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To: Alas Babylon!

Good morning.

3 posted on 09/22/2013 4:52:01 AM PDT by Bernard (The Road To Hell is not paved with good results.)
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To: Bernard
Real News about the USA can only be obtained outside of the USA.
Those interviewed this Sunday Morning exactly match the MSM agendae.

7 posted on 09/22/2013 4:55:14 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: Bernard

Chris Wallace is firmly
supporting ObamaCARE/RomneyCARE
for his sweetheart, Mitt-the-Backstabber Romney.

Wallace: “Are you going to allow the bill?”
Cruz answers clearly, but Wallace is determined
to not listen. Over and over.

Wallace selectively cites a Senate rule
out of context to help Reid,
but is promptly and cleanly knocked down
by the educated Cruz.

Cruz talks about “listening to the people”
and “stopping the (ObamaCARE) trainwreck”.
Wallace, in love with RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE,
unable to rebut Cruz instead tries to demean him.

Wallace keeps blaming the GOP and Cruz for the
Wallace’s fear of a ‘shut down’.
Cruz answers him clearly as to the fact
that it will be Obama who shuts down the gov’t
if it happens. Wallace does not care what is said,
and repeats this FOX “News”/ObamaDNC mantra for the
rest of the interview.

Wallace; “You have ticked off a lot of Republicans”
and he cites HIS OWN REASONS.
He begins FOX “News”’ one-sided attack
against conservative Cruz in the typical
Wallace-Rove-Romney-Hume-Soros-Obama-alQaeda way.

Cruz remains calm and wins the “debate”,
as he refers to the People over and over.

Wallace ends with video of Obama’s latest antiGOP tirade
and Wallace then pushes the lies which appear to be
consistent with the liberal FOX “News” agenda.
However, Cruz again takes the side of the people.

Winner - Sen. Cruz
Loser - Anyone who thinks FOX “News” is conservative.

37 posted on 09/22/2013 6:16:01 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: Bernard

Brit Hume - proRomney proRove proObamaCARE:
“They (conservatives) don’t have the votes”
and the liberal Obama-backer Hume
actually blames conservatives for HIS own fear of
an impending shutdown.

Amy Walter - “could not agree more”.
“Republicans have no strategy”

Wallace (smiling) “Could not disagree with that”.

Rove lauded by Wallace: Blames Cruz for not
discussing it with Rove and Romney. Rove demands
to know what is going, and having respect ($$$$).
Shameless protector of Obama.
“Republicans do not have an advantage.”

D. Kucinich: “This is about political theatre.
There will not be a gov’t shutdown.”
He is the ONLY adult, speaks clearly and
defends the people

Wallace interrupts him and “reminds” him
that he supports RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE
(must have been a signed Agreement
before the panel).

Summary: The FOX “News” panel is one-sided,
and pro-RomneyCARE/ObamaCARE.

63 posted on 09/22/2013 6:41:17 AM PDT by Diogenesis
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To: All
Watched FNS this AM to hear Ted Cruz and was not disappointed. He is a strong leader. Given his educational background and political success and ability to navigate the grid of power and privilege leached on to by all political parties, the GOP elites have good reason to resist and fear him.
Wallace was obvious in his underlying support for Obama and boarded on badgering Cruz. Quite a contrast with his also obvious non confrontational attitude when interviewing McKaskill. This is a compliment to Cruz as he is being taken seriously while McKaskill personified the democrat hack misleading talking point ramble. Brit Hume and Dennis Kuchinich made the most sense on the panel, considering their known political bent. Brit seems interested in the Cruz effort to defund Obamacare but pessimistic as to the outcome. Kuchinich sees political theater and views his own healthcare plan as a better solution to current legislation.
Karl Rove continued in his self appointed role of superior strategist for the GOP elites. This is the second time this week that I have seen him undermine Ted Cruz and his efforts to stop Obamacare. The other was on Greta VS. Rove is wedded to business as usual and the one sided set of rules and practices that favor democrats. Win or lose on defeating Obamacare, Republican members and followers are being given a clear look at the character and performance of their legislators. This will be quite helpful to voters the next election cycle.
117 posted on 09/22/2013 7:41:53 AM PDT by mountainfolk (God Bless the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands.)
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