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OBAMA THE BILL-KILLER (O/Care debacle breeds minefield of distrust)

Posted on 02/07/2014 4:43:58 AM PST by Liz

Obama's disregard for laws and rules WRT O/Care, deportations, and marijuana laws isn't giving Republicans much faith he'll enforce an immigration bill. Republican distrust hardened after the SOTU--when he declared he will act “wherever and whenever” he can without Congress.

Instead of focusing on a divided GOP, there ought to be press accounts of how then-Senator Obama helped kill one chance for a bipartisan compromise on immigration...... Obama using poison-pill amendments to help derail the 2007 immigration reform bill backed by GWB, John McCain and Teddy Kennedy.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 02/07/2014 4:43:58 AM PST by Liz
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To: Liz

Congress has assented to the USA being run by the
Moslem Brotherhood, foreign governments, all to
support al Qaeda against the AMERICAN PEOPLE.


2 posted on 02/07/2014 4:46:26 AM PST by Diogenesis
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To: Liz

Obungu only has himself to blame. But like the five year old he is he will take no responsibility and will blame others. Children grow up while Obungu gets worse. His sickness enabled by his stooge media, his blame game has taken him very far

3 posted on 02/07/2014 4:48:21 AM PST by dennisw (The first principle is to find out who you are then you can achieve anything -- Buddhist monk)
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To: Liz

Or, as William Manchester so rightly observed in his “The Arms of Krupp” history: “No one in Germany questioned Hitler’s sanity until he started to lose.”

4 posted on 02/07/2014 4:49:11 AM PST by dennisw (The first principle is to find out who you are then you can achieve anything -- Buddhist monk)
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To: All
Lock-stepping Democrats march smartly behind Obama, trampling US laws:

Senator Harry Reid Supports Giving Illegal Aliens Tax Credits for Kids Not Even Living in US | October 30, 2013 | Mike Shedlock / FR Posted by Kaslin

US Rep. Sam Johnson, R-Texas, wants to end the practice of giving illegal immigrants tax credits for kids, but U.S. Sen.

Harry Reid, D-Nev., won’t let the House-approved measure H.R. 556 through the Senate. "The System is Working Fine" says Senator Harry Reid, even though the Joint Committee on Taxation calculates that enactment of H.R. 556 would save taxpayers $24.4 billion over the next decade.

The House of Representatives repeatedly has passed an IRS bill that could save U.S. taxpayers up to $24.4 billion over the next 10 years — but Harry Reid’s Democratic Senate will not hear it.

The Refundable Child Tax Credit Eligibility Verification Reform Act, or H.R. 556, would require tax filers to provide Social Security numbers to claim child tax credits.

Currently, the IRS allows undocumented residents to collect the $1,000 credits for dependents not even living in the country.

Watchdog reported that illegal immigrants received $4.2 billion from the tax agency in just one year. “My bill (targets) billions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse. Instead of hitting up taxpayers for even more taxes, Washington needs to go after these billions of dollars,” said Rep. Johnson, R-Texas.

Though the GOP-controlled House has passed Johnson’s measure three times, Senate Majority Leader Reid, D-Nev., refuses to allow the bill to come up for a vote in his chamber. “The IRS has been doling out the credit to tax filers claiming children who do not even live in the country,” Johnson charged.


Welcome to the Clinton-Obama culture where grabbing govt freebees is a form of American assimilation.....Dems characterize the recent CBO bombshell report---that poor Americans will opt to work less and get paid less so that their O/Care is free or near free w/ subsidies---is lauded as a positive that gives Americans "options."

This is the Prog's twisted version of capitalism-----being "economically incentivized! ” ROTFLOL.


The Madoff Playbook is required reading in the Boobamba WH. Remember when Sen Mike Enzi (R-Wyo) reported that the Boobamba con artists were planning to "aggregate the numbers" so employers could not evade Boobamba/Care law by having fewer employees?

"Aggregating The Numbers"----a con artist phrase if there ever was one. Like something Madoff told his investors as he was setting up tax-evading secret offshore and wire-transferring stolen money into a labyrinth of assorted crooked entities.


THE HEALTHCARE CON GAME UP CLOSE E-v-e-r-y lock-stepping Democrat voted for O/Care in a straight party-line vote--- nationalizing 1/6th of the US Economy into a Democrat Cash Cow. ALL the untraceable O/Care money from enrollments, fines, penalties, taxes, fees, and asset confiscation (from Medicaid users) goes to your "reliable, trustworthy government."

When the zillions start rolling in, you get a piece of the action.

5 posted on 02/07/2014 4:51:08 AM PST by Liz
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To: All
BACKSTORY Just before the US Senate "amnesty" procedural vote, Republican Judiciary Committee member Sen Charles Grassley offered a simple amendment to the Judiciary Committee considering voting the immigration bill out of committee---an amendment that would protect all of us Americans.

"The secretary (of homeland security) may not grant registered provisional immigrant status to an alien under this section unless the alien fully discloses to the secretary all the names and Social Security account numbers that the alien has ever used to obtain employment in the United States," said Grassley's amendment.

Sen Grassley's amendment would not have prohibited illegal aliens from being converted into legal aliens just because they had used names and Social Security numbers that did not belong to them. It would only have required that the illegal aliens make the names and numbers they used known to DHS before they could be granted the right to legally live in the United States.

Sen Grassley said, "Congress should not thumb its nose at the millions of Americans who are victims of identity theft, often perpetrated by an undocumented person who steals Social Security numbers to get jobs, govt benefits, driver's licenses and more. This amendment will simply require the person applying for RPI status to disclose any previously used Social Security numbers," said Grassley. "It's the first step to helping clean up the mess that's been created for the victim of identity theft. The amendment also authorizes certain federal agencies, upon receipt of this information, to notify individuals who were the victims."


SEN SCHUMER (D-NY) IS ON RECORD AS AIDING AND AETTING FELONIES Dismissing Sen Grassley's proposal, ranking Dem member Sen Schumer (Dimwit-NY) said: "When people are living in undocumented status, there are times, I suppose, when they've made up identities, made up Social Security numbers. How are they going to remember all that? (The) purpose of this bill is to bring people out of the shadows. We all know when they lived in the shadows, they had to forge documents, forge Social Security numbers, et cetera. I just don't see how, when you've lived here 10 years, and you've had many different identities, many different numbers, you're going to remember them all," said Schumer.

6 posted on 02/07/2014 4:55:18 AM PST by Liz
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To: Liz

There are no heros on the Gelded OLD Pansies team either. Throw the bums out.

7 posted on 02/07/2014 4:55:58 AM PST by VRWC For Truth (Roberts has perverted the Constitution)
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To: dennisw William Manchester so rightly observed in his “The Arms of Krupp” history: “No one in Germany questioned Hitler’s sanity until he started to lose......”

Yes, read it. A towering, chilling book

8 posted on 02/07/2014 4:59:06 AM PST by Liz
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To: dennisw
O's sickness enabled by his stooge media, his incessant blame game, has taken him very far....

The God-awful truth.

9 posted on 02/07/2014 5:01:21 AM PST by Liz
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To: All
INCONVENIENT FACTOID Tightly organized Third World pressure groups---all using the same script---are pushing north at a furious pace---grabbing tax dollars every which way they can in order to subsidize a separate Third World nation on US soil...subject only to their absurd laws and customs. The invading occupiers avidly labor to undermine US ntl security---and are getting a lot of help from Capitol Hill.

THE BIG LIE AND THE INCONVENIENT FACTOID Relentless Third World agit prop portrays invaders as an accomplished bunch who are escaping to the US "for a better life" from fetid Third World hellholes and cesspools.

(a) The Senate amnesty bill hands blood-thirsty La Raza $100 million PER YEAR to conduct its hate-filled agenda.

(b) The Senate bill also absolves from prosecution all latinos holding US govt positions. (Free-for-all graft but only if you're latino.)


Struggling US taxpayers are being swindled by greedy violent Dreamers----lying in wait to get their hands on more and more US tax dollars. Crimes committed non-stop include:

<><> registering to vote under several identities,

<><> involved in voter fraud,

<><> using multiple identities to swindle the US govt,

<><> rap sheets here. In Mexico. Elsewhere.

<><> receiving welfare, food stamps, SSI, free medical care, Section 8 housing, UI, Workmen's comp under several identities?

<><> falsifying US govt documents to unlawfully receive, monthly SS checks, claiming "asylum?" <><> sub-prime mortgage obtained w/ the help of US govt agencies?

<><> making false claims on IRS forms in order to get EITC refunds,

<><> faked driver's license

<><> faked passports

<><> wire-transferring money back to The Third World,

<><> registered to vote under several identities,

<><> membership in to radical America-hating organizations preaching violence against America and Americans.

<><><> using multiple identities to get tax dollars,

<><> swindling the US govt,


<><> riding the lucrative US gravy train:

UI, SSI, Workmen's Comp,

TANF (temporary assistance to needy families),

WICS (food assistance),

subsidized Section 8 shelter,

ObamaPhone subsidies,

Utility Assistance subsidies,

$5000 a year EITC checks per identity,

hefty monthly "asylum" checks from SS ....

cashing multiple govt checks,

forming pressure groups lying in wait for foreign aid,

<><> hidden history of criminal wrongdoing,

<><> committing felonies against the US govt,

<><> falsifying official documents to pocket US govt checks,

hiding large amounts of assets from the courts,

collecting govt checks under several identities,

bundles of US cash wired offshore,

stiffing US banks for fraudulent sub-prime mtges (forcing taxpayer bailouts).


FACTS ON FILE---The Senate Immigration "Reform" Bill
Protects corrupt Latino Public Officials from US laws and from prosecution.

Vote-crazed Dems' amnesty law absolves elected/appointed latinos holding US public office from prosecution for wrongdoing---for crimes like government fraud, graft, bribery, selling votes for cash....(the usual politician crimes).

There really is a Ntl Assoc of Latino Elected and Appt Officials organized for govt fraud.

NANCY SUCKS UP at Ntl Assoc of Latino Elected and Appt Officials Gala in DC
L-R--Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ);
Dr Salomon Melgen (under scrutiny for corrupt deals w/ Sen Menendez);
Rep Nancy Pelosi (Dimwit-CAL); Francisco
J. Sanchez, US Under Secy of Commerce for Intl Trade,
Emilio Sanchez, Pres/CEO of VOXXI
(Photo/ Voxxi---Dr Melgen's latino solidarity web site)

10 posted on 02/07/2014 5:11:16 AM PST by Liz
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To: All
Taxpayers should demand to know the full extent of US dollars being drained from our economy into Third World hellholes----including US foreign aid, food stamp foreign aid, wire transfers of EITC SS, SSI, UI, welfare checks, etc.

LYING IN WAIT FOR OUR TAX DOLLARS---THESE IMPOVERISHED COUNTRIES CURRENTLY HAVE ORGANIZED PRESSURE GROUPS INSIDE THE US (here illegally): Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico (stateside)l Salvador, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Corrupt govts of these Third World hellholes depend on money their citizens wire back home.....which the illegal intends to live off of later.


REPOST US Dept of the Treasury Says Illegal Aliens Collect Billions in Tax Credits According to the US Dept of Treasury’s Inspector General, more than $4.2 billion in additional child credits were paid out in 2010 to illegal immigrants. In 2005, the payouts totaled $924 million.

This program allows low income earners to claim a $1,000 per child credit. $20 billion EITC is estimated to have been paid out to these cunning "impoverished" illegals.

Most of them are collecting over and over again-----using multiple identities---falsifying official apps---claiming children they do not have and/or falsely stating kids are back in their homelands. The IRS sent $45 Million (32,000 EITC refunds) to illegals at ONE address.

11 posted on 02/07/2014 5:13:09 AM PST by Liz
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To: Liz

Odumbo has been well versed on how to destroy this country. He’s not smart enough to come up with all this stuff on his own.

12 posted on 02/07/2014 5:32:57 AM PST by DaveA37
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