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Obama Goes Back To Selling ObamaCare
Political Realities ^ | 12/03/13 | LD Jackson

Posted on 12/03/2013 3:38:31 AM PST by LD Jackson

Let me provide a simple translation of the title of this post. It means President Obama is going back to full campaign mode. It is a mode he rarely leaves, but was forced out of when it became apparent that the ObamaCare website was a complete disaster. Let's see, I believe that was on October 1, during the celebrated roll out of ObamaCare and its heralded website. It didn't take long for most Americans to realize just how large the failure was going to loom over the President's signature legislation. But as I pointed out in a previous post, ObamaCare is more than just a website.

We are now seeing conflicting claims about the website. President Obama and company are quick to point out it isn't perfect, but is running a lot better. They are so encouraged that they are kicking off a campaign to sell the benefits of the law to the American people.

Politico - President Barack Obama will launch a coordinated campaign Tuesday by the White House, congressional Democrats and their outside allies to return attention to why the Affordable Care Act passed in the first place.

After two months of intense coverage of the botched rollout, the president will host a White House event kicking off a three-week drive to refocus the public on the law’s benefits, senior administration officials told POLITICO.

The White House will take the lead in emphasizing a different benefit each day until the Dec. 23 enrollment deadline for Jan. 1 coverage. The daily message will be amplified through press events and social media by Democratic members of Congress, the Democratic National Committee, congressional campaign committees and advocacy organizations, officials said.

The fresh push is an attempt to get back to the game plan that Democrats wanted to pursue before the faulty website forced them into full-time damage control. The president needs to rebuild confidence in the law among the public and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill, who have threatened to roll back aspects of Obamacare if the insurance marketplace didn’t improve quickly — and refocus attention on what would be lost if it were repealed.

Now that the website appears to be mostly functional, the West Wing thinks it has the ability to return to sales mode.

Obama Snake OilLet's look at the facts. President Obama is kicking off a concerted attempt to feed more lies to the American people. Faced with the multiple failures of ObamaCare, he is about to start, again, lying to the American people. He is going to tell them how great ObamaCare really is, as if we are children who have to be told to eat our vegetables. In light of that, I would like to know something.

How is he going to get past the facts? The health insurance plans being sold on the ObamaCare website are turning out to be mostly more expensive and providing less coverage than the plans previously held by the millions of Americans who have received cancellation notices. I've lost count of how many people we have heard who are having to purchase insurance plans that have about $6,000 in out-of-pocket expenses before the benefits even start to kick in.

The facts of ObamaCare simply do not add up to the rhetoric we have heard. This upcoming sales pitch on which the President is about to embark will be no better. The best description I can think of is a snake oil salesman. Remember the old western television shows? Many of them featured a traveling salesman at one point. He was usually selling one concoction or another that he professed would cure all the ails of the good townsfolk. The one thing that could be depended on is the salesman was lying through his teeth to sell a product that was nothing like he was portraying.

Get ready people. The traveling salesman known as the ObamaCare Snake Oil Salesman is about to hit the road. We are in for another round of lies and rhetoric as President Obama tries to convince us the medicine he is selling is actually good for us. I don't know about you, but I'm just not buying what he is selling.

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1 posted on 12/03/2013 3:38:32 AM PST by LD Jackson
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To: LD Jackson

it’s the economy wrecked it.......

2 posted on 12/03/2013 3:44:19 AM PST by Sacajaweau
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To: All

3 posted on 12/03/2013 3:44:51 AM PST by Liz
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To: LD Jackson

Of course. Commie care is Barry’s most powerful weapon to use against the American people.

4 posted on 12/03/2013 3:50:51 AM PST by Old Yeller (Obama: A dark spot in this country's history.)
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To: LD Jackson

5 posted on 12/03/2013 3:54:27 AM PST by Zakeet (If socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists - Friedrich Hayek)
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To: Old Yeller

This is the biggest joke ever played on the American People—and the funny thing is they are just taking it. people should be marching in the streets.

6 posted on 12/03/2013 3:55:43 AM PST by Forward the Light Brigade (Into the Jaws of H*ll)
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To: LD Jackson

The Central Planners in Das Kapital know best!

7 posted on 12/03/2013 4:04:11 AM PST by windsorknot (>>>)
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To: TADSLOS; Tennessee Nana; AuntB; sickoflibs
.....the traveling Snake Oil Salesman, is about to hit the road again,
trying to convince Americans Obamacare is good for us......

Mmmm.......explains M/M O's visit to the amnesty squatters yesterday.

"Hey, amigo, hit me w/ a coupla glassine packets o'dat
white Mexican border dust. And don't worry about Holder."

8 posted on 12/03/2013 4:04:27 AM PST by Liz
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To: LD Jackson

America's First Family Of Shuck and Jive

9 posted on 12/03/2013 5:23:50 AM PST by Iron Munro (Orwell: There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.)
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To: LD Jackson
The Snake Oil Salesmen of old always had a few shills in the crowd who would tout the success of whatever it was that was being sold.

Problem with Obama is, there are no success stories surrounding Obamacare. Even the few that have been highlighted have either found out later that they didn't get what they thought they bargained for (at best), or have been outright frauds (at worst).

10 posted on 12/03/2013 5:25:22 AM PST by mellow velo (Oxymorons: jumbo shrimp, rap music, liberal think-tank)
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To: Liz; All

Commie Obama Speaking Rules:

1.) Begin with a Lie
2.) Blame others
3.) Ridicule others
4.) Demonize others
5.) Swagger in an arrogant manner before, during and after each speech.
( Have the Secret Service arrest anyone who dares to BOO, heckle, or not cheer vigorously enough).

11 posted on 12/03/2013 5:33:20 AM PST by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: Graewoulf; Libloather; The Mayor; NYer; Sun
Give the guy a break (/snix)---he's a "community organizer." He invested in Chicago criminal politics---and won the federal lottery bigtime.

But he still thinks like a streetwise Chicago hustler---"a community organizer".......and he talks like one.

Obama's using the same tactic---he remembers fondly how easy it was to dupe stupid people on food stamps and SSI into thinking they could payoff subprime mtges. *

He is clueless that there are actually people out here who cant be hustled----who would have told him where to put those pipe-dream subprime mtges.

Who are telling him now what he can do w/ his Obamacare pipe-dream.


* DERANGED PROGRESSIVE THINKING Obama's now suing banks for predator-lending--for "burdening" ths stupids w/ mtges they cant possibly payoff--the same banks he originally sued to setup the subprime mtges.

12 posted on 12/03/2013 5:37:35 AM PST by Liz
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To: LD Jackson is a hacker’s dream. According to experts on hacking, no security was built into the site and there have been numerous SQL attacks on it so far. Your personal information is not safe.

13 posted on 12/03/2013 5:37:45 AM PST by randita
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To: Liz; Kaslin; laplata; Windflier; Oldeconomybuyer; blam; All

Yup, you described Commie Obama pretty well.

Obama is basically a Bolshevik, and thus views Banks as an unnecessary evil to be destroyed as soon as possible.

With 1/6 th of the Nation’s economy destined for ruin by Commie Obamacare, the Nation’s Fortress Banks will be the next to fall.

It is indeed ironic that JP Morgan was recently fined by Obama for 16 Billion Dollars for “irregularities,” and that JP Morgan’s Head Exec., Jamie Diamond, was a major Democrat financial contributor to both of Commie Obama’s Campaigns.

The gullible do not see, nor will they be EVER able to see.

Like “the poor,” the gullible will always be with us.

Until the Congressional RINO Establishment is replaced by fire-in-the-belly Conservatives, Bolshevik Commie Obama KNOWS that he will not be Impeached.

14 posted on 12/03/2013 5:59:30 AM PST by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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