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To: Alas Babylon!

…in the Hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them. Rom 11:14

While Obama was spewing on last election, how he saved Detroit and Romney would have let it collapse we have finally seen what all of those Trillions got them. His centrally planned economy which chose the winners and losers according to who was an ally and who was not sees its first major bankruptcy. All of those union goon jobs for General Motors have just hit the skids and another communist utopia is now dead. There of course will be more money spent to save this economic wasteland, but in the end it is over for the home of the American dream.

After forty years of Democrat machine rule with the help from the fatcat unions we have seen the Paris of the West turn into a victim of Parasites. This was a town where hard working men were turning out some of the best cars in the world with all of the creativity and power everyone could enjoy. They fed an insatiable appetite for sexy cars and freedom to travel wherever their hearts desired. This drove the communists crazy that people could enjoy themselves without government control as well as industrialists becoming wealthy making the auto industry a huge target. Communists hate freedom and profits like vampires hate sunlight.

The socialist party members made the auto industry enemy number one inventing dangers of driving and the car became an evil polluter of the air and water. We heard about how it caused lead in the air and made poor Black kids retarded from living near freeways even though they were never able to document one case. For the past ten years cars have been targeted by the Global Warming fraudsters which has not only forced the makers to build smaller less desirable cars, but have attacked the fossil fuel industry driving the cost of gas higher.

The communists who run this country should be breaking out the Champaign and caviar tonight as they have reached an important mile post in their journey to destroy America. After fifty years of vilifying their hated auto industry the President put on the finishing touches with his closing down the domestic oil exploration and increasing the MPG averages to impractical levels. Add to that, taking out the CEOs who knew the auto industry and replacing them with Party hacks was the final nails in the coffin of the industry and the tax base for Detroit.

Five years ago Obama came into office and decided the unions should own GM and Chrysler rather than the bond and stockholders. He poured untold dollars into the companies as a graft machine for the DNC as those dollars went to the unions and then to the public sector and back to the DNC campaigns. The money was also used to fill those empty pension tanks that were hit from the stock market collapse as well as the union borrowing to fund the DNC. So basically our money was poured into a money pit and all those academic idiots thought they could run the company found out they could not. They found and are still finding central planning is a detriment to the market and what was once a giant profit engine is now a money pit. Now that engine isn’t propelling Detroit or its corruption and the city is turned upside down as a byproduct of liberal destruction.

To make things worse for those Detroit peasants, Obama has declared war on coal powered generation so their power bills are going to double or triple. He has already ordered the EPA to shut down as many coal powered plants as possible forcing the costs up and making life even more miserable for those people living in the city. It is also going to raise the prices for the city as they try to light the streets and heat their buildings in the zero degree winters. Why should he care about a few million poor Blacks in Detroit who will take a disproportionate weight of this burden when he has a country to bankrupt? The only thing colder than a Detroit January is President Obama’s heart. In his twisted mind he is getting Whitey and bankrupting another evil capitalistic stronghold. More cities and states are going to succumb to Detroit’s fate. As these cities continue to lock up their resources and industry just like Michigan has seen, the unemployment rates will stay artificially high. By targeting the auto industry the liberal communists were able to put roadblocks at every corner and force the company to put out products the public didn’t want culminating in the Chevy Volt. These environmental zealots also put all sorts of regulations on the companies driving them out of business or at least out of Detroit to a friendlier state. They were forced to make smaller and smaller cars even though the profit was in larger luxury cars which people wanted, but the planners didn’t. The District of Corruption wanted them riding on mass transit trains and not in the hated cars.

The final wound of course was the unions and their bloated benefits packages. There was no way to make a car profitably when the unions were able to keep their pensions and wages which were by far the highest in the industry. Labor is a giant expense in the production and this one was a killer. Detroit essentially has the same problem as their public employee union pensions make up 18 Billion of the 21 Billion of debt and why it filed for bankruptcy protection. These are going to be the issue that will make or break the city.

Why is public sector debt more sacred than private sector jobs? These agreements were made without a representative for the people who are stuck with the debt so it was never an honest negotiation. You had the corrupt SEIU negotiating with the corrupt politicians they bought with nobody looking out for the taxpayer. This is an unholy trinity as the unions negotiate for higher wages and benefits with the politicians who are told they will get more campaign cash as bribes from those unions if they raise those wages. There is only one group who is not in this trinity and that is the taxpayers who are left holding the debt for these so called agreements. These agreements should be torn up and cut by 25% if not more to put the fiscal house in order or face the consequences of losing them completely due to bankruptcy.

Detroit is now the communist utopia they want for all of America. The people are now at the mercy of the Obama regime which is what their dream always was. Detroit people are now living in that Soviet shared misery where the Outer Circle struggles to survive while the Inner Circle lives in a life of luxury and expansive vacations while droning on about being part of the workers. These Midwest cities will begin collapsing like dominoes as one after another is bankrupted due to their connection with the auto industry and unions. They will see their energy and gas bills as well s food pricing spiking as they become more and more enslaved to the Federal masters. Detroit is now a communist state and misery is its lifestyle.

Pray for America to Wake Up

Sorry, I was busy all day yesterday and forgot to send it to AB.

32 posted on 07/21/2013 6:22:25 AM PDT by bray (Coming soon: The Republic of Texas 2022)
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To: bray

It’s so obvious to those of us with working brains....

....soon Baltimore will be bankrupt and I can see it coming.

The elected politicians of the era cave and give the unions what they want. They do this over and over and over. The elected guys don’t care, they figger they’ll be long gone before time comes to pay up.

What’s to debate? That city corrupted itself into bankruptcy, it ain’t rocket science.

Cause for sure the federal gubmint won’t come in to bail out Detroit, right? For sure our elected guys will rant and rave if such an action is proposed, right? America’s House holds the strings for the budget, right? These guys are strong and determined, surely they won’t bail out a dying city that killed itself, right?


37 posted on 07/21/2013 6:33:24 AM PDT by Fishtalk (
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