blow to the par­ties that sold us out to the EU. Not just in the Net­her­lands. But eve­rywhere in Europe.

That is why I do what is in my power to forge an alli­ance of democra­tic par­ties stan­ding for the resto­ra­tion of the sover­eignty and free­dom of their nation. I want to bring these par­ties toget­her in a com­mon ende­a­vor to defend our iden­tity and our values. I do not know whether I will succeed, but I am try­ing. It is my con­vic­tion that we have to work toget­her. Because we are all in the same boat.

My fri­ends, it is easy to despair. Time is run­ning out for Bri­tain, for France, for Ger­many, for the Net­her­lands, for all the other great nations of Europe. The pre­sent situa­tion in Europe is bleak. If we do not­hing, it will become even ble­aker. If we do not­hing we will be swept away by eco­no­mic and demo­grap­hic disaster.

But it is wrong to despair. The pre­sent is bleak, but the future looks bright. Because the future depends on our actions. We are the actors on the stage of his­tory. That, too, is a les­son from Ronald Rea­gan, who said: “We need to act today, to pre­serve tomor­row”. I went to Paris recently to talk to Marine Le Pen and see for myself who she is and what she stands for. She is not her fat­her. She is not anti-Semitic. She cares about France, its iden­tity and its sovereignty.

I went to Pra­gue to talk to Pre­si­dent Klaus. In the coming weeks and mon­ths, I will try to see as many patriot lea­ders in Europe as pos­sible. And I always ask them for their views on Israel. Because Israel is the lit­mus proof.

The Jewish people did exactly the oppo­site of what the Euro­peans did after the Second World War. They drew the right con­clu­sion. They rea­lized that wit­hout a nation-state of their own there could be no safety for their people.

Wit­hout a nation-state, wit­hout self-governance, wit­hout self-determination there can be no security for a people nor pre­ser­va­tion of its iden­tity. This was the insight that led the Zio­nists to strive for the re-establishment of the state of Israel. The­odore Herzl said that there had to be a Jewish state in order to ensure – I quote – “a new blosso­ming of the Jewish spi­rit.” – end of quote.

Indeed, a soul needs a body. The spi­rit of a people can­not flou­rish out­side the body of the nation-state. The nation-state is the poli­ti­cal body in which we live. We must pre­serve and cherish it. So that we can pass on to our child­ren our natio­nal iden­tity, our democracy, our liberty.

My fri­ends, what we need today is Zio­nism for the nations of Europe. The Euro­peans need to follow the example of the Jewish people and re-establish their nation-state.

And that, my dear fri­ends, is why every patriot, apart from being a democrat, by defi­nition also has to be a true fri­end of Israel. A patriot can­not be anti-Semitic.

My fri­ends, the great Zio­nist lea­der Ze’ev Jabo­tin­sky said about the Jewish people: “We do not have to apo­lo­gize for any­thing. We are a people as all other peop­les; we do not have any inten­tions to be bet­ter than the rest. We do not have to account to any­body. We are what we are, we are good for ours­el­ves, we will not change, nor do we want to.” – end of quote.

And so it is. For all the peop­les. We do not have to apo­lo­gize for being good to ours­el­ves. We do not have to change if we do not want to change.

The peop­les of Europe resent the per­ma­nent alie­na­tion of power from their nation-states. They care about their nations because they care about democracy and free­dom and the well­being of their child­ren. They see their democra­tic rights and their ancient liber­ties sym­bo­lized in their natio­nal flags. They are proud of their flag. And as long as their pride lasts, they will have a future.

Let us emp­ha­size this com­mit­ment to the resur­gence of our natio­nal pride with a sym­bo­lic ges­ture. Let us do so by endor­sing the Jewish nation-state and move the embas­sies of our countries from Tel Aviv to Jeru­sa­lem. Let us fly the flags of all the free and proud nations of the world over embas­sies in Jeru­sa­lem, the only true capi­tal of Israel and the cradle of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

Israel deser­ves our sup­port. Not only because it is the front­line against the tota­li­ta­rian threat of Islam, but also because it shows how impor­tant it is for a people to have its own homeland.

My fri­ends, Today, a new threat is con­fron­ting us. But his­tory shows that we can with­stand it if we stand together.

We need an alli­ance, not only of patriots in Europe, but also an alli­ance between Ame­rica and Europe.

We need the help and sup­port of Ame­ri­can patriots such as you. Such an alli­ance brings out the best in us, and allows us to beat the tota­li­ta­rian menace.

This was pro­ven by the alli­ance between Roo­se­velt and Churchill in the 1940s. It def­e­ated Nazism.

It was pro­ven by the alli­ance between Rea­gan and Thatcher in the 1980s. It def­e­ated Communism.

Today, Islam is a threat to all of us, to Israel, to Europe, to Ame­rica. But toget­her we can with­stand it.

And we have to stand toget­her or we will be def­e­ated. We have no other choice.

As the great Mar­ga­ret Thatcher said: “Def­eat – I do not rec­og­nize the meaning of the word.”

And neit­her should we!

Thank you.

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1 posted on 07/20/2013 11:54:26 AM PDT by Eurotwit
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To: Eurotwit

A great man! Europe needs more like him.

2 posted on 07/20/2013 11:57:36 AM PDT by dfwgator
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To: Eurotwit

Need one like him here.

3 posted on 07/20/2013 11:59:40 AM PDT by karnage
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To: Eurotwit

“There are many things that I admire Ame­ri­cans for. One of them is that they are unas­ha­medly patrio­tic.”

Not any more.

No patriot could long tolerate the presence of that racist America-hating bastard in the Oval Office, his Attorney General, and most of the arrogant, lying, elitist fools who sit in Congress in both political parties.

4 posted on 07/20/2013 12:01:17 PM PDT by ZULU ((See: Obama, do you hear me?)
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To: Eurotwit


5 posted on 07/20/2013 12:11:18 PM PDT by BenLurkin (This is not a statement of fact. It is either opinion or satire; or both.)
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And the fact that most of the low information people in this country worship rap stars and the Kartrashians and all of the slutty pop stars like Miley whats-her-name.

6 posted on 07/20/2013 12:13:44 PM PDT by dfwgator
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To: Eurotwit ... Bob Dylan ... It’s Alright Ma (I’m only bleeding). Maybe Europe’s People need a Theme Song.

7 posted on 07/20/2013 12:16:09 PM PDT by no-to-illegals (Scrutinize our government and Secure the Blessing of Freedom and Justice)
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To: Eurotwit

Geert is standing up.

The proprietor of claims the right to respectfully sniff his toes and not offend the muslims.

8 posted on 07/20/2013 12:17:52 PM PDT by Hardraade ( (Obama: the bearded lady of Muslim Brotherhood))
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To: karnage
Need one like him here.

Sorry, karnage, but I've got to tweak your comment:

Need one many like him here.

9 posted on 07/20/2013 12:18:09 PM PDT by Standing Wolf
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To: Eurotwit

Original title: “En gjenfødt nasjonalfølelse og Europas fremtid”, which translates roughly to “A reborn national pride and the future of Europe.”

10 posted on 07/20/2013 12:23:34 PM PDT by Albion Wilde ("Remember... the first revolutionary was Satan."--Russian Orthodox Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov)
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To: Albion Wilde


It is the opposite. The English title is the original one. just put up a translated title for their Norwegian readership.


11 posted on 07/20/2013 12:28:01 PM PDT by Eurotwit
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To: Travis McGee; neverdem


12 posted on 07/20/2013 12:32:32 PM PDT by FreedomPoster (Islam delenda est)
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We can still be patriotic to the “Old America” which means being loyal to our Constitution and to our states, and to the people within America who are TRUE americans - who love and are loyal to the constitution and our states. I know what you mean though - I can’t believe in just 6 years I no longer have the feeling of love and pride when I see our flag - it’s heartbreaking.I just think of all the wicked things Obama and his gang have done to America, and to other countries (Fast and Furious, gun running to Muslim Brotherhood, etc., race baiting and stirring up chaos, etc etc.) I’ve lost faith and confidence in everything about America at the Federal level, whether its the executive, legislative or judicial branches - all corrupt as can be, but I still believe in the old American ideas and ideals. I just think we need to keep our love for the real, true America which has gotten so badly off track the last several years.

13 posted on 07/20/2013 12:36:38 PM PDT by boxlunch
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To: Irenic

* bm

14 posted on 07/20/2013 12:40:36 PM PDT by Irenic (The pencil sharpener and Elmer's glue is put away-- we've lost the red wheel barrow)
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To: Eurotwit
Mrs. Malm­ström is for­cing all EU mem­ber sta­tes to follow the Swedish example. Last year, I wrote her a let­ter. “Not one single Dutch­man has voted for you,” I told her. “We do not know who you are. We do not want to know who you are, but you force your ideas on our people. We are suf­fe­ring from your absurd refu­sal to allow us even the sligh­test rest­ric­tion to our immi­gra­tion policy. You do not even want to limit the num­ber of part­ners that one is allowed to bring into the Net­her­lands! We urge you to cease your acti­vities and give us our sover­eignty back,” I wrote.

Did he 'lift' that from Nigel Farage (lambasting the what's-his-name EU council president twerp as seen on YouTube) or vice-versa?

Anyway, as far as I can tell his sentiment is generally correct: The various peoples in Europe simply do not want the Euro-Commission tyranny that has been foisted upon them (unless they directly profit from it, of course - which is a surprising number).

Barroso and cohorts need to walk the plank. The sooner, ther better.

15 posted on 07/20/2013 12:46:01 PM PDT by Moltke (Sapere aude!)
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To: Moltke

I noticed that as well. I suspect Wilders is copying Farage.

Anyhow, two great men - I am sure Farage does not mind.


16 posted on 07/20/2013 12:51:31 PM PDT by Eurotwit
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To: Eurotwit
We seem to be on the eve of a major and truly his­to­ric event. In Europe, the time is ripe for a glo­rious democra­tic and non-violent revo­lu­tion to pre­serve our natio­nal free­doms and restore our sovereignty.

Unless Europe confronts one question, none of what Mr. Gilders wants will ever happen: What are you going to do about the Muslims who are already there? They are irredeemable, they cannot be assimilated, and they are dedicated to your demise. Without the equivalent of the Second Amendment, there will never be the manhood, not to mention the manpower, to EVER effect an expulsion. Where is THAT in your plan Mr. Wilders?

17 posted on 07/20/2013 12:54:34 PM PDT by Carry_Okie (Islam offers choices: convert, submit, or die.)
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To: Eurotwit
Here's one version of the 'infamous' Nigel Farage vid (LOL):

You Have the Charisma of a Damp Rag

In essence, what Wilders wrote to the (no offense to you, ET!)

18 posted on 07/20/2013 1:27:58 PM PDT by Moltke (Sapere aude!)
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To: dfwgator

Never mind Europe — we need ONE of him.

19 posted on 07/20/2013 1:47:53 PM PDT by 353FMG ( I do not say whether I am serious or sarcastic -- I respect FReepers too much.)
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To: Eurotwit
Euro­peans feel that the gap between them and those who rule them is growing. Many no lon­ger feel repre­sented by their poli­ti­ci­ans.

Ummm, that's how we feel over here too...

20 posted on 07/20/2013 2:35:49 PM PDT by GOPJ (Department of Justice to Americans:'How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?')
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