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Neal Rauhauser Threatens Another NJ Police Department
ZANDALI FORUMS ^ | Jan. 4, 2014 | Bronwyn

Posted on 01/04/2014 12:50:04 AM PST by Bronwynn

I couldn't have described this afternoon's events any clearer than this:

Comin' to Gitcha ‏@bet0001970 12h @NealRauhauser So UR BFF is a convicted bomber & U just posted the home addresses of government officials where UR sending packages. Got it.

That's right! Admitted associate of the Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser boldly fired up his Twitter machine today and published the home addresses of government officials where he threatened to be sending out mystery packages to them on Monday. On Thanksgiving Eve, he had gone on a crazy rant using his @Kookpocalypse account about two women - Daisy and Debi. We believe at least one is an employee with this Police Department and urge caution.

This is within a series of police departments previously targeted by Neal Rauhauser, notably a police officer in South Jersey just a few months ago and of course the be-leaguered, failed attempts upon Hillsborough and Montgomery Township via harassment of SWAT-victim, Mike Stack. This threat is unique only by Rauhauser's attempt to drag the entire city council into his psychotic world.


We call this segment - The continuing timeline of a psychopath still on the loose.


(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Extended News; Politics/Elections; US: New Jersey
KEYWORDS: 2010; 2010election; 201401; anonymous; chalupa; cybersecurity; cyberwarfare; fbi; fbiinformant; intimidation; iowaboy; mikestack; nealrauhauser; soros; speedwaybomber; swatting; terrorism; threats; twittergate; weinergate
Photo: Screenshot Rauhauser YouTube

FLASHBACK to 2010 just before the mid-terms, a scandal involving the use of Twitter to target conservatives and put them on a watch list where they were threatened with planned, frivolous lawsuits simply for signing up for a social-media account, with the intent to harass them, their jobs and family, has escalated at an alarming rate to include the abuse of at least 4 police departments, 2 FBI agencies, a Prosecutor's Office, children and an entire City Council.

Subsequent to the events following Twittergate in 2010, Weinergate in 2011 and Swattergate in 2011-2013, political activist, Neal Rauhauser, bedded down with ex-convict and Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin and admittedly assisted him in concocting an elaborate lawsuit under federal R.I.C.O. statutes, naming Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, Erick Erickson, James O’Keefe and others, claiming they are part of a “criminal racketeering enterprise”.

While many of the defendants named are Internet News sources, Neal Rauhauser has used the federal lawsuit event to revisit old grudges against citizens that he hasn't been able to destroy to his satisfaction from 2010.

This time, he lodged false allegations against a police department in N.J., allegedly claiming they were using government databases to spy on him and filtering the results to a detective agency in that locale. While he's aware his claims are false, what he is really seeking is the identity of the one person he wasn't able to find in 2010 that researched his illegal activities surrounding political campaigns.

Within this relentless pursuit, he has stalked families, endangered children, businesses and abused local and federal resources with mind-boggling conspiracy theories that are duplicitously false and malicious. Some of these works include: "Breitbart-ISR-Cell", "Team Themis", "Spook Country" and "Kookpocalypse". These fictitious conspiracies are disseminated with the unrestricted use of Twitter and WordPress, despite being against their Terms of Service and in violation of the law. *Neal Rauhauser claims to have developer status with Twitter and the source of this report claims to have evidence that a WordPress employee or volunteer, "Raincoaster", has actually mirrored his blogs.

Recently, the ex-wife of Neal Rauhauser has revealed that he has been clinically diagnosed as a Sociopath with Narcissistic Personality Disorder complicated with the psychiatric condition known as Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). She also claims child-support arrears in excess of $47,000.00 and that he has a prior felony for Possession of Nuclear Materials. Due to recent threats received by her ex-husband, she states that she has had to hire private security in addition to notifying the local authorities.

Neal Rauhauser has gone from a pre-meditated plan in 2010 to intimidate the right-wing from exploring social-media while manipulating it himself to affect the outcome of elections, to brazen death threats - all while having warrants out for his arrest and yet, being able to conceal his whereabouts while demanding attention for his continued false reports to law enforcement agencies.

Having followed this story since 2010, I am aghast to learn that law enforcement not only hasn't arrested Neal Rauhauser, they used him as an informant for the Washington, D.C. FBI investigations concerning Anonymous. He is/was a member of the FBI-coordinated organization known as Infragard and boasts a full continuum of federal contacts at his disposal. He was a member of the controversial Project Vigilant with long-time friend, Chet Uber where former DoJ Cyber-Crimes Unit, Mark Rasch, Esq., is counsel of record. Some disturbing recordings after Mr. Uber became estranged from Rauhauser are archived and speak about his plans to "overthrow the United States government".

A disturbing Manifesto allegedly written by Neal Rauhauser was also found on the Deep Web containing alarming calls for an anarchist uprising and destruction of the United States of America.

Please contact your local representative and ask that this man be investigated and brought to justice once and for all! The next random victim could easily be you or a loved one.

While the National Bloggers Club is seeking donations to fight their battle with Brett Kimberlin and their right to blog, no one is focused on the victims of these continuing crimes who do not ask for your money. I believe they deserve some support. Please call your representative and speak out. Ask them to pressure the FBI to enforce the law regardless of the fallout it means for corruption being exposed, which is why I believe these victims are being ignored.

1 posted on 01/04/2014 12:50:04 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: Bronwynn

Stark raving mad ping

2 posted on 01/04/2014 1:08:22 AM PST by WashingtonSource
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To: WashingtonSource
Thank you so much, WashingtonSource! I've been following this story for years now and when I saw this recent development, I just had to do something so I thought writing it up summarily here may help. It literally took me weeks! And God love them, I see some former Marines are helping them.

I know a Steve from that circle who was studying law back when but I'm not sure that's the same guy I see on that board. I hope they sue their brains out for millions after putting this CREEP behind bars!
3 posted on 01/04/2014 1:37:52 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: Bronwynn
I also listened to the phone recordings between Tom Ryan and Chet Uber that were leaked onto the Internet, deleted but archived by the Way Back Machine. It takes hours to go through them but the crimes being committed in just that alone, insult the senses. I believe it was Part-2 that was the most incredible. Absolutely incredible this has escaped the main stream media.

Since there are so many reference links in that piece, I'll add it alone here if anyone is interested.
4 posted on 01/04/2014 1:48:50 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: Bronwynn

This is going on now?

5 posted on 01/04/2014 2:28:31 AM PST by MestaMachine (My caps work. You gotta earn them.)
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To: MestaMachine

I’m guessing “yes”, because this dangerous psychopath has not been run to ground yet...

He, Kimberlin, and their ilk are indeed the perfect foot soldiers for the commies: Psychopaths.
Birds of a black feather and all...

6 posted on 01/04/2014 2:44:14 AM PST by spankalib ("I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.")
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To: spankalib

I remember the crazy lawsuit, but do not recall the rest of the details. I was pretty sick then, but I do remember this. So what is going on now? And what seems to be the reason this nut is not behind bars? Where is he?
I have some catch up homework to do.

7 posted on 01/04/2014 3:41:48 AM PST by MestaMachine (My caps work. You gotta earn them.)
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To: WashingtonSource
an elaborate lawsuit under federal R.I.C.O. statutes, naming Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, Erick Erickson, James O’Keefe and others, claiming they are part of a “criminal racketeering enterprise

Malkin, Beck, Erickson and O'Keefe are Democrats? Who knew?

8 posted on 01/04/2014 4:21:06 AM PST by Hardastarboard (The question of our age is whether a majority of Americans can and will vote us all into slavery.)
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To: MestaMachine
Yes, it's going on right now. This Rauhauser guy went after a former cop because he HEARD he spoke to Andrew Breitbart ONCE. Actually, he thinks the girl who found out it was him stalking her 3 years ago knew the former cop, so he went after him to get to her with false allegations and started all kinds of investigations.

No one knows where he is. He laughs that they can't catch him, but the question is, are they even looking? If not, why not? In the meantime, this PIG wrote a blog (it's down now but was up for months) describing one of the victim's daughter's breasts and put her picture up. I understand she was 12 at the time. Then he went hunting for the little girl, calling her school and pretending to be a relative. Then he posted a picture of the door to her home.

I understand the victims have been to the FBI, the police and all over and no one has done a damn thing.

He hooked up with Brett Kimberlin who is doing the R.I.C.O. case against Malkin, Beck, etc., but Rauhauser is the one who is now threatening these long-standing victims that he's going to drag them into it and steal their assets.

I can't understand why he's not in jail myself, so I'm doing my part and letting the public know so whoever covered this up feels the shame they should.
9 posted on 01/04/2014 4:57:56 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: MestaMachine
I remember when it was FREE REPUBLIC who found Neal Rauhauser right HERE posing as different aliases! He even admitted he was pretending to be a conservative to "get in our network". He must love playing spy games or something.

But he made a big mistake as IOWABOY when he was using that account somewhere, I forget. It's on those forums I linked. He cross-posted thinking he was on another alias but was still logged into IOWABOY. He threatened to "pop a cap into Dick Cheney". It was a member from FreeRepublic that spotted it.

That was years ago, but recently they found him trying to get someone to do a swat on Rep. Nass from Wisconsin. There's an email to prove it. A SWAT is a life-threatening situation where someone makes a fake call to a police agency and tells them that someone is being murdered so they come blazing in with guns and SWAT suits. That's already happened to quite a few people. This guy's name is all over every incident. He either wrote negatively about, previously threatened or knew every victim.

I understand that there's a lot of material, but this has been going on with nothing done for over 3 years now, so much has accumulated.
10 posted on 01/04/2014 5:17:46 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: Bronwynn

Needs killin’.

11 posted on 01/04/2014 5:50:40 AM PST by Anton.Rutter
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To: Bronwynn

And now he has popped up again and no one knows where he is? This is happening in New Jersey?
Forgive me for so many questions. How much research have you done and do you have it posted? Is it on the site linked to this article?

12 posted on 01/04/2014 8:47:45 AM PST by MestaMachine (My caps work. You gotta earn them.)
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To: MestaMachine
Right, no one knows where he lives. He says that he does that intentionally so no one can catch him. Nothing in his name, no car, no driver's license (or so he says).

I started following it when it first started and maggief from FreeRepublic caught him using the alias Iowaboy. So he was here playing his games first and admitted it on the Daily Kos, where he used to write before he was banned. He moved from stalking Freepers to Twitter and that's when he started making lists and putting conservatives on them with their personal photos that he stole, calling them "terrorists". He tried to intimidate them by bragging about all his government affiliations. He even had Ted Nugent on the list!

He made use of a thing called "TeaPartyTracker" which also tried to intimidate people and was there to collect "hate-speech". Then the conservatives started using that #hashtag to send THEIR hate-speech and boy was that hate-speech. I think most of it is in this photo album Conservative Online collected. - that collection is from one of the first articles written in October, 2010. I think I linked it but here it is again -

Rauhauser went into Twitter to menace them wearing this mask to hide his identity. He called himself Wingnutwatch. So they went out and found who it really was and when they did, they found out he was running a political campaign business called Progressive PST that democratic candidates had hired to help them win elections through social-media. Well, as you can imagine, the conservatives had a fit! Isn't this illegal?

But you know what? The strange thing I don't see is that Progressive PST was absorbed into and Neal Rauhauser admits he set that up and it still exists! He boasted getting grants, one was for the sum of $400,000 and I saw an FEC report that said one year they made almost $1,000,000! So there's money going on here too.

I haven't gotten that far yet, so I shouldn't say too much, but something really dirty is going on.

If anyone knows how to find out how to track funds from 501(3)(c)'s, I'm not too good at that. I know the names on those accounts are Darcy Burner and Charles Chamberlin and they maintain an address on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C.

What I did here was try to catch people up on what happened from the start, what happened after and how it escalated into this heart-wrenching horror for these victims that doesn't seem to ever stop and only gets worse. I just can't imagine having my little daughter being pinned as the obsession of a psycho with this type of history, but I've seen the evidence and I'm disgusted that the FBI put their own egos before the safety of the public because they were embarrassed this man slipped through their cracks.

I've sent a couple emails to some old contacts to see if the police will release a statement about this since their jurisdiction is handling the latest investigation. That would be very helpful. I'll let you know anything I can find out or try to answer anything I can.

I know part of that forum that I linked the excerpt from is private. Apparently they have all the evidence inside that thing in a private area. A good trusted journalist should go take a look! If the public area is any indication, the private area is probably much worse.
13 posted on 01/04/2014 9:54:40 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: maggief

What do you have on this?

14 posted on 01/04/2014 10:05:11 AM PST by MestaMachine (My caps work. You gotta earn them.)
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To: MestaMachine
Hi, Maggie! :)

Your discovery was posted on That's a blog created by Mike Stack. He was also a victim of Neal Rauhauser when Anthony Weiner first denied his pecker pictures and said he was hacked. Rauhauser accused Mike Stack of hacking Weiner's account and slipping the pecker pics in. It came out that was a lie and Mike was asleep when the scandal hit and definitely wasn't the one to announce anything about Anthony Weiner's sexcapades. So, another victim to add to the pile of Rauhauser's mayhem.

Mike said he was SWATTED at gun-point along with his parents at their home and the couple who lived at his previous residence. The false call that was placed to the police said that Mike just killed his wife. That blog is what Mike created to clear his name from the lies that Rauhauser spread about him. In the course of that, I read them discussing that maggief from FR discovered the first clues about this weirdo. That find you made linked him right to the alias that made the threat against Dick Cheney.

I just googled and got where you are mentioned -

That's the story and if you scroll down to the comments, you'll see where they credited you for finding that. Basically, no one knew who Iowaboy was. Then Neal Rauhauser cross-posted without logging out of one of his accounts and you busted his alias as being him.

Here's your old comment on FR -
15 posted on 01/04/2014 11:04:01 AM PST by Bronwynn
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To: Bronwynn; Fedora; MadMax, the Grinning Reaper


16 posted on 09/05/2019 12:46:59 AM PDT by piasa (Attitude adjustments offered here free of charge.)
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