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To: tsowellfan

People used to excuse Hitler by saying he was merely a nationalist, too. Nationalism that promotes only the interest of the fuhrer is not nationalism.

44 posted on 09/11/2013 11:56:51 AM PDT by elhombrelibre (Liberal women now play the vagina card to win their arguments.)
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To: elhombrelibre
People used to excuse Hitler by saying he was merely a nationalist, too.

Well now you're going to an extreme. Hitler was not a nationalist, he was a madman.

Nationalism/Localism is only natural (unless you're an American liberal).

We support our High School football team, our city baseball team, you may be for the Yankees, I'm for the Red Sox, we may hope the USA wins all the gold in the Olympics, the Vietnamese are going to root for their country and of course the liberal American is going to root for whoever America's biggest enemy is at the given time. To a liberal American democrat, such as Barack Obama, America needs to be taught a lesson for all of the "evils" it has caused.

They are also racists. They believe the reason why we got to where we were (until Obama knocked us down a few notches) is because America is predominantly white. They think white is supreme therefore anybody or national not white has an unfair disadvantage under us and their agendas reflect that from racial quotas in the work place to giving the Mexicans "what the whites took from them" even if it means opening the borders to let them in.

You wont see China or Russia using racial quotas in the work place. That's an advantage these nations have over us. Under Obama some of the other advantages we once had over communist China and socialist Russia are being dismantled (AKA Free Market), soon the results of Obama's hard work will begin to be obvious.

Nationalism is normal. It's not really that we conservatives are such extreme nationalists as it is that those in charge of this nation are so anti-America that not one drop of nationalism is in their blood.

During the Olympics a few years ago I remember the liberals tried to ban Americans from shouting "USA, USA" during the games. Why? Because they think we are better than the other teams because we are white.

The truth is, most Americans shout "USA, USA" not because of the color of our skin but because we love our nation just as the German, the Liberians and the Filipinos do.

We keep supporting these people and their agenda and we're DOOMED.

We've probably lost our position of power in the Middle East to Russia in just the last few weeks, but for the last few years (especially under Obama) we have been working hard to achieve that loss. It's unfortunate, yes. But anybody watching cannot be surprised.

How can America think it can make a deal with Assad (or Iran for that matter)if he gives up his WMD after the world seen Gadaffi volunteer his WMDs to us only a few years before we started bombing him?

The world saw that, including North Korea and Iran.

Sorry, we no longer have credibility.

If I were Assad, Iran or North Korea I would not trust the USA in any WMD deals after what we've been doing since Obama took office. It would be suicide. THAT is unfortunate and one BIG reason why I did NOT support Obama and John McCain in Libya.

We lost credibility under Obama and it was lost long before Aug 21 and long before his "red line" comment. We lost credibility when bombed Libya during a radical islamic uprising AFTER the man made a deal and gave us his WMDs.

They see Russia as the one with credibility now.

You are right, Russia is NO friend of the United States. But then again, after what we've been under Obama, why would anybody be our friends now?

52 posted on 09/11/2013 5:14:14 PM PDT by tsowellfan
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