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Ousting pro-amnesty Red-State RINOs (Graham, Alexander, Rubio, Hatch, McCain): Primaries Priority

Posted on 11/14/2013 12:05:37 PM PST by Javeth

A reminder that as primary season rolls in, our Priority #1 must be to replace the abominations of pro-amnesty RINOs in Red States with actual conservatives-- having an Obama-bootlicking liberal like Lindsey Graham in a state as solidly conservative as South Carolina, or a spineless wimp like Lamar Alexander in a reliably Red State like Tennessee (both of whom backed that traitorous, Constitution-shredding immigration bill earlier this summer), is even worse than dealing with a Democratic Senator. The Democrats could never win a Senate seat in such solidly Red States after all, so these are essential power bases for us to elect reliable conservative Republicans to carry the conservative standard through the socialist, Constitution-wrecking mess that is Capitol Hill. Instead, our Senate seats in those states are wasted on Trojan Horses and traitors like amnesty-loving Graham, Alexander, Jeff Flake and John McCain in Arizona, Marco Rubio in Florida, Orrin Hatch in Utah, Roger Wicker in Mississippi, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire and John Hoeven in North Dakota.

This is a travesty and does incalculable damage to our movement. A true Tea Party conservative on the GOP ticket would easily win the general election in these solidly Red States, so there is no political risk and absolutely no political reason to allow Graham, Alexander and the others to hijack our Senate seats there. It was just such a grassroots movement in Red State Texas that empowered the state's conservatives to elect Ted Cruz in the primaries and the general election, one of the most solidly conservative representatives anywhere in the legislative branch.

It's worth renewing this call since the liberal MSM and parts of the GOP establishment have been desperately trying to push against the Tea Party conservative flood tide they know is coming in 2014. They used a few cherry-picked cases from Blue States in the recent 2013 elections to try to silence the conservative base, ignoring of course the fact that solidly conservative candidates were winning races throughout the country while Lindsey Graham-style cowards and traitors were losing. Besides, the key point is much more fundamental: we're opposing RINOs like Graham, Alexander and McCain because they're occupying seats IN RED STATES. Graham, Alexander, Wicker and McCain have no excuse for their backing of the repulsive amnesty bill earlier this year and betrayal of the conservative movement. They are from some of the most conservative states in the Union and have no reason to hedge or hem and haw about being conservative-- in fact they have an obligation to be solidly conservative to reflect the solid conservatism of their states.

Instead, traitorous Senate RINOs like Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, Orrin Hatch, Kelly Ayotte, Bob Corker, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, John Hoeven, Roger Wicker and RINO-in-Chief John McCain betray our trust and our votes. While there may be several litmus tests to single out their RINO-ism, I'd say the most reliable is the traitorous vote by each of them for that abomination of an immigration reform mass amnesty bill (full name: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act) in the Senate in June 2013. That bill betrayed virtually every principle of the conservative movement-- spitting on the rule of law (with big juicy rewards for lawbreakers), disrespecting the US Constitution, putting foreigners and corrupt foreign interests (like that H1b bribery visa) before the interests of Americans, making big government even bigger (the 20 million+ amnestied illegals would be put on Obamacare and state benefits), overburdening our communities and crippling state and local rights in favor of federal power.

(Full roll call list of these traitorous RINOs is here:

The betrayal is especially blatant by the Republican members of the so-called Gang of Eight-- Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake and John McCain. GOP Senators in supposedly more purple-ish states like Ayotte in New Hampshire and Mark Kirk in Illinois also have no excuse-- just about everybody in New Hampshire and Illinois, not just conservatives but also Independent and Democratic voters (including Latinos and other minorities, who also rejected John McCain in 2008 despite his pro-amnesty bleating), hated the repulsive anti-American, anti-Constitution immigration reform bill, yet Ayotte and Kirk ignored them to instead go and carry water for Barack Obama and his dangerous socialist agenda.

In short, any Republican who voted for that immigration reform abomination is by definition a RINO, so one need only look at which Senate Republicans voted for it (including all the names above) to see who we need to focus on for defeat in the upcoming primaries.

Our #1 target for defeat must be Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, who's ripe for suffering a humiliating (and well-deserved) defeat in the 2014 South Carolina primary. He's not only a pro-amnesty member of the Senate Gang of 8 but also a disgusting liberal sycophant who's repeatedly acted on behalf of President Obama on issues like "climate change" and just as appalling, backing up Obama in his attempt to wag the dog back in September, invading Syria as a way to distract from the impending disaster of the Obamacare rollout. Graham would be a traitor and a stain on our movement from any state, but from conservative South Carolina, he's a sickening Trojan Horse.

South Carolina's primary system is complicated and open, so it isn't easy to oust incumbents there, but as the primary season moves along, there will be a conservative champion against Graham that we must all rally around and support in any way we can. (This goes for all the primaries-- don't just vote for true conservatives in them, actively work for and support them, organize around a single conservative champion in each state, contribute to their campaigns, volunteer on their behalf.)

Given South Carolina's conservative credentials, the GOP nominee will be elected so in effect, the battle for the Senate representative from that state is at the level of the GOP primary. Thus it's of great importance that we defeat the Obama-loving liberal Graham resoundingly. Focus your rhetorical sights on him at every turn, humiliate Graham in the South Carolina media and in GOP conventions, caucuses and meetings, hit him hard enough so that even before we have a specific conservative champion to take his place, the South Carolina GOP will know that Graham is radioactive and start looking for an alternative themselves. Ignore any whining from the Establishment of "attacking our own" since a cowardly traitor like Graham is NOT one of our own, and always remember, this is arch-conservative South Carolina-- whoever wins the Republican primary will be the Senator, so we must spare no effort in directing our fury against the repulsive Lindsey Graham. To make sure that he and his ongoing liberal betrayals no longer taint the name of the great conservative state of South Carolina. As a bonus, stupid senile RINO-in-chief John McCain in Arizona is more and more depending on his girlfriend Linda Graham to carry his own water in the Senate, so by ousting Graham, there's a good chance that RINO McCain will despair and not even run for reelection in 2016.

Lamar Alexander from conservative Red State Tennessee should also be high on the list in the 2014 primaries, as he's very vulnerable, an amnesty-supporter and also a wimp who clings on the vests of liberal Democrats in the Senate because he's afraid of being "left out" of the cool liberal Beltway crowd.

In the 2016 and 2018 primaries then, it'll be the turn to target and defeat Orrin Hatch (a pro-amnesty and H1b RINO from solidly conservative Utah of all places), Marco Rubio (a disgusting, lying, pandering fraud and member of the Senate Gang of Eight from a state conservative enough to elect Rick Scott), Jeff Flake (pro-amnesty RINO from of all places, the conservative Red State Arizona that produced Barry Goldwater and the pioneering SB1070 legislation to arrest illegals where the federal government wouldn't), Kelly Ayotte (another pro-amnesty RINO fool from "Don't Tread on Me" New Hampshire), Bob Corker (another pro-amnesty RINO wimp like Alexander from Tennessee), John Hoeven (pro-amnesty RINO wimp from conservative North Dakota), Roger Wicker (pro-amnesty RINO from MISSISSIPPI- betrayal of the highest order) and of course, neocon RINO-in-chief John McCain of conservative Red State Arizona, who needs little introduction.

Again, one of the most satisfying aspects of ousting RINOs like these-- an absolute necessity for our movement-- is that this also carries very little political risk, as they hail from Red States (and mostly from very solidly conservative Red States) that would enthusiastically elect an amnesty-opposing Tea Party conservative to the United States Senate in their place. Ousting these RINO Trojan Horses in the primaries is equally as important as boosting the Republican majority in the House of Representatives (in which pro-amnesty RINOs like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin have also been fouling the conservative waters), and defeating vulnerable Senate Democrats like Kay Hagan in North Carolina and Mary Landrieu in Louisiana.

A year-by-year summary then of the pro-amnesty RINOs (especially from the Red States) that we must target for defeat in 2014, 2016 and 2018: 2014: Lindsey Graham from South Carolina and Lamar Alexander from Tennessee 2016: Marco Rubio from Florida, John McCain of Arizona, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Mark Kirk of Illinois, John Hoeven of North Dakota 2018: Jeff Flake from Arizona, Orrin Hatch from Utah, Bob Corker from Tennessee, Roger Wicker of Mississippi (I'd also add Texas' own John Cornyn to this list as others have been pointing out- even though he did eventually vote against the amnesty betrayal-of-the-country bill, as Senate Minority Whip it was his responsibility to make sure his fellow GOP Senators stayed in line and voted in lockstep against the immigration reform bill, which he utterly failed to do.)

Keep up the pressure on these RINO traitors and never, ever let them forget their betrayal on the amnesty bill and the price that they'll pay for it- public humiliation and their electoral demise when their next primary comes along. Since Senators have six-year terms, they're often tempted to sell out to lobbyists and the cheap-labor betray-the-Constitution crowd (as well as to the idiots in the media in a desperate bid to be tagged as "moderates"- MSM-speak for traitorous liberals), in the belief that their base might forgive their betrayal by the time their primary rolls along. But betrayal of this magnitude is never forgiven or forgotten, and it's critical that we dash their fantasies that it ever would be, and make an example of these sell-outs for any other GOP Senators pondering such acts of rank betrayal.

That's especially important for the cowardly little Red-State RINOs like Bob Corker of Tennessee, Orrin Hatch of Utah, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Roger Wicker of Mississippi, who figured that their long-away primaries in 2018 would give them political cover to shred the US Constitution and stab their base in the back. We must start organizing now to bring about their crushing defeats in 2018, repeating this message and this list constantly to cut through the distractions thrown at us by the media. There is nothing more important for our movement than securing our conservative foundations in the solid Red States where the Democrats are locked out, and thus to ensure the replacement of these RINO Trojan Horses with true conservatives. These RINO traitors need to know that their days in political office are numbered, and that come 2018, we will not forget, and they will be dutifully and humiliatingly ousted from their cushy Senate seats for their cowardly act of betrayal on the immigration amnesty bill in 2013.

Also, as in any year, focus especially hard on getting conservative Republicans elected to statehouses, state legislatures and local government posts. The simple fact of modern politics is that the GOP controls the House of Representatives due to Republican governors and state legislators who gained control of many states in 2010, and thus were able to draw Congressional districts in a way that favors our interests. So let's organize at the state level and work doubly hard to elect Republican governors and state legislatures in the coming elections as well. This is the only way we'll defeat the socialist onslaught and preserve American values and the Constitution in the difficult years we have ahead, and it's up to us to fight and succeed.

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1 posted on 11/14/2013 12:05:37 PM PST by Javeth
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To: Javeth

Ousting RINOs .. A worthy and noble cause.


2 posted on 11/14/2013 12:08:32 PM PST by NormsRevenge (Semper Fi)
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To: NormsRevenge

Democrat John McCain was just re-elected.

Too late now.

3 posted on 11/14/2013 12:14:20 PM PST by Dan(9698)
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To: Javeth

Oust all the RINO bums out!!!!

4 posted on 11/14/2013 12:52:02 PM PST by PATRIOT1876
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To: Javeth

Graham for sure, McCain if he runs. Concentrate on those two also Alexander. Forget about Hatch he wont be running again at his age. Forget about Rubio, he made a mistake and has taken it back. But his running for prez in ‘16 is too soon as he needs to prove himself over time. Getting into a big squabble is what the MSM and the Dem’s want and it isnt worth it. A little squabble, yes.

5 posted on 11/14/2013 1:01:13 PM PST by amnestynone (Lindsey Graham is feckless, duplicitous, treacherous, double dealing backstabbing Corksucker.)
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To: Javeth

Look. I think the majority, vast majority of us here agree that these guys have to go, but why now? I would say push to get these out ONLY ONLY ONLY if you have someone conservative who can win.

Support the most conservative candidate who has the best chance to win...(Buckley Rule)

Once we have won the Senate back....then purge it of RINOs’ (I’ll call this the Coulter Rule).

6 posted on 11/14/2013 1:21:05 PM PST by nikos1121
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To: nikos1121

.then purge it of RINOs’”

Why isn’t John Cornyn on this list? He’s up for re-election in 2014 and needs to go. Great opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

7 posted on 11/14/2013 1:43:21 PM PST by Grams A (The Sun will rise in the East in the morning and God is still on his throne.)
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To: Javeth

One of the things that is so revolting is the shameless ease in which these politicians lie. Examining Rubio is so telling. He blocked anti-illegal immigration legislation in the florida house. And the two videos of him saying that he would never support amnesty, defining it the way we do, is just disgusting, right before his election.

So now he’s cool boy? I don’t think so. Other telling lies exposes him for what he is, a born liar.

He was provided information from his father’s certified naturalization papers showing that his father came 3 years before Castro came to power. His father did not escape Castro but left the healthy economy of Batista. He was asked to take down his false statement off his website. He didn’t. Then when he was caught 30 days later and it broke nationwide, he lied again and said he didn’t know his father came 3 years earlier than the Castro takeover.

He also misleads people in almost every speech telling people he remembers hearing the keys jingle in the door when his 70 year old father came home from work at 10pm. WELL HE SHOULD HE WAS 26 YEARS OLD WHEN HIS FATHER WAS 70.

He was asked to stop misleading people about that, his father’s dream for his children and his children. But he repeats it all the time and everyone swoons. Its sickening. And it is shameful that one needs to lie about the littlest thing just to make yourself look good and garner sympathy. He is pathetic. Don’t be surprised, he will lie right to your face. Anyone who sees those 2 videos will recoil in utter disgust.

Here’s one, can’t find the other one at the moment.

8 posted on 11/14/2013 2:01:04 PM PST by jdirt
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To: amnestynone

Rubio must be primaried

Not only he supports Illegal Alien Amnesty (he ALWAYS SUPPORTED AMNESTY), he is funded by George Soros, and his Chief of Staff, Cesar Conda, worked for Soros

No excuses to not primary Rubio. Support for Rubio is support for Amnesty, and George Soros

9 posted on 11/14/2013 4:58:21 PM PST by SeminoleCounty (2014: RINO Hunting Season)
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To: Grams A

“This is a moment when we have to be calm. We have to understand what holds us together on the right. We have to watch and explain why the failure of the left is happening. And if we do that, we will win.”

10 posted on 11/14/2013 11:33:19 PM PST by nikos1121
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