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2016 Dream Ticket: Hillary and Michelle (Clueless Alert)
Afro ^ | 12/30/13 | Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.

Posted on 01/06/2014 4:52:37 AM PST by YourAdHere

The 2016 national elections are not that far away. It is timely and important that we not wait until then to begin having constructive discussions about who should be given the opportunity and responsibility to succeed President Barack Obama. The questions of the future of politics, economics and equal justice should never be avoided. Especially given all the voter suppression enactments in many states over the last two years, we should be more vigilant about being politically conscious and civically active. My motive, therefore, is to stimulate a proactive dialogue now about the possibilities for viable candidates for the next national elections.

Even with three more years in office, I believe that President Obama will be judged by history as one of the most effective presidents ever. He will be credited for;

• leading the recovery and revival of the U.S. economy by encouraging the passage of the $787 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, with Wall Street reaching its highest investment level,

• ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,

• getting the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress,

• rebooting the U.S auto industry,

• signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act ensuring equal pay for women,

• signing into law the Fair Sentencing Act that significantly reduced the sentencing disparities in drug laws that have been devastating for African Americans and Latino Americans, and

• appointing the first African Americans as Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security.

Therefore, any realistic speculation about who could be successful in following President Obama and Vice President Biden to the White House in 2016 should first be made in the context of establishing continuity with the Obama administration’s progress in economic revival, ending poverty and providing leadership in implementing a more inclusive national agenda for the empowerment of all people who strive for a better quality of life in the United States.

It is long overdue for qualified and experienced women to be elected president and vice president of the United States. Here’s a way to do both at one time: I propose and endorse the election of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as the next president of the United States and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama as the next vice president in 2016.

Think about how millions and millions of voters would readily desire with great enthusiasm to have the historic opportunity to vote for two former first ladies to be president and vice president. Today, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are the most popular and well respected women in the nation. But this is not to be reduced to a mere popularity contest. The truth is both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are very qualified, experienced and capable of leading this country.

Hillary Clinton, a Yale law graduate, former secretary of state and senator is an expert on both domestic and foreign policy. The Democratic Party will be victorious in 2016 if Hillary Clinton is nominated for president. Of course, the vice presidential candidate in 2016 will be chosen by the nominee of the Democratic Party. As I have traveled recently around the country, I am pleased to report that there is growing support for Michelle Obama to run for public office and being vice president would be a perfect fit. Michelle Obama is a Harvard Law graduate and a seasoned expert on community development and health care issues with a particular commitment to ending poverty for all people.

Let’s be clear: they should not be elected because they are women; they should be elected because they are qualified to lead our nation. And those who profess to have a problem with electing two women didn’t complain as we’ve continually elected two men throughout the history of this nation.

We all remember the tremendous surge in voter turnout in 2008 and again in 2012. And we know what created that enthusiasm. There are real repressive forces, however, that are now at work to increase systematic efforts to suppress voting rights and voter turnout for both the mid-term 2014 and 2016 national elections. We cannot afford to go backwards. We need to keep the forward thrust of the progress of the Obama-Biden administration into a Clinton-Obama administration in 2016. The future of America and the world will once again be at stake.

The political and public discourse will need a new stimulus in order to arouse a massive turnout of voters who will be committed to a progressive agenda and further socioeconomic transformation of our society and nation into a better place.

What’s your view? Who will you support? Who will you vote for? Let the debate begin.

“Forward ever, backward never!” This is not a time for cynicism or pessimism. We must envision the future for tomorrow out of how we see the present today. I see the Hillary Clinton-Michelle Obama ticket as a winning ticket for 2016.

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They still make people this stupid.
1 posted on 01/06/2014 4:52:38 AM PST by YourAdHere
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To: YourAdHere

As a married couple?

2 posted on 01/06/2014 4:55:19 AM PST by sickoflibs (Obama : 'If you like your Doctor you can keep him, PERIOD! Don't believe the GOPs warnings')
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To: YourAdHere

Americans are stupid, but not THAT stupid! I hope.

3 posted on 01/06/2014 4:59:33 AM PST by ilovesarah2012
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To: YourAdHere

Reading that drivel makes me want to support abortion. Retro-actively. . . .

4 posted on 01/06/2014 4:59:35 AM PST by Salgak ( 100% all-natural snark !)
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To: YourAdHere

WTH is “Afro”? A bad haircut/ugly hairstyle now writes opinions? Blech.

5 posted on 01/06/2014 5:01:03 AM PST by carriage_hill (Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading.)
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To: YourAdHere

Just another race hustler....

6 posted on 01/06/2014 5:02:39 AM PST by Rummyfan (Iraq: it's not about Iraq anymore, it's about the USA!)
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To: YourAdHere

The rug muncher and the moocher.

7 posted on 01/06/2014 5:03:46 AM PST by maine yankee (I got my Governor at 'Marden's')
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To: YourAdHere
Well, if you consider that the $787USB porkulus was a great success then it follows that the completely incompetent hilliarious and totally unqualified moochelle would make a great team.

Who cares about actual competance; they're two womyn dammit and that's just what we need.

BTW, I do believe that those two dimwits could preform at the same level of effectiveness as obama, if that's really what you're looking for.

8 posted on 01/06/2014 5:09:42 AM PST by Pietro
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To: YourAdHere
"Even with three more years in office, I believe that President Obama will be judged by history as one of the most effective presidents ever. He will be credited for;"

He forgot to mention:
1) Curing Cancer
2) Causing the crops to grow
3) Causing the sun to rise in the morning
4) Commanding Spring to come in April
5) Making flowers bloom
6) Becoming a new messiah.
7) Ect....

9 posted on 01/06/2014 5:12:28 AM PST by StormEye
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To: maine yankee

Women voters were a powerful voting block in 2008 and 2012- can’t tell you how many Obama stickers I see driving to work every day- most in Priuses...

Hiliary will win if Republicans don’t fix their message strategy.

In 3 years folks will forget about Benghazi....they will have moved on...they will forget about the IRS, Obamacare fixes will have been completed, etc.

I just don’t see how any Republican can beat a firt woman President in US...especially with the Clinton machine, the Media in their pockets, voter fraud, foreign money and vote fraud, etc. Then we have Republican in fighting for candidates, slamming and deep sixing any Tea Party candidate....with the Rover machines out there...

First time a Republican candidate is asked about rape and they make stupid comments like in past, they are toast.

Oh and how the women love Michelle....but I can’t see Michelle taking orders from Hillary.

I still remember the book about Clinton’s in office and how Hillary treated the staff- so rude....

Am I the only one feeling this?

10 posted on 01/06/2014 5:14:49 AM PST by Engedi
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To: YourAdHere

Well, he’s a doctor so he must be educated and therefore, right . . . . . . .

11 posted on 01/06/2014 5:18:14 AM PST by Opinionated Blowhard ("When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.")
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To: ilovesarah2012
"Americans are stupid, but not THAT stupid!"

They elected obama twice.
12 posted on 01/06/2014 5:18:22 AM PST by clearcarbon
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To: YourAdHere

About the author of this “piece” from Wiki:

Yeah, this guy is colorblind.....................NOT!

13 posted on 01/06/2014 5:21:06 AM PST by V_TWIN
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To: YourAdHere

"....I'm sure Hilda would be thrilled...ahhhh ha ha ha ha"

14 posted on 01/06/2014 5:21:18 AM PST by Doogle (USAF.68-73..8th TFW Ubon Thailand..never store a threat you should have eliminated))
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To: StormEye

you forgot “stopping the rise of the oceans”

15 posted on 01/06/2014 5:24:11 AM PST by bigdaddy45
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To: Rummyfan

“Just another race hustler”

And according to Wiki an arsonist.

16 posted on 01/06/2014 5:24:35 AM PST by V_TWIN
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To: YourAdHere
The Hillary, Moochie and Huma ticket......America burns as it watches them jockey for position.
17 posted on 01/06/2014 5:31:18 AM PST by liberalh8ter (The only difference between flash mob 'urban yutes' and U.S. politicians is the hoodies.)
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To: YourAdHere
Guaranteed to kickstart the next civil war!!!

The nation is already dangerously polarized, something is bound to snap!

18 posted on 01/06/2014 5:41:54 AM PST by SWAMPSNIPER (The Second Amendment, a Matter of Fact, Not a Matter of Opinion)
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To: ilovesarah2012

Don’t bet on it. They bought the war on women and we are just beginning to see the war against income inequality which be painted as brought on by years of repressive white male centric GOP policies. Yes I know that the biggest boost to income inequality has occurred under O’bama’s administration, but do you think that is going to be allowed to become part of the meme? This is a man and party who ran against their own four years of incompetence in 2012 and won. And they still have a republican House to run against and a supplicant press to push their story.

19 posted on 01/06/2014 6:05:22 AM PST by redangus
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I hate to say this, but nothing is going to snap!!! This nation is headed toward its doom!!! It’s a given to say Russia, China, Iran, India, etc. are politically overtaking the USA very quickly and effectively. It’s actually much worse then that. These countries are beating us at every part of the world game, consumerism, aviation growth, enterprize, trade, education, quality of life, etc. No need to discuss freedom, liberty and Individual greatness....we’ve lost it all!!! So....Hillary & Michelle would just be the grand icing on the cake!!!

Let’s face it....we do not have the will that the citizens of Egypt showed in protesting the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Terrorist leader Morsi, whom Obama loves so dearly. Their protests, forced the Egyptian military to throw Morsi and his terrorists out of office and power!!! There is not one serious move here in the USA to force POTUS Obama to resign or be impeached!!! IMHO......our great nation has seen it’s best days!!!

All we another “Rome” in rapid decline, wholly endorsed by the American people, IMHO. Our enemies love it, and.......Obama just vacations and plays more golf....just like Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned!!! shucks....history does repeat itself!!! Hail to Caesar Obama!!! LOL!!!

20 posted on 01/06/2014 6:10:10 AM PST by JLAGRAYFOX ( My only objective is to defeat and destroy Obama & his Democrat Party, politically!!!.)
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