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To: Toespi
Funny, I just posted the following reply on another thread because I have come to the opposite conclusion. We shall see who history vindicates. Here is the other reply:

A couple of recent stories have caused me to reconsider my assumptions about the Muslim Brotherhood and especially Barak Obama's unaccountably solicitous attitude toward this terrorist organization.

The first headline says that the Egyptian military might very well have been motivated to move against the Morsi government and against the demonstrations which occurred after the coup because the Muslim Brotherhood was setting up an independent army and an independent secret police force which quite clearly represented an existential threat not just to the primacy of the military in Egypt but to the very lives of its commanders. They had to act to protect their very lives. They could not have been unaware of the fate of generals after the Iranian revolution.

The second headline says that the Saudi's will step into the breach and cover any gap in financial aid to the Egyptian military created by a possible suspension of American military aid. Why would the Saudis do this? Why would they favor the Egyptian military over the the Muslim brotherhood?

Let's change the way we look at these developments in the Muslim world and at the same time let's consider how Obama looks at these developments and let's try to see that world through his eyes instead of through our prism in which we see the world in terms of a threat to our national interests or not. We do not know for sure if Obama shares the Muslim faith. We do know that he has very deep ties which go back to his education in a Muslim school as a Muslim in Indonesia. We know that he traveled to Pakistan with Muslims, perhaps on a homosexual holiday, perhaps for some other motivation. We know that he was sponsored into Harvard Law School by his connections to a Saudi Prince who pulled strings to gain his admittance. We know that Obama bowed deep to the Saudi King.

Are these ties spiritual or are they ideological? In other words, is Obama a Muslim or is he a Marxist whose ideology for the moment connects him intimately with Islam? I simply cannot answer whether he is a closet Muslim but it is clear that he is a Marxist. How would a Marxist look at the struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and the rule of military in Egypt? I think he would look at it the same way a Marxist looks at the struggles in a Latin American country in which you have on the one hand a fascist style dictatorship and on the other hand a leftist revolutionary insurgency. The examples of Latin America are numerous. We saw how the left acted in Nicaragua and we certainly saw how Obama reacted to the coup in Guatemala. He acted to support a Marxist dictator.

A Marxist would look of the Muslim Brotherhood as a heroic insurgency against a fascist puppet of an imperialistic United States; he would react viscerally to the close relationship between the American military and the Egyptian military. He would not measure The Muslim Brotherhood in terms of a threat to America's national interests so much as he would judge it in accordance with Marxist doctrine. If the American commander-in-chief must implement American foreign policy and choose between The Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military, the choice would seem to me to be easy, a commander-in-chief would consider that the American national interest is best served by the Egyptian military and that the Muslim Brotherhood is threatening to establish a caliphate running from China in a giant arc all away along the shores of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The Muslim Brotherhood is expressly an enemy of the United States but the Egyptian military has kept faith with its treaty commitments and has refrained from attacking Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is disrupting Iraqi and Afghanistan and waging Civil War in Syria and no doubt murdered our ambassador in Benghazi. The choice should be easy but for Barak Obama but it is not. He dithers.

Does this Marxist view of the Muslim Brotherhood explain the intimacies which are encouraged inside the walls of the White House itself by granting these terrorists extraordinary access? Does it explain the heavy infiltration in the administration of members of the Muslim Brotherhood? Does it explain the existence of Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff, the daughter of a mover and shaker in the Muslim Brotherhood? What is the significance of the biography of Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran? She too is a Marxist but where lie her sympathies toward Islam?

How would Frank Marshall Davis, a committed communist and mentor of Barack Obama, look at the Muslim Brotherhood, would he see it otherwise than how Brack Obama apparently sees the Muslim Brotherhood?

But what of Obama's ties to the Saudis? How can they be explained on purely Marxist terms? They are after all a plutocracy, a ruling elite, and exploiter of other tribes and races, classically hostile to women, homosexuals, atheists and even secularists. They are reflexively anti-Communist. How is it that Obama would have a decades long intimate financial relationship with them and what does it do to the thesis that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood as a Marxist would?


29 posted on 08/19/2013 12:47:49 PM PDT by nathanbedford ("Attack, repeat, attack!" Bull Halsey)
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To: nathanbedford; Impy; AuH2ORepublican; GOPsterinMA; fieldmarshaldj

Bambi. Apparently not a Saudi puppet.
see Bedford #29.

“Always attack. Never retreat.”

39 posted on 08/19/2013 5:40:04 PM PDT by campaignPete R-CT (we're the Beatniks now)
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To: nathanbedford; campaignPete R-CT

Google “Kingdom in the Closet” to find an article about homosexual behavior in Saudi Arabia and how shockingly commonplace it is because of how women are restricted from being out and about.

Obama would fit right in.

40 posted on 08/19/2013 5:59:42 PM PDT by Impy (RED=COMMUNIST, NOT REPUBLICAN)
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To: nathanbedford

Maybe Obama is just open to the highest bidder and you’re overthinking it...: )

47 posted on 08/19/2013 10:12:09 PM PDT by jsanders2001
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