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5 posted on 11/03/2013 5:02:45 AM PST by Alas Babylon!
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To: All; bray

“The Sunday Morning Bray”, by Bray!

I tell you the truth, it will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of judgement than for that town. Matthew 10:15

After Michelle Obozo spends over a billion on a website for their signature legislation, it only handled six people? Did they outsource the technology to Cuba? How many times do the socialists of the world have to prove that Marxism is a failed economic and political philosophy which is built on incompetence, corruption and strong arm tactics like we are witnessing. This regime will be remembered in the future of one simple line, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period!”

Period, means absolutely without question I guarantee it. It underlines the absolute lie he was telling over and over including in his State of the Union addresses. Just like his lies to the UN when he claimed Benghazi was caused by a video upsetting the Islamic barbarians when he knew he was lying, he lied to America to get his namesake law passed through Congress. Now it was not as large as his claim that premiums would drop 25%, it was larger than any other so called lie a President has told his people. After all, Clinton simply lied about sex while Premier Obama lied about the economic future of most American families. They are about to see a loss of three to five hundred more dollars being vacuumed from their bank accounts every month next year.

This is the basic preface of Marxism; you threaten the producers of a society with the state to give to the non-producers who will vote to keep their goodies in place. In the old Soviet Union they would tax the producers between 70-80% to give to the Communist Party members who lived in corrupt luxury. While the Outer Circle struggled to survive on borsht and moldy bread the Inner Circle had their dachas in the country and mistresses. As a matter of fact, a borsht recipe comes with every Obamacare policy in lieu of the 25% premium reduction.

If this President was not a member of the Three Pillars of Marxism (media, academia and the DNC) he would be run out on a rail for this outrage. Everybody who knew the slightest bit about economics said he was lying when he made the promise, yet the uninformed believed him. They believed you could insure all the uninsured with Obama Bucks and nobody would suffer from his plan. They believed you could bring on the uninsured crack addicts and not raise premiums. The Tea Party was right and his legions were completely wrong. There are going to be many more hard working Americans suffering with bankruptcies, lost jobs and lower wages and he could not care less. He is an ideologue who only cares about pushing forward the idea of a communist America where his version of fairness is law. The same definition Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot had.

So we now we are seeing what is inside the bill. The first page has a Billion and a half slush fund which was given to another corrupt Inner Circle member who created a website a high school kid could have designed. This is crony communism at its finest as angry Michelle funnels over a billion dollars to her comrade and employs thousands of Canadians using American tax dollars with no accountability. How in the world, when you have this many programmers unemployed can you be heartless enough to outsource it to Canada? After Obama spends an entire election season lecturing Romney about outsourcing to the Caymans, he sends this billion plus to the documented worst programming company in the world. At least he could have bought it from

The scary part is the next five thousand pages of DeathCare are worse than this first page and Americans are going to suffer as the premiums continue to skyrocket beyond their reach and the benefits crumble. Not only are premiums going to rise $400 per month, if they go to the approved doctor for anything other than a hangnail they will be facing $6,000 deductable which will bankrupt many Americans. If more than one person goes to the hospital in a year they could have $12-20,000 of debt when they get out. Basically, a baby is going to cost $6,000 plus 50% co-pay for a routine delivery. This is not fair to anybody and far inferior to any of the policies the free market was issuing to people. The Democrat Party is completely at fault with this plan and should bear the full brunt of the outrage of the people when they realize they have been lied to. The only answer is to give the people at least a year to prepare for this debacle.

This has nothing to do with Healthcare and everything to do with advancing a communist agenda. There is no possibility he would have been elected if he would have explained what his plan was going to be. He hid behind his lies and the advancement it received from the Three Pillars. They lied to America giving him the ability to claim the people could have the best of both worlds rather than telling them he had already dictated what they could and could not have. He lied that they could keep their plans if they liked them better than his plan. He lied that the premiums would be reduced 25% when he knew they would increase 25%. He knew he was lying since his own reports predicted the truth and he continued to lie to promote the agenda and trap the American people inside this torture chamber called Obamacare.

Since he lied to gain re-election he should acknowledge that and call for a mulligan. He should allow the people a year to prepare for his program and decide if this truly is the healthcare plan they want. He should delay it and let the people vote on it during the midterms. If he wins the Senate and/or the House it means the people want to continue with Obamacare and continue to implement the program. If the Senate and House turn over to Republican control then the people have rejected his plan and it needs to be scrapped and keep what they have. This is the only fair way to handle this crisis short of impeachment. Simply give the people a year to find out what is in the bill and debate it like Americans have debated every major issue in a fair and open discussion and let them decide what they want going into the future. America was built on freedom and the truth and it is wrong that something as important as our future would be built on a lie, period!

Pray America will Wake Up

Note: The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but FReeper Bray’s. If you wish to discuss this, please ping Bray.

7 posted on 11/03/2013 5:03:23 AM PST by Alas Babylon!
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