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To: ExTexasRedhead

Krauthammer said in his professional opinion, Pelosi’s a classic case of someone in total denial”

This Krauthammer quote is getting a bit of play. IMO, it is massive and dangerous mis-interpretation of the evil and deceit at the core of leftists like Pelosi, Wasserman, Axelrod, Obama, etc. Denying reality, lying about it, and viciously attacking opponents is what Leftists are all about, all the time.

They will lie and kill to attain and maintain power. When their Communist policies create misery, they deny the misery exists or, to the extent they admit to it, they blame it on their opponents.

By his unwillingness to acknowledge the evil that is at the heart of Pelosi, Dr. Krauthammer is the one in denial here.

27 posted on 11/17/2013 9:12:35 AM PST by vekzen
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To: vekzen

Excellent post, and most articulate.

56 posted on 11/17/2013 11:21:14 AM PST by Las Vegas Ron ("Medicine is the keystone in the arch of socialism" Vladimir Lenin)
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To: vekzen

In the appendix of this pamphlet you will find listed the officers and
address for each district of the Communist Party in the United States.

41. Who can become a member of the Comtnunist Party of the
United States?

Anybody over 17 years of age who can convince the Party that his
first loyalty will be to the Soviet Union and that he is able to do the
Party’s work as a Soviet agent.

He must be an active member of a Party unit. He must obey ALL
Party decisions. He must read the Party literature. He must pay dues

42. How do you go about joining the Party?

You must know some member ‘in good standing who will vouch for
you to his Party unit. Your acceptance still depends on the verdict
of Party officials that you WILL AND CAN obey orders.

43. Canyoube asecretm^ember?

All Communists are secret members until authorized by the Party
to reveal their connection. Party membership records are kept in
code. Communists have a real name and a “Party name.”

44. Are meetings public like those of ordinary political parties.’’

No, meetings are secret and at secret addresses. Records are all
secret and in code. Public demonstrations are held at regular periods.

45. What dues do you have to pay?

They are adjusted according to income. They may range from as
low as 2 cents a week to $15 a week with special assessments in addition.

46. What do you have to promise?

To carry out Communist Party orders promptly. To submit with-
out question to Party decisions and discipline.
To work for “The triumph of Soviet power in the United States.”

47. After you join, what do you have to do?

You have to obey the Party in all things. It may tell you to change
your home, your job, your husband, or wife. It may order you to lie,
steal, rob, or to go out into the street and fight.


It claims the power to tell you what to think and what to do every
day of your life.

When you become a Communist, you become a revolutionary agent,
under a discipline more strict than the United States Army, Navy,
Marines, or Air Force have ever known.

48. Why do people become Communists then?

Basically, because they seek power and recognize the opportunities
that Communism offers the unscrupulous.

But no matter why a particular person becomes a Communist,
every member of the Party must be regarded the same way, as one seek-
ing to overthrow the Government of the United States.

49. What kind of people become Communists?

The real center of power in Communism is within the professional

Of course, a few poor people respond to the Communist claim that
it is a “working class movement.”

But taken as a whole the Party depends for its strength on the sup-
port it gets from teachers, preachers, actors, writers, union officials,
doctors, lawyers, editors, businessmen, and even from millionaires.

30. Can you quit being a Communist when you want to?

The Communists regard themselves as being in a state of actual
war against life as the majority of Americans want it.

Therefore, Party members who quit or fail to obey orders are
looked on as traitors to the “class war” and they may expect to suffer
accordingly when and as the Party gets around to them.

31. How does the Communist Party of the United States work,
day by day?

The Communist Party of the United States works inside the law
and the Constitution, and outside the law and the Constitution with
intent to get control any way it can.

32. What are some types of Communist activities within the

Working their way into key positions in the schools, the churches,


the labor unions, and farm organizations. Inserting Communist
propaganda into art, literature, and entertainment. Nominating or^
seeking control of candidates for public office. The immediate objec-
tive of the Communist Party is to confuse and divide the majority so 1
that in a time of chaos they can seize control.

33. What are some types of Communist activities outside the law?

Spying, sabotage, passport fraud, perjury, counterfeiting, rioting,
disloyalty in the Army, Navy and Air Force.

54. What are some official newspapers or m^agazines of the
Communist Party?

Daily and Sunday Worker, 50 East Thirteenth Street, New York
City; Morning Freiheit, 50 East Thirteenth Street, Nev^^ York City;
Daily Peoples World, 590 Folsom Street, San Francisco, Calif.;
Masses and Mainstream, 832 Broadway, New York City; Political
Affairs, 832 Broadway, New York City. There are also numerous
foreign language publications.

55. Does the Party also publish books and pamphlets?

Yes, thousands of them, through such official publishing houses as:
International Publishers, 381 Fourth Street, New York City; Workers
Library Publishers, 832 Broadway, New York City; New Century
Publishers, 832 Broadway, New York City.

56. Does the Party have public speakers and press agents?

Hundreds of them, paid and unpaid, public and secret, hired and
volunteered, intentional and unintentional.

Publicity seeking is one of the Party’s principal “legal” occupations,
intended to confuse people on all important issues of the day.

5 7. How does the Party get the money for all this?

At first it received money from Moscow but now it raises millions
of dollars here in the United States through dues, foundations, en-
dowments, special drives, and appeals.

58. Do only Com?nunists carry out Communist work?

No. The Party uses what it calls “Fellow Travelers” and “Front
Organizations” in some of its most effective work.


59. What is a felloiv traveler?

One who sympathizes with the Party’s aims and serves the Party’s
purposes in one or more respects without actually holding a Party card.

60. Is he Important in the Communist movem-ent?

Vital. The fellow traveler is the HOOK with which the Party
reaches out for funds and respectability and the WEDGE that it drives
between people who try to move against it.

61 . What is a Communist front?

An organization created or captured by the Communists to do
the Party’s work in special fields. The front organization is Com-
munism’s greatest weapon in this country today and takes it places it
could never go otherwise — among people who would never willingly
act as Party agents.

It is usually found hiding among groups devoted to idealistic activi-
ties. Here are lo examples out of hundreds of Communist fronts
which have been exposed :

1. American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born.

2. American Slav Congress. .

3. American Youth for Democracy.

4. Civil Rights Congress.

5. Congress of American Women.

6. Council for Pan-American Democracy.

7. International Workers Order.

8. National Committee to Win the Peace.

9. People’s Institute of Applied Religion.
10. League of American Writers.

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