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The People's State of the Union ^ | January 29, 2014 | Terry Paulson

Posted on 01/29/2014 9:25:41 AM PST by Kaslin

Good evening fellow Americans. My name isn't that important. I'm not running for office, but I am speaking to you this evening to deliver what I will call the Peoples' State of the Union. What do I want from you? I want you to work with me to take back America from politicians who think they are the answer to shaping America's future.

I’m not taking your time this evening to ask you to trust me or to trust any politician or party. Instead, I ask you to trust yourself. That is what America has always been about. It’s the power of millions of people like you who will determine what will make America great again.

Unfortunately, watching and waiting for politicians in Washington to bring America's economy back will never work. It's time we get busy of bringing America back ourselves. It's people like you that must learn the new skills that will allow you to help invent the future. It's people like you who will have that small business idea that will come out of your garage and morph into an economic powerhouse for the next decade. It's your investment in companies you believe in that will fund their growth and success. A free enterprise economy works because we work.

Government doesn't produce anything. Everything it does comes from taking from citizens and businesses to give us the illusion of hope and progress. Our Founding Fathers limited government for a reason. They knew that big government could do far-reaching damage to the freedoms we treasure. Aren't you tired of being told what size soft-drink you can buy, how much I have to pay my workers, or what healthcare policy you must have?

Aren't you tired of watching them overspend every year by a trillion dollars? Enough. It's time they leave more of our hard-earned money in our pocket so that we can make the purchases and investments we believe are best.

It's time we demand government to play by the rules we have to live every day. It's time they have a balanced budget where they make the tough choices about what is worth doing and what is worth closing down. And it might help if they would actually use the Constitution to help decide what they ought to be doing.

It's time we stop rewarding helplessness and dependence and start celebrating the American Dream in action. Washington tells you what you can't do. It's time we learn what we can do from people who are making America work.

We don't need special programs for races, genders, or ages. We need to help everyone turn tough times into earned optimism based on hard work and creative problem solving. True optimism doesn't come from hopeful words by politicians; it comes from a track record of overcoming obstacles and the confidence you earn from achieving success anyway. Don't believe you can't do this!

Our current president will tell you that the gap between the rich and the poor means we have take from the rich to fuel your entitlements and your hope. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you follow people who are at one time poor over time, most Americans move from poverty to the middle class and beyond. There will always be poor, but they are not the same person. America still works if you will.

Stop buying the myth that the next generation can't be as successful as ours. such expectations foster learned helplessness, the depression of our age! A black physician shared a story of young single parent telling her child at a free clinic as she pointed to a woman nearby, "That's my social worker. Some day you'll grow up and have one, too."

Is that what we want for the next generation of Americans. I think not! Rosey Grier, the great hall of fame football great and preacher, said, “All too often, minority kids never hear about anyone other than athletes. They don't know the living you can make with your mind. When I hear the same thing in black schools as white, kids talking about becoming doctors and lawyers, I know the ghetto will disappear.” Instead of talking about Affirmative action quotas we need to find and share affirmative examples from all races and genders who all Americans can look up to and learn from. It's time we move beyond petty racism to keep hope alive for a color-blind dream.

Instead of having anniversaries of past disasters or watching car chases, it's time we catch America working and let successful people tell the rest of us how they made American free enterprise work.

What do I want from Washington and state governments? I agree with Ronald Reagan's statement: “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.” Spend within your means on only what is important. Stop passing volumes of laws designed to deal with the irresponsible few while punishing the responsible many. Let us keep more of the money we have earned to shape our own future. Be there to provide temporary help for those in need, but stop rewarding people to settle for living off the government.

OK, there is much wrong with America, but we spend too much time in the rearview mirror worrying about whose fault it is. The action is out the front window facing the future. It's time we invent the future together by being successful no matter who is in Washington. Let's get busy starting tomorrow. We've done it before, and we can do it again. Remember one final thing--"We the People" are the boss and true hope for America's future! Let's start demanding leaders who understand that!

May God bless this great land...and you!

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Government

1 posted on 01/29/2014 9:25:41 AM PST by Kaslin
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To: Kaslin

“My fellow Americans, I would like to address a serious issue which faces our country today: the gradual erosion of the individual rights of our honest citizens. Our government, including my administration, must shoulder much of the blame for this problem. It is time for me to acknowledge and repair the damage that has been done.”

“The Soviet Union has collapsed. People around the world are throwing off their yokes of oppression and tasting freedom for the first time. It is an embarrassing fact, however, that our government has forgotten about individual rights here at home. It is time to acknowledge and correct the infringements we have inflicted upon our citizens in the name of ‘crime control’.

“Decent, honest Americans are being victimized by a tiny fraction of the population, and it is our government’s fault. It is our fault because we politicians have continually passed laws that stripped the law abiding of their rights. As a result we have made the crime problem much worse.

“Our great economic power comes from the fact that Americans determine their own economic destiny. It is time we let Americans once again determine their own physical destiny.

“In 1989, I prohibited importation of firearms mechanically and functionally identical to weapons made before the Wright Brothers’ invention of the airplane in 1903. I hoped that banning these guns would reduce crime. It hasn’t. The only people denied the weapons that I banned are those citizens in our country who obey our laws. These are not the people our government should punish, and I now see what a terrible decision that was.

“Some politicians are now calling for a national 5-day waiting period to purchase a handgun. The riots last spring showed us the tragedy of that kind of policy. One congressman has even introduced a bill to repeal the Second Amendment to our Constitution. The Bill of Rights enumerates human rights, it does not grant them. That is something that we in government have forgotten. Repealing the Second Amendment would not legitimize our actions any more than repealing the Fifth Amendment would authorize us to kill whoever we wanted.

“All dictatorships restrict or prohibit the honest citizen’s access to modern small arms. Anywhere this right is not restricted, you will find a free country.

“There is a name for a society where only the police have guns. It is called a police state. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights is not about duck hunting, any more than the First Amendment is about playing Scrabble. The entire Bill of Rights is about individual freedom.

“In my recent trip to St. Louis, Missouri, I found that violent criminals have a government guarantee that honest people are unarmed if they’re away from their homes or businesses. It’s a felony for a citizen to carry a gun for protection. Giving evil, violent people who ignore our laws a government guarantee that decent people are completely helpless is terrible public policy. It is dangerous public policy. Our Federal and State governments have betrayed the honest citizens of this country by focusing on inanimate objects instead of violent criminal behavior, and I am ashamed to have been a party to it. It is time to correct that betrayal.

“Accordingly, I am lifting the import ban on weapons with a military appearance, effective immediately. I am abandoning any and all proposals to ban honest citizens from owning guns or magazines that hold more than a certain number of cartridges. I will veto any bill that contains any provision which would make it illegal, more difficult, or more expensive for any honest citizen to obtain any firearm or firearm accessory that it is now lawful for him to own. I will also encourage the removal of laws currently in effect which punish honest adults for mere ownership or possession of weapons or for paperwork errors involving weapons. I will work to effect repeal of the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the National Firearms Act of 1934 in their entirety.

“Tomorrow I will appoint a task force to investigate abusive practices of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. I will ask for recommendations as to how that department can be made to shift its focus from technical and paperwork errors to violent criminal activity. I will demand the resignations of all agents and supervisors who have participated in any entrapment schemes or planting of evidence.

“Our government has betrayed its citizens and tomorrow morning I intend to start correcting that. Good

-—Henry Bowman

2 posted on 01/29/2014 9:44:26 AM PST by RandallFlagg (IRS = Internal Revenge Service)
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To: Kaslin

I agree with this article. The only problem I have is that I’m seeing more and more “Americans” who do not agree with it (been brainwashed into the “entitlement” program), and therefore, will never hold their (gov-ments) feet to the fire and make them change their spending habits. And STOP GIVING our money away!!!

American citizens need to stop seeing the government as the “monarchy” (that they think they are) and realize that WE THE PEOPLE means we hold the power. Time to take it back!

Same goes for the Republican party. They need to stop picking candidate “they” think will win, and pick candidates that we’ll vote for.

We need more people/articles/media to remind us, and pump up our lagging spirits. We’ve been beaten into silence for way too long.

3 posted on 01/29/2014 9:45:43 AM PST by beachn4fun (Guns are not the problem. People are. Forget the magazine...check your attitude.)
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