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To: RetiredArmy
PS to my above post. This is an excerpt from an article I read earlier this week. Interesting stuff:

If humanitarian reasons were enough to intervene in a sovereign nation’s affairs, why aren’t we attacking North Korea or China? You know the answer. The Russians and Chinese possess formidable weapons technology and the willingness to use them. The Chinese have an overwhelming cyber-attack capability. So too, they possess cutting edge satellite-killing orbital weapons and space-based weapons platforms. Of interest, some Chinese satellites have altered orbits recently amazing and concerning US defense experts.

The Chinese have also perfected super-sonic, ship-killing missiles that even US aircraft carriers can’t evade or defend against. The Russians have similar anti-ship missile capability, top-notch anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems combined with the most advanced military aircraft in the world. They’ve also developed a super-cavitating torpedo that creates a gas bubble in front of the fired torpedo, which allows for much greater speed than a conventional torpedo. Notice a pattern here? Speed kills in the combat environment.

The US currently has no known defense against these weapons. Our current anti-missile systems can’t lock onto and destroy these Russian and Chinese missiles. They’re too fast. We have had some success with prototype laser missile interceptors but nothing’s ready to be deployed. Thus, the US Navy is extraordinarily vulnerable to such attacks.

I don’t have to remind you of the respective Chinese and Russian nuclear capabilites. Let me make a bold statement here. I don’t think Obama would authorize a nuclear counter-strike in the event of a nuclear attack on the US. (Just my opinion.) We’d absorb the strike without a response. I have no information to suggest this, it’s just a gut feeling I have.

Yet one way or the other, the US is determined to attack Syria. By the way, any attack on Syria will precipitate an attack on Israel by Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. Israel will respond, possibly bringing the destruction of Damascus as described in Isaiah 17. Don’t worry about Israel. They will be okay. Once Israel realizes that God is their true security, and beseech Him, He will answer.

Russia too, is reported to be ready to attack Saudi Arabia in retaliation. The US and world economy will be destroyed, no matter what else happens.

That’s the plan. That’s what this is all about. Obama cares nothing about this country. His job is to destroy it. I can’t say it more clearly.

You might be thinking that we’re the US, we’re the world superpower, and somehow we’ll prevail. Realize that a nation’s greatness depends on the providence of God. We are an arrogant, proud people who defy God with our wickedness. Do you think God will grant victory to a military and nation that openly praises homosexuality? To a President who pushes Islam and attacks Christianity at every chance? To a formerly Christian nation that relies solely on its own perceived might?

Does this madness make any sense? It does to Satan and those who further his agenda. The ultimate goal is subjugation of the entire world under one man: the Antichrist. Syria is the linchpin. It’s where the escalating conflict starts. The rest of this year will be very interesting.

An individual that I know, a person (in the know), is particularly concerned about an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. An EMP would destroy such things as computers, utilities, communications and transportation. We would effectively be pushed on a technological level back to the 1890s. A blue ribbon panel appointed by Congress came to the conclusion that such an attack would see 90% casualty rate in the US within 18 months after the event.

If my friend is concerned, it’s something to consider. Read up on EMP effects.

Some would like to believe these sold-out deceivers, as they come on television and plead with us to believe their lies just one more time. The same people that lie about Benghazi, the IRS targeting Obama’s enemies, the NSA spying on every American, and the Justice Department tapping reporters phones and computers. How about operation Fast and Furious selling guns to Mexican drug cartels so that the Obama Administration could point to gun violence in Mexico to justify gun control in the US?

This administration has amply proven that they’ll lie, cover-up and shed blood to further their plans. To them, dead bodies are only useful props.

Beware another false flag event. If they don’t get the desired public opinion turnaround to go ahead with attacking Syria, they might just pull off another, more spectacular provocation. Of course those who perpetrate such things are also in charge of the ensuing investigation. How convenient.

As example, this past week Secretary of State John Kerry was caught using a photo from 2003 Iraq, claiming it pictured the victims of the chemical attack last month. That photo was identified for what it was and promptly removed from Kerry’s “evidence.”

Bungling incompetence or another willful lie? As Hillary would say, what does it matter? We know the character of these people. I believe nothing they say. Absolutely nothing.

38 posted on 09/05/2013 5:57:59 PM PDT by RetiredArmy ("As in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of Man." Come Quickly LORD Jesus!)
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To: RetiredArmy
Let me make a bold statement here. I don’t think Obama would authorize a nuclear counter-strike in the event of a nuclear attack on the US. (Just my opinion.) We’d absorb the strike without a response. I have no information to suggest this, it’s just a gut feeling I have.

I think Obama has said something to that effect, that we can absorb a blow.

53 posted on 09/06/2013 12:09:38 AM PDT by GeronL
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