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To: jazusamo
Hmmmm...perhaps we need to revisit this very prophetic 2009 statement:

RUSH caller: Susan 45 from Glendale CA (Sep 30 , 2009)

Mom, 7 children…lawyer

Rush, it’s a huge honor for me to speak to you and I hope I can keep my voice level because I am so passionate, I’m as passionate as you are about this country. I’m a conservative, I’ve listened to you for 25 years. I’m married, I have seven kids, and when you were telling me about how... all of the shenanigans that they’re going to do... in the Senate, to pass two different Senate bills then slam ‘em together, attach them to some house bill about TARP and then jam it through and jam it down our throats I got furious, and then I listened to what you said about the Michigan mom who was watching some kids before they went to school and how the Michigan state came down on her accusing her of running an illegal day care and you’re... you’re right, what they’re going to do is they’re going to threaten our health and they’re going to threaten the health of our children if I don’t comply with their health care I’m not going to be able to get my children the medicine they need...

Rush: No... it’s not... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... it’s not if you don’t comply with they’re health care, it’s not if you’re a good citizen in support of the liberals running the country.

Yes sir, and I’m not, I’m a conservative. You know what, I’m 45, I might fall and break my hip in the next ten years, they’re going to have to give me a shot cause they’re not going to want me to be healed. And they’re going to do this to my children. It’s like you said... they are the party of abortion... they are the party of euthanasia. They are trying to wipe out senior citizens who are... maybe not as useful to the Democrat National Committee as they should be, who are not contributing enough to them. And I am outraged and furious and my question to you... because I’m a political nobody. I’m just out here on the left coast in la-la land watching all the liberals run our California state bankrupt. What can we do? Legally, morally, to take this country back. I want people to stand up and I want them to vote these these... these criminals, these pedophiles out of office. I want them to take back the state of California and make it a golden state, and I want them to take back Washington, but we’re little people, and we marched, 2,000,000 of us down to Washington and the press, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, not one of them shows pictures on the news not one of them will report anything, in fact they cover it up.

I’ve talked to so many people on... on the phone... just neighbors , who are liberal and some of them are conservatives, both sides, and I tell them these things... go to Fox news, look at this. No one sees the truth because... the travesty of all of this. Part of this is politics... it’s normal, I understand, it’s two party, we’re going to fight and tussle over what’s right and wrong, and then, you know, we’re going to win some, lose some. But the damning thing, today, is that the press, the press, is betraying us. And we have no way, just us, we, the little political moms, nobodies, I’m... I’m a mother, and I have no one to listen to, to go to on the news, except for you and Fox. Tell us what we can do in 2010, other than voting for Sarah Palin, which I will do, but I need to know, because I don’t have much hope, I sure don’t have hope from Obama, I need hope from Rush, and I want you to please, tell us what we can do because this is the life of my children. They’re on the line. They can put me out to pasture, but yes, they’ve got me over a barrel because I will do anything to save the life of my children, and if it means that I’ve got to kiss some big Democrat’s rear end to get the health care for my baby, I’ll have to do it. And that sickens me, because they are MY employees

I need to know because I don’t have much hope.

Tell us what we can do because this is the life of my children, they’re on the line.

And that sickens me because they’re my employees, I’m paying their salaries, I’m paying for their fancy office of doctors down at the... what you were talking about... down at the House of representatives and Senate, they just get to walk in, pay $503 specialists flown in, pharmacy right there, on their hour, probably open 24 hours a day, nobody has to wait... they get because I’m paying for it, I’m paying for it, it’s coming out of my children’s allowances.

And they’re taking it without listening, without representing us, like you said, the small “r.” I’m not being represented. I’ve called Boxer’s office, I’ve called Adam Schiff, who’s my so-called representative. They are very polite, the little people on the phone but the people who are running this country, don’t listen to us, there are millions of us and we’re all furious. And no one, no one is even reporting what is being said, and I’m watching the country that I love, that my father fought for in WWII, that my father-in-law, was wounded and got the purple heart for and I’m watching it just.. just... being taken, just like candy from a baby, oh we’ll help you, we’ll give you health care... here’s a lollypop, go away.

And nobody’s doing anything. I’m sorry to be so angry, but I need hope, and I need to know how to counteract these shenanigans. This is not what we put people in government for. To run little bitty side bills, smash ‘em together, and then vote ‘em under the carpet into a different health care bill that’s languishing.

That’s dirty politics, and it shouldn’t be happening. It should be up-and-down vote. And you’re right, the 63 new judges coming on, they’re going to... that’s going to cement, that’s going to absolutely cement their ability to write law, instead of legislate, they can just send it to the judges. The judges will rubber-stamp it.

We’ll just write the law... never mind conservatism, never mind reading what the law actually says. And I look at this, I see this happening every day, I listen to you, and I’m to the point where I don’t even know if I should listen any more, cause it... it... it... I’m so passionate and I’m so furious to watch all this, to hear it all happening, and I feel so powerless for the first time in my life.

I’m glad Mrs. Obama is proud of her country for the first time in her life. I as a mother, as a nobody, I am ashamed of my government, for the first time in my life. And I need to know, how to combat this, especially in 2010, what can I do today, NOW, to help, to revitialize these... these namby-pamby liberal-conservative RINOs in our Senate, and in our government, who are just voting to get along and... (imitates) “I want to get re-elected.” That’s nonsense. They’re not standing up for what’s good and clean and right. They’re not standing up for our Constitution. They should be all thrown out, every last one of ‘em. And I don’t know how to mobilize people, but you do Rush, you do, you have the power, and with... with great gifts, God gives great responsibility, and I beg you, please, please, give us hope, and lead us... because this cannot stand, they cannot keep doing this... this is wrong. (end of segment string).

16 posted on 11/06/2013 10:35:42 AM PST by Stand Watch Listen ( GOPe wants our money, our votes, but NOT our principles/values/beliefs)
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To: Stand Watch Listen

Susan was dead on the mark four years ago and it hasn’t changed.

17 posted on 11/06/2013 10:49:30 AM PST by jazusamo ([Obama] A Truly Great Phony -- Thomas Sowell
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