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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

The weapons we Fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contratry, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Cor 10:4

Congratulations to Boehner and the Repubs for lasting far longer than anyone imagined. Since the filibuster by Ted Cruz there is a new feeling in DC which has the establishment confused. How in the world are the Repubs holding the line when they are only known for caving over the past three decades. Most like myself never imagined they would make it 48 hours when they are about to pass an entire week. Every day they hold out and keep the subject on Nazicare is a day lower in popularity for the Premier who is barely holding forty percent and falling fast.

Undertaker Reid and the echo chamber claim that CommieCare is settled law and has been argued, passed and upheld by the SC. That is a lie. It has never been debated as it was shoved down the nation’s throat in the middle of the night once the Tea Party got Brown elected to give the Repubs their 41st vote. There was no debate as it was simply passed through the Congress and Senate when Obama was the Messiah and all the Repubs could do was gather enough moderate Dems together to stop Single Payer nationalized Healthcare. That was a step too far for the moderate Democrats which is when they came up with the HC Dictate.

Arguing Obamacare is a winner no matter how you frame it. The American people are not communists and they do not like to be dictated on what to buy and how to buy it. They fear an all powerful gummit who will control who gets a surgery and who doesn’t. There are far too many cases in histoir when there is favoritism for one group over another and that is not how America works. We are a country that has valued freedom for over two hundred years and in a mere five years we have had much of that freedom ripped away by some radical Marxists.

The first frightening problem with MarxCare is that it lowers competition and rates are dictated by the Feds. They also require that the few chosen insurance companies have to pay out so much of their premiums there is no way for them to make a profit. This gives no incentive to be in business and will soon quit the business allowing the Nationalized HC goal to be reached. In the meantime people no longer will have reliable cost effective coverage either in personal plans or group plans. This turns the HC industry into a trainwreck which will lead to hospitals being run like the Post Office. Stopping this disaster should be the goal of every freedom loving American.

The cost of the insurance is going to necessarily skyrocket since there are no longer going to be insurance companies competing for business. They are going to be chosen by the bueracrats who are completely corrupt and hostile to the insurance industry. These are the same Marxists who have fought against all the industries in America or basically capitalism. They believe they can run an economy better than the free market and now are showing what morons they truly are and can’t understand.

Obozo came out the other day and compared his monstrosity to an Apple phone saying that it is normal to have initial introductions to the market filled with glitches. They may have an unseen glitch but his apple is filled with worms. This completely exposes his absolute ignorance of how markets, let alone competitive phone markets work. They are never released without years of development and testing to make sure there are few if any bugs still left in the system. In addition these phones are built to fill a need identified in the market as opposed to the idiots who released this Frankenstein in complete disdain for what the market was asking for. They only cared that they would insure a few poor people insuring their votes to be paid for by the people who are losing the policies they like.

There is no possible way Apple would release a phone that all of their people refused to use or was too expensive. Could anybody imagine a company producing a product their own people would not use or even lobby the Congress to make sure they do not have to be covered by their own product? This is the difference between private and public. The private market finds a demand and fills it while the public sector simply forces its demands on people whether they like it or not through force. The private market is forced to make and price things people will choose, the public market makes their choices by force.

This plan is truly evil and open to all sorts of abuses and powers nobody even understands. It requires all Christian hospitals to ignore their beliefs and worship at the liberal holy sacrament of abortion. Not only will Pro-life Christians have to accept abortions in America they now have to pay for every abortion in this country. This is the dream of every Marxist to weaken and eventually put an end to the Christian faith. It is fine for them to be fundamental atheists, but they will never allow Christians to profess their faith since it is a threat to their power. At what point does the Christian church stand up and fight back as a solid voting force?

Slavecare may be law and was pushed through in the two years we had pure Marxism, but it has never been debated. Now that people know more about it and its weaknesses, Americans want another chance to decide once and for all about Obamacare. The people who are going to be paying for this monstrosity never had their voices heard and are now getting a chance. The Repubs have to hear from the people and give their side of this. The so called shutdown is an opportunity to debate the issue as well as expose the Dems for who and what they truly are. They are showing they are authoritarian tyrants who want to control and run every part of American life even though they are incompetent to do just that. If they ran Apple it would be bankrupt in a week since it would have products that did not work.

The longer this shutdown goes the worse it is for the Rodeo Clown. It puts him and his disaster healthcare on the front page every day and neither one is ready for scrutiny. The more the American people see either one of them the worse it is for both. He is not a leader but an angry, hatefilled man who is petty and knows he is not as bright as everyone gives him credit. None of those qualities are leadership skills and in this situation he needs the real skills and articulation to move his side forward. This is becoming more and more obvious to more Americans. Keep the shutdown going and watch him be exposed for who he really is outside the media filters.

Thank You House Repubs for doing what nobody thought you had the courage to do.

Pray America is Waking Up

Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

6 posted on 10/06/2013 5:07:55 AM PDT by Alas Babylon!
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To: Alas Babylon!
Great piece bray. Like you I am amazed at what Boehner and the Republicans have been able to do.

Funny thing is if the dems keep trying to self-destruct by closing down stuff people really like unnecessarily, they just might steal defeat from the arms of victory.

As I said last week from my standpoint win lose or draw,we now have a recognized leader in Ted Cruz and to me he's the Ronald Reagan II we have been waiting for.I will never forget the 20 plus hours he spoke and many saw the light of a leader in his speech.

Sorry bray but I can't have you insulting rodeo clowns like that.(LOL)

The real rodeo clown donned an ozero mask and got a huge applause when he asked the crowd if they wanted to see the bull chase obama around for a while.Who wouldn't after getting bull-whipped for four years!!

We need more rodeo clowns not fewer.LOL!!

59 posted on 10/06/2013 6:54:32 AM PDT by rodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave--Sarah Palin our secret weapon)
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